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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Back To Basics

First of all let's go over what GOD is... G-O-D is a label we put on the SPIRIT of LOVE...

Since the beginning there has always been a force... and they are pressed against each other like 2 shields... one against the other. It has alway been so. Since the beginning.

Which by the way, was not the beginning of the earth... it was the beginning of the separation of good and evil. The beginning of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil! As in Satan's own words, now we are like GOD... knowing the difference.

To me Genesis was an experiment in a time that was before time existed.

Men inspired by the good things that GOD has given, to began to develop written wisdom.

And here we are... so lucky to be living in these days... we have so much to learn and understand. All the things and ways since the beginning of time are ours to choose from!

As Eve was innocent in the garden... who exactly was hanging out over the wall encouraging her to take of the thing that GOD had told her not to... that spirit was one of deception for the destruction of her spirit... she had no clue... but now Adam... he knew in his heart that he didn't want to disobey the one who gave him 'the LIFE'!!! But he was alas, human... and swayed by the woman.

And this is why some old religions do not include women in the GOD HEAD!

Now the difference is, that of human desires... which is more important? Feeding the flesh or feeding the spirit? Its all a matter of personal choice. What you value in your world!

What really cracks me up is those who live and lie... and yet, get mad at someone for lying to them. Or someone who is cruel... and then falls apart when someone is cruel to them.

Now when GOD established this wisdom... some men... and I have to use men because it was the men who ran things back then... not so today! But at that time... men became corrupt and saw to it that their 'religions' were self serving... instead of serving others.

Whereas GOD tells us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER, do good to each other...

And PRAISE GOD I see this happening all over the world today! WHY???


I love to see all the BEAUTIFUL spirits!

Now as time went on... GOD saw that men became corrupt in the flesh... which distracted them from the SPIRIT! And GOD knew that HE would have to find a way for men... errrr PEOPLE to become healed from this sin... GOD gave us the 10 commandments... but the people still had a fleshly heart and succumbed to the weaknesses of the flesh.

Time marched on... and people used the old ways to conquer and convert the people to a rigid course that was destructive and demeaning to GOD and his SAINTS. If someone messed up the system killed them. There was no mercy... and the people learned to hate... there was no love in their hearts... only revenge and murder.

After all, since the beginning we had free will... Eve had the will to follow the evil words of Satan... or cleave to the GOOD that GOD had given her.

She wasn't the first and she wasn't the last... but she is one of the first few, used by GOD as an example to us of what happens when you fall away from GOD.

And GOD cried... and then became angry.

And in GODS anger HE knew that HE must give us an out... a way to know and understand HIS SPIRIT... and after a time... as predicted... GOD gave us Jesus!

Jesus was a good man who had the strong will of Samuel... Job and John among others!

He was the perfect man who had come to spread the word of GOD much better than anyone had before... well... I think Confucius had it together too... as we know that 500 years or so before Christ, he said... "Don't do something to someone that you wouldn't want done to you!"

But with Jesus... we learned to LOVE EACH OTHER... and when Jesus was murdered... sacrificed for nothing other than the sins of THE PEOPLE... He left us THE HOLY GHOST... The comforter... the one who is with us when no one else is... the SPIRIT OF GOD!

Yes, GOD found a way to establish HIS will in our own hearts and minds... we don't have to worry about anything because with GOD comes a LIFE of LOVE and TRUTH and JOY and PEACE... and above all... the wisdom to know the difference between that and 'death and hate and lies and depression and chaos!'

I look around and see more than most... I see the difference in the hearts and minds of the PEOPLE... and I see GOOD GODLY PEOPLE standing up for what is good and condemning what is bad.

The confusion comes when people don't know what is bad for them. They think that sin is OK and are trying to justify it. But the thing is... we can never make lies into truth.

We can never make life out of death.

Ohhhh I wish all of you could know the JOY of the Lord! It is so wonderful... and THANK GOD many many people out there have it! Why? Because the spirit of the family! Good people who live and love and help and see LIFE as it should be... the way GOD intended it!

Many people out there know of this... and it's not in the money... because I would rather sweep a dirt floor where there was LOVE rather than recline in a mansion of hate.

Oh the pain of it all... comes from within...

So as we grow as a PEOPLE... and I am thinking about the ones who are young and strong in the SPIRIT and know GOD intimately! They know what is right and good for them and their PEOPLE... and they will get there... and I believe we are in that generation... because GOD has said the info would be around the world at the same time... and we have that with the media and the internet!

Even now they are going strong... GOD IS WITH THEM!


We are the ones who are going to get it right! We will overcome the evil with good.

In time... not to long of a time... evil will die out because people will no longer be fooled by the lies and deceit. Evil will no longer dominate our world like it has in the recent past.

I love to look forward to when evil has been locked up in hell... is no longer tempting the children... the people live and die in peace as nature progresses.

Yes... smart intelligent people who know and respect the HIGHER POWER that is GOD... the SPIRIT OF GOODNESS and kindness and LOVE for each other.

The SPIRIT that has been repressed by some will be glorified by all!

It won't be about gluttony.. adultery... or being selfish at all. I don't want to even say... but I can see why and how this got started... but you know my policy... no finger pointing and no blame.

As these are things that we work out ourselves with GOD.

GOD shows you in your heart truth... and what we do with that information will create the human that we are. 

I love seeing the good that will be done by GOD through the hands of HIS PEOPLE!

Some only think of themselves... OK... for example, here's one a lot of people can relate to... feeding our flesh more than it needs when we could be feeding others.

Giving our love to only one who satisfies our flesh... (adultery) and not caring about the results this will have on other people in your life. The one that you married... and the children you have... you choose to glorify the flesh of some bimbo who doesn't love you... only your money.

I remember when I did Proverbs. I got stuck... took me 3 days of prayer to see the meaning... it was so different than the words said... but in all, it was how sad it is for a rich person to have to wonder if they are loved for their hearts or for their money.

Many people say... 'money is the root of all evil' ... but truth is... its the "LOVE of money" that is the root of all evil. When you love the money more than the person handing it to you.

Yes, the world is in a squander because of the choices of certain people who became corrupt... or in other words... followed the voice of Satan... that lying self serving manipulator that has many names... many places in time... the one who convinced some to be self serving... at the expense of every one else... or some bodies else.

But we remember that GOD HIMSELF knows that HIS LOVE... in the end... will win!

Praise GOD, Thank You Jesus for the words of LOVE


I love you all... I am grateful and thankful for you to come read... when I get down and discouraged... GOD reminds me of YOU... all of you... and I find the strength to carry on...

For the LOVE and care of my BROTHERS and SISTERS in CHRIST!

GOD Bless US... Everyone!