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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dear Germany

I am so happy to have Germany on my list of country readers... you know, this whole thing is like crazy to me... I never ever thought that one day I would grow up to be MotherPope... a writer that writes from the spirit and is read in 47 countries around the world! My Grandmother wanted me to be a teacher. But I went off into restaurant management... I am a people person, I love PEOPLE and being in the food industry, that was good for that. Most everyone loves to eat!

But then, GOD decided that I needed to be someone different! This whole motherpope thing evolved over the last 30 some odd years. I never set out to be who I am today... it just sorta happened! And I certainly don't get paid for it... my LOVE... GODS LOVE is FREE! Given freely to me... and I give it freely to you!

I thank GOD for it because I have communicated with people around the world. This is a GREAT JOY to my soul... because I love THE PEOPLE... everywhere! I don't know how I can do this... everyone seems to hate everyone these days, but this is my truth and so I share all that stuff here. I come in here and write from my heart and that is something that GOD has gifted me with... I could never do all this on my own!

In thinking about the people all around the world... and loving them, I want to say here that one of my loving sisters in Christ, way down in Africa... has suddenly gone quiet. The last thing she posted was in July. And the last thing she wrote to me was... 'the Islamic militia (my words, not hers) had come to her village and lots of people are closing up shop and shutting down windows and that she... as a Christian was treated like lower class.'  This broke my heart and so I broke out in prayer... and asking GOD to take care of her... and thinking with my flesh... 'PLEASE just convert with your mouth... keep it quiet that you are a Christian and when they go away, you can know it was duress'... but knowing my Sista like I do, she prob stood tall and proud with her Jesus... and GOD only knows what happened. But I haven't heard a word or seen a post since July. And I am frankly, quiet pissed about it. And I pray to GOD that HE takes HIS glorified place back into THE PEOPLE and let us have some respect and PEACE!

But there are those who will not allow it! There are the Islamic militia that is spreading out around the world and is trying to set up house in every country... of course THE PEOPLE will not allow it, because in most countries, its THE PEOPLE who run things!

Only in Islamic run countries is there, 'death to gays and anyone who has sex outside marriage'.

In the REAL WORLD, Islam will never take over... this feeling is strong in GODS SPIRIT... I mean we all know HE wins in the end... but GOD is fighting... men who are robots who tout an ancient barbaric law that should be reformed, repealed, retired... to contain the element of FREEDOM of THE PEOPLE deep in the heart of it! It will happen in the end... it is predestined, has been prophesied... it has been proclaimed! GOD will overcome evil with GOOD!


Because GODS PEOPLE will rise up and make it happen!

You can see it happening right there in the heart of Germany!


I see THE PEOPLE rising up against the horrible evil ones who will be there until, WE THE PEOPLE force them to back down, back off and go back home!

This is the way of THE PEOPLE... and then someone says, its been predicted that they take over... and I am like... Don't you think they have taken over enough already?

Look at how the posses the land and control their people... look at how they get into many different countries and try to take over using our own law against us? She how they are DEMANDING that we make concession for them? This is how they take over and when there are many more of them than there are us... they will make it happen, they will have US under their feet...

But the funny thing is... they don't know it... but it will be our OWN LAWS... and OUR OWN PEOPLE who save us! Smart people who are able and willing to stand up against the evil ones... and force them to realize, we are so different than they are. We do not sacrifice for sin anymore... well, at least WE THE PEOPLE don't... but there are some lone wolfs out there who take the law into their own hands... they play like a god and murder innocents just because they are told to by Allah... and his servant Mohammad, the murderer, rapist, pedophile that he was. He was only serving the moon god. He wasn't even following the REAL GOD... the GOD of Jesus!

So anyways... I want to shout out to Germany, where THE PEOPLE have been gathering against the Islam religion weekly... and what was the numbers? 17,500 was estimated? Man, that is awesome! I mean we all know the Holy War is gonna happen... it has been trying to happen since forever... and it has won in places... in the past, but the final battle is yet to be. It is coming on strong now and most young people alive today will see this GREAT EVENT! The final battle where THE PEOPLE get to see the rejection of a religious controlling militia and see ALL THE PEOPLE set FREE~

Yes it will happen...

WHY? Well mostly because we have the technology TODAY to be heard around the world... you can see the truth is out there! It is seen and THE PEOPLE are standing up and speaking out. It is true to many are getting their heads cut off for standing up for GOD and or what's right... but... who the hell lops off heads anymore? It is ancient and barbaric and has been going on for too long... and GOD has had enough of that crap... Too many people are dying needlessly because a small group of men... (and I do mean 'men' because mothers... mothers who love their children would never agree this is proper), are parroting 'evil in a beautiful form'.

Even when our law system puts evil people to death, it allows them to simply fall asleep. No violent end. We must have the law... we must have people willing to stand up for the law... because without the law, we would have all kinds of crazy lawlessness happenin'!

So, you see THE PEOPLE of Germany? Standing up... standing strong... standing proud?

And please... don't let ANYONE bully you into believing that 'your not that heartless' simply because of your past... The German PEOPLE are PEOPLE just like all of us... they feel... they love... they struggle to exist! They are WE! We are ALL... GODS CHILDREN!

We are stubborn... we are conquerors of our world... We are INVINCABLE!

We are a force to be reckoned with...

So just sit back and watch GOD work WITHIIN HIS PEOPLE ...

And enjoy the show... just make sure your on the right side!

Right... by... GODS side!

GOD bless Germany!    and ...

GOD Bless US... everyone! IJCN,A

Friday, December 05, 2014


The word defiance can be either good or bad, depending on the way you use it!

As in every aspect of life, this is so.

Depends on you!

I learned something about people... children specifically... but some people never grow up and remain children all their lives. My mother was one... she was a defiant 17 year old for most of her life. HAHAHA... most...ALL is more like it. You didn't want to start any BS with my mother... she would put you in your place in a heartbeat... and that was OK if she was right! But so often she was wrong.

And GOD always gives out the result of our actions according to HIS ways. That's why it's so important to learn GODS ways... so we can avoid disaster! Now if my mother would of been humble... obedient to GODS word, her end would of been so different. But you know... ying yang... karma will get ya every time, I ain't kidding you!

I learned that if you tell a kid over and over what is expected of them... like a mantra... like showing them the way to go... they will reach a point when they will want to prove that your stupid and they can do their own thing. But they don't know, it will come back on them! Specifically... I used to tell my daughter, every school day... this mantra... "Go in... learn everything, because the more you know, the farther you go... people pay you more money for the more smarts that you get!"  It was positive yes... but it didn't tell the whole story!

Now... I say the same thing to my grand daughters when I drop them off at school... BUT, I add something... I add... "but you don't have to if you don't want to... you can choose to be stupid and not get an education.. you can follow the other stupid kids and not study... just have fun... but then, you will be stupid and no one will want to hire you for a job! But, its all up to you... you can choose to be stupid if you want to be!" And then I shut up and let them process that info... I don't keep talking like I used to do to my daughter. And ohhhh I love my grand daughters and I hope they choose to do good things with their lives... especially to be defiant to my suggestion that they be stupid! HAHAHA... see, I am doing different with my grandchildren... you live and learn, eh?

So if we can show the kids, both sides of life... the good and the bad... maybe it might make them more aware of their actions... we know that when GOD HIMSELF, decided to try to raise up perfect people from unlearned people of low degree... they were defiant and did what GOD asked them not to do. Typical kids... I think we need to tell them the consequences first!

A lot of people think you cannot talk to a kid and make them understand... I don't think that's true. I think you can talk to the children and they understand a lot more than some give them credit.

And that is where we must begin.. with the children. The Muslims know this, that is why they are so interested in getting their way in our school systems. And I am sorry if I offend anyone with this truth... but it's the truth.. and the truth sometimes hurts, don't it? And this is just going to be a consequence to your actions!

 As A PEOPLE we are not stupid !

I love to see the smart people all over the world!

It is a blessing from GOD to have smart people come up in the world!

Now, on the other hand... defiance is a good thing if you are being defiant, righteously! If you are standing up against evil people who have set the 'evil as norm' on the earth... by all means defy the evil ones! Because when you stand up and speak out against evil, you will be surprised at how many others will stand up with you!

We the PEOPLE are a mighty bunch... and we stick together by the SPIRIT!

Yes, the same spirit that has led the PEOPLE since before the beginning of recorded time!

We must know there is more to this life than what is in the earth... just as there is earth and sky... there is flesh and spirit... the two are one... but yet they are separate because some choose not to acknowledge the spiritual side. Some people think to be subservient to the spirit is as a weakness... I say to you... THE SPIRIT is our STRENGTH! The spirit is what is here after we are gone from the flesh... we know there is more to life than the earth... we have known GOD forever! The good Father... the good Mother... the good family who sticks together with LOVE!

LOVE... the thing that makes you feel like your a balloon ready to burst with joy!

Not pride... not arrogance... not.. 'my kid is better than your kid'... but to LOVE one another in this life... so you can love each other in the next! Because... just because you don't believe, doesn't mean its not there! Many have seen it through spiritual eyes! We just KNOW GOD is there! You don't have to know tho at the beginning of your spiritual search... you just have to believe... have faith... and you will see through spiritual eyes too... GOOD always overcomes evil... even if it looks like evil will win... just sit still a minute... (i love to pray when i sit still) because LIFE has both sides out there... a good side and a bad side... this is old news... but the good news is... goodness has already won... GOD won the moment Jesus died on the cross as the FINAL human sacrifice.

Now... since GOD is personal... we make personal sacrifices... we honor GOD by getting control of our flesh and make the personal sacrifices that only GOD could know about... for me it is getting control of my calorie intake, for others it might be controlling their private parts... or their mouth... or controlling any bad habit!  Its GOD whom you want to impress... not men! Men can pretend to be good and in the closet they are evil as hell... we cannot know for sure who is what when they only pretend to be good!

We know one thing tho... when we share the spirit of GOD we can know that we all know the rules! A common, likeness of spirit. You can NOT serve GOD and act evil! It's just not done! The big difference is like... murdering for personal gain... or killing to protect yourself or your family! The difference is... getting off work and going to the bar and wasting time with a ho... (male or female ho's) or... getting off work and going home to your home and family and work on mending things there!

Hey, if you are blessed to where you can go out and party and meet different people... it could be a good thing if you spread spiritual love... and not fleshly lust.

That is where they screwed up in the 60's... they were spreading the fleshly love... and they didn't understand or give credit to the spiritual side! The part that cares about others.. LOVING one another through it all... good times and bad. People make choices to sin and there are bad consequences for more than just that person... others suffer. This is not the way GOD wants us to be. GOD wants us to be mindful of our sin... and the spirit will let you know in your heart and mind all about it if you just pay attention and read the word. its all there... how people used to be and how people should be after the info that Jesus as GODS son brought to us!

We are HIS children... GOD cares about how we're doing... and GOD is not bias... doesn't matter color or creed or continent... Its all about the LOVE, Man! :)

It's all about the LOVE!

Do you love me? I love you! Why? GOD inspires me to! I have a love like GOD has prescribed... a limitless love... that expands around the world! I love people of all colors and creations.. (meaning being the creature you create yourself to be! Doesn't matter... if you LOVE.. your good! :)

And its gonna be when we can spread the LOVE world wide... that is when we will win! Oh I know it doesn't look so good now... but remember, its darkest before the dawn... and soon enough we will have a new dawn of humankind... where all humans are kind... one to another!

Evil is gonna go down like the wicked witch in Oz...

One more thing before I go... I know there has been a lot of talk about white police killing black folk... and I am sad about that... but it's what happens when we mix races... would it had been different if the policeman was black, or how bout a German police killing a Jewish criminal??? In the USA its possible... but not probable... odds are its 'probably' gonna be a white police and a black criminal... its just the odds of the stats! Sad but true! Some people have the facts misconstrued, some people have reverse racism going on, but it is only because of the 'hate' that is living in the hearts and minds of 'some of the people'.   I have a feeling if we stick to the facts, the true facts... and keep it simple... we will see how the population is set up... maybe black men are the ones most desperate to go out and rob and cheat people... and therefore they are more inclined to be caught doing so by either white OR black police... And, why do people make the choice to go out and steal and rob, murder or do drugs anyway??? Why do some fall for Satan's pleas? Satan seeks joy by being defiant to the goodness of humans... he loves to make them stumble and fall... and the humans... just cant help it... they are weak and followed the wrong path... did the wrong deed... made the wrong choice... their 'own choice'! And no amount of complaining will change 'their choice' or the results of it! Get real... if these men were not doing what they were doing... the police wouldn't of even been there!

So you see, I always try to let you know you have a choice to do good or evil... some still choose to do evil... who knows why they are weak and unable to follow GODS word.  WE can choose to do better! With the spirit inside, we can ALL know in our hearts and minds both good and evil... and we can always choose... one day we will all choose LOVE... and we will then create paradise...

Steady on Brothers and Sisters... the best is yet to be!

GOD Bless us... Everyone! IJCN,A  :) 

Monday, December 01, 2014

Furguson, Missouri

I can sure see racism is alive and well in the minds of some of the people.

But its turned around. Now the blacks hate the whites. I suppose this is why GOD split us up and tells us to reproduce and multiply, AFTER OUR OWN KIND.

But... hey! It's 2015! (Or it will be in a month!)...  What are we thinking?

Well, I can tell you... most are thinking with their heads. But here is the info we MUST consider. This boy was out in the streets stirring up trouble. And here we have a cop who is just trying to do his job. Can we possibly think about things without thinking about the color of skin? We are all the same in the eyes of GOD. We all bleed red blood!

And whose being racist? Not me. I don't care what color the kid was. He shouldn't of been out on the streets getting into trouble. He was suspicious... not because he was black... but because of where he was and what he was doing! And anyone who is up in arms about this should stop and consider this... It would't of happened if Brown would of been at home with his family. Not out on the street making trouble. Now, the story would be different if he was just running to the store to get milk for his little siblings.

The haughty attitude of the parents is not even worth getting into here. Because where were they when their kid was on the streets?  Oh please, someone tell me they were working to make money to pay the bills. HA... Is 'thugs raising thugs' the acceptable way of life these days? I think NOT!

Has anyone thought that the reason was, not BECAUSE he was black...
but because 'HE HAPPENED TO BE'?

I sure have heard many times... of people of many races being shot and killed by the police.

The reason people are being destructive, is because people are filled with hate and anger and are not afraid to act out on it. These people who are pillaging and plundering across America are only showing their limited intelligence, their lack of understanding the truth.

The kid made the choice to go out and do what he did.

He shoulda stayed home. He shouldn't of been out there confronting the police!

PEOPLE... unless the police are corrupt... they are our friends our protectors!

I can remember when I was a very young girl... the Police were praised and respected for doing their jobs. When I was a bit older... I started hearing people call them 'pigs' it broke my heart and was so different than the old fashioned RESPECT that the PEOPLE had had in the past.

It was when people became corrupt that they hated the police. Granted there has been corruption within the police themselves... I will never deny that. But WE THE PEOPLE need to watch and make sure we know whats going on there.

My daughters grandpa was a policeman most of his career. He was a Sargent when he passed away. He had a great funeral. He died way to soon. But he was one of the greatest men I have ever known. You see I knew him before I knew his son. I always wished my mother would of married him. Little did I know she was just his 'ho'. So the fact is... he was a good man. He would of never become corrupt. And there are many police who would never... who will never become corrupt.

The potential for sin is still there, but in this day and time... we have cameras watching. And we do need to remember these people are human. Cops are not perfect... I am sure many have a side that is sinful. Like the ones who let the girls work the streets with a little selfish lustful allowance for themselves. This is a common weakness, and some just have a hard time developing the strength to deny the fleshly desires.

But see, we need the police! We need some one to come when there is trouble!

Can you imagine the world without police (and fire fighters)? People who risk their lives to protect others! These people deserve our up most respect! Well at least the ones who are not corrupted do. I have always loved the police... to be honest I always wanted to marry a cop!

It boggles my brain when I think what these people are implying... so do they think it should be OK for kids to go out at night and get into trouble? Should we allow people to act as thuggish as they please? HA! Thugs sticking up for thugs the way they love... to violently destroy and tear up and set fire to things that belong to innocent people! Oh yeah... I can see the Islamic militia getting all excited as they see the hatred and violence that they love to see spread among the people!

Didn't Gandhi say 'Hate is not the enemy, Fear is the enemy."  I believe this is truth because... we must not be afraid to stand up to the hate and violence! We must not allow them to win by 'striking fear into our souls' to where we back down from the fight. The Holy War!

We know this life is a journey to find your peace before you die... and we cannot find peace when we are living in fear. Now, its all up to us... what do we choose?

It all falls back on the fact that we have the freedom to choose to do wrong.

But more importantly, we all have the freedom to do the right thing too... and stand up to the wrongs in the world and work together to make things right!

GOD is good... Satan is evil... whom will you serve?

GOD Bless Us, Everyone! IJCN,A