Blessed by GOD, to be loud and proud of what is good and right and true! GOD bless us, Everyone! IJCNA

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Another Like The Other

Life is sometimes very frustrating. But how can I control other people?

I can't :(

I can only pray that GOD teaches them truth.

I have been used and abused my whole life and people are still to this day abusing me... and all I can do is pray that one day they find GOD. I hear people get upset because GOD doesn't talk to them... well, GOD HIMSELF told us to seek HIM and HE will be there for us! The trouble is, no one wants to seek HIM... they are too busy running their own lives, they have no time for GOD.

I hear, "I am a Christian." But then they go and steal and lie and cheat. Well, these are basic things that GOD teaches us not to do. But some people don't listen and they think they know better themselves. So then they decide not to believe... because they are happy to be liars and thieves and cheaters... these are the common habits of good men, really... they are simply good men with some bad habits. These bad habits are called 'sin', by GOD. And the reasons are because they are BAD HABITS for us to have... it will cause us to have problems. You see, GOD knows that all sin brings on bad consequences and GOD wants us to avoid a horrible life. Every person who is having problems is suffering from sin, either their own or someones close to them. The goal is to read and get knowledge enough to know to stay away from the things that brings ya down!

I am always amazed at how some people hate GOD but want to keep the law, do they not realize that the law is based on the 10 Commandments? For real!

And there are a few people who think their life is so perfect, they think they don't need GOD, these people are some who want to take all references to/of GOD away... when it is GOD that is GOOD and Right and Honest and Clean! It is when there is corruption in high places, that is when they want to take away GOD, out of site out of mind... but if THE PEOPLE turn their backs on GOD they will not have the power to fight the evil one. You think I'm playing? I suppose if you deny the SPIRIT you might think I'm a brainwashed idiot... but I have seen evidence of GOD.

So if your against the 10 commandments being posted it seems logical that you are 'pro' lying, stealing and cheating on your spouse and murdering those who get in your way, its an old battle.

The battle between good and evil has been going on since the beginning of time.

Sadly today there is a grey area, where people are confused, not knowing which side they are on because the way is not clear to them. And you know Satan is strong in the world and in some people and they are out there wanting to take the 10 commandments off of the school yard. Evil people at work making sure that all signs of GOD are gone, so THE PEOPLE forget the ways of GOD and lose HIS power and grace!

So... there is this kid... a young man really and he is all for separation of church and state... now when I was younger I didn't understand why there needed to be separation of church and state, now I do. Because in the past people have been slaughtered by the thousands in the name of a god. And so we want to avoid that ancient barbaric practice. GOD is the god of the LIVING!


Now the very first commandment of GOD tells us that there is more than 1 god... so, GOD HIMSELF tells us to have no other gods before HIM... so we know there must be other gods... and they are what we make of them, your god is anything that you love more than GOD.


So this kid is saying we need to take away from the school the 10 Commandments that has been set in stone there for many many years...  and so I say, "Oh, so if you are against the 10 commandments, you must be pro lying cheating killing and stealing."

Ohhh wow, then I got accused of being mean to the Atheists.

But what about the Atheists being mean to the Christians? Does that not matter?

They are whining about their rights to... ummm WHAT???  'not be offended' ???

Oh Please!!!

These people only want to make it OK to sin. They don't want to be held accountable. They see that they can lie... and cheat and steal... and it is self gratifying... so they do it.

But with GOD leading and guiding us, we don't have the desire to do these things... because throughout history some PEOPLE took the time to take all the good Godly information and write it down. And it would be good for you to follow too, simply because it's the right thing to do!

This information has been around for so long... and we need it!

But if you think your life is PERFECT and you don't need GOD... well, I will be interested in who you call out to when your facing the other side...

Why is it that some people do not believe simply because they don't 'see' the evidence??

We know that GOD is spiritual... and the spirits cannot be seen with the human eye! So why?

We must remember... GOD LOVES the WORLD... and HE is so into it... but, also the evil one is in the world and that evil one wants to take the GOOD away... so that, that evil one can have soul power and control over THE PEOPLE... that is the goal of evil... to dominate.

But...  there are many many people out there living a good life... we are basically GOOD PEOPLE simply because we were raised that way. And we DO have the knowledge that we need to keep it straight in this world. But some people are leading without GOD!

You see GOD is the god of the LIVING... its what we as a PEOPLE do that sets up the good or the evil... and some follow evil because they just don't know any better... and it satisfies the flesh.

So, what about the ones who were not raised right... the ones who are lost and feel dejected...and alone and scared... don't THEY need the knowledge of GOD??

Why are some trying to take their ability to understand GOD away?

Just because a human chooses not to believe in GOD, doesn't mean GOD is not there... we have a right to our opinion, which may or may not be a correct one... but in my heart and soul I don't feel like anyone has the right to take away the knowledge of GOD from the PEOPLE who need it.

If you have your life together, good for you... but there are so many who don't.

GOD did not send Jesus to save HIS OWN... for HIS OWN are already saved... GOD sent Jesus to save the lonely... the troubled... the sinful who need guidance. If the arrogant take away the sensibilities of GOD it leaves people to their own devices... which are selfish and cruel. They don't care who they hurt because no one else matters except them.

And that is exactly why GOD sent Jesus... to save the oppressed from the oppressor.

Where there is arrogance, there is corruption...


We are a GOOD people...

And not all of us NEED the direction from GOD

simply following the LOVE in your heart is good enough...

But we must remember those who are lost...

and need to be found...

and LOVED...

By the GOD OF LOVE... and the CHILDREN of LOVE!

Lord, lead and guide us by Your SPIRIT... IJCNA

Sunday, September 20, 2015

CPS Hates Me

Its my birthday and I am feeling the blues...

The kitchen sink is stopped up and...

Its been 9 months since I've seen my grandsons #s 4 and 5... I have never even seen my newest Grand daughter! She is 9 months old. I have lost out on 9 months of giving her Nanny love.

Oh sure they say I can meet her at the CPS office, but can you understand how I feel when I say, if I'm such a horrible person that you feel like you must rip the children out of the house for their safety... then why are you mad that I have not gone to see them? Stupid, stupid, STUPID!

It is hard for me to believe that this is the policy for a pot smoker. Not even a serious pot smoker... my daughter did pass a urine test... but the hospital found THC in the poop of the baby... so my daughter smoked pot 2 months before she gave birth and its been 9 months now... the boys dad wont even answer the phone most times... he treats my daughter like crap since now he has power over them. And yet on other days he cries to her because he wants their family back... but when she was with him, he was very cruel. He threw her stuff out of the house and locked her out when she was 8 months pregnant... he was always mean to her. I don't know why exactly, but I do know that some people just have a horrible attitude. I would not want to live my life with someone who is mean to me. I would be getting the hell out of Dodge! And she did... she came home when she couldn't take his cruelty anymore, can you blame her???

So here it is, my birthday and still nothing...

Its hard to believe we live in a world where a simple pot smoker is treated the exact same way as an abusive heroin addict! Oh yes... the EXACT SAME WAY! The CPS specialist even told us that!

But now...

We have found a Lawyer with the spunk and generosity to help us, 'for the principal', not the money! And believe me, when I think about how some people judge simple 'pot smokers', the same as a meth head... or a crack head... and when I see some people drink to the point of being a drunkard and forgetting about their kids, well its just not kosher to me. So it will be my mission in this life... (since i'm not getting anywhere with the poems and songs) to make them CHANGE THEIR POLICY! Pot is a natural living plant that grows from a seed in the ground... it is NOT man made chemicals!

And this man who is my daughters therapist, can not believe the CPS policy... he says they are corrupt, they get paid by how many kids they can get... so this woman who has the CPS case is getting paid to keep the case open with my daughters children. I think these people should be paid a flat salary... this type of corruption comes from having power over people to the point of self riches only, it does not consider the mental health of THE PEOPLE involved! And it should be stopped!

The other day I came across a crack head who has been waving a machete around his house threatening the neighbors... he is paranoid and on the offence. I cant believe that GOD put me into the position to talk to this raging man... I wasn't really scared... just a little nervous, but still trusting in HIM! It was crazy at first... it came in waves... he was very argumentative... I think he was possessed by a demon... WOW, I never knew I had that much scripture in my head, but GOD said we would have what we needed at the time that we need it. So I just kept at it with him... reminding him basically of the common truth, because this was a Christian man at one time! Towards the end he was only mumbling... and then he was clearly saying, "Yes, your right, I know... I used to go to church... Pastor So-an-So told me yesterday to come to church... I need to go."

Praise GOD thank You Jesus that HE has given me the ability to whip demons!

I don't take this for granted and i hope I don't have to deal with people like that a lot... but I will if GOD tells me to. It has been a rough road. I am praying for a relief.

I miss my grandchildren... oh I know I have 4 of them I still see almost everyday... but for the 3 that CPS has control over... and its not just CPS, but the other relatives that have them. I don't see them and I miss them... haven't even met my my 9 month old grand daughter. She is already starting to walk and has never known my LOVE... she is being ripped off a Granny's love... a good grandmother who has only love in her heart... a grandmother who may smoke pot on occasion, but never around the children... never would allow pot to ever be more important to me than the children!

It is wrong and evil to be judged the same as someone on heroin... it is evil to have a law against something that grows naturally in the ground, but make it OK for man made chemicals to be ingested.

We have a lawyers appointment in the morning!

I pray in Jesus precious name that we get to the bottom of this! IJCNA

Friday, September 11, 2015


I have been so unhappy these past few days. I am seeing more and more truth, that I don't really want to know. It really makes me sad to see these things that some people do. 

Last night someone decides they are going to post on a Christian page something... on my post... just to argue. And when he challenged me after about 5 posts, he shut up and deleted all his posts. 

I am a very hard person to live with, its true. You got to be on your toes to live with me. But so many people do choose to, because I am going to be straight up, I am not going to go off behind someones back and talk shit, if I'm gonna talk it will be to your face or on the phone, but I do prefer face to face, eye to eye when working out an issue. 

And with GOD leading and guiding me, I win all the time! Because I speak the truth and you can't argue with the truth... and if you try to find an excuse I will keep you focused on reality. I suppose that's why some will block or delete me, so they don't have to hear my come back.

It is so weird to think of this because I have always been very meek and mild. And is why I am very reclusive. Oh I can get out in society and smile and chat with my neighbors... but its simple talk. Many times people will ask me something at the grocery store... I think I have an approachable face. But I know its all about the mood. When people are happy and they smile a lot, its more of a chance that other people will smile back at them. But if you have a sour face with a frown and don't make eye contact, people are more apt not to ask, so I guess I do have a smile for others.

Usually if I am very upset I stay home and I will not go out in public. 

I am thinking we must have a lot of happy people in my hood, because people are so friendly at the grocery store. Oh, there are some who are gloomy... but I still smile at them. I don't know what they are going through, what if they just lost their best friend? 

Some people are so different. I don't like how others can be so mean and hateful. I don't understand how someone can get so angry that they get a gun and shoot a stranger for whatever reason... like road rage...  you really have to worry about that when your driving along and you do an 'oooops' and someone gets out of their car cause you cut them off and they come and scream and curse at you, some have been known to shoot others due to road rage, I have never had that happen to me, but you hear about it on the news ever so often. And I have seen videos of  Muslims driving aside some cars and killing all the people in the car with automatic rifles...    

And cheaters... many have murdered because they caught their lover cheating with another... I have heard the story many many times over. I can understand wanting to kill them... but GOD says NO... we love them and let them go, or let them stay, whichever we choose, that tears em up even more as they spend the rest of time trying to 'make it up to you' ... 

You know its best not to sin like that. Sin will always take you to a place that is not good. People hurt people when they sin... that's why GOD tells us not to!

I have never seen so many 'Christians' being so hateful in all my life and yet seeing Agnostic and Muslim people being kind. I am horrified to see that here, right here there are people who are crazy nuts... they have nothing to control their actions. They get mad and they destroy stuff that isn't even theirs... and I have also seen people get mad at someone and destroy their own stuff and then blame someone else... they have lost touch with GOD! 

I am happy to see that some people are actually following GOD and are being kind and know that we don't... as HIS PEOPLE... destroy anything, unless its evil. 

And that is where Muslims come in... I think they honestly believe they are doing the right thing by Allah to kill others and destroy their history. I am hoping and praying that the Muslims who hear the truth of LOVE and PEACE will tell their cousins to stop the ancient barbaric practices of old and allow people to live and let live their own life. 

I remember when John Lennon sang Imagine... and the part about 'no religion too' struck me to the bone because I didn't ever want to lose GOD! 

But now I am seeing that GOD is not in all religions... but GOD is in all true GOD fearing Christians... that is all of the Christians who actually care about reading about Jesus and his story. The ones who read the word about how to be and how to act. Because if no one is instructing people on how to act, they are open to all sorts of hate and violence. As we can see what is going on in the world today. People who have turned their backs on GOD... 

One woman said... "well I believe in GOD and Jesus but I don't know so much about the Bible, and I don't think being gay is a sin."  HA! Now you see here, this is the problem, we have people who want to believe but don't read the Bible. They bring up the old testament, not even realizing the whole point of Jesus was to change the covenant that GOD had made with HIS PEOPLE! No longer could a man sin all week and then go make a sacrifice to GOD and be cleaned... he would just go out and sin again... knowing that it would be a bird or a lamb or a goat taking his place being slaughtered. Now not all people did this... some people even went farther and actually killed the sinner. Which as you know some people still do today. 

But the way that GOD has it set up now, you cannot escape your sin. if you do not belong to GOD as HIS child, you will suffer and whine and not ever have a solution, you will suffer and die in your sin, never knowing that it was GOD who tried to warn us. And then again, if you are a child of GOD and HE lives within your own heart and mind... there is no question. GOD knows... you know... and GOD will always chastise you when your wrong and praise you when your doing good. 

God wants us to avoid sin at all cost... HE tells us what is bad... what is sinful... if we don't listen, its our own fault. If we don't learn, its our own fault. If we profess with our mouth that we are Christian and yet we don't act like it... rest assured GOD knows! GOD sees that we choose TV over reading HIS word... GOD knows that some would prefer a fight rather than a peaceful resolution.

That guy last night, he was looking for a fight... and when he saw that I would not feed into his hate... that I said things out of truth and love... oh he was g.o.n.e... GONE... even deleted all his posts. 

I was actually glad because I wasn't in the mood for childish attitudes. 

I LOVE grown ups who act like grownups. 

I love the PEOPLE who know that I speak truth!

I have to much invested in this not to!

Some days I get mad at GOD... I am so stressed and I don't understand how other people can be so hateful and heartless. I have to live with them and love them anyway and I must be patient and kind in the way that I talk to them or they will feel like I am attacking them and they will react. On the days where I am feeling sad and alone... I do get mad at GOD... but then GOD reminds me... that HE... for a REASON gave us our own free will... because HE doesn't want a violent and angry people... and if your gonna be that way, even GOD doesn't want to have anything to do with it! 

I really want to get into Genesis with this one, but I am saving that for its own book. 

But from the beginning the people were like animals... but GOD had a vision of a smarter better way! So he created a kind of INTELLIGENCE so that we can learn to do better!

We can create good things...

We can LOVE each other and we can follow rules for a better life!

We can see today what happens when THE PEOPLE lose touch with GOD!

They resort back to animalistic ways... 

Some people are just seeking entertainment... but look, there is so much other better stuff to do out there! Just go look and GOD says you will find what your looking for!

Some people are seeking to dominate... just for that superior feeling they get when they think everyone is under their thumb. They love the feeling of importance. 

But GOD says to be meek and humble... don't think of yourself like that, no one is better than anyone... we are just all different.  

I think its amazing to see a beautiful person be ugly and an ugly person be beautiful!

My Grandmother used to always say... "Pretty IS as pretty DOES! Ya gotta act pretty to be pretty"... so when a beautiful woman acts all radical and crazy... she does a terrible dis service to herself...  other people see that and they think... "Uh... sorry, I gotta go... talk to ya later" and then she never hears from him again. And then finds a way to blame the man. Same with a religion... when your painted out to be so beautiful, but then you show your ugly... it will also drive people away!... So it doesn't have to be all about women in these days and times. I am not speaking of a strictly sexual union either. I have seen women go off on each other at parties and other places... I suppose that is what attracts viewers on the reality shows... its like... lets do something strange and bizarre... people are attracted to the strange and the bizarre... 

I tell ya, it does help me feel good about myself. 

But I also would not want to be in a place where everyone is so fake and phony the sweetness is dripping like syrup on the walls... I want to be where people are real... where they are kind and silly and helpful... but that is just to boring for some... they want to feel the extreme and that's all fine and good for them... remember... different strokes for different folks.

I am reminded of the fact that GOD loves us all no matter what we are... no matter if your Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Confucian or you worship HIS 'Great Spirit'! GOD LOVES the diversity! And I can see the LOVE in all of these PEOPLE.., because GOD has shown it to me!

I can tell some examples here, but GOD says if I do that, some people will see themselves as above others... and that is what we DO NOT want! Its the story of Genesis... no one is better than anothers.. we are all the same when we teach that LOVE is the answer... when we LOVE ONE ANOTHER we fulfill GODS law and that's that! No excuses... no demands... just living with LOVE leading and guiding us, by the SPIRIT... not the doctrine... not the habits or traditions... but the LOVE, man!

When GOD is instructing it will be both times of sorrow and also times of joy... hang on a minute and something will change! Its just the way it is... its LIFE... its wonderful... and awesome... 

Every downfall has an upside! 

When we lose someone due to old age... GOD always gives us a new soul to love! Only this time, your gonna be the older one... your gonna be the one to teach the young ones what its all about, and your gonna be the one who dies and leaves an empty spot for them, which will be filled with another soul of GODS choosing, see how GOD creates change in this life? WOW...

We need to be aware of what we are teaching the children without dominating them.

Basic information will never change... and this is the old info where GOD tells us whats up! I mean we are not new here... humans have been on this earth for... ever... and there is so much knowledge out there, there is no reason for people to be stupid. 

Just like that young man last night... HAHAHA... He wasn't stupid! He knew when to get out!

Yes, I do think its hard to live with me... although the people staying here will say its not. But I want people to LOVE each other... no gossiping behind each others backs... if your gonna say something about someone, say it to their face... so you can work it out with knowledge! There is no fighting around here... no one throws things and breaks them... we are at peace.

This is how it should be. The majority of people here are Christians who are daily reading the Bible and learning more and more about how GOD intended for things to be.

That's what we should all do... as we make our own way... all of our paths are different... but the end is the same with Jesus.. for Jesus takes us directly to GOD! 

Its to bad there are so many caught up in the world as to think they can sin and its all gonna be OK... because its NOT gonna be. People have learned a lot about LIFE... and we know that GOD is the way to follow that is GOOD and full of LOVE for one another...

No one is greater than the other... we all bleed red blood.

We are all on the road to no where...

Who will direct your path? Satan who lives in the world and always tries to entice you to do things just for the pleasure of it?

I just heard that more than 50 people were killed in a crane collapse in Meccas biggest Mosque... and to me, being the date... that would be GOD trying to give another warning... 

Remember what happened at the tower of Babel... if you don't, you can google it... but it was when 'men' decided they were going to build a tower to heaven to confront GOD... and you know what GOD did there... so now... how men in Mecca are arrogant to the point of thinking its OK to kill the infidel... Well GOD is showing you in a much kinder way on this patriotic day in History...

We need to pay attention... GOD is trying to help us, but HE cant help us if we ignore HIM.

Say YES to LOVE... for GOD is LOVE!

GOD bless us... Everyone! IJCNA

Monday, September 07, 2015


One of the things I love to do is watch old TV shows. I can see so much terrible things in the shows of the day... I miss the shows of old... and I am thrilled that I can find the old shows on antenna TV.

I was inspired to come out here and write a few thoughts on how different things are than they were just about 50 years ago... the spirit and mindset of THE PEOPLE.

One of the greatest all time men... well one that I think is one of the greatest... as there are many great men in the world... some never even reach fame or fortune... most great men are dads, husbands, sons... who live their lives with the GOD of LOVE leading and guiding them!

But one of my favorites is Andy Griffith!

I remember when I was a little girl my Grandmother was in love with him and watched all of his shows faithfully! I loved them too... but it wasn't the same in a child's eye.

I was just a few minutes ago, watching The Andy Griffith Show about Ellie running for city councilman... it was a cute one about how the men got all freaked out at the idea of a woman running things, so the men cut off their wives credit at the stores to try and stop them from supporting Ellie and so then wives cut off cooking and doing laundry for the men... it was a mess, but as usual Andy comes to save the day... you see, he had realized his talking about the women had rubbed off on Opie and Opie was talking bad about women too... and so Andy went to speak in front of the courthouse, he said that when he realized his son was learning to dis like women, when he grew up and wanted to get married, if you cut out the women, it sure does limit the playing field... and he just didn't see any other way than to allow Ellie to do her thing!

I was amazed that he didn't say, "Well if my boy don't like women, I'm sure he could find a good man to love!" Wow... the idea... would never of been tolerated! As PEOPLE used to know that homosexuality was the WRONG thing to do!

Why? Because it does not sustain LIFE... and GOD is the GOD of the LIVING! Why did GOD create men? Because HE wanted someone to listen to HIM... to worship and love HIM! To do the right things to avoid bad consequences and live life to the fullest with home and family!

Now I am not here to judge anyone... because GOD said there have been homosexuals since the beginning of time, but we as HIS PEOPLE do not do that! We cherish our children to much... and children need a mother and a father... a man and a woman to show them the way... each has their own strengths and weaknesses! Each working together for the common good of the family! Remember what Jesus said? "Suffer the little children to come unto me, for such is the kingdom of heaven!" Yeah... right here on earth... heaven... held together by GODS PEOPLE! And when we pass and be with those who have gone before us, we will be able to remember and see true beauty of life!

In the next show... (the Andy Griffith show has 2 episodes in a row) a stranger came to town and he knew everything about them, but they knew nothing of him. He was wanting to buy the gas station... during the show there was a part where he was complaining to Andy because the man wouldn't sell the gas station to him... and when he asked Andy if the gas station was for sale, Andy said, "Yes, but not to you!"  You see... back then and also when I was growing up, PEOPLE had the right to refuse service! You saw it everywhere, on little signs in stores everywhere... I am wondering what happened to that? Why do we not have this right to refuse service anymore?

Well of course I know the answer, and so do many others... but GOD is saying not here... not now.

But it is something to think about!

We were a FREE PEOPLE... free do do or not do... free to believe or not believe...

What happened???  THINK ABOUT IT!

We used to be a PEOPLE who used to be so happy with our ability to live freely and seek our own way and love who we want to love without the fear of being labeled a homosexual... we used to not be offended if we knew that if we don't behave someone can say NO to us too... sorta like if you go into a bar drunk, a good bartender will tell you 'NO'... most places have the right to say NO if you don't have on shoes or a shirt... and we should not whine or complain about that!

We have become a nation of whiners and complainers... high minded with a chip on our shoulder and something to prove to the next guy. Why do we do that?

Why didn't the lesbian couple just go to the next bakery for their cake?

Why have we come so far in just the past 50 years???

Well GOD says it will be 1 generation that sees the truth of Revelations.

One lifetime of human kind...

I'd say its about over!

As the GOOD GODLY PEOPLE who GOD allows and provides for will rise up and make this earth a heavenly place to be... some people will stop their political and religious VIOLENCE and wars and lies and THE PEOPLE will be able to say...

"All is well..." IJCNA

Sunday, September 06, 2015

The Greatest Misconception Of Sin

I have a couple things on my mind today.

I want to talk about a dream I had a couple days ago. I should of gotten up when it woke me up at 3:30 AM...  with my heart beating so hard with anxiety, but I laid there and prayed about it.

I have never been a criminal running from the law. I have known some... but I am not one to harbor a criminal, as soon as I find out that someone is a criminal I make them leave and they are not allowed to come back until they turn themselves in and get right with the law.

We are supposed to respect the law... not riot and murder cops when we find corruption... we write letters and petition and expose corruption and allow GOD to handle things!

So, in my dream I am in a Church... singing gospel music with everyone singing together... I was sure feeling the holy SPIRIT... but someone who was with me, stole something of great value... and started running... and jerked me up with them... I cannot see who the person is... but I followed them because I was with them... and THE PEOPLE saw me running with the person and knew who I was but not the other person, so it became my name they were calling... my face they were looking for... we went into a huge building going through corridors... running from them... lots of people chasing us... we ended up in a hotel, and I was watching the news with my name an face plastered there... and I wasn't even guilty... in fact, I didn't even know what it was that was taken from the Church, my friend was very vague in their talking.

But what I do remember was the fear... the unknowing... wondering how I was going to get back home safely... which I knew if I left the hotel alone, I could walk the ditch to my home. But what then? The PEOPLE knew me and knew where I lived... and I knew I was being falsely accused. That was about the time I woke up with a pounding heart and physically shaken, mentally disturbed.

Part of me wanted to get up and come in here and write about it, but I didn't even understand the dream at that point... and really I don't think I knew what it meant until right this moment as I am remembering and writing about it. It has been stuck in my head for 3 days now.

Guilty by association.

I remember when I was about 2... my mother married a man who believed in corporal punishment and he taught her to strip us naked and would beat us till we would bleed... that was the purpose. He said you can't teach a kid a lesson without pain. I won't go all into this because I have written about it before and also it will make me cry. But the deal was... there was another rule... when one got in trouble, we all got in trouble. And so me being just 2, got stripped and beat for things that I had no clue about. Guilty by association. Sorta what is going on in the world today.

So over the years I have become very reclusive.

So many people out there doing so much sinful actions... even my own family... and I see it as something similar. People judge me by others. I don't think that's fair. But life is not fair... PEOPLE have had this crap thrown at them since the beginning of time. Many had others who were filled with evil spirits accuse them falsely just for revenge or spite. But,  "Vengeance is mine" says the Lord!

It is easy to see the demons at work in the world. But you need spiritual eyes to see them.

Allow GOD into your heart and mind... HE will guide you into the way that is good and right! HE will show you the error of your ways... and HE will show you a NEW WAY!

You see the Devil is in the mix within the world and we have denied GOD a place in our lives and look see what we have... Satan is working in many places... in the hate that is shown to others... Satan loves to make us hate each other and hurt each other... but GOD doesn't want that for us. GOD wants us to live in PEACE and JOY and loving the life that we are given... LIFE is a gift from GOD... GOD breathed the breath of life into us... now its up to us to make our way... we are not on our own... we have minions around us, some working for GOD and others working for Satan.

We have the freedom to choose if we are going to be evil and hate and kill and destroy... or will we LOVE and help and heal those in need??? There was a time when there was no freedom to choose, you either follow the law or you die. You got/get murdered for your 'sin'... it was that way long ago and there are still places that follow a certain religion who still murder for sin. Men who are allowed legally to murder wives and daughters if they say or do anything to piss them off.

But then there is Jesus... and his message of LOVE and CARE...

Which brings me to the greatest... well what I feel like is the greatest misconception that PEOPLE have been doing for a very long time. Not all people... because true PEOPLE who follow GOD  do not sin... they are righteous and rightly so... they are the ones who know that we don't take Jesus for granted... Jesus did not say "hey, its OK to sin now... I got ya covered, go out and have a free for all... have fun cause nothing is forbidden to you now that I died for your sins."

Do you get it??? If not... PLEASE go back and re read the last paragraph.

Because sins are not there for our pleasure... they are fleshly weaknesses that we as GODS children know that we should overcome. Its good for those who don't know that what they are doing is wrong... many do not know that they are doing wrong with drugs and drinking and casual sex. They think its A-OK because Jesus died so that we can sin.  Right???  


Jesus died so that when you 'see the light'... when GOD tells you in your heart and mind that what you are doing is wrong... your supposed to work on it... try everyday to overcome the sin... like for me, every day I have to fight over eating... because my sin is gluttony. So everyday it is a struggle for me to say, "No thank you, I've had enough."  Oh you know what tho... PEOPLE love me even tho I have a few extra lbs... I was way worse... I have lost 45 lbs so far because I work on it everyday! It is my sin because over eating causes so many health problems... and our bodies are the temple :)

And now... because of the lies of Satan... I have to fight the HATE that I feel in my heart... Oh, I sure want to hate them so bad... but GOD says we are all human and we all have sins that are a weakness. We are all responsible for our own sin, we are each responsible for our own salvation. It doesn't work to point out another persons sin... well, that is if you do it arrogantly and condescendingly. It is better that when you find someone with a problem, take them in a private place and tell them alone, just you and GOD and them... maybe use scripture if they insist... but anyone who knows GODS SPIRIT will know the truth when they hear it. They wont need proof. Its really just a stall tactic to give them time to think... they are a little confused... give them some time and GOD HIMSELF will deal with them each in their own soul.

When people judge me I know they are not true Christians... they may see me holed up in my house and mock me saying "I don't see her going to Church"... never knowing the truth about my life... but GOD knows the truth and sees me sitting in front of the TV watching Joel Osteen and Dr Ed Young, most every Sunday, well most Sundays I have a house full of kids... but when I am alone... its my time with GOD, no matter when that is... Sunday morning or not! But I do feel blessed on the days I get to watch these two powerful men! But they are not the only ones... I love to watch, 'The Jewish Jesus'  and oh my heart is with John Michael Talbot... he is another awesome man of GOD!

When I look into the world... I see beauty and truth... but I also see fake people and lies.

Who do we follow?

The answer is clearly, Jesus! The message of Jesus is the one to follow... LOVE ONE ANOTHER... DO GOOD TO ONE ANOTHER...  Help one another... confess your faults one to another...

Sin is not something we are allowed, or want to hang onto... we want to recognize when something is bad and then work every day not to be attracted to it. Imagine what the world would be like if all followed the same LOVE... not a NewWorldOrder... not that... THE PEOPLE are going to stop that crap... but think about a world where THE PEOPLE do not commit murder or adultery or sabotage someones good deed or idea out of spite or jealousy. Imagine a place where the girls were raised up to respect themselves and their bodies and learn to only give themselves to one man... devoted and helping that one man to have a better life himself. Imagine if the young children could know that sex makes babies and they choose to save sex for when they got older and even then they learn to have sex the way that GOD has sanctified and blessed. GOD is the one who gives life and GOD is the one who takes that breath out of the body to come be with HIM and all the others saints!

I wish PEOPLE would stop looking for something to drop out of the sky as proof that Jesus is here... Look around and see how many people emulate Jesus! Jesus is HERE already... if you don't recognize that, then you need to reassess your relationship with GOD! Because we are THE PEOPLE of the day... we are here to show the children the correct way... Sometimes we get frustrated... and we want to quit. But we must persevere! It will be because of our perseverance, that we make it...

PEOPLE... please know... Genesis was not the beginning... it was simply the beginning of recorded intelligence and knowledge for those PEOPLE of the day... and Revelations will not be the END of WE THE PEOPLE... well it could be if we allow Satan to destroy us... but Revelations only describes the final battle between good and evil. And after GOD wins... THE PEOPLE will all have good and right lives LOVING EACH OTHER the way GOD intended and corruption will be a thing of the past because ALL the people will acknowledge TRUTH... and know that corruption is a great sin itself that needs to be worked on... everyday... to fight against all evil people and places.

I see a time when all THE PEOPLE gather together in one accord, loving GOD and knowing that it was Jesus who showed us HOW to love and share and care!

And the old ways of hate and murder become a thing of the past.

And the LOVE of GOD will live on and on in the hearts and minds of...

Praise GOD, thank you Jesus!
GOD Bless us... Everyone! IJCNA