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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Under The Full Moon...

I couldn't help but snap this picture a couple nights ago... I was taking out the garbage... it was a full moon... and I looked up and could suddenly feel my spirit soar to the moon and back... it was fabulous.
A great feeling! I never felt so big and yet so small at the same time! I am able to go. My mother calls it astroprojecting... or astroplaning or something. All I know, is it's a special gift from GOD!

I couldn't even see the star under it. Altho someone told me it isn't a star... that it is Jupiter and will be around  for about a month or so. Others say it is just a star. I have no clue... I am not an astrologist. All I know is I couldn't see it when I took the picture.

But it is there...

Its sorta Beautiful isn't it?...

sorta like me following GOD :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Apostasy Punished By Death? Oh YES!

The people are split... divided by distraction... some don't even know what is going on in the world because they are so caught up in unreal fantasy worlds, THE ALMIGHTY MEDIA. I hardly ever watch TV. I do love to watch the Judges... my favorites... The Honorable Judge Mathis, The Honorable Judge Milian... the Honorable Judge Judy are among my favorites .. and in that order... :) But most of the new prime time stuff on TV is so bad. (There are a small handful of very good programs) There is so much wrong going on... and even the songs the youth are singing seem wrong... the age is RAGE... anger, violence, revenge. Where is GOD? And who is going to stop the madness?

I can see the way the people are split... and its hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The women have turned being a 'ho' into something special... Shows that seduce, thrill and enslave us to the TV. These things keep us away from the reality of the intricate world issues. With all the goings on about the game of the day, I sometimes feel like I am the ONLY one who can see the activity of evil seeping in through the cracks.  I think its sorta like 'a GODS eye view' that I have been blessed with. Its a perspective that  sometimes makes me crazy! GOD is within me so strongly, our wills bump and react so many times a day. But I stay FOCUSED on teaching the children the way that has always been good. The Jesus Way!

Now, I have seen some people become 'ho's'... hello... I have been a 'ho' too... we find great pleasure in being wanted, desired, touched. Just like there are so many men who are dogs... there are many women who are ho's... we cant escape that fact. But that is just one of the things that makes us hated by Islam... you know... they kill the ho's. Well, I am not going to get into it a lot... but muslims also are allowed to kill gays and any non muslim. It is Lawful under Sharia Law to rape and kill a non muslim. I really have a serious problem with this. I believe that WE as THE PEOPLE have a right to our own free will. Of course we need to follow the law. But following the Religious Sharia Law is not something that should be tolerated. Weird, I have always thought that the Church and State should work/be together... but that was until I discovered Sharia Law.

I admire and love and respect the Muslims who do not want Sharia Law. The modern Muslim who sees the LIGHT of the LIVING... and respects all...  and to respect the differences of mankind. And I admire so much about the muslim things that I have learned about. It is not the people... it is the law. Some were born into it. And the ones who follow like a good little muslim are immune to the evils of Sharia. One day a Muslim man once said to me... "Hey you would be surprised to know you have a lot in common with the muslim". Well... yes I do... I have given loans out without charging interest... I dress modestly... I pray several times a day... I don't even celebrate man made traditions. I do have a lot of beliefs that stem from the old testament... some basic rules of nature that we should always follow. I mean think about it.. if my daughter would of waited to have babies till she got married, she wouldn't have illegitimate children today... and now, no man around to help her, she has to depend on mom and dad. Well, under Sharia, when she became pregnant in her teens... her brother would of had to honor kill her, and I wouldn't have the 3 BEAUTIFUL grand sons that I LOVE so much in my life!

I really want this post to be about the fact that under Sharia Law my death would also be called for, just because I make better sense to some of the people. I have met certain Muslims who... (WOW)... say they worship ME! ME? This surprises me in the natural, but I can see in the spirit that this is a good thing for GOD in me.. many many times people recognize GOD in me! I thank GOD for that! :)

GOD has always been good to me. I have a safe home, a growing family... and the bad will die off but the good will live on... I speak for TRUTH... for the only GOD I know intimately! The GOD who IS always there for me... teaching me that life is backwards because the people choose for it to be backwards... people work towards their own benefit  for themselves. I see the people who think that life is all about them... maybe that's why the POPE is stepping down... maybe he realizes that no man is perfect or should be worshiped as such. The only thing to be worshiped is THE WORD OF GOD... and I suppose those who know and speak that word, should be acknowledged. But not with all the glitter and glitz that some people make it out to be.

The word is truth and there is power in the truth... so why does the Muslims want to murder the ones who speak the truth? Because it makes them liars... they have become corrupt to a farther degree than most people. Most people have come to the civilized party, we know that Jesus was the final sacrifice for sin... we understand that GOD > FORGIVES... to a certain point. You cant go out all week and knowingly sin and then expect for God to forgive you on Sunday... this is not what GOD wanted and was why HE changed the covenant with HIS people. And there are many many people who do this on a weekly basis... they sin (because it feels good) and then go to church and give their money and think they are clean... NO... when you sin... and you ask for forgiveness, you STOP the sin. When you say, "Father forgive me... I was wrong."... you cant go back again and again and again doing the same wrong thing. This is the way it was... but is not the way it is! GOD sent Jesus... no longer can mankind bring in their sacrifices and say I am clean... I am without sin. It wasn't working because of the corruption of the people.

And now we again are faced with the corruption of the people. Just like the people who stole my pizza bag idea... that money could of set my family up! Our income on the taxes I just did was less than $8,000.00, but the people who already are rich are getting richer on my idea! And I would not have kept all riches for myself, I would of shared with the people I love. But NO... I had to learn that I am not even above the corruption of the people in high places. And besides, what is that? Money? Greed? I have neither. I am a bit disappointed tho'. But it is what it is. People lied to me. Cheated me out of a better life. They do that to me often. I am truly tried in the fire! The harder I try to do good, the harder people fight against me!

I am OK tho... knowing the loss of dreams many times in my life... knowing that certain muslims would legally murder me if they could, for turning their people away from Islam. And some even 'pretend' to be with Islam. So weird... how many are living a lie! Only GOD can know the hearts of the people! Some are true blue, I know... and they have no trouble, but they are only puppets in the play of life! But now the corruption in high places has spread so far that innocent people have to be in fear for their lives! I know there are some who hate me. On many sides. Who cares?... if someone would kill me now, they would be doing me a favor... Like Grego said last night on NewsFix... 'it would be my ticket to paradise'!  But on the other hand... I been told GOD isn't ready for me to leave here yet! And I look around and see all that I do for free... my favorite is chatting with strangers on the Yahoo news boards, I love to help people understand life (GOD) better! And I love it when people give me good feedback. I know that I am touching their hearts... without touching their bank accounts. And that means a lot! I have people in my life who come over to talk... for hours... and I never charge them anything for counselling. I do what I do when I do it, because GOD tells me to. I sometimes don't want to. Sometimes I want life to be easier... less stressful. But I have to do these things in order to sleep at night. GOD has been, for over 30 years now, occasionally keeping me awake at night with something that HE wants me to do. I always do it, because I LOVE GOD... to me, my life is good whether I live or die. My funeral is already paid for! My house, my car, all paid for! I thank GOD for that. I am safe and secure. I do not fear those who say I should die for converting muslims to a different idealism than Sharia! I THANK HIM AND PRAISE HIM for giving me the ability to spread HIS LOVE!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pizza Bags...

This is just how my life goes... I got a patent on these bags... I have written about the loss... but then WOW... this is what I see popping out at me at a site...
Oh yeah... when I made these when? 2009

I made the patent on September 3, 2009

As hard as I have struggled in this life... it hurts to see people rip me off like this...

I only did what I was told to do... had a few phone conversations... and was waiting on that last phone call... that never came. I gave up hope. Sunk into a depression, I had my hopes up, to help my family! I cant describe the feeling in my gut when I saw they are selling them! I feel very betrayed. I was told a provisional was all I needed, we would get the stuff rolling in a year. I trusted and believed. Now big corporation is making money off of MY idea!~ So sad... so sad... so sad :(