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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wasted Time

For many years the question has begged an answer... I even wrote a poem about it years ago... so the question has been around a long time. I have asked myself over and over many times...

Am I wasting my time?

Does me being here really matter?

Isn't the children enough?

I often question my purpose.

I feel so much inside. And I see so much inside!  I feel like I am the mother of all the earthly people and they are all my dear and precious children! Even the ones that have gone off to the dark side :(

We all as individuals can choose to be good. And one day in the future there will be a time where all men are good and honest and loving. It will happen when we all get into one accord!

I can see the dream clearly... it is there constantly... not all men are bad. We have like a 3 part thingie going on inside... as in... Mind, Body and Spirit.  Now the mind is where we live... it is our home that GOD has given us while we are temporary in our Bodies... our bodies being a temporary place we stay and learn and grow for a time and then we go to our permanent abode when we lose our bodies. And return to our spiritual selves.

I want to say here that the idea of heaven and hell is real in the fact that we all must live with our choices. If we choose to do bad things, and we die... then we spend eternity knowing we screwed up and we can never go back to change things! If we do good and live a loving life where we are loved and we love and we teach love and share love for one another... when you die... you will be at peace knowing you always tried to do the right thing by LOVING the other people in your life.

Some of us are so blessed to have parents and or grand parents to show us love. But when there is no one to show and teach love, any person feeling the lack of love will never know the full meaning of LOVE. They will be unable to function as a normal citizen because they were never taught to live with love leading and guiding them. Where ever you may go in this life, no matter what you come across, or when you come across it... always be ready to respond with LOVE so that you may teach others to LOVE!

I want to say again how I feel that the worlds worst problem is 'arrogance'... to me, arrogance is self love to the point of disregarding anyone else around. We all know them... the selfish, self centered people who only care about them selves. They piss on anyone else and do not care about what the others need. Selfish people are arrogant to the point of not being able to show true love because they love themselves more than they love anyone else... even their own kids... kids are not stupid... but they live what they learn and many have learned to be selfish and self centered. When I see these people and see how they always put their children last on their list of things that they want to do... I cant help but cry, knowing these children are not feeling the love that should be there for them.

No matter where you get it from... it could be someone other than your parents or grand parents... it could be a caring teacher... who really and truly loves their students more than their own lives! Aunts and Uncles... a foster parent or an adoptive parent! Or maybe one of your parents best friends... someone in the church... a kindly neighbor... there are many different kinds of people out there who share and give the love!

I LOVE >>>LOVE! :)

Always have... always will...

It is very important that we realize that our own actions create our own way... and loving others is a sure fire way to get to heaven... loving others allows others to learn to love others... and so on and so on and so on...

It is a shame that we as a people have slipped away from the way that GOD wants life to be.

Its not to late to save ourselves from our own selves... people who are in the know... know we are our own worst enemy when we are not fighting the battle together... for the good of all the people!

Anyone can have a good and Godly life if they learn LOVE and teach LOVE...

This is what I try to do.  Because I can see clearly now...

Awww, no ones life is perfect... but we accept the fact that there are none who are perfect... and we work around those faults... and we forgive and help all we can... cause one thing I know about faults... is... there will come a time when all people will know and admit their faults and accept their responsibilities... and with this recognition they will be able to create a change that will create a new life... a life of LOVE! :)

Its just that... I LOVE Jesus and his message was so simple that even a child could understand if they were seeking answers to this great puzzled tapestry that we call life.

I am loving my life... meeting people from all over the world on the 'www' and 'news boards'... It makes my time worth it... so, I do not feel like I am wasting my time when I am spreading the LOVE around the world!

And I do think it matters to the people whom I am lucky enough to touch their heart and soul... personally...  I love all the people of the world and just want people to learn a new way... a LOVING way...

And of course the children ARE enough... they are a daily constant, they are my 'blood and blessing'!

I am... and they are... an extension of me that I am able to teach... to LOVE one another... :)

So my purpose is clear to me... GOD made me >>> MotherPope<<<... and I care for all of GOD's children in the earth... and I am devoted to try to get the most important people in the world to espouse LOVE. And to teach all others to LOVE one another...  Because LOVE is the key to heaven...

And LOVING EACH OTHER...  is heaven on earth!


I sure wanted to write about what the IRS has done to my family. I was shocked when it happened and I couldn't believe it!  What to do? Well, I guess I do what I do... tell my story here...

My daughter was so excited last year when she got her little W-2... she eagerly went to the tax place which will remain nameless... (but it was not H&R Block :) Now the last year before that, her dad claimed her on his taxes. But my daughter, bull headed that she was, wanted to rush to get her kids taxes that she is entitled to. So she goes in and they tell her, "well with these numbers you will only get back 35$ and that doesn't even cover our fee. But let me see what we can do."

My daughter had no clue that what they were going to do would make her a criminal. But they created numbers and said  "Hey, you will get back this much if we do this... you will just have to come up with a record book." My naive daughter thought 'Hey cool'... and figured these people knew what they were doing and figured they wouldn't do something illegal. So she happily signed the paper work that got the company over 500$ in fees. Wow... she thought she had hit the jackpot! She was happy for a minute... but then later, came home and started telling me about the great deal she got, but had to create a work book. She was asking me to help her!

Me, I am not quite so naive, when I heard the story from her, I knew right away it was a scam and I explained to her what was going on... why would these people take advantage of a young naive girl?

So I go down to the local IRS and instead of taking us in and doing something about it right then or making an appt... they give us a paper to fill out and mail in to them somewhere in MO. I couldn't understand why they didn't take care of it that day. So I rush home and fill out this paper explaining in my own written hand  that this TAX company was taking advantage of my stooge daughter and we wanted to stop them!

A couple weeks later we got a letter from the IRS, acknowledging the complaint and said we didn't have to do anything more, that they would look into it.

So, I do her dads taxes and added her name on there, like the year before last and we thought it was all good. We got our check, no problems. I was happy things had been resolved! Happy that I had diverted my daughter from getting into some serious trouble!

So there we were, going along pretty good. Well as good as we can be, with 1 person making an income and 6 people living in the house. My daughter is going to school and not working... so we are pinching pennies. The other student in the house doesn't have a job either... but you know... GOD always provides and I don't care if I have to eat beans for the next few months until they graduate, I am going to see them through it!

So, like I said, we are just going along doing the daily grind...

And then one day...

We got a phone call... from my daughters babies daddy... the IRS had given the 4+ grand that this tax company was going to get for her... to HIM for back child support! WOW... how did this wiggle its way into being? How did this happen? Why did our system do this?

Inquiring minds want to know...

...and now will the govt later on down the road say my daughter is a criminal?

I think this is corruption of the worst kind...

Our IRS at work...  :(

Saturday, May 18, 2013


I must admit there was a part of me that felt I would have to report bad news and be depressed, but the state of Texas came through! They got the job done, finally got the paperwork in order and the proper info on all the pages.

Thank you Texas... I am grateful :)

At least I know we are still run by the PEOPLE and not the machines! I did write to Gov Perry on this issue and now I am happy to report all's well that ends well and we can now close the door on this chapter of doubt and misunderstandings and 'red tape'... Whooohooo!

Today things are going good... feeling happy and in a positive state of mind :)

GOD Bless Texas! My home :)

Saturday, May 04, 2013

The State Of Mine

As I sit back and take a look at the way the world is working... I can see where things have gone wrong. Sorta like the paperwork that we had to do... went through 4 procedures whereas, the conclusion should of  been done right the first time. What a waste... not just of the State of Texas time and paperwork, but also of my time and paperwork too. I cannot believe it takes them 5 steps to do one simple thing!

I have been struggling to keep the state of Texas informed of my problems... and I sure don't see any man in a white hat coming to FIX THINGS... no... cause what I say is nothing to them. Well, that is their prerogative to ignore me. But, here I am... talking about it because it really hurts my feelings!

Its all so wrong. People have become as corrupt as the machines that they serve.

What to do? Keep believing that GOD will have HIS perfect purpose!

Oh I don't hold it against anyone personally... and I am not holding my breath for any help from anyone who might have an inkling of thought to my personal welfare. They do not care about me.

Oh well... GOD does. And all the times I have been... so wronged. Let me say this... I have LOST over a hundred grand from PEOPLE who have promised to pay me back. I have probably lost millions from people who lied to me and told me they were going to help me! And I have paid thousands in taxes... keeping up with that, has been a struggle... and all I can think about is... if PEOPLE would help me like I have always been there to help them :(

Now I am down to my last few dollars and who is there for me? No one.

I have said for the past several years I would never take in any more people. Not even kids. I told myself that if any more kids come in here, they are going to be paying me rent for a room!

And look, I don't even keep my word either. His father died years ago and his mom has a new man and she and he... well, they lost the house and this kid was literally living on the streets.

I tell you, there was just no thinking about it. I just instinctively took him in and I now call him my adopted son. I doubt it will ever end for me. And maybe one day... when my Grand children grow up... I will rent out a room or 2 for a couple serious students... I like students! This kid became one... And he will graduate and it will be a life change for him. His big chance... and I am so happy that I am able to help him along the way!

GOD has blessed me in so many ways...

Man has not ever been good to me. I would love to meet some people who genuinely cared enough to help make a difference. Like the legal team who hears from me every week. lol... well... I think I have resolved that situation... and not ME... but through my letters have prompted them to do the right thing!

And that's not all the problems solved, but it is a single step in the right direction... and I will keep on keeping on until I die. Which BTW, I am prepared for at a moments notice... I did manage to get my funeral paid for, even if I didn't/don't get the health care that I need... at least my death will be in peace, knowing I did the best I could. Helped to promote LOVE among the people... as I have loved them deeply.

Ya know... that's what its all about... the LOVE... we give LOVE freely... and people are loved completely... not just half way. I see this is the problem with the kids that have gone bad... they weren't loved enough. Its not all about loving ourselves... that is hidden arrogance... but to love our brother more than our self... to care more for others than ourselves puts us in the proper perspective. If I am loving you... and you are loving me... what more is there? No secrets... or hidden agendas... no corruption with hateful actions. Nothing to bring people down. Always help to lift and build other people up.

And see, these are still my words... after all the abuse and neglect and stabs in the back that I have suffered... Suffered at the hands of others who were supposed to love me... so being the strong woman that GOD has made me to be... I continue on... even tho I have begged GOD to take me home... I am willing to still suffer for the advancement of others... seems sorta ironic to me. But life seems ironic at most times. And my time will come when GOD chooses... not before.

I do feel good about my expansion... it is world wide. I am touched by the people who connect with me. And I don't even care about the people who give me hassles... the more they try to tear me down the stronger I feel. The words are like dancing and twirling and giving us such a dazzle... 

Isn't it ironic that when I was such a young child of oh, 6 or 7... I was walking to my Great Aunts house... there was a girl on one of the corners that I knew from school... I don't know why she asked me to fight... but she wanted to... and I just stood there looking at her. She says... "Put up your dukes." I say... in a very calm manner.. "Oh, I don't fight with my fists... I fight with words, you stupid fucking bitch." Oh yeah... that's what I said... lol... and my words moved her to silence... and I walked away in peace... on to my Great Aunts house. Playing their game is a thrilling exercise... don't you think?

How did I know I would grow up to use THE WORD... or words... to fight my battles!

I thank GOD for all my blessings... I am humble and grateful for all blessings from GOD! :)

I think what I am most thankful for... is the fact that sometimes... its the words that 'win the war'... not the might.   There are so many more things to look forward to if we just stay focused.

I see a brightness that is incomparable to anything under the SUN...

I see a brilliance in man that will win the hearts of millions... and billions as time goes by.

And its all about the message of Jesus... the beaten, broken carpenter turned Holy Man...

Lets continue HIS message...




And may GOD save the earth through the POWER OF LOVE!