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Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Family

I have been thinking about how my family is being at this time. There are a couple of people who think that I RIPPED my family off during my Grandfathers death. I will say, I was the one who took care of him when his other side of the family went home to Dallas. He did then, live with me until his death. No one else in the family offered any help. But even then, I never had anything to do with his codicil. I didn't offer my opinion or tell him what to do. My cousins from Dallas might of had more pull with that, as they were outsiders looking in. But they are the ones who helped Paw-Paw with his codicil.

However, I CAN say what Paw-Paw DID tell me about his money. He told me he did NOT want his money going to people who would spend it on tattoos and cigarettes. He did not want a certain person to have much because in his words, he didn't want his money going down a rats hole. And then of course there is the other family member, who stole over 65 thousand dollars from my Grandmother who was suffering with Alzheimer's and couldn't remember being taken and used to get credit cards. How she didn't know that this person had stolen her bank card and said it got taken by the bank machine. My Grandfather and I went to the bank and saw the transactions all over the paperwork. The bank did want to prosecute, but my Grandfather said he was going to take care of it.

And he did. With his codicil.

And now, to hear that there are family members who say I ripped off the family.

I am washing my hands of this and giving it to God.

For some reason God has seen fit for me to be in a family of thieves and liars. We do have some losers whom have no excuse other than laziness to rely on.

My true family is the people who are good and kind to me. All other thoughts of trusted family are gone. I see the true nature of the ones who were... or I thought 'WERE' close. This hurts me very bad inside. I want people to know I am definitely hurting here. And my deal when I am hurt, is to separate myself from the source of the pain.

May all know that I was stabbed in the back by people who I thought loved me.

And so, life goes on...