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Monday, August 31, 2015


Now when I say The Law... I could be talking about 2 things.

Mens laws and GODS laws. Now I say mens laws because that's how they used to talk about it. But it really should be called Human laws. Laws that keep the PEOPLE straight. But we must follow the law for it to be productive. We cant have the law and then have people who disrespect the law.

I think of hypocrisy when I think of mens laws. Because even when you promise not to lie... you lie!

There are no laws that reach the SPIRIT... the inside of a person. The part that makes someone tell the truth when they promise to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help you GOD!

The words are there for a reason!

And look see, after we took GOD out of the schools, we have young thugs who hate the law... why? Because somewhere the law became corrupt and men became angry. I was just talking about this yesterday... when young men grow up to be angry young men to where they go on a murderous rage. WHY? It certainly isn't because they listened to human law... and it isn't because they listened to GODS law, because GODS law... if they knew GODS law... they would not be in a position to argue their way out of the mess because they would not be in a mess in the first place, because GOD tells us not to do the riots and destruction.

GODS law tells us to listen to the GOOD HONEST words that fulfill JUSTICE without corruption! In fact we know the old laws... the old ways, by the TEN Commandments. Its easy to see that we should not steal or kill or lie or disrespect our parents. But somebody took GOD out of our SYSTEM! So how can these godless people grow up and have godly traits?

Human laws are just words written on paper that some people cant or wont read. Some people who have made bad choices in their lives have created an abyss of sin where people want to make it OK to sin... you know what that place is? The place where its politically correct to sin???

It's called HELL!

And people who don't know GOD are naturally going to be like animals not knowing LOVE and care and doing whats good for the other guy! People who don't know GOD don't have the inner voice of GOD telling them to do good things... which leaves people open to allowing Satan in. And if you are not wise to the lies of Satan, you will fall for him, every time.

Just this moment, I got a text on my phone letting me know that yes, someone who knows me does read this blog! But then, they spewed words of hatred and then blocked my number before I even had a chance to respond, so since they do read the blog I guess I can let them know here. It is a person that I have written about before, was a GREAT friend for over 20 years and then there was this misunderstanding. It was when the gays were on parade and getting the legal right to marry. She is not a Christian and she supports the gays ability to marry. And I do not. And so knowing the word of GOD... I said that 'if your going to stand up for homosexuality you should also stand up for bestiality and incest because we find them all together in the word of GOD telling us as GODS PEOPLE not to do these things'. I don't know where her head was at, but she spewed words of HATE and unfriended me. I couldn't believe that someone that I considered such a good friend, could hate so much so quickly and not even grace me with 'my opinion'!!! So today she is mad at me again, because I compared her to another friend who after a very long, over 20 year friendship ripped me off about 30 grand... and so this person is saying... 'I never ripped you off'".

You see my online friends, I lost over 100 grand from helping others, believing that when they could, they would pay me back. HA... yeah... I sure did 'mismanage' the money, because I HELPED PEOPLE and now I live in poverty. Well I tried to text her back, but she blocked my response. So here it is... Both of these friends cut me to the gut of my soul... Both of them stabbed me in the back the minute the option came around. Yeah, one could of given me back most of the money I gave her, but she gave it to her son instead... and then I got blocked out... after knowing this family for over 20 years, I know I have a good court case, but I am not the suing kind... and now, this other person who just spewed more hate towards me... she does not know GOD, because if she did she would allow me my opinion and love me anyway... nobodies perfect!

What a mess... but I just gotta put it in GODS hands. I came out from hell through Jesus... I suppose there are some who would love to see me stay there. Which with GODS help I wont. So...

Getting back to it...

I was talking to someone yesterday and just know... I LOVE the fact that some people have great lives... they have it all put together... they follow the rules and go by the Book and have terrific lives because they followed others who live by the law and followed the Book, its a natural progression! We should not be jealous of their perfect lives... we should be HAPPY for them! They don't need GOD because they naturally follow the way of LOVE... the way of LOVING others and CARING about how they feel and how they are!

But then you have those who have no heart and soul... whose only source of entertainment is to see how much power they can wave over someone else's 'pathetic little life'. Evil breeds evil and that is why we have so many who are hateful and disrespecting the parents and the law!

Where is the sense of goodness? Where is the KINDNESS?

So funny, when I see someone who shows KINDNESS, it sorta surprises me!

I wish that all could see the difference between GOOD and evil... But some people are blinded to the ways of GOD... they are blinded to the importance of LOVE.

I don't even care what or whom you are... if you follow the message of Jesus... Your good!

Some people live in hell and they will die in hell. Never knowing the LOVE of GOD... the kindness of the SPIRIT... this is not something that you can see on the outside of a person. LOVE is something that fills your heart and mind with GOOD, GODLY things! Helping others to understand... and someone learns and they compromise and they get along with LOVE for one another!

But some people choose not to believe...

So, we do have separation of Church and state... because our forefathers didn't want the one entity to overpower the other... and so we have a choice to believe or not believe! We can go to church and resolve an issue, or we can go to the state... (who actually is based on the Laws of Old)!

So you have the right to live hatefully... you have the right to do harm to others... but let me tell ya... GODS gonna get ya for that! GOD is in the process of separating the harvest... its proven... LOOK into the world with SPIRITUAL eyes and you can see!

And one day we will all live in PEACE because THE PEOPLE and GOD will be on the same page, due to the message of LOVE... the message of Jesus, the man who gave his life so that we may have the FREEDOM to choose! The freedom to feel silly when filled with the JOY of the Lord!

The freedom to believe in a GOD who is GOOD and teaches us to LOVE and respect and care about each other! GOD says... if you follow this one law... LOVE ONE ANOTHER, you fulfill HIS LAW and what more is there to worry about??? Where there is LOVE there is no need for the Law!

GODS law is and always has been above human law, (not animal law or law of nature) because human law does not consider morals and ethics. With GOD we are taught one way or the other... by GOD within our heart and soul, HE shows us what we are doing wrong... and what we are doing right! Some are more stubborn than others... Praise GOD for those who know GOOD when they see HIM... and I pray for those who know evil but don't see it!

And so here is my final thought for this blog... Know that GOD is LOVE... and we please GOD the most when we choose to love and care about each other... its the devil who delights in hate and rage and lies and death and destruction. You gonna follow that??? GOD forbid!

Live for LOVE cause LOVE lives on ... Paul Overstreet

GOD Bless us... Everyone! IJCNA

Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Reality With CPS

I went with my daughter to a lawyers office on Tuesday... this is what we found out... 'Legally we should of had the kids back already' ... and 'CPS is screwing us' and 'we also got screwed by the 1st lawyer we hired'... and when asked how we would pay, I explained that I maxed out my credit card on the 1st lawyer, but we could make payments and she said, "Oh, we don't take payments." So we left before we got a parking ticket, because our 'time' was up! Funny how I thought we could find someone who would actually care! But we only found people who cared about the money!

I must count my blessings or I will go insane!

I do have a safe home and a beautiful family and many friends, PEOPLE who love me more than I could ever of imagined! When I look at the children I think, wow... I birthed these PEOPLE! With my grand children... well really with my son, I never worry about my future! They have already asked me to move in with them! My son was a mommas boy... and now he is devoted to his wife, they just celebrated their 10 year anniversary! I always tell them that's because when my son was discovering girls, I always told him, "There will be lots and lots of pretty girls, but there will be one special one who you will love more than anyone else!" And now look see! :)

I love this new thing I discovered, they have security cameras and I have discovered that I can log on, my son gave me the password so I can work the alarm system on my phone! Well I also found out that I can click on the cameras and see them... live! So when I am at home and start to wonder about them, I simply do a few clicks and I can see them all... mom, dad, the baby chasing the pig... the dog chasing the baby... the girls running around like balls on a wall, bouncing here and there! HAHAHA

I know that the children are a blessing! A gift from GOD, for us to shape and make them into PEOPLE who will be useful in the world! My eldest grand daughter is so very smart! She is just 7 and knows more than I did at 17! Why? Because she has Google! She is the most googlest girl ever! And that's OK... at least she will have less awkward questions for me! HAHAHA Now, on Minecraft she is already breeding horses and sheep! She wants to one day own a farm/ranch!

Now the other part of me... my daughter! She has 4 kids! She didn't make good choices when she was a teenager and she had her 1st child at 15. I cried for months, but that little boy is a jewel in my crown! I took care of him when he was born, because my daughter was still in school and so when he would wake up at nights I went and got him, so she could get good sleep, so she could feel rested and have good days at school.

But she was the defiant one... the one who lied to me about where she was going and what she was doing! Now, for the first 12 years, she was the perfect child! She was in gifted and talented programs in school. She was friendly and popular in the neighborhood and we were very close!

But when she turned 12 she and her friends started lying to me about where they would go and what they would do...  and because we had been so close, I trusted her. When she had friends over in her bedroom, I always made her leave the door open and I walked by often, like my grandmother used to do to me! But when she went to their house... :(

I don't blame my daughter as much as I blame the adults of the other kids who lied to my face! Oh yes, a dad with 8 kids... I remember at the time I was so glad my daughter was involved with such a lovely big family, like the Waltons! HA, little did I know it was Satan who was living with them, even when they sat in the front row at the local church! Oh yes... isn't that amazing? I think its one huge reason why I don't go to church... to many bad people hide there! Now, I am not saying that all churches are bad, but when it comes to industrial sized churches, cant help but have a few evil ones hiding there to show others how 'good' they are!

Well, that's when my troubles started! Peer pressure got to her... she is definitely not a leader, she followed her friends into a nightmare! That is not apart of this blog today so I will make this short, the family was running a drug house and a house of prostitution! I had no clue... and it makes my blood boil to think about it now, how they deceived me! The state came in and took all 8 of the children away, which 2 of the little brothers were murdered in foster care, some cousin in the house was arguing with the oldest bother over a video game and he went and got a knife and stabbed both brothers to death! The oldest child, my daughters friend, turned out to be a pretty decent human being, but the next daughter is still a drugged up prostitute and the dad is still running a drug house!

I believe this has hurt me more than you would think, because my daughter was also turned in, the accusations of  her being in a drug and prostitution house, somewhere along the way it got twisted and made my house out to be the 'drug house of prostitution'... and I have told those CPS people over and over, its not this house! But they look at me like 'sure, yeah'... I am sure they are used to people lying! I even exposed to them who I was, as far as loving Jesus and living my alter life as MotherPope, a grandmother who loves GOD and cherishes the children... but it seems like they hate me even more now... probably thinking I am hiding behind Jesus, as many folks do! But I am not, GOD knows I'm not!

So, I keep asking GOD "WHY???"

You see, I haven't seen my 2 grandsons who are brothers, in 7 months! And I have never even met my newest grand daughter, who is 7 months old! Because my daughter 'smoked pot' while she was pregnant and the THC came out in the babies poop, I was so mad at her because she told me she had quit... so they came in and made the boys go live with their dad... a 2 time drug felon, which they will be in trouble for when all this comes out! And they are going to hold the pot against me? Just because I am a hippie chick from the 70's? I have smoked pot on and off for 43 years... have never been in trouble and have never hallucinated on it! It started out as a social thing, but now its more to help with the medical issues, the stress and anxiety.

A few weeks ago a CPS Specialist came in and was very sympathetic and told me to hang on because the kids will be back soon... and she also said that 'the states policy is to long and that we as social pot smokers were being treated like violent crack heads who physically abuse their kids... she even told us that if CPS would change their policy on these simple marijuana cases, she could throw 12 of her cases in the trash! Imagine if she could spend her time on other people who have much worse issues!

My daughter has already passed 4 drug tests! And yet, like this new lawyer said, CPS is dragging their feet! The laws are changing all across America, yet CPS is doing this!?!

Here are the results of this action...

1. I think the worst of it is, my daughter is trying to work things out with her 1st babies daddy, but he and his whole family are deathly afraid of CPS taking the boy... and according to them, she is not allowed to be there alone with him... so she got tired of fighting with the other grandparents... who by the way have 'felonies' of their own, and so she left. This is causing her to not be able to love the people she loves! She is unable to be there for her son and thus unable to work on that LOVE!

2. The other 2 brothers, who are with their '2 time drug felon dad' are not allowed to come visit us and he wont answer the phone when my daughter calls wanting to come see the boys. And the few times she did go, the dad wouldn't even allow the boys to sit on their mothers lap! He got mad and threatened to punish them if they kept crying! All they would say is they 'want to come home to Nanny's house'. These boys are being deprived of the love of a family who loves them more than anything else! These are the sort of people who grow up to be murderers... the ones who are restricted from LOVE!

3. The 7 month old little baby, this is a terrible shame... they never allowed her to even come home with my daughter... they say she was 'abused' because my daughter smoked pot while she was pregnant. WOW... but its OK to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes!?! Terrible policy! So the baby is now living with alcoholic heroin freaks... people who can hide their drug and alcohol use, because it doesn't stay in their system 30 days like the pot does. They have 6 cats which they hide in the bedroom when CPS comes in. And now I hear they don't even have her anymore... they are passing her around to whoever will take her, and they have 'friends' who run a day care who tell CPS that the child is with them when she's not'... it's a terrible mess! But my problem is, she is not getting the LOVE that she needs! And to make matters worse, when my daughter tried to call and tell them about the drugs over there, she was told to call 911, because the CPS person was on vacation! WHAT???

4.Now, the other family of the baby is on Facebook slandering us... showing pics of the baby and saying she 'might' have a momma... who is a stripper and a murderer... oh yes... they have the freedom to say whatever lies they want to on Facebook... when I called the police about it, they said they cant do anything about gossip on Facebook. HA, they 'the family' even implied that I was in on the murder! HA! It is INSANE!

5. I know I have talked about my daughter going from a simple pot smoker to now being on 4 different chemical meds, Ambien to sleep, Prozac for depression, Xanax for anxiety... something with codeine for pain for a broken foot... oh but all that says 'clean drug test' according to CPS policy... and all that makes her like a zombie and now that there is no money to buy the meds, she is having withdrawals, which is a HORRIBLE horrible thing for me as a mother to have to watch! She cant sleep, she cant eat... she is having serious IBS issues. It is a mothers nightmare.

6. The loss of affection between mother and children is in full swing... and so now my daughter is right where she was at the beginning, out there in the world looking for someone to love her. And THIS is NOT the way it should be. She should be allowed to LOVE her CHILDREN! If she had her children to love she wouldn't be on the streets looking for love in all the wrong places!

7. The abuse that she is suffering from the boys dad is HORRIBLE... he is always telling her he is going to take the boys away and she will never see them again... he is always telling her he is going to move away... he has family in Mexico and if this man takes them boys to Mexico... that will be the end of things... we will never see them again. He has changed since he got 'the power'... he even gets mad at the boys for crying for their mother.

8. Before all this mess, all 6 cousins were together... and now the 3 are wondering what happened to the others? And I know for a fact that if the boys were here, they would of already showed the youngest boy how to go on the potty chair, he is almost 3 and can talk and everything else... but he wont go on the potty and I know if the boys were here to show him that they do it, he would want to be like them and he would do it too! So these 7 months have been a terrible time in separating the cousins who were raised up together.

9. The passing of judgement by people who are way worse is the worst! The years and years of harassment and embarrassment just because I smoked a joint with my friend on Friday night and cannot pass a drug test 3 weeks later??? Really??? This is OK? Taking kids away from a place where some people smoke a little pot and handing the kids over to a 2 time drug felon... that's OK???

The laws are changing all over the USA...

10. OK, this is the worst of the worst... when I think about all these things... I get SO MAD... that I hate... I hate them for lying... I hate the others for believing those lies. I hate those who take words and twist them into something that will benefit them, even when its not true and they know it!

I HATE them! I do.

And I don't like to hate.

And when I think about how much LOVE they are missing out on... as I hold my other grand children close... my sons son... he is almost 3. I love him and I hold him and I make sure he knows that he is loved! I was reading a scripture the other day... it was from Psalms... I don't remember the numbers... Ohhhhweeee... the Lord just told me the numbers! HAHAHA... now you know that was from GOD because I would forget! Well, I did forget and GOD reminded me! Praise GOD... I have always been terrible at remembering numbers! So here it is... Psalms 2;12... "Kiss the son, least he be angry and ye perish from the way when his wrath is kindled..."  now to me, what they are saying is to show your kids how much you love them... give them kisses of affection, that is LOTS of LOVE... so that when he grows up and becomes angry about something, he wont kill you if your in his path of rage.

Now we know we see this all the time... kids killing parents. Could it be because the parents didn't give enough love and affection and attention to that child? (some kids need more than others) Because if a young man gets mad... and wants to kill someone... if the rage involves the parents, he's gonna go right for them!

LOVE covers a multitude of sins... and if we can just LOVE each other... which is all I want to do... LOVE the children... we can instill in them the kind of LOVE that does not hurt, does not harm.

Now to me, in this case... the CPS policy is doing way more harm than good!

And from this day forward, it will be my mission to show them this truth!

The 4 grand children are missing out on my love. And they say... well you can go visit them... well if I am such a horrible person that they must REMOVE the children from my home... then I am too horrible to go see them. And one huge reason why I don't. Because when my hate rages... knowing that I didn't do ANYTHING to make them take the children away... and it was lies and a ruse to keep the kids... away from their horrible pot smoking Grandmother...

I hate the judgement of those who have NO CLUE...

I hate the way people try to make me into a criminal...

I have NEVER been in trouble with the law... I do not have a record... now why would CPS take children out of a simple pot smokers home and place them with a 2 time drug felon and stall for 7 months, is beyond me. And from what I understand CPS can be held accountable.

So now I just need to find a lawyer who will work with me to help change the CPS policy.

Because the way that it is now... is not right... is not fair... is not just!

Those babies are missing out on MY LOVE!

Please share my story so that we can tell a lot of people! Thank you!

Praying for relief... IJCNA

Friday, August 28, 2015

I Wish...

I wish I had been born in a home of LOVE.

I wish I didn't have memories of hell.

I wish that I would of had parents who cared more about me than they cared about themselves.

I wish that I had family to turn to in times of great stress.

I wish that more people would care about something other than their own selves.

I wish people would not throw their garbage on the ground.

I wish that I could find PEOPLE who stand strong together no matter what... and make it their business to know that we're OK!

I wish that my heart was not broken.

I wish I had not listened to bad advice.

I wish that I had a support system that cared as much as I do.

I wish that PEOPLE could see like I can... seeing both the 'good' and the 'evil' in this life.

I wish that I was someone else MOST of the time.

I wish that PEOPLE would not be afraid of me, or think that I'm nuts!

I wish that I could be normal.

I wish that I had a less stressful life.

I wish that everyone would just be nice!

I wish that PEOPLE could see that what their doing will hurt them in the end.

I wish that I had the energy of my youth!

I wish that I could make other people listen to me!

I wish that other people would choose to listen to me!

I wish that I could have a quiet place to write about whats in my heart!

I wish that other people wouldn't be so stubborn.

I wish that PEOPLE would choose to learn and do GOOD things!

I wish that my stomach didn't hurt all the time.

I wish that all humans would learn to use the toilet by 2 years old!

I wish that those who go to fast would slow down and those who go to slow would hurry up!

I wish that I would sell my book, PROVERBS 2020, by MotherPope and travel on book tours.

I wish that PEOPLE would appreciate LIFE more and complain less.

I wish that we would be strong and tall and loud!

I wish that we would all, together... work together for GOODNESS sake!

I wish that I could shake this sadness of the day!

I wish that all the children around the world could sleep in PEACE!

I wish that our government wasn't so full of corruption and greed.

I wish for ALL the PEOPLE to agree that GOD IS LOVE...

     ...and know that we serve GOD by LOVING each other!

I wish that we would ALL feel in our heart, the real true life story of Jesus!

I wish that all young folk would be smart enough to know what will hurt them before they do it!

I wish that WE as a PEOPLE would be more positive about our ability to take care of things that concern WE THE PEOPLE...

I believe in US! I believe in WE...

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Remember the old book, The Cross And The Switchblade???

I love to read how peoples lives change according to Jesus and the word of GOD! As Jesus did not come to save the world... the world is good!

It's the PEOPLE who must learn to LOVE!

When I was about 12, I started carrying a switchblade. I don't remember where I got it from, it seems some boy gave it to me. But I carried it with me... just in case. And I thank GOD I never had to use it... but I knew if I had to... just like David... GOD will be the one with the muscle working within me to survive! I still have large knives and guns placed strategically around the house. And I am willing to bet, I will never have to use them, but they're there, just in case! Not because I am violent... not because I want to see bloodshed... but only when GOD gives me the strength to fight back if someone is attacking me or my family... you bet I will not sit back passively and allow the evil ones to take over! Hello! Remember the walls of Jericho? You see, that's the strength and the POWER of GOD!

I know GOD is within me... and HE always tells me to LOVE... and so I do. There is no violence planned here... and probably never will be. Look and see how many peoples lives are not affected by violence! Ever... there are places that do not ever see violence! Praise GOD!

But, I have seen violence for as long as I can remember. I wasn't even 2 years old when it started. My mother and dad were just teenagers and my dad is very mellow... non violent... my mother wasn't violent until she married her 2nd husband, he was the one who brought the violence into my life... he is the one who taught my mother that in order to make a kid learn, you must make them feel pain! And me being the youngest... I got stripped naked and beat for things I had no clue as to of what happened... all I knew was one of the older kids did something wrong. Thank GOD my mother divorced that drunk idiot!

But then she kept beating us... the last beating I got was when I was 12... it was always my mother... and she wasn't a drunk or a druggie... what she did... she did stone cold sober! But she did stop when I was able to move away from her... to my Grandparents. Thank GOD for them!

But life was very strange... when I was about 8 my mother met and married a man who beat the crap out of her... for 13 years I watched as the blood would fly... my older sister and I would always have to clean up the blood... it drove my sister crazy... and has left a memory in my head that will never go away. I can never get rid of those memories... and for years I had horrible nightmares of my 4th or 8th step dad chasing me with huge machetes and guns... the panic attacks would wake me up. Until the last dream I had, I was running down a hospital corridor and everyone else had been killed and he was chasing me... I run into a womans restroom and lean back up against the door and here he comes, pushing me... this was it... I thought... but then when he came in, GOD gave me the strength to grab his wrist that held the machete and twist it back into him and he did die. After all those years of terrorizing me in my dreams... I never had another dream like that! Praise GOD!

So I am no stranger to violence! Real life drama and in my dreams. I even married violent men because that's what I was used to. It was a vicious cycle.

But for years I never knew the violence that was going on legally around the world. I never knew until wow... I am thinking my 40's when I learned about honor killings and jihad.

I struggle to understand a PEOPLE who murders for sin and family honor. And I think I can see how it would deter PEOPLE from doing certain things... but it is still barbaric and NOT what GOD wants us to do...  and maybe my words wont change this ancient barbaric practice... but... maybe they will! If enough PEOPLE stand up for Jesus and his message of LOVE... the whole world would be, could be different!

Look out there now... and its not just under Sharia Law... I mean you see people going nuts everywhere... they let their anger get the best of them and they lose control and turn into a raging animal... everyday... EVERYDAY I hear of someone being shot... or slashed... Dear GOD it's to much! Now, today... these beautiful young journalists... reporters... doing their job and unknowing to them, someone who they saw as a friend and co worker, got mad and shot them both dead!

We are continuously hearing these violent stories... and oh... what about the ones we don't hear about! I know there are hundreds we don't hear about. Violence is raging across the US and around the world, in certain places. And it leaves us wondering... WHY???

Now, if there's one thing I do know... is that anyone with the LOVE of GOD in them would never do these things... and that is the answer in a nutshell... If we wouldn't of taken GOD out of our system, PEOPLE would still have the loving respect for others that Jesus teaches us!

What is going on???

People have fallen away from GOD and we are now suffering the consequences!

Because GOD teaches us to be GOOD... and when we turn our backs on GOD we lose our goodness! However, I am so thankful for the PEOPLE who do stand up for GOD... in Truth and Wisdom! And things wont change until we ALL do! We must put GOD back into the hearts and minds of THE PEOPLE... we need to teach our children that there IS something out there greater than we are... to many arrogant selfish people growing up with no sense of what is good for other people... just like the child who would steal from their Grandparents... and even kill their own people. Why? Why?

Why? Because they did not have the LOVE of GOD in them!!!

And whose the best one to teach us about  the LOVE???


Our laws are not enough to make people care! Our laws are not stopping the 'anger and hate' that is growing so strong around the world... and it is doing it for a reason... and that reason goes back to the 'good against evil' war that is going on... it always has been going on... and these days, games are even based on the 'GOOD verses EVIL' theme...

It is a fact that the evil is trying to overpower the good... and when we sit with our heads in the sand expecting others to worry about it or fix it... it will only get worse... until THE PEOPLE stand up in one accord for GOD and JESUS and the LOVE that is available through them!

How can anyone learn to LOVE without the LOVE set out there for an example?

And its really hard to find these days... because the kids from the 80's on, who grew up after GOD was taken out of our school systems... who is there to teach us RESPECT? The Law? The law has become corrupt... whereas if you have enough money or know the right people... you can get away with murder or any sort of corruption!

There used to be an old song... oh I am sure PEOPLE still sing it... it goes like this... "What can wash away my sins... nothing but the blood of Jesus!"  well... I would like to sing it like this... "What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the LOVE of Jesus!

Because Jesus taught us by example, exactly what to do... when we honor THE LOVE... we honor GOD because GOD IS LOVE!

GOD is...

Oh please allow me to tell you what I think GOD is!

GOD is the culmination of all the wise souls of all the Saints who have ever lived and breathed and died... HE is all the little orbs of LIGHT glowing together so brightly, in a world that can be very dark! GOD knows all and sees all... and allows us to have our choice to serve HIM or not to serve HIM... and with that freedom comes the ability to serve Satan too if we choose... and suffer all the consequences that comes along with that self serving, fleshly lifestyle!

I am not a 'religious' person... following ancient laws... I am a SPIRITUAL person... following the SPIRIT of Jesus! The one who LOVED us so much... that he gave his life... and you know... he was only human as he spoke these words... "My GOD my GOD, why has thou forsaken me!?!" Which tells me that even Jesus felt abandoned at one point! But I know in my heart GOD showed him the impact that he would have on HIS PEOPLE... His brothers and sisters by GOD!

Yes, the days are horrible... yes, the violence is at an all time high, that we as a people would prefer not to deal with... but we only brought this mess on ourselves when we decided that there is nothing better than US... and that my dear friends... is our greatest blunder.

It is when we see ourselves as gods... that the REAL GOD finds a way to show us different! Even at the loss of some... GOD says HE will not destroy the earth with any of HIS people still on it... and so we need to keep GOD in our hearts and minds... knowing the LOVE and RESPECT that has gone so far away these days... and knowing that we can bring back the LOVE and RESPECT if we simply bring back GOD into our lives!

If we dis GOD... GOD will dis us... and that is when we have death and disasters.

With GOD there is LIFE and LOVE and the ability to control the evil with good... for goodness sake! With GOD there is LOVE for one another so that none go hungry and none live in fear!

We can see the result of our turning away from GOD...

We can see the hate seething from lost souls with nothing to turn to, nothing to live for... fact is, they only THINK there is nothing to live for... when we get GOD back into HIS rightful place... above us and in us ALL... that is when we will see the CHANGE we so desperately desire!

For only Jesus... the beautiful soul.. the son of the LIVING GOD... can change us...

...with... nothing but the LOVE of the eternal and forgiving GOD!

No violence... no hate... no evil can survive where GOD resides!

So here's to my Love for you... who ever you are... where ever you are!

Preach of Jesus... teach of his LOVE! And ALL will be well!


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dear Korea

You notice I didn't put North or South... I did that for a reason... the reason being, there shouldn't even be a reason, other than border markings. The people are the same whether they are from the north side or the south side. I don't get all these labels... I feel like labels are things that only separate us farther apart mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The reason I came here today is because I read in the news that North Korea was feeling bad about something they did to South Korea... and that to me, showed me that North Korea really does have heart and soul.

I think communist countries are a lot like extremely religious countries... you know, the kind that will kill you in the street and dare someone, anyone to say anything. I feel so sorry for the people who must live in these types of places.

What makes PEOPLE hate to the point of murder?

Ohhh, if I was a betting man, I would put my money on... 'Could it be 'Satan'???

People do themselves a dis service when they do not acknowledge the 'spirit side' of life. It is the thing... the energy that goes on after your body is gone... it is the thing that takes you out of a worn out body to where you can turn around and see your body laying there before you leave this earth to go be with all the others who have gone on before you, all gathered together in LOVE with GOD!

Someone said, when you get your head cut off, your mind lives on for about 2 minutes. I wonder if that girl from Pakistan who had her head whacked off by her brothers because she was messing around with a cousin, I wonder if she saw the street in front of her as her brothers paraded her head around the streets???... This is not a new story... this has happened many times before in places where they still sacrifice for sin. A very ancient barbaric practice, if ya ask me!

I know that PEOPLE are PEOPLE where ever you go.... what ever color they are and whatever creed they follow. We all have the same needs and we all want to see our children grow up in a better world. A place that is KIND to them and helps them to be the best they can be!

So... what we must do as PEOPLE in the earth... is be open minded enough to allow reasoning to set in about the 'LOVE'...


Its all about the LOVE and the ability to spread our arms around as far as we can reach. And with the technology of the day, we DO have the ability to reach around the world!

And ever since GOD showed me what the 7 Spirits of GOD are... I have all confidence in HIM... the GOD of LOVE who sent Jesus to tell us all about it... and you see... over 2000 years and we still remember his words... LOVE ONE ANOTHER... DO GOOD TO ONE ANOTHER... BEAR ONE ANOTHERS BURDENS...  He didn't say 'Love one another, only if your Muslim... or 'Love one another only if your a member of our following'...

Our world is diverse... and we have a diverse GOD... that is to say... It doesn't matter where you live or what your customs are... if you have LOVE for one another... and that means ALL OTHERS... not just your group... GOD is not exclusive... GOD is not a respecter of persons... the invitation of Christ goes out to ALL who accept Jesus as the son of GOD... and truth be told... we can ALL be the children of GOD and we will one day because one day we will do away with the 'evil corruption' by simply recognizing it as something that people do that is WRONG... and by following GOD when HE uses you to expose the corruption, so that it can be rectified.

For WE as a PEOPLE are a GOOD PEOPLE! We want our children to be happy and feel loved... but how can we teach them that if we are hating and warring against others?

Where's the respect that you want your child to learn?

Because anything else teaches not only hatred for others but also self hatred. WHY? Well, because there is nothing that is hidden that shall not be revealed and when it is revealed how horrible you are to others, you will in your own mind feel the hate that you put out to others. In other words, when GOD reveals the truth to you about your selfish arrogance, you will in the end hate yourself for hating others. I know it sounds crazy, but you can see it in those small moments of truth that we cannot deny because its slapping us in the face... you may not want to admit it, but if you were an honest person, a child of GOD... you would admit it the moment you saw the truth!


So... I guess what I wanted to say today is... We all have the capacity to love one another... its just a matter of personal choice. Everyone, everywhere has the ability to hear the message of Jesus and follow these simple words...


For in loving one another, you fulfill the law!

And the world in all her glory will continue on... with LOVE leading and guiding THE PEOPLE... no matter what color or creed... LOVE is the way to find World PEACE! As PEOPLE around the world come together in the agreement that its all about the LOVE of Jesus... the one whom GOD sent as an example to all of us... so that we may be more like Jesus!

And I don't need to tell you about that... that book has already been written and can be found FREE online... check it out, but don't start with Genesis for that is the old covenant, we don't go by that anymore... start with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John... the gospels!

I am not here to change the world... I am here to change the PEOPLE who will change the world... by showing the fact that HATE is evil and is of Satan... that means hating and killing and such things are what Satan wants us to do, they go against the LOVE of GOD!

You can look at it sorta like the old Hatfield and McCoy story... or the Romeo and Juliet story where the people hated each other... and for what reason? Peoples are PEOPLE without labels!

There is no good reason to hate and kill... and those who do these things do not have the LOVE of GOD that HE is trying so hard to show us!

Old habits die hard... I know... But if North Korea smiled out at South Korea... and South Korea saw the LOVE shining in the name of Jesus... WOW... the celebration will be... EPIC! (I say 'will be' because I can see a time when the Koreans, north side or south side learn to LOVE each other!

People learning to LOVE THE PEOPLE...

What a lovely concept!

GOD Bless US... Everyone! IJCNA

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Women Rangers

With so much confusion in this world that we are dealing with... I wanted to talk about what GOD told me about these women who just graduated from the Rangers Academy!

We are all different, inside and out... we can choose our way because GOD set America up to be a place where you can be all that you can be and you can be whatever turns you on... there is so much to offer in the world to do... oh sure you can still be the traditional man and woman that the world has set up as 'normal'... and I thank GOD there are still people who believe this is the right thing to do. And if you want to follow this tradition, you have the freedom to! Personally, I love to see women and men become the traditional parents, as that has been the optimal way in this world to raise up the children. Its best if they have a mom and a dad who work together for the common good of the family, just like GODS PEOPLE work together for the common good of THE PEOPLE, in order to set in motion the very best sort of life this world has to offer!

But, now a days we live in a world where you are allowed to do and be... whatever!

Some people do not believe we should have the choice, some people believe if you don't follow 'their' way of thinking... you should be sacrificed for your sin... some people love to play GOD and condemn others to death for making mistakes that go against protocol.

But remember in the New Testament, GOD... through Jesus, changed all that... why??? Because men became corrupt and arrogant and high minded and thought of themselves as gods... so that is why GOD decided to send the 'comforter'  The Holy Ghost (Spirit) of old which has led and guided specific men throughout history into the ways of GOD! But the Church always fought to hang onto their lofty traditions which gave them the power to control the people... and that's all fine and dandy as long as PEOPLE are happy doing that.

But then you have the ones who don't want to conform... the ones who say, 'I don't need a form of religion... I just need Jesus!" Knowing that it was the words of Jesus who set them free!

Now, I am no scientist... but I have an idea that what makes us different is our hormone levels... and that includes the hormones that are injected in our food... which in my opinion distorts the hormones in the blood of the humans... and also the birth hormone levels in each individual could be different in different people, I wonder if scientists and Dr's have even kept a record of hormone levels of births?

I get so frustrated when people say, "Oh... I am a woman inside this mans body"  HAHAHA... Uh NOT!!! No matter how much you dress like a woman... genetics will forever say you are a man! It frustrates me when some news people refer to Bruce Jenner as a woman named Caitlin, calling him 'she' and 'her'... now, not ALL the news people do it, but with this car accident of his in the news, everyone is talking about it. Some news people call Jenner a man and some cater to his delusion and feed his desire to be called something that he is not, a 'woman'! I believe he has some mental issues... maybe he feels more powerful as a woman because he sees so many women in his life who have such power... maybe he has lived with women for so long he is starting to feel like one... maybe he feels like he can get more publicity and make more money as a women... but to me its more like one of those old fashioned 'Freak Shows' ... could he be like 'the bearded lady'???

Which leads me back to hormone levels.

I believe that people have different levels...

I don't think GOD makes mistakes... in fact its hard to even bring GOD into all of this because it has more to do with 'human genetics' and 'hormone injections' in our food. GOD created us... male and female... to live together and learn to have a good life and most importantly... to LOVE each other and reproduce and multiply and share that love as an example to the children who will be coming up after us!

So in this case, we don't 'hate' Jenner for his desires... he is human and his mind is twisted by the perversions of others who are secretly laughing at him behind his back. It sorta makes me mad that some are doing this... encouraging him to his face, but then laughing at him as a freak behind his back... but yet, they are so politically correct they would never say to his face... "Dude, you have a penis, that makes you a man!"

And when/if he goes in and has it surgically taken off... his chromosomes, if tested will still come up male! And not ALL PEOPLE will agree with him. Just mostly people in the entertainment biz... or people who don't care because they are making a profit off of his 'strangeness'... (you know people are attracted to the bizarre and strange) Freak shows have been around a long long time. And then... others want it to be OK to change your sex... but in truth, it's just going to make things more confusing for the children when they discover the deception.

If you watch TV, especially the Jerry Springer Show... you already know how upset men get when they are exposed to this truth... that the 'woman' they met at the club and went off with and got sexually aroused and involved with... then comes out as a man...  WOW... that would really make me mad too... someone deceiving me like that... like if I was approached and seduced by a woman who looked so much like a man that it fooled me and then in a public forum, they expose themselves as a woman and then  everyone would call me a lesbian... now that would make me want to beat the crap out of the one deceiver and the ones laughing.

I feel so sad for the ones who this happens to. Men who are 100% male... how it destroys their dignity and goes against their morals and beliefs... and then people laugh. I would be so mad to the point of hating the lies and the deception... it is so wrong for us a people to allow this to happen.

If your a man and you want to dress up and act like a woman... that is transgender... it does not make you a real woman.... it makes you 'a wanna be woman'. And then again... you do have men who simply love to dress up and play pretend, and some make really good money doing this... but then when the party is over, they go home to their families and take off the dress and makeup and are at peace with who they are as a man... I think these men get a big kick out of being able to look as beautiful if not more beautiful than most women, even to the point of deception, but it's all in fun for them and they would never deceive someone to the point of making them do something they wouldn't normally do if they knew the truth. These people live in truth as to who they are... they are not delusional, they are just being true to themselves!

And then I see these superwomen who have graduated from the Rangers... I LOVE IT!!!

They are not pretending to be a man... they are not trying to deceive anyone with their gender... they just want to do what they want to do... too!

And GOD Bless them for it!

Again, I believe the hormone levels have a lot to do with it, along with the personal choice... to cut their hair short and wear pants and fight the enemy right along side the men! This is awesome and I wish I could hug each and every one of them who can achieve this!

Praise GOD we live in a world where you can be all that you want to be... and sometimes that is a good thing! These women will live and die doing what they are passionate about... and it sure takes a lot of passion to get through this sort of training! WOW...

I don't see them as men... I see them as women with the strength of a man!

I see them as a positive role model for women everywhere who want more challenge in their lives... and with so much war going on we need all the best of the best... whether male or female... as their goal is not to go have sex... their goal is much much more worthy of respect and honor!

I do believe in men doing men things and women doing women things...

But remember where and when we live! It is an age that women have been fighting for for hundreds if not thousands of years... and that is the EQUALITY of the sexes!

Women should be allowed to live their hearts desires!

This is the blessing of the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE!!!

When I saw in the news... the faces of the woman who just graduated from the Rangers Academy... my heart soared with the JOY of the Lord, as it was HIM who helped men to create a world that does honor both sexes equally... a place that not only values a woman for maternal reasons... but also values her as a warrior if that is her chosen path! It is a good thing that we don't pigeon hole people because we are so diverse, not only with our outsides.. but also our insides!

If you are a woman and inside you feel like a man... THIS IS GREAT... but it doesn't mean you must deny yourself as a biological woman! We are sometimes multifaceted! Different things to different people! For me too... in my life I am a grandma to 7... and I have many friends and most of them don't even know me as MotherPope! HAHAHA... very few people in my life even know I am doing this! HAHAHA... I think its pretty cool to feel multifaceted... different things to different people. My friends and family... I don't think most of them could handle this side of me. As its not 'apart' of them... this part of me... >>>MotherPope<<<... is seen by people who know me for my devotion to GOD! OK, well... now that's not totally right... because as a mother and a Grandmother I am also totally devoted to GOD... but I just don't get into it with them like I do here for you. What I post here is always something that is between me and GOD... and its all about me writing things that HE fills my head with and it doesn't leave my head until I post it here. Now if it was only me writing, without GOD... I would forget what the heck I was talking about! HAHAHA OMG, It's so true!

So anyway... getting back to the subject at hand...

I think that what I am hearing is the HATE of Satan trying to divide us with arguments... arguments meant to cause us to fight... and so we must always try to be stronger than the evil which is in the world... The Lord just gave me a scripture... its an old one... we don't go under the old testament anymore as Jesus came and changed the covenant to be between humans and their creator! But still the old testament should be to us as a school master... and we can still learn the history of GOD through it. But... not necessary of GOD these days... But here is the scripture.. "Let the sinners be consumed out of the earth, and let the wicked be no more. Bless thou the Lord, O my soul. Praise ye the Lord"! Psalms 104:35 This is from Psalms, which are songs that were sung way back when... and you can see that GOD had problems with sinners even back in Davids time! The thing is we should struggle to stay away from evil people or even nice people who create evil, for they are only pretending to be good, as they create evil for Satan!

I LOVE that GOD made it so easy to reach HIM... through Jesus... if you want to know GOD. learn about HIM through HIS SON... the living man... Jesus... who was sent to us by GOD... to show us a BETTER WAY!

Love one another... do good to one another... Forgive each other if you want GOD to forgive you! None are perfect... the trying part is to 'strive to be Christ like', to be perfect!

I do believe in PPP's... (practically perfect people) no matter how they got to be PPP's... there they are... not hard to see out there... if you only look beyond the imperfections of human nature.

Praise GOD... Thank You Jesus! I know we're gonna make it, because LOVE covers a multitude of sins... and we will as A PEOPLE one day 'get it' and will choose to do better and we WILL be better PEOPLE... in the name of JESUS!


Sunday, August 16, 2015

2 Sin Or Not 2 Sin

THAT is the question!

I first started this blog as a journal by me for my grand kids. It has really grown beyond belief! 60 countries and over 6201 hits now! So, 'Thank You' to all who read and come back to read more! I love ALL the people around the world.  I have really learned a lot in my 38 years of walking with Jesus! Reading GODS word and supporting truth, as GOD shines HIS light on both the just and the unjust.... and just to be clear... I am 55 years old and my walk with Jesus started 38 years ago.

We all learn and grow in the Lord at our own pace, in our own time... and it is of the SPIRIT so you don't need anyone telling you 'to do' or 'not do' anything... because you know, with GOD living in your heart  HE tells you in truth what to do!

I have been praying to GOD to do this and that... and I am so blessed in some ways, but cursed in others. GOD has given me a safe home... and kids and grand kids who love me so much that I have no fear of growing old... because my son and his wife and their children have been trying to get me to move in with them for years... and the thought of that is lovely... but I am still to young... maybe when I am in my 80's or 90's! But my point is, GOD has blessed me with future security with the love and care of the babies that I love and care for! :)

And that is how GOD wants us to be... loving and caring for the babies who will someday grow up and love and care for us back! You see, it fulfills the word of Jesus when He said to LOVE ONE ANOTHER! In loving one another, we do GOOD to one another... we carry each others burdens!

I have a family member who was pampered like a princess as a child by my Grandmother, she grew up wanting to fulfill and satisfy herself and wow did she ever! She loved the party life at an early age, even to the point of stealing money from her great Grandmother. I remember when my Grandmother died, this person sat down beside me and cried... well, yeah... "I know that through this you will be punished for as long as you live with the fact that you can never go back and change what you did to them" was all I could say to her. She had destroyed my Grandparents 'golden years' as my Grandmother had dementia and couldn't remember anything but lived in the moment. But my Grandfather was sharp as a tack till the day he died and he saw the bank statements, I went with him to the bank and heard with my own ears that the bank wanted to prosecute, but my Grandfather said he was going to fix it. And fix it, he did... my Grandfather was a man of GOD and GOD instructed him in the best way ever... and when the will was read, this person was written out with the words, and if  'so and so' protests... give them 1$

So this person lived on the streets after that... lived in the world of drugs and alcohol and prostitution. And lost, they were... when I saw them on occasion I could feel the darkness... the years passed.

After a long time... many years, this person was lost in their sin...

I have always wanted to open a non profit place and I want to call it; MotherPopes Place, its been a dream of mine for years and years! I have prayed and prayed and asked GOD to allow me to sell my book and have the funds to open up a place for lost souls... people who need SPIRITUAL help. After all, I have had over 40 people pass through my home, helping them in a time that GOD has given to us! And just recently I realized, PRAISE GOD... Look and see... it is what I have in my life now! I do live in poverty... but I have room for many. And at this time I have 7 here now.

All of them were lost in their sin...

One is the very person who sinned against the family the most all those years ago... and in her sin, she had cried out to GOD to save her from the life that Satan had given to her by the choices that she had made... yes... the same person who left the family long ago... came back and said to me... "I am pregnant"  With heavy breath and GOD leading and guiding me, we cried and prayed to GOD. Now she had gone to church for years with my Grandparents, so she had the word... she was just choosing to ignore GOD and did sin simply because 'it felt good' to her. And as a stripper it was common practice to take your money next door to the male strip joint... keeping it in a circle of sin as the men would go back to the women's strip club, it was a circle of sin.

I know she recognized it as sin at one point... as sin is something that keeps you away from GODS camp... (consider MotherPopes Place GODS camp! :)

So all the while she was sinning she stayed away from MPP. So where did she go when she decided for herself to stay away from sin??? You got it... she came to MotherPopes Place!

And not just her... her man... he also was lost in sin, he was who she needed to get away from to get away from sin, because he worked for Satan... he reveled in the glory of being a Pimp Daddy and a drug runner! He was a millionaire in Satans place... and he was running when he was cut down and was taken to jail. Now I know, some people pretend to find GOD in jail just because they know thats what people want to happen for them.... but this man... truly found Jesus, he was smart and was a reader and started reading GODS word and he got baptized when he got out of jail...  and soon came to be with us as a Brother in Christ! His story is the same as Saul/Paul! It is awesome to see this man change from a pale faced empty zombie into a precious pink child of GOD!

Another person here with us is his daughter... I guess you could say this is a family rebirth for them... I met her just this weekend, her testimony being 'raised up in hell with a dad who worked horrible evil'... they grew distant and lost touch for years... and their Grandma, (his momma) always prayed... constant prayers for all these years... and now... WOW...  this man, considered a criminal by the law, is now a man of GOD preaching and spreading the JOY of the Lord! Praise GOD, Thank You Jesus!

Another person here with us is a young man who has been abused his whole life by a person who should of  loved him the most... his biological father. He was physically and sexually abused. He is introverted, on his own... but I can see him coming alive again with the other people who live here and can understand and sympathize with his pain.

I know that in time these people will be on their way out... moving on to their own place... which is the way it should be! I know that they are all different people SPIRITUALLY than the ones who came in the door... and I thank GOD that I am apart of this cycle of LOVE... teaching others to LOVE each other and struggle to help each of us become a little wiser... a little stronger!

I do still dream of a time when I can have a bigger place, but I will have to sell my book in order to afford to do it... I love having 4 women around who work together for good... without jealousy and fighting, as we all work together in the JOY of the Lord, Our GOD which is above all and yet, LIVING within us teaching us to LOVE one another as we go!

You know... we suffer not only for our own sins... but we also suffer for the sins of others. When someone you love chooses to sin... GOD tells us to LOVE them still... never give up on them... because even when we sin... we learn... that is... we learn if we are smart and paying attention. I am not sure if the one who is deeply involved in sin even wants to get out. I know there are many who are happy in their sin. Happy to dis GOD and do their own thing... but we know that sin is the way to have a less than perfect life! But we are called to have a better life... there is a way that is always good... done by good people who live to LOVE one another... irregardless of  religion or creed or custom. I think this is the greatest thing that GOD has revealed to me, as A PEOPLE...

Doesn't matter the color of your skin or the traditions that you follow... or the value of the clothes you wear or the car that you drive or the place where you live... its different for different people... living according to the CHOICES of the ancestral PEOPLE. I know you have heard me say that if you put drinking and drugs and lies and partying and playing... above home and family... home and family will be the things you lose in this life... if you make home and family your top priority in this life, home and family will always be there for you! Praise GOD!

We can all choose to sin if we want to, remembering that it is very important to GOD that we all have the freedom to choose to do good! GOD doesn't want anyone on HIS team who are forced against their will to be there!

It's all out there... you are free to choose for yourself... you can choose to do evil or you can choose to do good... but you can't choose both, as one is contrary to the other... you must stand for the one or the other...

I believe humans are born with moral instincts, taught to them naturally by loving parents... I also believe that it is the acceptance of  sin by society that allows the sin to come in and become so destructive in our lives according to our very own weaknesses.

All of GODS children know that it is never OK to sin, sin will always lead you into the way that is not good. We know that demons lurk on every street corner in various forms, sent there by Satan to destroy the innocence in the world, corrupt those who are spiritually weak.

Whomever says to SIN is OK will be accursed by GOD!

The struggle in this world is a struggle to survive... and to survive well... is all within the results of our own choices. No matter how deep we fall... if we focus on GOD, all will be well!

The one person who is here who has been a constant here is my beautiful daughter... she is soon to be 24 and has made some wrong choices in her life. But the good news is, is she is still here... trying to do better. Our struggle is always... everyday... strive to become 'practically perfect people'!

Saying NO to sin is/as a natural deterrent from the bad, so sad side of life...  saying no to sin will cause you to be protected from some terrible things this life has to offer you, as a sinner.

Always keeping in mind that to make things sinful is to put them above GOD... like... many think that drinking and gambling and smoking is a sin... well we need to remember that it is only a sin when we make it our GOD... you can go out and drink a little and smoke a little and gamble a little, I see the casinos as a playground for grownups... it only becomes a sin when you are spending the rent money or the bill money... or your family time doing these thing... but if you are a mature person... and you have the time and the money to spend on gambling and you love to go to the casinos and have some grownup time... I don't think GOD sees that as a sin... its only a sin if you put drinking and gambling over GOD... remembering that GOD is the LOVE of the PEOPLE... the PEOPLE who you love and who love you...

When you allow drugs or gambling or drinking or smoking to cause you to go steal from your Great Grandma... or anyone for that matter... that is to the point of allowing the worldly pleasure to take over and cause you to become sinful... choosing worldly pleasure over Godly actions will cause a great fall/loss in this worldly life.

Choose to LOVE...

Choose to stay away from sinful things...

LOVE the ones who love you!

Help those who have lost their way...

GOD can show them a new day!

Through you... by what you do.

Forgive those who do wrong and be there for them, when they see the light!

You too could be the vessel that holds LIFE together,

By the Grace of GOD and...

By the blood of Jesus!

Believe... Have faith... and leave the rest to GOD!

GOD Bless us... Everyone! IJCNA

Friday, August 07, 2015

Lady Laws

People have gone wild... Women have gone wild...

And we have forgotten what makes us unique... different from the animals.

Oh hell... some animals have more common sense than some humans.

There are ways that we have learned that is good, we should remember them!

For starters... Ladies should be modest! Ladies are not out there in your face showing what we all have seen before... and I believe we do ourselves a dis-service when we flaunt our wears... or wares... whichever way you want to look at it, is fine. You see the women out there dressing with ummm, no dressing, no class and no dignity??? What do you see in these women who parade around showing off what GOD gave em? Arrogant... you must have the arrogant spirit to be successful at 'flaunt'!

Well, we don't 'flaunt' for several reasons... for one it causes some to lust over your flesh... and it also causes others to become 'envious' of your flesh... it also causes some weak men to lose control of themselves and sexually attack/assault you. There are so many reasons that we should protect ourselves, by dressing up! Not totally covered, that is to extreme and not necessary... because no matter what we see out there in this world as in sexy people... this is no reason to sin. I mean its 'lust' and 'envy' and 'rape', for GODS sake! Yeah, it may not be right that some cannot control themselves, but its not because of GODS lack of trying to tell them to control themselves!

And besides there will always be women who flaunt what they got in your face! There will always be men enjoying their sin as long as they don't recognize it as sin... (SomethingIsNasty)...

Until we all recognize Jesus and His message... and we just love each other and look the other way when people choose this lifestyle... like, if you see a half naked girl running around, you look the other way... (unless shes in trouble and she needs help)... you don't fantasize about busting that cherry tart and/or other such selfish/self satisfying thoughts! And women really should not go around half naked anyway, but if they choose to, don't let it bring your sin level down!

Keep your thoughts on the GODLY things of this world and you will do well...

Don't defy your Daddy! Your dad has good intentions for you... or at least a good dad would! He would only want to protect his daughter! Yeah, I know that some women only want to party and have fun and feel the SINsations of life! But please listen to your parents... you will regret it later if you waste your youth on 'the party' life! Because when the party ends... and it surely will end... you will not have anything that makes you happy, if you don't look beyond 'the party' to have a purpose for Jesus and to carry on His message of LOVE!

These days if you are a woman, you don't need a man to help you along... so don't feel so bad if you don't have a dad or a husband to take care of you... GOD has a purpose and will always fill your need when you leave things to HIM... just remember the key here is EDUCATION!

As a woman... get educated to the knowledge of THE PEOPLE! Learn PEOPLE skills and habits that will help you in your lifetime! There is a place for YOU!

You don't need to be a slave to the whims of a man!

Be alive! Be aware of things around you... do not close yourself off from the world... only from SINful PEOPLE... Don't be doing the things that are corrupt among the people... stay to your own business and get 'er done!

When enough PEOPLE stand together and refuse to look at or act out the sin that is in the world... we will overcome the worst of it together in the name of Jesus! We can do it TOGETHER!

Because Jesus teaches us to strive to 'be PERFECT'!

I can see it... in the world... I can see THE PEOPLE struggling to get it right!

But there are those who refuse to let go of their corruption.. they hold it too close to their heart... they love themselves to the point of dissing GOD and giving in to the many sins in the world.

We can overcome the sin... which is easy if we give it up for GOD!See the reasons that it is sin... it is not GOOD for you! You can live your life the way GOD intended for you to, if you avoid the things that take you into danger. Like not going out alone at night... when you go out alone, you are putting yourself in harms way... as there are many demons who live in the world who are waiting on practically every street out there... don't go alone... and don't go alone looking like a hooker... if you do... your chances of attracting demons doubles.

If we can follow the way that has been known throughout history to be good and true... lets not let others take us to the place of unrest... where souls are in pain and alone because they turned their backs on GOD!

Please don't think of yourself as a god... because when you put yourself in that position, the real GOD always brings about your fall, just to show you the error of your ways!

Its real... and its not funny... and its not even entertaining anymore!

Evil wants to take over... but we cant let that happen! As GODS PEOPLE we stand strong and always speak these words in the world... GOD is LOVE... SIN is anything that stops us from attaining that place... that space that GOD shares with HIS SAINTS! Praise GOD!

There is something more than your physicalness...

Its not about our flesh... its about our heart and soul!

Look out there! There are many PEOPLE who have it RIGHT!

They have it so right it sorta pisses you off that you don't!

But all is not lost!

We have HOPE with Jesus leading us into the way that is GOOD!


Keep on LOVING those who hate you... because one day they will be confronted by GOD and they will then see the truth! GOD always brings PEOPLE back to the basic truth in life!

Ladies who LOVE others more than they love themselves, keeps things in their right perspective... she is neither vain or haughty in her views... she is smart and strong, yet kind and able to see TRUTH. She is not prideful or boasting of 'self'... she is able to feel beyond her own space... she can know in her heart that she stands on a strong foundation of KNOWLEDGE of TRUTH!

She just knows!

Life can be GOOD if you follow the old knowledge... PEOPLE are PEOPLE no matter which time frame you put them in... we are all still seeking... wanting to make things a little better than we found them! Caring about those who have no one to care about them, because some choose to live the party life instead of dealing with the realities of LIFE.

GOD is a god of the LIVING... and if you are alive there is enough information in the Bible alone to help you find the way that has always been good and true and just and honorable!

The way... the TRUTH and the LIFE that we learn with Jesus is all about that which is within the world... but also enough apart of the world to enjoy it when we can... as we can... because we are not in this world alone... we have lots and lots of PEOPLE some living for the flesh and some living for the SPIRIT... and we have the freedom to be what ever we want... but it is always good to remember our ancestors who have gone before us... who were our lifeline in life... and GOD willing we will not suffer much if we teach the CHILDREN that LOVE is key in life and loving those PEOPLE around you and treating them good is always what we do... because we BELIEVE in a HIGHER purpose... not something that can so easily be corrupted... but those things concerning the SPIRIT...

The things of GOD!

Ladies LOVE 'life' and 'laughter'... and good LOVING skills are always in demand!

We can have a better LIFE... when we respect the SPIRIT within!

GOOD or BAD we respect and control ourselves in the manner that is chaste and modest! Saving yourself for something better than cheap thrills... or not so cheap thrills...


All in ONE accord... but yet also in 3 part harmony... get it together...

For it is not for one or the other... neither the Father or the Son... but for the SPIRIT that binds their hearts together to create and sustain LIFE within the world!

And we as the Ladies in their life need to follow the way that GOD tells us...

A world without LIFE would be no world at all.

Work TOGETHER to promote Jesus and His WORDS...

Love one another... Do good to one another... and in doing good we learn to...

'NOT do' the evil!

GOD Bless Us, Everyone!