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Monday, December 17, 2012

Do Not Blame The Gun! Blame Madalyn!

Yahoo likes to boot me off the comment section, so I am posting this here
to the news that Obama says gun control is a complex problem...

The White House is making it a complex problem... because to me... its quite

simple... its not a 'gun violence' problem we have to worry about... its the

'people violence' problem that needs to be addressed! Why are most people

able to carry a weapon and know when NOT to use it... and some lose their

mind and soul and cause this much barbaric destruction? I have an idea...

but no one listens to me... they cant handle the truth :(

Just in case some can handle the truth... the person to blame here is

Madalyn Murray O'Hair... she is the woman who demanded we take GOD

out of the school system. When we took GOD out of the hearts and minds of

the children, for so many years now, they have grown up without having that

sort of LOVE/RESPECT ingrained in them. When I was a kid, our day

started with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. A symbol of respect and

love of a higher power... a higher power that was watching over you... and

you knew it... It was a higher power that told us to do good and not evil...

now... look at the result :(

Saturday, December 15, 2012

School Murders And Murderers

Sometimes I really don't want to say certain things... many times in the past, I argued with GOD... I just didn't want to say anything that might upset anyone. Well, I have gotten over that after so many times of losing my arguments to GOD. (HE was always right anyways)...  Even now as I must write these words, I do not want to. But for today, I cannot argue with GOD and I cannot hold my tongue.

I must speak the truth as it dwells and swells inside of me.

The reason these things are happening in our school systems is because we took GOD out of our school systems... our children are not taught to LOVE and RESPECT anything more than themselves, anymore... and sometimes, not even that... :(   And I am talking about the young man... who did the shooting, not the children themselves... they were innocent victims and will be with GOD for ever and always... and moms and dads and grandparents and families will see them when they pass too. I remember when someone murdered my friends young son... the Grandmother died 5 months to the day... she couldn't live without him.

Don't ever believe that life is fair... we must fight for the RIGHT and GOODNESS OF FAIR...
This is a sign of the times.

I honestly believe in my heart of hearts that this is the result of taking GOD (LOVE&RESPECT)(A HIGHER POWER) out of the hearts and minds of the children. :( This is a sad day in the life.

The knowledge of GOOD and EVIL goes way back, people... all the way back to the first recorded murder when the news was then about Cain and Able. People have been able to do these evil things since we know of. Through our Lord Jesus, we have the FREEDOM to choose our way. And GOD would of told that boy not to do this act... IF HE was inside of Adams heart and mind.

These ancient rules of conduct have been around since man was able to write about them. We should know them by heart, by now... But we don't have it together yet. We have turned our backs on GOD.

I don't think there is anyone to blame here... this boy had a free will. Many will blame the mother... I could argue that point too... she was to demanding... expected to much... threatened to much... the boy lost his mind... and he didn't have GOD to help him maintain control.

Many can criticize... those who have had happy normal homes cannot understand the dynamics of a dysfunctional family... no matter what it looks like on the outside... we cannot know what goes on behind closed doors. Haven't we heard this enough?; "I cant believe it... he seemed like a normal person."  No, we cannot know the hearts and minds of others... but GOD DOES! This is the thing... the good ways have been documented for years... WE SHOULD PRACTICE THEM...  when people wander away from the ways that are good... this is the result. Empty in the heart and mind.

It seems so easy for me to understand. Why cant others?

When we took GOD out of our schools we no longer had the foundation of LOVE/RESPECT. There was no longer a fear that GOD is watching... there is no thought of eternal consequence because there is no belief in eternity. Some believe this is all there is. But they are so very wrong.

If people choose to not believe in GOD, that is their right... but it doesn't make them right... because I can profess with truth that GOD is real... that anyone can find HIM if they seek with an honest heart... but I guess people have better things to do, rather than seek GOD. Besides they never noticed GOD in their lives anyway. But GOD doesn't work like that. GOD is a spirit that lives in the hearts and minds of 'THE PEOPLE'... a common belief that LOVE and RESPECT is the way to go. In all of my readings of different religions and self help books... basically no matter how they said it... it was the same... LOVE and RESPECT is KEY to a good life.

We almost had it right in the 60's, but to bad they confused GODs LOVE with sexual love. Loving the body has nothing to do with loving the SPIRIT... the Holy Ghost... the 'COMFORTER'...  the thing that wraps us in the warm security of the HOPE that all men can stand in one accord with LOVE as their master.

And BTW... Gun Control is NOT the problem here... its PEOPLE who use the guns to do evil things!

People, until we put GOD back as the center focus of our lives... we will continue to raise kids who raise hell... who choose to create evil... or do evil... its out there... we must always be on the watch...

When I was very young... I used to walk with my older sister to the local church for Sunday School... I was oh, 5 or 6... one of the things they taught me was this... 'GOD is 1st... my friends and family are 2nd... and I am 3rd'. I believe this is so very important for us... and I say 'US' because I do feel like there are many children of GOD who have learned the rules, just as I have... who are out there doing good things with their lives. And this my peeps... is where we are...

Now think about this... what will happen when/IF we take GOD out of our politics... off of our $...?
We will surely fall...

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