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Thursday, July 28, 2011

How Small Am I?

I was feeling so small in the world the other day. Sitting in the truck waiting for my SB to come out, as I often do... as I love to listen to the outdoor sounds and see all the green and feel the wind blow across my face! And all of a sudden, I heard a very loud rap song coming from another car. It was terrible. It had the most disgusting words, "I got a sign on my dick that says bad bitches only..." I could barely believe that this horrible song was playing so loudly like that! I mean with all the people there! I honestly believe, if I would of had kids with me, I would of/could of gone over there and said something... but, as it was I was sitting alone so didn't have a really good reason to speak up. But I sure wish I could of. It was something that I would never want my grand daughters to hear. I can imagine how it would affect them.

I couldn't google it, so it must not be a great song, however with more searching I discovered a couple sites with the words on it. I am appalled and shocked that this is the stuff people are listening to.

My son asked me the other day if I liked scary movies, he had bought a few and said I could borrow them. Well, Uh, No. I don't put that crap in my head. Lord knows I have had some bad dreams. I don't need any more evil images in there.

Same thing with this song, but the thing is, I didn't choose to hear those words to that song. Now I can understand the argument, if ya don't like it, don't listen. But I wasn't even given the choice! So for those few minutes, I was subjected to these awful lyrics... how can this be allowed?

Oh crap... is this some sort of freedom of speech issue? What would people of thought, had I called the police on them? Oh... I bet I know... would be a grippy old intolerant bitch. Hey, maybe the people would remember to follow me and shoot me dead. I can see people feeling the hate that much.

Hate has become rampant in the world. People have become so hateful. This is a great challenge.

In remembering some of the things to look out for, is pestilence. I keep thinking about these bed bugs, I keep hearing about bed bugs. These bugs can bite! Like a flea does. They are in places that has never had them before. Just a side note to think about.

The world is sure changing. What happened to my peace of mind when I had to hear those horrible lyrics that day should not of happened.

I don't think I would have the guts to approach someone like that, objecting to their loud music. Even my mother agrees some would/might follow me home and come back an shoot me when they got the opportunity. Which makes me wonder...

Are we really free?

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Godly, The Godless and The Ungodly

There has always been 3 types of people since the beginning of time.

And they are each very distinct from one another.

So, I am drawn here today to explain the differences. This is very important info to know.

Godly People

These are the people who love GOD with all their hearts and minds! They follow HIS WORD and struggle every day against temptation and strife to keep it real with the simple truth. After all, no one may be looking... but GOD IS. And we all know it. So we always try to do whats right, because God occupies our hearts and minds and we are convicted inside when we know something is wrong.

My favorite thing about GOD, is that HE gives us the FREEDOM to choose. In Islamland, Allah's people have no choice. But the GOD of LOVE loves to give you your freedom because by doing so, your choice to serve HIM pleases HIM more than demanding it of you. And it's the same in a workplace. Your boss would much rather have you do your job willingly rather than feel like a slave working in drudgery.

Godly people astound me because they are so strong in the spirit. You can just feel their souls radiating love and kindness, patience and truth. Always being positive because they know that although we struggle now. In the end, it will all be good. We have peace of mind that GOD takes care of all things.

Godly people are not arrogant. They would never dream of hurting anyone, person or animal for personal gain or growth. A Godly person will always put the care and welfare of the ones they love as top priority, rather than think of themselves first.

When I was a very small child, my sister Kathryn and I would walk to the neighborhood church for Sunday school and church. I don't remember what church it was, but I do remember the lesson of a lifetime.

GOD IS FIRST, My friends and family are second and I am THIRD. That was what I was taught.

And I have always lived my life like that. I believe it puts things in very clear perspective. God is LOVE and if we do all things with LOVE leading and guiding us, we will never fail. And of course, the people around us, ya know...? the passion for the people who we love and who love us. That's what life is all about! We are so blessed to be apart of THE LOVE with the GOD OF THE LIVING... where it's the PEOPLE who matter the MOST!

I can't imagine putting myself above others. Uh... well... OK, I'd like to try to imagine it... having a manicure/pedicure, back massage done, rather than buy my kids school supplies and toys, hahaha... that's just a silly thought for me cause I have never been able to do it all. And I know there are lots of people out there who can afford to do all things, they are truly blessed. But I did have a full body massage, one time. A relative had bought me a gift certificate and OMG! It was one of the most wonderful things I ever experienced in all my life! If I could afford it I think I would do that more often. On a regular basis! :) It sure was a great feeling for my muscles!

As a single mother for so long, I made many a sacrifice. But through it all, as I put my kids and family and friends in second place in my life, right there under GOD, it was a good thing! My children will always know I have never put a man or job or friend above them. And of course, that makes me last... and I have really missed out on a lot of really great stuff in my life. But I think I blogged about all that before, so I wont go into that now. But, when I step back and see the big picture, I wouldn't change much. I would still be the person I am, putting God first and my friends and family second, leaving myself in third place. And I am grateful, because I do have some good peaceful times just for me. I am blessed in many ways. And I have seen GODs handy work all throughout my life time.

I always thank GOD for HIS people... THE GODLY PEOPLE... these people always try to create good things... do good things for other people. Help others when they see a need. Its good to know there are many people in the world who do not steal or lie or hurt or kill, who honestly care about life and live the good GODLY life, enjoying the blessings that are allowed and richly deserved.

And we are all in this together, by choice.

The Godless

The Godless are the people who live without God, or gods... otherwise known as agnostic or atheists etc... who are without GOD in their hearts and minds. There is no passion no love of life, they are materialistic and vain, easily angered. Will ignore you in a heartbeat if you don't suit their needs. They take life at face value and get on with things as they need to. Most times they are refereed to as sheeple... following life's order of things. Imposing mans law without discretion or true justice. Just going by the book. Like robots programmed to make the world go round in the system of things. These can be anyone from street people to working class to the upper class. Anyone can live godless lives. Its easy. Not complicated with rituals or traditions. I believe as long as these people are doing what is right and good and living with LOVE for their family and friends and neighbors... this is really OK. Its good for them. Their life is good or bad according to their habits. Godless people are not to be feared. Treat them as ships passing in the night. They are neither evil or good. Godless people will never make a mark or change the world, they are happy to live their simple lives.

Ungodly People

Now these are the people to fear. They creep in unaware because they look so normal! If you have ever lost a battle with one of these people, please don't ever feel alone in your way. These people are not to be trusted. The get a sense of adrenalin rush when they attack you. Some become addicted to this rush. That's why we have serial murderers and rapists and other ungodly people who cause harm to others. They are getting a KICK out of it, amused, entertained by their cruelty. It makes them feel all powerful to take a life like a god.

Ungodly people create ungodly things. They share it with others... others fall into the same habit. It spreads like a wildfire among them.

Lucky for us there are few of them. But the ones that are, are out there... legally living in the world like a raging animal seeking whom it may devour for its own personal gain. They JUMP on the chance to rip anyone off of their money like in a money scam, or rip your gut open with a gun or knife for the few dollars you have in your pocket. A cheap death.

Ungodly people will never miss a chance to hurt someone because it makes them laugh that they have such power over someone... or someones. Their intent is pure evil.

In my head I am tossed back and forth on the cause of these types of people. But the thing that I come up with is not just one thing. First, I will say that I believe, just as you can allow God into your heart, you can also invite The EVIL one in, and the evil takes over in your life and you slowly give up power and control, you always lose with the devil, you will always fail in a world of hate and violence and death and destruction. Then there are people who may have a brain tumor and do whatever it is in their brain that they can comprehend, maybe they once saw a murder in a movie and they seek to reenact it, they may have become insane in the brain and do ungodly things because it has simply been the info inputted in their brain by the media or memories. And then you have the people who get on drugs, legal or illegal... they are also apt to choose to do evil, simply because they are not even there well enough in their own minds to fight the evil within. Which we have known for a long time that each of us has a battle within our own souls... its a battle of good against evil... just as it has always been, every man has a chance to choose their way. And people who are on drugs may not have the capabilities to fight against the dark side of life. Oh yes people... there is a dark side... life has always been based on light and dark. There has always been light and there has always been darkness. They are both in conflict with each other. Some people live in the light and some people live in the darkness. And when you are on drugs its sorta turns into a gray area where you can't seem to be able to distinguish between the two... cant see the right and wrong in life.

So whichever theory is closest to the truth, I would go with it.

I am easy like that... :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where Is The Justice Here?

27 days ago, my daughter had a wreck in her car. She was in the right hand lane and there was another vehicle in the left lane, slightly ahead of her, she must of been in his blind spot cause he tried to turn into an apartment parking lot from the left hand lane causing my daughter to hit his right rear. One police showed up and could not determine who was at fault. The driver, looked like an arab, didn't even have a drivers licence. And he had a FAKE insurance card. But the cop didn't even check that. It seems like the cop should of ran his insurance or licence plates to check. I know they can get behind people and run the license to verify the status of the car. Why was this man let go???

Then without even verifying the validity of the insurance, a corrupt (in my opinion) auto repair system allowed a teenager to take off with a rental car. A few days later, I am thinking her car is getting fixed. She finds out the guys insurance was no good. Well, with no drivers licence and a fake insurance card, you would think this man would be arrested or pursued with a warrent, but he was let go. Now, how in the world are we really going to find out who that man is? He has no repercussions at this point. This was wrong on the police, they should of verified more information, often to many times police are told lies. I cant stand the corruption here!

I try not to get involved with my kids business, but this was so unjust, so upsetting, I had to step out on my own, after asking others to do it... I went and talked to the manager who has the wrecked car. Well, its so strange how this man was trained like a robot. Oh they have nothing to do with the rental place... 2 separate entities he said. Which was funny cause the secretary came in with the charges for the rental car and the storage of the vehicle, we could pay either or. What a scam. These people should be like the Drs offices and verify INSURANCE before they accept the patient. This man said my daughter should of called and verified the insurance at the time of the wreck. Now that's not the way I thought it was done. Now my daughter is out a 2008 Chevy Cobalt... that got her to school and work while this man goes on with his merry way, his vehicle barely damaged.

And to top it off, the manager at the auto repair shop said 'the poor man driving the other vehicle was a victim' of buying insurance that he THOUGHT was real. Now why would he say that when the truth was more likely the man knew the card was not good. Seems like it was more like a rip off staged to acquire vehicles and hold them ransom till people pay.

Is there any justice in the world??