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Thursday, July 28, 2011

How Small Am I?

I was feeling so small in the world the other day. Sitting in the truck waiting for my SB to come out, as I often do... as I love to listen to the outdoor sounds and see all the green and feel the wind blow across my face! And all of a sudden, I heard a very loud rap song coming from another car. It was terrible. It had the most disgusting words, "I got a sign on my dick that says bad bitches only..." I could barely believe that this horrible song was playing so loudly like that! I mean with all the people there! I honestly believe, if I would of had kids with me, I would of/could of gone over there and said something... but, as it was I was sitting alone so didn't have a really good reason to speak up. But I sure wish I could of. It was something that I would never want my grand daughters to hear. I can imagine how it would affect them.

I couldn't google it, so it must not be a great song, however with more searching I discovered a couple sites with the words on it. I am appalled and shocked that this is the stuff people are listening to.

My son asked me the other day if I liked scary movies, he had bought a few and said I could borrow them. Well, Uh, No. I don't put that crap in my head. Lord knows I have had some bad dreams. I don't need any more evil images in there.

Same thing with this song, but the thing is, I didn't choose to hear those words to that song. Now I can understand the argument, if ya don't like it, don't listen. But I wasn't even given the choice! So for those few minutes, I was subjected to these awful lyrics... how can this be allowed?

Oh crap... is this some sort of freedom of speech issue? What would people of thought, had I called the police on them? Oh... I bet I know... would be a grippy old intolerant bitch. Hey, maybe the people would remember to follow me and shoot me dead. I can see people feeling the hate that much.

Hate has become rampant in the world. People have become so hateful. This is a great challenge.

In remembering some of the things to look out for, is pestilence. I keep thinking about these bed bugs, I keep hearing about bed bugs. These bugs can bite! Like a flea does. They are in places that has never had them before. Just a side note to think about.

The world is sure changing. What happened to my peace of mind when I had to hear those horrible lyrics that day should not of happened.

I don't think I would have the guts to approach someone like that, objecting to their loud music. Even my mother agrees some would/might follow me home and come back an shoot me when they got the opportunity. Which makes me wonder...

Are we really free?


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