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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Recycling request...

This is a subject that MUST be mentioned here simply out of respect for MotherEarth! And also it is something that is close to my heart and is important to me as a co-occupant on this planet earth!

I was watching TWO & A HALF MEN the other day and saw Sheens character say something about his energy level could not allow for him to be able to recycle all those little yogurt containers... and it has been on my mind ever since! And you know what I do when something is on my mind for so long... I have to blog it out, to get it out of my head! Oh, and I didn't know we could recycle the yogurt containers and now that I know we can... I absolutely DO! I think everyone should!

I look around my hood and there are very few who actually recycle!
One neighbor has even stored tools in their recycle bin!

In my own home, people refuse to recycle, I think they are just being lazy... so I am doing all the recycling for them... well, at least I am getting them to leave the recyclables in the sink so I can get them to the bin!

This causes me to go into my imagination, please imagine with me... and think about how much better the world would be if everyone cared enough to go the extra mile to make a better place of this world! Wanna know the reason they don't recycle??? It is because they don't care about our mother earth! You know, we are only here a short time and we have to share this planet with our future generations. We really shouldn't be so wasteful! I know everyone has heard.. "We live in a throw away society!" and we really do... this is frightening to me... and look around at how people just don't care! They are only thinking about their own convenience!

A few weeks ago when we had a very windy recycle day... when I went outside that morning I saw that the neighbors recycle stuff had blown across their yard... and I love my neighbors, so I went over there and picked it all up and set it on the side of the curb for them. While picking it all up, I noticed they didn't rinse out the milk jugs... and had left the lids on. The results were a swollen ready to explode stinky yucky mess... well... I did... I took all the lids off, threw them in the garbage can and then smashed all the jugs, this was to compress them so they didn't blow away so easily. It had to be done... well, maybe I didn't HAVE to do it. But I felt it my moral obligation to MotherEarth to do this job! So I did! All of it... down to the last laundry container.

The next time I saw the friend from over there... I told her what I had done and told her that she had probably not been able to read the paper that came with the bin, so with a BIG smile and an honest feeling of care for our system of recycling, I told her this.... The thing about recycling is there is a process. First... if you do dishes in the sink by hand like I do, it isn't that hard to do and you don't use extra water if you rinse the containers out like that! Now, I don't know WHY the city has asked us to take off the lids and throw them away... or why they ask us to take off the labels... I cant tell you that. But I am sure the city would give us an answer if we asked. But I am not going to bother them with it, I am just going along with it cause it makes sense to me to rinse the milk jugs out, just by seeing what happens to them if you don't! I also soak the cans in the water too... the labels are easier to get off that way. This just isn't that much extra work to do, if you actually care about the piles of trash building up in our landfills. So if we can do this extra thing to cut a lot of that out, we could work miracles for MotherEarth!

I had another neighbor shake her head... and she said... "Nancy, a lot of people are just not going to go to all that trouble!" Other people agree, but listen people... if everyone thought that way... we would be living in a terrible stinky place!

I taught my kids early on about taking care of the earth as far as litter is concerned... if I saw someone throw trash out the window of a car, I told my kids to imagine what the earth would look like if EVERYONE threw their trash out the window! And you know a kids imagination! lol... At least I got them to throw their trash on the floorboard and pick it up and throw it in the trash at home!

Recycling has been around for a very long time! I once saw a sitting bench made out of recycled plastic! OMG... you should see!!! It was so smooth and soft to the touch, yet strong and sturdy and it wasn't hard like metal and will never rust like metal and it will never splinter like wood! This is a GOOD thing, my friends!!!

So please... I am begging you... all the occupants of our interplanetary ultra ordinary craft, MotherEarth... do your part...
Please go the extra mile to recycle our stuff...???


You will be loved for it! And I love you already, too!