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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More On Muslims

10/08/2010 06:18 pm
MOTHERPOPEa second ago
He says Muslims will not be humiliated... but then WHY?? OH WHY???

do the Muslims humiliate others?
Muslims take personal offence to burning the Koran... yet they think it

perfectly acceptable for them to burn effigies and the US flag. Geeze, do

these people have ANY common sense that GOD gave a goat?
All I see from the Muslims is humiliating insults and name calling, when

they are offended. I guess they are not as smart as we think they are.
And it shocks me at how so many people DO NOT know what the Islam

agenda is. If they really knew, they would be against it. I mean, even the

Muslims who have moved here to the USA have done so in an effort to

GET AWAY from Sharia Law. I really dont think they will dominate the

world... even tho thats what they seek...
Jesus, Lord GOD... Have mercy!

MOTHERPOPEa second ago
STOP TELLING ME HOW MUCH I HATE YOU! I can tell ya right now, I

am not hateful at all. You dont know me!
I have to say, I never gave muslims much thought until ONE MONTH

AGO today... when Obama gave them a dinner and announced that their

mosque will be built!
But you know... I am starting to get EXTREMELY irritated at your

911 was NOT an 'inside job'... and any way you can say that... just

means: we got muslims on the 'inside'...
ANd if anyone has been FOOLED, its the American who believed the

Someone said, >More muslims get killed in a day, than non muslims in a

year... what does that mean???

MOTHERPOPEa second agoSure seems like this old world has gone

crazy... we know the Muslims are always killing each other, they have

been doing this for centuries. But now it seems like it has spread closer

to home. For the second time here in Texas, a Muslim father has

murdered two of his daughters. Same actions, different familys.
And now... recently, the news is, from the WEST coast, LA, where 8

people were murdered at a party where there was an arguement and

everyone pulled out knives and guns.... all the way to the EAST coast to

NJ where at a collage house party where someone was told to leave

and he came back with a gun and shot at random, 5 were murdered.
What in the world have we come to? Why are there so many people with

such a tremendous ability to kill like this?
I honestly think we need to have a NEW way of thinking. Take away

some of the music and movies that depict people doing these actions.

Pay more attention to each other. We need to get back to knowing who

our neighbors are. Where is the CARE and COMMPASSION?
Wheres the LOVE, man?
Or is this just a part of GODs plan for the destruction before the dawn?

MOTHERPOPEa second agoI agree Cal and Christian and Einswine...

so many people have just lost control and killed their whole families,

school mates, co workers... anger + arrogance = murder. I am sure this

has been going on all the time throughout history. But surely there has

been many people teaching that LOVE is GOOD. Dont do these things

to other people. Unless your life is threatened, there is no reason for

murder. OMG. There are millions of murderers in the world. Sex deviants

abound from all walks of life... Who can you trust, theres no way to tell.
But I do still believe there are many good people trying to do good

Its just so sad to see terrorism so... 'out in force' so to speak.
Worldwide terrorism> a common evil spirit... whose battle will be fought

out within the war of GOOD & EVIL... knowing no boundries of race,

land or creed. For we all are potiential victims. When I think of having to

live in Islamland... (which thank GOD that I dont), there are people there

who live in daily fear of being blown up at the market or a cafe or poll

register area, or simply walking down the street.
It must be like living in hell.

Muslims On The Rise

Muslims on the Rise...


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|03/23/2011 06:28 am
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I have to post what happened to me this week. I can't get it out of my head till I do.

It is strange to see things out of the ordinary. There was once a time when gays were a rareity. It was odd to see these people. Seeing their weird ways that seem so un-natural to the common people. But unlike the Muslims, I dont wish gays death. I think it is not right... but I am not wanting to kill them.

WHY??? OH WHY are people saying that Jesus was gay? "oh yeah, he hung around all those men..." is really rediculous to use that as a means to an end. Men hang around with men all the time, its a guy thing... I just have to heavy sigh and know that there is so much ignorance in the world. PEOPLE... in the days of Jesus... if you were gay, you were stoned to death. There was a time when being gay was popular... and look, see what happened to them. Read about Soddom and Gomorrah for yourself. Sorry to say this, but it does go against nature... but I am not going to condemn the gays. Some of my favorite people are gay! (I love you Jennifer and Andrew). Its their choice... not mine. So stop allready with the Jesus was gay crap. It's not even real. And anyone who believes this, needs to read more.

I am a reader, my house is full of books. Books I have bought and books I have inherited. This is where I got my great collection of religious books, about all religions of which I do humbly respect... My Great Aunt was a writer; Camillia Boykin Campbell. She was a lovely lady with a lovely family. She had no children, so her books were her children. So, it is in my nature to read. And write. So I do. It's Gods will.

So, I am very opinionated at times. Sorry, if you cant handle that. Some simply can't handle the truth.

SO... when I went shopping in a popular store, for the first time in all my 40+ years of going to this store, I had never seen a Muslim. So when one walked by wearing a HUGE black sheet that only had a small slit for the eyes... I DID PANIC. You hear so much about those people blowing themselves up... it did cause me to have panic attack. I have suffered from panic attacks for most of my life, they are not new, but seeing this woman, I assume it was a woman... dressed like DEATH... it was one of the weirdist panic attacks I ever had. I couldn't see into her eyes. I didn't trust her. Was she going to explode??? Why would someone choose to go out in public dressed like that? People looked at this image like it was the 'black plague'... it must of felt the tension of the people cause it left the store as fast as possible. Didn't buy anything. What the hell was that???

Then later in the week... went to another VERY popular store... there was a Muslim wearing the head thing... and jeans. Hmmm... I suppose she can't make up her mind what she is... was covering her head more important than covering that ass in those tight jeans? Strange...

That reminds me of the popular hair cut from the 80's... short in the front and long in the back... can't decide which hair is better.

I suppose it was one of those moderate Muslims... ya know, the ones who only read part of their Holy Book. Oh yeah, yeah... Christians do the same thing... only read part of their Bible, if they read it at all. Because as a matter of FACT, If people would actually read and understand the customs of the time... no one would be saying that Jesus was gay. I can hardly believe that some people are actually saying this. I am sure they are uneducated wanna be Godly good... so they have to make a reason to change the thought process of... Leviticus chapter 18... or Romans chapter 1. But in the end... Revelations chapter 22... we know that these facts cannot be twisted into lies.

I would like to end this blog with the great words of Peter...

"...but the end of all things are at hand... so you need to be sober... and watch out for the evil one... and always pray for Gods guidance... And above all things, have fervant charity among yourselves... because charity covers a multitude of sins. Use hospitality one to another, WITHOUT GRUDGING... as every man and woman can recieve this gift of love... even so, speak the same one to another... as good stewards of God."

Thank you for reading my thought for the day...

God bless you... and God Bless The USA!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Talk; April 5th

The Talk Today..

04/05/2011 04:43 pm

I was watching THE TALK today, which I absolutely LOVE this show. I have wanted to write to them many times since they have been on, on various subjects but have not. But today, they talked about 'violence'... a subject that hits close to home with me. I wanted to write to them today, but you can only post two hundred chac... so I decided to post my thoughts here... but they came from watching THE TALK today. I try to watch as much as I can, but sometimes I am watching the grand children.

Todays show spoke about VIOLENCE of which I have survived. It made me remember back in 94' I think it was, I was watching TV and Dave Ward was asking a bunch of questions on violence and announced a town hall meeting to be held LIVE here in Houston.

In my head, I couldnt believe that I knew the answers to all the questions he asked, so I sat down and wrote these thoughts to the news station. Very soon I recieved an invite to attend this town hall meeting. So I sat down and made a chart on cardboard... of what I felt about Violence. When I showed this chart to one of the ladies there, she took it and showed it to Gina Gaston and came back and said they wanted to get me on. They then announced the meeting would go into over time.

Back then, I was married to Mr. Pope. He was very cruel and mean to me. I was afraid to stay later, he was waiting for me on the street in the truck and back then we didnt have IM's on our cell phones. Back then all I had was a pager and minutes to go. So I chose to not anger my husband and left. I wonder what those people think happened to me that night. Well... anyways... its in the past.

So I have dug out that old chart and some notes that I had written and am going to rewrite those things here.
Here, almost 20 years later and I am still fighting violence.

OK so here we go....

File; VIOLENCE, Where is our hope? Our Hope is wth the children!
My goal...
when they are good, love them very very good, but when they are bad, dont be afraid to get very mad."

My Theory on Teen Violence

Where does violence come from? There are two types.

1) Learned behavior; normal way of life, they think its fun.

2) Comes from anger; anger is a second emotion to pain, pain comes from abuse or neglect.

What do these 2 types have in common?
They have no respect and they just dont care.


We have a backwards way in life when we DEVALUE and DISCOUNT the very people who stand for caring-

1) Police officers; goes to work to CARE for public safety, they risk their lives daily and sometimes they lose it.
2) Teachers; goes to work to CARE for the growth and developement of aprox. 20 - 30 kids in 1 room.
3) Stay at home mothers; most rich husbands know the value of a good wife/mother.
Being a wife and mother IS a full time job.
We HAVE to come up with a way to keep 'good moms' at home to care and nurture the family.

*when we devalue these people we are quietly teaching our children, its not a profitable thing to care.


In todays society, we must keep the LOVE flowing...

There is so much hateing going on right now.

So many people stabbing their brother or sister in the back.

We can change all this. With time.

But only if most all the people stand together against violent crimes. Put their foot down and demand justice.

Only if we remember that LOVE is key here.

All those years ago when I missed talking to the people that night at KTRK... I was at that moment a victim of violence, and to be fair, I prob wasnt ready.
Now I have survived and conquered all the violence in my life.

And now, I know the way out. And its NOT suicide.
I have NOT been hit in over 10 years.

It all depends on what we choose to do about it.

So after missing the chance to get my idea across, I went on thinking about a solution. I decided we needed a class added to our school system. Then I thought about and decided what should be used to teach this class, thats when I thought of the best informative book I have ever read. Proverbs! But it had to be simple, easy enough for the kids to understand. So I sat down and wrote it out the way I see it. The way it moved me. Some places I would get stuck. And a couple or three days later, it would pop on like a light bulb. To this day I remember what that parable meant, that caused me much worry and stress, when at first I couldn't understand it.

I got a copyright and have kept it in the closet for a long time. I would love to see it come out to help out the kids today.

"PROVERBS 2000; Solomons Wisdom Reborn" written by MotherPope

I was even surprised at the making of it. I couldnt of done it on my own... its packed with great advice for people who are trying to make it in a corrupt and evil world. God Bless us... every one of us.

Obama Thoughts

10/08/2010 06:23 pm
These are old posts that I have been saving. I think its better to post here also along with the news boards, ya never know when your going to get censored there. Since this is not the news boards, maybe everything will post here! :)

I believe this Obama has not only lost most of his fan base, he has also

lost his mind!

How can he even have the audacity to show his face after all the money

he bailed out the other big businesses, AIG and car manufacuring... well

that is all fine and dandy for the people who work there, but it is not

going to get anywhere as far as helping these companies survive. Why

cant they just file bankruptcy like everyone else???

And now he is digging for more money for roads? I would be suspicious

that it is just to keep his Muslim buddies on the roads spreading the

Peace of Islam, (dhu-ha-ha-ha).

OK, ya got me, I am mad at him for catering to these people and then

brushing off the American people like a piece of dandruff on his


But to be honest, he is not the first person I have seen who tried to make

something so bad sound so good.

MOTHERPOPEa second agoOur economy is sputtering because to

many jobs overseas, and so many people sitting by expecting a handout

because its THEIR RIGHT!
Our economy is sputtering because SOME PEOPLE keep spending

MORE than we can generate.
Our economy is sputtering because there IS TO MUCH

I have a couple REALLY GOOD ideas that would help this country

greatly get through this MUCK... but yahoo will prob just censor...

Who Is MotherPope?

Who is MotherPope?


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|03/31/2011 12:44 pm
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I didnt name myself.
I became MotherPope naturally.
After 33 years of 16+ kids passing through my house, I became everyones mother.
Foster mother, step mother, mother to the urchins off the street my kids would bring home.
But it was when I was married to Mr.Pope, that his son started calling me MotherPope.
So, thats when I became MotherPope. (I am now divorced now)
This was almost 20 years ago.
This name stuck and became what I write under.
I mean, since I feel like everyones mother.
If you dont have a mother...
I will volunteer.

I also love religions.
You could almost say it is my forte...
I have read about many many different sorts.
I have read the Bible 7 times.
But read Numbers ONCE, it was enough.
There are parts I have read and quoted over hundreds of times.
I love Christianity because it is so simple.
I am in no way involved with any organized religions.
As a matter of fact, some religious churches would not want me there,
I am afraid I would 'taunt them with their rediculousness'.
But God is Love and as long as I can teach the children to LOVE...
My life will be Gods will...
Yes, I work for THE GOD...
HE is a great boss...
And the benefits are...




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|11/29/2010 05:16 pm
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I saw the 'kept secret' video today, the one that the public wasnt supposed to see for 75 years. But it has only been 40 something and it has surfaced, as the people knew it would. It is very compelling. Very seeable, once you figure out what you are seeing. I am shocked, but not surprised.

I must say; that I never did buy into the Oswald guilt. I always felt like it was an inside job. So was Bobby and so was Marilyn and Jimmy Hoffa, but this is all my opinion. My minds right to speculation. My physical right to post my thoughts here.

I know that power corrupts. And I know that if you are elected PREZ... you are basically the front man. A face. There were some honerable men, who have not succumbed. They just leave the situation. But others, well, if you don't join them, 'the government underworld', is the best way I can think to put it, then you are murdered. Sorta like the idea that is in the Sharia Law of Islamland. I mean really, basically this is the same theory. It goes way back to the Old Testement. If they don't submit, kill them. Nice and tidy and clean up the mess, while everyone else is trying to figure out what really happened.

But if there is one thing I KNOW... lol... well, I do know more than one thing, but the thing I am thinking now is, THERE IS NOTHING HIDDEN THAT SHALL NOT BE REVEALED. And now its time for some sure fire revealing.

IF GOD IS LOVE THEN HATE IS OUR ENEMY. This seems simple enough, but there is and has been some deep seeded wars spawned over hate. I know that HATE is taught in Islam. You are taught to hate and spy on your brother, kill your women at will. This is not LOVE.

LOVE is patient and kind and forgiving, yes... BUT~ sometimes you love someone enough to fight against the evil that trys to posses them.

Our fight is not with the muslims, it is against HATE. And believe me, this will pizz off the Muslims more than anything to know that we got them figured out. These are the people who try so hard on the outside to look and do good, but inside they are hatin and filthy with their corruption.

Hate reminds me of a fire ball... easily spread, yet easily put out by the liquid of love. The actions and motions we go through. What are we teaching our children? You know they emulate us... if we are hatin on cousin Sue or Uncle Bob... our kids will pick up on that.

It is so important to realise that the real enemy creeps in while we are unaware...

We must become aware! And beware of the evil one who uses people to do his evil work. We must fight this fight! Just as the GOOD LORD puts certain people in our lives as angels for us in our needs... Satan himself also sends out his 'people' to drag us down. We humans are mearly vessels, pawns... if you will... in this legendary holy war, between good and evil.

Sometimes, it seems to me, its almost like a game. A challenge between two seperate entities.

Its to late for walking on fences, time to choose your side.

The Meaning Of Igmo

The Meaning of IGMO.

|12/15/2010 08:11 pm

It does sadden me when I cant get an idea across on here in text without voice tone or body language. It has happened many times. People totally dont get it. So what do you do? Take 2 aspirin and try again tomorrow???

Sometimes I do use the word igmo... that might be cause for misunderstandings too... but, way back long time ago, I took the words, 'ignorant moron' and shortened them to be used as igmo. People close to me know what I am talking about. But if anyone else is wondering... well there you have it.

I think I want people to know that the old adage is true, 'if you can laugh at it, you can live with it'. And if something is totally crazy off the wall bizarre, my first reaction is to laugh at the absurdity of it all. Some of the things in this world are so strangely ironic and totally unable to be understood that there is nothing else for people like me to do.

My daughter made a statement this morning, that she couldnt do anything because her hair was not doing right... it reminded me of a time 20 years ago when my little sister was living with me and she said the same thing... so I HAD to text her and remind her of those days..... hahaha.. and that was the mid 80's when all the women had BIG HAIR... well, I told her that Estelle was saying the same thing... we laughed and laughed at the silliness of it all... and let me tell ya, my daughter was NOT laughing... so you see... not everyone sees things in the same perspective.

And thats all I'm gonna say about that.

Houston We Have A Problem...

Houston , we have a problem...


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|11/11/2010 04:23 pm
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"...the third stop of a four-country visit to Asia seeking greater access to

the region's markets for American goods,"
HA! American goods, made in China!
Beef and Autos? Nawww... that wont cut it either!
Meat rotting in our gutts, cars polluting the air!

Certain people just need to learn to live within their means. Quit all this

credit crap. I mean, a low cost home or car loan, yeah... But its our credit

system that has gotten us into trouble, a monster that people created,

legal loan sharks preying on people who just dont get the meaning of

265% interest.
And others who dont care to pay their debt cause its always going to be

there... so why not have what we want and pay the minimal?
This is a stupid selfish attitude and is the basis of the root of our

problems in America.

Differences Between Muslims and Christians

Differences between Christians and Muslims.


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|03/09/2011 09:46 am
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I cant believe that some people are so narrow minded they cannot see beyond their own noses.

It seems there are people who think there is no difference between Christians and Muslims.
Hmmm... how strange that some cant see the many differences between Muslims and Christians...
It is almost to illogic for words.

I am a woman, but I think logical, like a man. And I am frustrated in women who get so caught up in the confusions in life, that they cannot see reality in its simplist terms. No, not ALL women... (I can hear the critics now). But I am going to say what I want anyway, cause this is the USA. I am free to speak whenever I need to. I say 'need to' cause there are sometimes that I dont want to waste my time or breath... but the mother in me needs to speak the truth so that the children may know that I am consistant. I do get tired of some peoples ignorance. I think its better to be dumb... ya, cause dumb people cant help that. But to be ignorant is to ignore the truth and the realities of life. Your braincells are to busy to be bothered by intellegence. AND to be intellegent is not to be arrogant in your thinking. We are all human, born to make mistakes. I struggle really hard to always do the right thing... but I am still a stooge sometimes. It is so strange to one minute come out with something brilliant... and the next minute, pick up the remote thinking it is the phone. It is sure humbling.

OK... now my rant today is the differences between Christian and Muslim. GOD, I cant believe I am having to do this, as there are SO MANY differences between people in general. And for the most part people allready know the differences.

Muslim; Watch your brother and report to authorities any sin against Allah.

Christain; Forgive each other...
Muslim; Kill the infidel for their sin.

Christian; Talk about the GOOD NEWS of JESUS, if they dont hear... let it go and move on.
Muslim; Demand the subjection to Allah, if no subjection, Kill them.

Christian; Cares about their brothers and sisters.
Muslim; will be the first to stab a brother or sister in the back.

Christian; Do not lie.
Muslim; Lie to sustain jihad and Sharia law.

Christian; Holds virginity sacred.
Muslim; Cant wait to hit that.

Christian; Believes Jesus is the son of GOD.
Muslim; Believes Jesus was just a man.

Christian; Goes to prayer in times of trouble.
Muslims; goes to rioting and murdering in times of trouble.

Christians; Ashamed when sexual indescretions occur.
Muslims; Murders their women for the sexual sin.


Muslims; sneaks in to murder innocents in the name of Allah
Christian; sneaks in to save innocents in the name of Jesus Christ, SON of GOD, Father of LOVE.

These are just the top ten off the top of my head... (heavy sigh)
I do not feel the need to go on...


Yahoo Blog deleting...

10/08/2010 05:48 pm
I have read that yahoo will no longer have blogs in a few days, so for the next few days,I will be copying all my yahoo blogs here, please know they go way back... so I will begin at the beginning...

I have noticed that yahoo doesnt always post my comments, so I started saving them in a file on my pc. But last night I thought that I could post them here also. I doubt the censors on the boards will delete me here.

It started August 13, 2010. Obama stated at a Islam dinner, the Muslims have a right to build at Ground Zero. I went off. I am sad to say, I didnt think to save all the posts back then. But here I am now, posting what I have saved. And will post here from now on... I see there is a text limit so I am going to have to break up this blog. So I will start with the last three posts.

MOTHERPOPE 3:10PM, 10.07.10
I see Islam terrorism is alive and well today.
I wonder if the replacement of Mohammad Omar will be so easy to find

and eager to get to work, as the terrorist who replaces a suicide

These people are truly a strange breed the way they kill themselves and

take other good people with them.
Im just saying, this Omar man seems to of given the world a warning, the

way he talked about and exposed the corruptness of certain people.

Who were his own people.
This is so sad, in this crazy backwards world we live in, if I were muslim,

which I am NOT, I would be so ashamed and embarrased to be called


MOTHERPOPEa second ago
So if a muslim kills another muslim, is it

the same or better or worse than killing a non- muslim?... OK wait.... I

know they kill both muslims and non muslims... so which has the greater

reward to a muslim?
muslims... please make me understand your logic, cause its not making

any sense to my logical brain.
come on... at least try to make me understand... for my brothers and

sisters and I dont understand your actions.
This is proof, again, that Islam is NOT the peaceful religion it claims to


Muslim jiihad are the ones who love doing that crap. Its all over the map!

I can hardly believe that they are being so stupid as to think that WE

THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are stupid enough to believe their LIES. Or

let me rephrase... Only an Islamist would be so stupid as to think that the

AMERICAN PEOPLE are as stupid as they (the muslims) are.
Last I knew we live in a free country where we can peacefully assemble

and protest any issue.
The Korans are donated... Our Constitution gives him the RIGHT... of

course it may not be the MORAL thing to do... but they ARE legally HIS

Where have I heard this arguement before?
Sure seems familiar in some way... please someone HELP me to

remember where I have heard this before!

Where are all the Muslims ranting about this mans Constitutional RIGHT

to burn those donated books? I mean, he DOES have the right... it may

not be the MORAL thing to do, but it IS his right! Remember the mosque

they want to put within spittin distance of GZ, they do have the right, but

is it the moral thing to do?
And to the Muslims who say Islam is a PEACEFUL religion, YOU are

part of the problem! It is NOT a peaceful religion, you are ALL lying

cause that is what you are taught to do.
If Muslims were to have a Bible burning... I would laugh. Because there

are thousands more to take their place.
People dont understand how serious this is. I have read their Koran...

dont let them lie to you. They seek WORLD DOMINION for their allah.

That means anyone who doesnt convert; is murdered! All the gays, all

the singles having sex for fun... all the divorced and all adulterers...
I can imagine how the men will feel when ALL WOMEN have to cover

themselves from head to toe.
They may not do it now, but their plan is, in 20 years to have enough

Mulsims as citizens to VOTE sharia into law.
Should we care that they are mad about this planned book burning?
Do they care about this victory mosque making the Americans mad?

Mr. Trump... thank you for your effort.

I have been doing some serious thinking here. I am having similar

issues in my life... well, not so exciting, but at a crossroads of sorts...

where we all have to choose. OK, my point is... HOW COME IT IS SO

How come I cant get mad when someone does something stupid... why

can't I counter with my own challenge?

MUSLIMS??? They are violent and cruel, and we are OK with that???
I dont think there is ANYTHING wrong with anger... in fact, it is my JOB

as a parent to be mad when my kids do wrong... and ya know what? My

kids DO NOT LIKE TO SEE MOM MAD... cause when momma aint

happy, no bodies happy.

I am STILL mad as hell and I am going to do my part. I have been going

to muslim businesses for years. BUT; NO MORE...
the buck stops here, baby... you will get NO MORE of my business.

Will & Kate

Will and Kate

04/28/2011 10:33 pm

William and Catherine,
May your days be many...
Your children all beautiful...
and may you enjoy your youth...
for it passes way to fast...
And KEEP YOU and
forever and always...
In Jesus's name...

Rescuing the Chilian miners

Rescuing the miners...

|10/13/2010 01:33 pm
People, please do not be confused...
GOD is not some big powerful being who hangs out in the sky and plays power trips on the people of the earth.
GOD IS, a common spirit who lives in the hearts and minds of HIS people, who work together for the common good of mankind. So I dont care if people put God into it or not. Some people just dont understand exactly 'what' and 'who' GOD is. So each to his own... the power of the mind and the hopes in the hearts of the people who love people, are working over time today as we come together in one accord with JOY and HOPE that all the miners come up with a renewed spirit of LOVE!
After all... GOD = LOVE

To Chris Brown

To Chris Brown


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|03/24/2011 06:01 pm
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Chris, an apology doesnt make it all go away.

You say; 'its in my past' but when you threw your fit and broke that window, at a place where you were invited as a GUEST... It just proved that your violence and lack of self control has NOT changed. You can say all you want about how you are different... but we see no change. Just an out of control man who threw a fit cause things didnt go his way.

I hope that one day people will figure it all out. We have allowed people to act like igmos and get away with it. Or so it seems. But in the end, this is a shameful act of violence which terrorized some of the staff... and you will have to live with your actions for the rest of your life. It will never go away. You can never take back a tantrum... a beating... or hurtful words.

Now Chris, for the rest of your life when people meet you, in the back of their minds they are going to relate you to hurting Rianna and being distructive. They may not say it to your face... but they are gonna always remember. And maybe some might have the gutts to say it to your face.

My Grandfather used to tell me; "Think!!! BEFORE you do or say something... what is all the potiential outcomes? If you think of the consequences, you may not say... or do... the deed."

This is why... you should always take a deep breath and think before you become violent or distructive. Maybe if you think twice, you wont do something that makes you look like a disrespectful child throwing a tantrum.

On the bright side... dont feel alone in this 'out of control' group... there are more just like you. But you can stop the behavier if you want.

If you are not respectful to others, do not expect others to be respectful to you.

Get it???

The Gays Want Equal Rights?

|10/08/2010 06:29 pm
This post is from the news that the gays want to be considered equal as in holy matrimony. But...

What I wanna know is why do gay people want that kind of sanctity?

Homosexuality is condemed in both the Old and New Testament. WHy

do the gays think they will have GODS holy honor, when what they do is

an abomination unto GOD?
Dont start calling me a hater because I love Jennifer and Andrew, both

are neighbors and both are gay. So lets not lose our pespective here.

They can be gay if they want to. It may not be the norm, but we are used

to that by now. As long as they dont rub it in my face and are productive

citizens, they can work out their own salvation!

Marriage is defined as a man and a woman, (for this eventually creates

a family unit). Anything other is not sanctafied. Otherwize we should

allow siblings and cousins to live together and get tax breaks and

benefits. After all they are living and struggling together too!

Muslims Are A Problem

|10/10/2010 12:39 am

My thoughts for the day...

GOD is just doing what people want HIM to do... by getting out of our

lives. First we kicked GOD out of our schools, and then we kicked HIM

out of our government halls... So many people have kicked HIM our of

their hearts... People have dissed GOD for so long, HE finally had

enough and did what the people wanted... HE let us do it alone... and

now look at the mess the people have gotten us into.
So people, please stop asking where GOD is...
Somehow some people have managed to vote HIM out.
But then again on the bright side... all this stuff is supposed to happen. It

is the biggest lesson for the people ever! We are approching the great

war of GOOD vs EVIL that people have been talking about since the

beginning of time... A great and mighty generation, a great and mighty

Something was reaffirmed to me recently, ITS OK TO HATE EVIL... and

we must fight it where ever we may encounter it. So many movies depict

super heros fighting evil... sorry to say, there is none. Just personal

heros in our lives who help us when we need it. Thats what matters, the

people in our lives who loves us and whom we love.
For, if we love one another, we fulfill GODS law.

MOTHERPOPEa second ago
HAHAHA, I know you got 5 thumbs down

but, it WAS really funny. I was roflmao...
I love to eat pork! I used to love the ribs and roasts, but now I have to be

careful of cholesterol and so now I eat very lean pork... remember?

PORK> the other white meat! :)
However, remember, cholesterol> BAD... :)
lol... OK, Im not laughing now... lol.... really... seriously, what I want to say

here is, this; "its not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, its

what comes out"... (and I dont mean vomit) I mean if you are lying or

decieveing with your words, if you are some arrogant high minded talker

who is cruel or idiotic with your words... it doesnt matter what you eat,

you can eat meat and taters or you can be a vegan... its how you act and

the way you talk/treat people... that is what matters in GODS eyes.

Here is a question I answered; from Vincent;
Quick question for all of

you reading this: If there is ONE all mighty GOD then WHY all the

different religions? Catholicicism, Protestant, Methodist, Christian,

Muslim, Mormon, Jewish??

My answer;
Because in the beginning we are told, there was one God.
People just took it on their own way. Its just like in society, you have

different types of people, you have jocks, nerds, motercycle riders, gays,

strange elusive poets, high society party animals, hermits... not to

mention so many different colors and customs... and people are always

changing (getting older)... so its almost like a 'one size fits all' sorta, God

of the day thing going on.
We live in a backwards world. All we have to do at this point is unite as a

people and do the best we can with what we've got!

MOTHERPOPEa second ago
There is a GOD John, but He was kicked

out of our school system, kicked out of our government... God, being the

gentleman that HE IS, kindly abliged us... after all, HE did give us

freedom to choose to follow Him... so many people have turned their

backs on GOD, HE has given us to ourselves.
Good news, we can always call HIM back!

MOTHERPOPEa second ago
Bato... Sometimes things are confusing

so in this scripture, some is literal, some is parables. ANd word

meanings change over the years. But I just want to add something here.
This scripture;
Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls

before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and

rend you . (Matthew 7:6)
I believe in the wording of this, there is misunderstandings from different

peoples different perspectives.
Even now, certain people are refered to as animals. Even the Chinese

have Animals to discribe their astrology. We call people a dog, a pig, a

rat, a snake a cow... these are all human traits of certain attitudes... there

are many of them... a monkey, a horse, they all discribe a type of

So in this scripture, imagine that the dog and the swine (pig) are types

of people... a dog... lol... OK, I am not going to discribe the traits... but

anyway, its a waste of time to give a dog a Bible because he will not

read it, he will tear it up... he is not giving a care of the book. And the

pig, well, they will have no respect either, for things that are treasures to

you. They will break them or tear them up and then come at you

wondering what else you gonna give them to destroy.
So you see... dont take the good things that GOD gave you and give it to

undeserving people who have turned away from god... or people who

live is squaller waiting for you to give them a hand out. It does no good.
The thing is, you dont go looking for reprobate people to convert, you

wait till they are humble and seeking GOD and forgivness, then they are

more receptive to your sharing of your gifts/testimony of GOD.

New Old Story

New Old Story


PublicEveryone can see this
|11/15/2010 04:35 pm
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I figure I might as well post here, seems like Yahoo is so eager to censor my posts on the news boards anyway. And in fact, we are seeing our freedom of speech, challanged by these sensitive muslims. But as long as I have a breath to take, I will honestly speak my own mind! I DO have an opinion and I am NOT afraid to express it. Besides, I dont care if the muslims hate me, they will be the ones with the bitter souls; Not me~ I will stand up and speak out when I see something wrong going on as long as I have a breath to do it. Or shout it, or scream it. Ya never know with me. I have been a mom long enough, I know how to get things done. When MOMMA isnt happy, NO ONE is happy! *SMILE* And I like it that way~

I just got a call from a good friend. Her husband recently went to Indonesia to work. They use SKYPE to communicate and his cook got on there to let my friend know, that HE was CHRISTIAN. Now my friend, never really gave a thought as to HOW that could even make a difference. She is now learning the importance. I have kept up with the muslims sensitivities and I know why it was important to this man that he profess to her that he is a Christian. Now she knows. She, like me, in the past, have never really given much thought or care about who is what. My son is an athiest, my mother a wiccan. We all love and respect one another. Who cares if someone wants to rub buddahs belly, or throw a penny into a wishing well.

Well, times they are a changing... and the problem that I have with Islamists is that allah seeks world dominion. Sure there are parts of Islam that are moral and make sense to the people choosing to follow these doctrins, but the hard fact is, you worship allah or you die.

She asked me if I had read about the 2 girls in Indonesia who professed to be Christians and the muslims cut off their heads?? Oh well... YES, I happen to know thats what they are doing in Islamland. Where ever it may exist. My friend was saying her husband was scared. Well, if a big man like that is scared enough to tell his wife that he IS scared. Thats got to be pretty scared. And by all means, thats how they live over there. Islamland rules by the fear in the hearts of the people, their minds filled with meaningless retoric. I do know there are many who live like that simply because that is their lives... sure some girls are treated like princesses, protected 24/7 by a father or brother or uncle... but I dont believe this is a large part of the majority of the population. And even then, that doesnt stop you from being a victim when they are blowing each other up.

And another thing she told me, was what is being said in the streets, in this town in Indonesia, where her husband is currently working... the people are angry and think very badly of Obama. They say 'he is denying who he is' and they dont like that!

I am wondering where the people are sitting on this issue here in the United States?
By reading the news boards, I can see there is a ferocious volly of spewed venom from both sides.

I wish I could gather all the people and tell them, dont get caught up in all the drama, the muslims WANT us to hate each other and cause mental confusion to cause divisions among ourselves, takes the pressure off of them sneaking in our back door... So I say to you; Love your family and friends... hold them close and show the respect you want to see them emulate. Because, really when ya get right down to it... thats what life is all about anyway... PEOPLE...

I do believe in the WE THE PEOPLE... I do feel protected by my brothers and sisters out there doing a good job keeping things right and good. As I walk down my street to go see my little 1 and 2 year old grand daughters who live with their mommy and daddy 4 doors down... I feel the FREEDOM of being an American. I dont worry about someone cutting off my head for my belief that, "Yes Estelle, There IS A GOD."

And HE is the GOD of LOVE and Peace... and the reason I go down there to get that baby LOVE from those girls!

Always lookin' for that LOVE!

*SMILE~ it makes people wonder what cha been up to!

Sarah Palins Bullseye

Sarah Palins Bullseye is right on... for her!

01/11/2011 10:52 am

I see where the comments have been shut off on the yahoo news. And it's something that I have a heart about, I have to get it out one way or the other... so...

I WILL passionantly defend Sarah Palin on the fact that her graphic of the bullseye on opponants was innocent. Surely people are not stupid enough to really believe that Sarah had something to do with the shootings in Arizonia!

This is a classic case where some evil people have twisted this situation into something that has the potiential to be a serious misunderstanding. I know first hand how these things can be misconstrued by some people who have enough idle time to give this notion a second thought!

Of all the rediculous things in this crazy backwards world, it has to be this. Well, Sarah my heart goes out to you as you have to suffer with these fools. And I can say that as an outsider looking in... GEEZE PEOPLE... STOP saying this lie!

Sarahs personality is a hunter, she lives in Alaska and hunting is her game! Of course she would personally see the war going on in politics, with a sort of military/hunting theme. Lots of people do. I know we do down here in Texas! I got, not 1, but 2 guns and my daddy taught me how to shoot... I am an honest true blue Texan... and I am HAPPY to be a Texan. I am proud that the motto here is; 'DONT MESS WITH TEXAS' But that doent mean I want to go kill people who piss me off. No way! I know the law and the law will take care of evil people. We have the death penalty here in Texas, we do not play around.
And its that way for a reason.

No matter where there is corruption, whether it is within the law or without the law, TRUTH and GOODNESS and LOVE, always prevails. So all we have to do is worry about our own selves... because bottom line is, there IS a higher power, whether we want to admit it or not. And there is nothing hidden that should not be revealed. So I know that... well... Like my Grandma used to always say, "It will all come out in the wash."

Sarah, I am so sorry that some people have done this to you. I pray that they come to be shown as the rediculous fools that they are if they are going to twist the truth into a lie. I HATE that! And thats why I am here today, venting here like I do when something upsets me.

GOD Bless you Sarah Palin and GOD Bless the USA~