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Monday, July 20, 2015

The VOICES In Our Heads

A lot of PEOPLE think that hearing voices is strange and unacceptable, some hide the fact that they do in fact hear voices, for fear that people will think them crazy. And yet others have blocked out the voices entirely by keeping their brain so busy that there are no lulls for the voices to start talking! Don't cha' just love the diversity?

And then you have those PEOPLE who know that its just the spiritual world around us!

There is a good side and there is a bad side and they are both trying to tell you different things. GOD is telling you to do good things for yourself and other PEOPLE... and of course you have that ole devil trying to get you to do the bad things, which feeds only your flesh and doesn't give any regard to the spirit!

Satan knows if he can just get us to be all wrapped up in our own selves and make us hate and fight each other, he will continue to win! But GOD knows that in the end LOVE will indeed win!

Because PEOPLE are not stupid!

Look out there in the world and see THE PEOPLE thriving against all odds!

I think we need a reminder that Jesus did not come to save the world...

The world is beautiful... the PEOPLE are beautiful!

It is the good PEOPLE who have created the beauty that is in the world!

GOD did not come to save the world... HE came to save the brokenhearted and the sinners who were never taught that some things just should not be done. You see it was so different before Jesus... It was a time where there was 'death for sin' a 'sacrifice to god' for each sin... they had a system... you could probably ask any Jewish person about this part of the book... oh wait... we have Google!

Anyway, it was a time when THE PEOPLE did not have the SPIRIT of GOD living inside their hearts and minds. All they knew was what they were told. And even then you had the skeptics!

It was Jesus who came as GOD in the flesh to show us the RIGHT way to live! And that message is always to 'LOVE ONE ANOTHER'... 'Do good to one another'... Oh, Lord knows I could go on and on about it, but I don't have to... that book has already been written!

We need to see both the evil and the good to choose one or the other... and so we have it... the demonically possessed who create the evil stuff that is in the world. Have you ever noticed how these people cannot be 'pinpointed'? They hide from the PEOPLE with their money that they love so much... yeah, money can be a god too, ya know... money is a great tool that the people have created to serve in trading services... but the 'LOVE of the money' is the sin... in particular. I hear it said how horrible money is... well that's because it can be used horribly. But that is not the way that GOD intended. People sure have a way of perverting the truth... perverting customs... to make our children unaware that anything is a sin anymore.

GOD knows that Satan is there to lie and steal and deceive and cheat and murder... all on a whim! When we don't acknowledge the SPIRIT we can't know the difference between the 2 entities which are contrary to one another! But when we become aware of the spirit world we open the door to another realm in our lives... its the energy that remains after our bodies wear out. You can see them as orbs.. little balls of energy that powered our hearts to keep on beating!

I am telling you, if you do not acknowledge the spirit realm, you will never understand the truth of life! Do you think we are the first? GOD forbid, there have been many before us! We have learned this already... Come to the party, acknowledge the spirit and you will see with a GODS eye view! And HE will be reflected in the eyes of your family and friends who love you and want to help you!

Praise GOD, Thank You Jesus!

In the old way, GOD only chose certain men to carry out HIS purpose... and that is to make PEACE out of chaos... make LOVE out of hate... bring LIFE to those who simply love GOD no questions asked! We live in this world as a group of secular people. Different customs and traditions GOD is so much above all of this, it isn't even funny... for GOD cares not for the outside of people... GOD looks inside the heart and mind!

Back before Jesus, when we had to go to the Temple to find GOD behind a veil, but those men became corrupt and GOD saw that this was not good. So HE created a new plan... a new covenant handed to us upon the death of Jesus. We have a new message... you can live with GOD here on earth, right now have a great life!

They say the deeper you go with GOD, the more that is required of you. So GOD let us off easy when HE gave us Jesus as the final sacrifice. It is easy to believe that LOVE is the key ingredient in this life! LOVE is the answer to prayers! LOVE is the first step to a wondrous journey in the earth... while we are here...

We can learn to live in PEACE if we can all agree in LOVE...

I am a Christian. There are many many different doctrines who are Christians. I grew up in the Baptist and Methodist Churches. We had a Baptist Church in the hood where my sister and I would walk to on some days... and then on others, we went to Church with my Grandparents... who were Methodists... I met godly people in both churches. It was the beginning of my experience with PEOPLE! And really it doesn't mean to hate others... I sure don't know where some people have learned to hate so much. And it is only a matter of different labels. We hate the ones who are different than us because we don't understand them... but we must remember, they don't really understand us either! So when we all follow the law of LOVE... it will all come together!

There is our common laws that we follow in our cities, and then there are the laws of GOD that have been passed down from generation to generation, if we forget them, we will forget how to LOVE each other... and our love will grow cold.. but if we remember Jesus and we remember why he lived and what he died for... HEY... its all good!

The ways of old are TRUTH and FREEDOM...

We should hold onto them, because there are some PEOPLE who want to take them from us!

For GOD so LOVED the world, that HE gave HIS only begotten son... John 3, 16

GOD Bless us... Everyone... IJCNA

Monday, July 13, 2015

End Of Days

A lot of people say that we are in the end times, well... we are, except for one thing... and that is you should add 'as we know it'. The times are ending as we know them!

PEOPLE are looking to the sky for a physical being to drop out.

I think the meaning of the 'end times' has somehow gotten a different perspective because we have Hollywood influencing us so much. I have seen so many Hollywood movies that do not show the actual truth and this is why we are confused. I was the same way... when I was a little girl I believed Hollywood and didn't understand the truth until I grew up and read the books on my own.

GOD is a spirit... and Jesus came as GOD in the flesh... and taught us that LOVING one another is the most important thing... EVER...

The SPIRIT is like the wind that blows and you don't know where it comes from and you don't know where its going. But its there... you can feel it.

So is the SPIRIT...

I believe that we are looking out for something that we have created in our minds... waiting for the sky to drop out our Lord.

But the truth is, since GOD is a SPIRIT, HE will come IN THE SPIRIT... and so around the world all will know GOD and see HIS truth... GOD is LOVE... LOVE for one another!

So when WE ALL learn to LOVE and respect each other, that is when the miracle of Jesus will return... the SPIRIT that will flow around the world... its all about the LOVE, Man!

You can see how hate is sure trying to work its evil within the hearts and minds of the PEOPLE... we have forgotten GOD and chosen to believe that HE is a fairy tale. When we turn our backs on GOD and forget where we come from, we begin to think of ourselves as GOD...

But we are in bad shape... thinking ourselves as gods... Oh sure we can be GOD LIKE... but we can never be GOD.

Can you see that our problems all revolve around people who set themselves up, above everything and everyone? The problem in the world today is the same problem that has been there since the beginning of time. Now, what makes them different is we have the technology to spread the WORD... we have GOOGLE and the internet reaches all around the world at the same time! No longer do we have to wait for the newspaper or the TV news... the internet is alive... pulsating with people who love to read and write and spread knowledge.

Praise GOD!

We have the ability to tell the WORLD about Jesus!

Jesus, the son of GOD sent to fulfill truth, in action. He was alive and died because of sin in the world. GOD has told us from the beginning what we should do and that is all about truth and justice and LOVE and how truth and justice comes naturally with LOVE living in the hearts and minds of THE PEOPLE... and we just don't have that now... some people are led by greed and lust... not just sexual lust but also lust of power and money and 'stuff'.

This should not be what drives men to be GREAT.

We know today that if we meet someone who is arrogant and thinks that they are all that... the majority of us think... 'how rude, what a terrible person' ... I believe arrogance is the basis of all the sin within the world... and so if we would just acknowledge a higher power, that would solve that problem for sure!

Greedy arrogant people only think of themselves and what they can get, but GOD says this is not the way to be. Its not about us... its about something much much greater... and that is what is going to go on after you are gone, its all about THE PEOPLE who live on!

We should all love other people enough to leave behind a great legacy!

Its within our power to choose what people will be saying about us when we're gone.

So we need to realize its not all about us... this is a selfish evil thing that makes people unable to see beyond their own noses... what a shame... what a waste, a terribly sad ending for someone who thought that they were all that. We can see this a lot in the world today... and there are others who can tell ya all about it... some people who make life 'all about themselves'... and they think that others are put on this earth to serve them to the point of self sacrifice... when no one should put themselves out for anything else but GOD... and what is GOD??? GOD IS LOVE... loving and caring about others instead of self! Sacrifice yourself for LOVE... and you will do well!

GOD has been so good to me... I mean considering I grew up in hell. Its not that I am special... its just that I was strong enough to find my way out of there! And so I can share with you my battles with the evil one that I have suffered for years... but in my suffering I have found many blessings and one of them is the Lord gives me visions and dreams and knowledge of good and evil spirits. It's so sad when PEOPLE can't tell the difference between good and bad.

Life has an ambiguous thing going on... you can see things more than just one way! You can choose to see only yourself and only care about yourself... but then when you get old, whose gonna be there to care about you? Because you cant even pay someone to care. You can pay them to pretend that they care... but they really don't. Or, you can be a part of the ones who care... the ones who truly care are the ones who have GODS SPIRIT... the ones who learned from Jesus to care about others!

Now, we have a lot of people in the world who seem to live 'the good life' while others struggle... this is the way it is, for a reason... we wonder about people who live and don't have to do anything because they have money to play all day... and we wonder why??? Well somewhere in their past one of their ancestors pleased GOD and so they are blessed with the good life for all their peeps... GOD is like that... when HE blesses you... HE blesses you and also the PEOPLE that you love! Just as some people suffer for the sins of the parents or sins of the children... we also gain with the blessings of parents or children! Its just the way it is!

Everyone whom I have ever known who has ever been down and out, was suffering for either their own sin or that of their parents or kids... its all about choosing the wrong things in this life. For example... if we choose 'drinking or drugs' over 'home and family' home and family will suffer.

So anyway... I wanted to tell you what I see when I see heaven...

I see a place not different from what we have created today in some places... beautiful places where there are PEOPLE helping PEOPLE because there is a diversity of PEOPLE... now this is not something to be had in the clouds up above as Hollywood has shown us... this is something that WE as GODS PEOPLE will see as we create a place that GOD has known... since forever!

A place where PEOPLE love one another, even when they are different...

"OK, whatever floats your boat"... what ever makes you happy!

Do you know that stealing and lying are both considered sin?... Well in the place where we call heaven, THE PEOPLE will not be doing those things to each other... LOVE takes over and leads us into this world as GODS children! We follow the way that is good... that GOD has been trying to show us since... Genesis!

The air is clean because THE PEOPLE care more about clean air for the children than they do about money in the pockets of corporations... You see, THE PEOPLE have all heard the call of Jesus... no matter what color or creed, when they hear the name of Jesus they all know its all about the LOVE!

Did Jesus love himself more than he loved his family and friends? GOD forbid... because it was Jesus who speaks to the heart and soul of humans... Jesus gives us good direction when he said... LOVE ONE ANOTHER...

And so it will be when ALL PEOPLE around the world come into agreement and know the words of Jesus... that is when the SPIRIT comes alive again!

And we will see GOD reflected in the eyes of our FAMILY and FRIENDS whom we LOVE with all our hearts and souls and mind!

For as Jesus left us HIS SPIRIT... so we as HIS FAMILY OF GOD spread THE LOVE... onward and beyond our own lives... we share the SPIRIT with others and know that in the end, we are all PEOPLE and we are all on our own 'quest' and so some may not be as caught up as others...

So teach the children to LOVE one another... I promise when ALL PEOPLE learn about LOVE we will have less of them going out and hating and killing others.

The answer can be found in the LOVE that is passed on.. and on... and on...

Never ending LOVE...

So let us LOVE ONE ANOTHER as Jesus loved the church and gave his life for it!

GOD save us... EVERYONE...

In 'Jesus' precious name... AMEN :)

Monday, July 06, 2015

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GOD Bless Us, Everyone... IJCNA 

Throw Away 'People'

One of the things that is terrible that we do is we have become a PEOPLE who throws away to much stuff. I am a recycle enthusiast. I recycle everything that can possibly go in that recycle can. I even recycle yogurt containers and you know those small containers that holds sauces? Oh yes, I will throw them into the sink and wash and recycle them too!

The reason I do this is because I think if we would all do this one simple thing, it would be very helpful in controlling the garbage that is stacking up. It's a good thing that we recycle and create something beautiful out of something others consider trash.

If I see something in the garbage that should be in the recycle bin, I will dig in the garbage to get it out. People laugh at me when I do this. And when people see me taking the time to wash everything that can be recycled, they say... "Nancy, most people don't wanna do that."

Well, I guess I'm not 'most people'.

Just as we recycle... we need to also learn that PEOPLE are sorta like stuff that we throw away. I wish I knew how to solve the problem of our 'throw away society', it seems to be a mindset of 'lazy days'... a way of thinking that shows us to not care about things... or the earth, or other people.

Sometimes we feel like it doesn't matter, but it really truly does.

Think about this... some people throw their trash out of the car windows... imagine what this world would look like if we all threw our trash out the window?

So, we know we shouldn't.

Just put that trash down on the floorboard and wait till you can find a garbage can.

How can we not care???

There are to many people who don't care... when we know that we should care... not only for ourselves... (because if we were only for us, it would be easy)... but when you think about the whole world of people... do we care about others? Do we assume that we are... as gods... and are allowed to throw our trash out the window, or on the ground because... 'someone will pick it up'...???

But what if everyone was haughty and high minded like that? ... I am not one to point fingers and name names... because the truth is obvious... there are many people who always throw trash on the ground and no one feels the need to pick it up. Do we call these people 'trashy'???

Have you ever walked into a house where there is trash everywhere?

Oh lordly, I have...

What a mess... and bugs... wow... and rodents... wow!

And ewwwww...

I will never understand how people can live like this.

It is a reflection of themselves, ya know?

They just don't care.

But we should always care.


We stand up for what is good and right... and we put the garbage in the garbage and we put the recycle in the recycle bin, because we as a GOOD PEOPLE do care!

One of the most oddest transitions in the world that I have noticed, is that we are also not caring about 'people' like we don't care about the earth... we don't care if they want to be stupid... we just toss em out with the trash, doesn't matter, no skin off our nose.

But this is the wrong way to be.

This is happening because PEOPLE have stopped caring about GOD and all HIS beautiful LOVE... the awesomeness of Jesus who came and LOVED GOD and taught us how to follow the way that is good. Jesus cared and he taught us to care!

So many think of Jesus as a myth... some think he was insignificant as a human... but Jesus was and IS the inspiration in every heart and soul who loves GOD.

Problem is, I can see why some people throw out people... I understand you've had enough... I know you love them so much, you hate them. You couldn't have that hate without feeling the love in the first place... otherwise you wouldn't care.

I know how it feels.

I have thrown a few people away in my life too.

But this is not the thing we should do.

We wash them clean and we put them in a place where we know they can be made over.

There are PEOPLE out there who are committed like 'angels', who actually care and help those who have lost the support of those who are supposed to care and support them.

We should never throw away our PEOPLE...

When someone is being stupid and you know better, its not good to confront them in front of others... its better to take them into a private place and with GODS help you can show them the right ways to be, by expressing the right ways with your words and your actions and your feelings, your 'spirit'. You tell them with LOVE leading and guiding you.

People sure act different when they are in front of people. If you confront them in front of people, make sure you have some help standing by. Like an intervention. Because if no one is prepared to stand up and speak out with you... it then becomes a battle of wits. You need another person to stand with you. No name calling, that is childish... no insults, that is counter productive.

Stand up and speak out if you don't like something going on.

Don't just sit there and accept it as OK... because that will make it so much more harder for others to have to clean up later. Do your part... show your unconditional love... LOVE is the very thing that can heal a broken soul... and that is what its all about PEOPLE... is healing other PEOPLE who have an issue or a problem.

We can fix this mess... we just have to ALL do our part to help others to learn to do and be GOOD. Which boils down to the old fight... of GOOD against EVIL.

Some people would have you believe that there is no such thing, some PEOPLE want you to think there is not a >'good' and 'bad'< conflict in this world... and that is because they are involved up to their neck in sin, whether you see it or not.

I have noticed that over time PEOPLE stopped caring. But I see they are back to caring!

Now is the time, because now we have the POWER given to us by the PEOPLE who are blessed by GOD to share the knowledge as far as to the ends of the earth!

No matter color or creed, we are all PEOPLE...

None should be lost. We should ALL care about others.

The worst thing we could do is make it all about US...

There is the earth and there is the SPIRIT... and the spirit is 'LOVE among THE PEOPLE'!

We no longer care only for ourselves... (what a selfish way to be, if ya ask me)!

Open up your heart and let LOVE in!

Don't throw away your PEOPLE...

Because 'they' matter too!


Imagine a world where all THE PEOPLE have LOVE for all THE PEOPLE!

None are left by the side of the road... we pick them up and we help them get to a place where PEOPLE specialize in taking something 'old' and making it into something 'new'...  finding something 'without a purpose' and giving it new reason 'to BE!

Jesus came to heal the broken, not to try to fix what's not broken!

We are ALL seeking a better tomorrow...

We must ALL stand up and work towards that day!

IJCN, I pray... Amen!

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Brotherly Love

I am thinking and wondering about what has happened in the world today.

Its seems that Satan at last has his way.

The people they hate and they steal and they lie..

which leaves the rest of us to wonder why?

How can some lead this life full of sin...

waiting for them to allow the spirit in...

Saving them from a life that is wrong

teaching them things through tales and song.

People we gotta learn to do what is right

Or the evil will have its way this night...

We must join hands with GOD up above

And teach all the children we will win,

With LOVE...

Leading and guiding us to all that is good

Living and trying like all PEOPLE should!

Go out and win them with your smiling face

GOD will save you ALL with HIS loving Grace!