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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Almighty Dollar

I am struggling today... even pounding the key board.

Because I see perfectly good people become corrupted by worshiping money more than they worship GOD. This goes against the first commandment, where GOD says HE IS GOD and we should not have any other gods above or before HIM.

So many people have it confused and they refuse to fight the good fight of faith because they think that money is the root of all evil, truth is... money is not the root of all evil! Specifically THE LOVE OF MONEY is the root of all evil... Loving money more than you love GOD is the biggest mistake we could ever make.

Nothing should be more important than GOD and what you do for HIM... we are HIS vessels and we are supposed to live our lives in a way that is good, that GOD has told us so often about.

Corruption is selfish and devious...

Loving money more than anything else will cause you to become corrupt.

Families fight over money...

CPS keeps open cases against pot smokers... for the money...

I've seen people snatch money and run...

Its a horrible thing when some people will do mean... horrible things for money.

Money is a good tool... a GREAT tool since bartering was not cutting it. It would be nice to be able to barter for all we need and want... but it is impossible for the average person. We need a token to hold onto and have when you need something, or want something.

So crazy... some people murder for money.

Money cannot buy you happiness, but money can make you happy when you have it for what you want when you want it! Its nice to have money when your car breaks down or your hungry and want to get some food. Sure you can get food at the Church... I know, that when things are low... we can always go to the Church and they always help us. But it would be so much more comforting to have the money in my pocket to go to the store and buy my own stuff.

Its depressing to say the least. But its a real part of my story.

I am so grateful for what I do have. Some people say, "go get food stamps, you qualify"... and they are right, at 16 to 22 grand a year as income we do certainly qualify. And some may snidely remark that I am causing myself extra stress...  I should get on government assistance.

But for the life of me I cant bring myself to do it. I would rather eat oatmeal and rice and beans every day than get on the government dole. I was on government assistance for 2 years after I got pregnant and lost my job. And it was a horrible feeling. And as soon as I could, I got on my feet again!

GOD also gave me a very good inheritance, I probably would of been OK, except I gave most of it to people whom I was trying to help... they said they would pay me back. HA. Only 1 person ever did. Even 2 of my closest friends ripped me off... we are not so close any more.

I don't know if GOD wanted me to be selfish... but it seems to me that I was trying to be helpful, it was on them to rip me off. And there was no legal paperwork, so I couldn't really take them to court without looking stupid.

But then, I know that GOD always has a reason for everything...

Lesson learned.

But to be honest... I would probably do it all the same way over again.

I remember thinking, when I woke up one night, I knew that it would be harder to live with myself if I had not helped them when I could. I just thought it would be OK, that they would have my back... but then... no... they stabbed me in the back while smiling to my face.

I am prepared to live in poverty the rest of my life. I am safe and I have grand children who LOVE me very much! But I always dream of selling my book and going on book tours and being able to have that peace of mind, knowing I have money if I need it. Today I can only pay a portion of my taxes. For the very first time, ever :(

I have to tell ya, I am in a pickle... and its my own fault. I spent the last of my credit for a lawyer for my daughter, in regards to the CPS case. And I spent the tax money that I had on the lawyers...

I don't know, why is it... when I try to do good...

I remember when I kept asking GOD about why did I have to suffer the 10 years of marriage... it took years for the answer... 'for my son!' So, I know it may take awhile to figure out why I must live in poverty, at the very least, its a part of my learning experience about people.

I do praise GOD that I do have a couple of angels around... they're not handing me any money, but they do make my life better in ways that money can't buy.

So, my daughter is 25 this year... and still lives at home. I love her so much and I hate it when we fight about money. And here's the problem. Houston CPS policy is corrupt. They took a slightly lazy but productive pot smoker... and got her off the pot... but now have her on so many LEGAL prescription pills... so now she is a totally useless 'legal pill popper' and is so whacked out she barely makes it to the kitchen to eat... sometimes I have to take her food! I am so mad about this... because being on those damn pills makes her unable to get up and do stuff. I am so angry it is seething deeply in my soul... and as soon as I can find a good lawyer who will work with my poverty level... I am going to force them to change their policy! I cant believe it... the marijuana laws are changing across the nation and yet, CPS is allowed to come into my home and rip my family apart like the gestapo... it is shocking to me that they took away my 2 precious grand sons because their mother smoked some pot... and placed them with a 2 time drug felon and a heroin addict! Now their dad is not letting her see them... and has taken the boys and moved... I haven't seen my grand children in OVER a year...

I woke up a few days ago from a surreal dream... I always try to forget them... but this one wont go away... so I come in here and get it out this way. At the beginning, I was frantically packing a few things... while hearing the bombs and guns going off outside... while looking around at all the stuff I was going to have to leave behind, it not only stressed me out, it broke my heart! I was afraid and afraid for the children... suddenly I was in the air... with a GODS eye view, and saw a long long road in the desert... people trying to escape... but along the road, people were in planes and automobiles... and they were being blown up... I could see the remnants all along the road traveled. And GOD said, "Look see... I am not doing this... PEOPLE are doing it to PEOPLE."

GOD says, LOVE, CARE... Bless... HELP others... GOD does NOT say "Go kill them that do not believe..." GOD is the GOD of the LIVING... not of the dead.

GOD celebrates life! Not death.

So maybe I don't have it as bad as some who cannot live in peace because of other PEOPLE who are corrupt and murder and steal for the almighty dollar. I am happy and content in the suburbs, caring for the children... and our children are truly blessed to have good people around them!

Yesterday at the school when I was waiting in line to pick up the children... I was pretty close to the front because I love to get there early and spend that hour in prayer or reading... and also the kids don't have to wait so long... when the time came close for the children to come out... the car that I was driving wouldn't start, (technically its not my car, but my son gave it to me to drive and he and his wife keep up on it) Oh wow... I did panic! Thank GOD my son had also equipped me with a cell phone to call him with my trouble... but he didn't answer his phone... so I called his wife... the mother of my grandchildren... she was able to come and get the kids!

As for me at that moment... I had no power from the car... I could not roll down the window... I had to open my door and wave the line to pass me up. And the way it was... it created a traffic jam... I was so embarrassed... and bless GOD there are some really wonderful GODLY people at my grand childrens school... I take both my sons and my daughters children... and the one lady, who calls for the children when their cars pull up, called for some of the teachers to come help me... it was 1 man and 2 women teachers who came and helped me... we realized it was the battery and they all pushed me into the parking lot... whew... I was so relieved to see my daughter in law... but she was barefoot! Oh yes... and to make matters worse... it was cold and rainy... and there she was... she had parked around the corner and walked to get me, instead of waiting in that long line... and also she had to have the tags to get the kids... I was actually laughing as we both walked back to her van... she barefoot and me in flip flops and the rain was so cold I was just not prepared for it and she had rushed so fast she didn't take time to put on shoes... HAHAHA... I am still laughing but at the time I was not... I was actually pulling my hair out!

I am so thankful that there are such good people working at the school... as they could of ignored me, or called a tow truck. But they didn't... they came out to HELP!

You see that is what GOD calls for us to do... LOVE and CARE and HELP others... Remember what Jesus said? "Whatsoever you do unto them, you do unto me." So they were my angels... humans who cared enough to get out in the rain to help another human! GOD will bless them, I know!

GOD bless the ones who have their own problems to come out and help other people!

It reminds me of a special online friend and Soul Sista and her man... they live in NYC and a couple years ago during a terrible storm, they went outside to help clear the debris from the street drains... now technically that is the job of the city workers... but you know they were so very busy... and these two... went out and did this... not for another person... but for their city! For their HOME... they cared! They didn't sit in the house and call the city and complain... they rolled up their sleeves and got out there in the terrible storm and did all they could to HELP!

I am so very happy these people are MY friends... I love them so much... PRAISE GOD they are in my life! Its like I have a Sista in my pocket that goes everywhere with me... I just pull out my phone and text her and she is there... and if she is busy and cannot answer just then, I know she will be there in a bit... I just sit tight and know she will get back with me! Isn't that crazy when strangers who are brothers and sisters in Christ are close, like FAMILY!

And we are... a FAMILY of GOD!

Jesus is our older brother and teaches us the way we should be!

Discover Jesus! Start with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John... the ones who knew him best tells us the most about him!

And we too, can be Christ like!

Today I am feeling THANKFUL... I am thankful for all those who choose to LOVE and CARE and HELP others... because what we do unto others... its doing it unto Jesus!

Praise GOD! And Thank You Jesus!


Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I really want to set the record straight about who I am. I have written about this before, but who knows where that post is? I want you to know that I did not grow up wanting to create this persona of MotherPope whose only desire is to give the people HOPE. No...

I grew up in hell.

There was physical and emotional abuse daily. I didn't grow up in a loving home where daddy went to work for the money and mommy stayed home and loved the babies. I grew up in pain and have suffered most all the days of my life. I am only now getting to a place where I could call normal.

I wrote my first poem at 11. It was a good way to express myself but led to my Grandmothers pain. She knew her daughter was abusing us... and she cried a lot about it.

I suffered my first anxiety attack at 15, but I kept the family secret. That we were stripped naked and beaten until we would bleed and that they had a rule that if one got in trouble, we all got in trouble and me being the youngest back then, I got beat for reasons I never knew. I wasn't even 2 when it started... and it lasted many years. By then I had found my dad. Went to live with him, I loved my dad he was a happy man... but it wasn't all it should of been.

I spent a lot of my growing up with my grandparents. We were all suffering... if my Grandparents wouldn't do what my mother wanted, she would threaten to take us kids and they would never see us again... and they knew she was that mean. So they tried to get us as much as they could... and they were the most normal people ever... in fact, they were PPP's (practically perfect people) they knew Jesus and did the best they could.

My way out of hell was through Jesus... learning about LOVE and how we are supposed to treat each other... as humans... and be loving and kind and helpful... my mother was none of those things... she wasn't a drinker or a druggie either... the things she did to us... the whole time she was straight sober.

Over the years as I grew on my own I saw the way that I didn't want to be, in my mother... but I had been so withdrawn and scared all the time... I wasn't bold enough to go tell a teacher that I was in pain. I thought that everyone lived like that.

I found my way... but I think about those who don't know about the difference between heaven and hell... they think its all together, but its not. Some people really do live the glorious life... raised up by successful parents... who follow the rules and teach such to their kids.

We must remember that GOD... nor Jesus, came to destroy the world... the world is fine... Jesus came to help us to not destroy ourselves! Believe me, the world will always be here... but we will not! Look how long the earth has been here and look at the life span of man... every century or so, WE change... we live and we die... and the world goes on... nothing we do in the world will change that!

BUT, what we do for the children... CAN change the world!

The kids really got it going on these days... WOW... Google alone can change a heart and mind... so many times I get something that has been photo shopped... and at first I used to freak out in disbelief... and then one of my friends will tell me... 'Uh, Nancy that's not real.' and thank GOD they let me know...  we can always Google search and find the answers! I don't re-post a lot of what I see anymore because so many people do this... they take something and make it into a lie.

I wonder if the people 100 years ago... could of known that we can see them on video and if we want to know more we can do a Google search and find the truth of their lives! Today, we don't have to be fooled... we can investigate a little bit and we can know the truth... Praise GOD!

I also don't think we should be sitting around waiting for something magical to fall from the sky... I believe that WE as a PEOPLE, which lives and breaths all around the world... are the embodiment of GOD... we have that common spirit... which means we are HIS vessels... HE crafted us... GOD is the GOD of the LIVING... and we are THE PEOPLE... young and old... we all change and get to be both young and old, if we're lucky! One of the greatest things I can do for my Grandchildren and the kids everywhere is to teach them that GOD can be found inside their own selves... they too can talk to GOD just like they be talking to a friend... and be Christ like... that is the struggle here... no matter what color or creed, we treat others with kindness and respect!

LOVE, care... protect one another... GOD is a common spirit among HIS PEOPLE... that is the 7 spirits of GOD... that includes all of us all doctrines and all types...

And look what we are doing! Well, for the most part, PEOPLE are good people... just living their life the best that they can and enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

Some on the other hand... seek other things... that are selfish and corrupt for self gain.

We as A PEOPLE must call out these corrupt people and show the message of Jesus...

So that WE as GODS PEOPLE can all join hands around the world in agreement that the message of Jesus is what we need... LOVE one another! DO good to one another!

Its so simple...

GOD does NOT want us to be filled with hate and rage, being angry all the time...

BUT... there IS a time to be angry... I am not good at pinpointing scripture... but the biblical scholars will know... look at how Jesus got angry in the temple... he was mad to see the PEOPLE become corrupt... you know what I mean... how some places that claim to be godly, only do it for the money... its crazy I know... but we just have to keep praying for them.

GOD wants us to be able to live in peace... I think what bothers me the most is that some children who never asked to be born... we're born into a world that is full of death and destruction. My gut wrenches when I see the children suffer :(

I can see the new world... a world filled with PEOPLE who love and care about each other and go to great lengths to fix the things that need to be fixed!

You know... as in the corruption of hate... I think hate comes about when we cant get what we want and we want to hate the people who are in the way of us getting what we want!

We are not looking for heaven... we have found it... what we are looking for is the perfection of the saints... not the ones who love to pretend to be perfect, but the ones who are made to be perfect with the help of Jesus! Jesus has the keys... we follow him and he will lead us to a perfect state where we all can google and learn and grow and do things that are tried and true and we know what is real and what is not real. We know truth when we see it, because GOD speaks to us in truth!

heavy sigh...

Not waiting on the 'world to change' anymore... waiting for THE PEOPLE to change...

To come together and love one another and not make war and not steal and kill... or pillage and plunder... a place where we love our children more than we love ourselves.

HA... here I was going to just tell you why and how I became MotherPope...

I didn't make myself MotherPope... I never came up with a gimmick... I genuinely married Mr Pope and his son always called me MotherPope.  I didn't do that on purpose.

I am who I am... a Grandmother who has survived hell, with the message of LOVE... and created a better life for the children.. every day my life is devoted to the children... they are my #1 priority... they are the ones who are going to take care of my 'stuff' when I am gone... I want them to like me! HAHAHA And now that my kids are grown and they don't need me to lecture them anymore... I do come in here and express myself like I am every ones mother... I love ALL GODS children!

Anyways, I am not feeling much more about that right now... I just wanted to make sure that everyone knows that I am not affiliated with any group... well except that you can definitely call me a Christian, as I believe in the message of Jesus and that is one of LOVE and LIFE! Which supersedes all colors and creeds, doctrines and traditions!

And... I think you can definitely say I am a True red blooded 'Texan'! I am grateful and thankful GOD made me a Texan... not because Texans are any better than anyone else... but just the fact that Texans are born with a strong Texas pride of love of HOME and FAMILY!

Praise GOD... Thank You Jesus! I only have one dream... I want to sell my books, Poems and Proverbs by MotherPope and go on book tours and meet many people who just like me are not perfect and are struggling...

Jesus didn't come to save the world... he came to save the broken... and the breaker!


Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I titled this blog 1546 because there was an event that happened that year, that sorta freaked me out. I recently read the story and without names and places... I can say this... there were 2 men fighting... and the one said to the other... "For the love of the virgin Mary, please spare my life"... and the man who was getting the best of the dude... decided, for the love of the virgin Mary he would spare this mans life... and when he backed up and let the man up and turned to walk away... the first man jumped up and stabbed the good man in the back as he was walking away.

I was struck by this true story and of course it was meant to be... but only to serve as a learning tool for us. Never trust another mans word. Even these days you really can't... remember I lost over 100 grand of my inheritance trusting other people. And wow... I really got screwed!

But I have been screwed a lot in my life... by a mother who didn't care about her children... by friends who didn't give a hoot about me. And even by my own family... :(

How very much like these men we are... lying and hurting others...

But I must say here that all are not like this. A lot of people do these things, yes...  but not everyone... we must remember that most people are good... sad that to many are not.

I believe that it all boils down to People who just don't care about anything other than themselves... so many times the evil in the world finds a way to reinforce the evil among the people.

Our GOD... the  GOD of Abraham and Jacob and Joseph and David... THE GOD who speaks to the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE IS still here... still telling us not to do certain things because in the end they will hurt you or hurt someone you love.

Why would anyone argue... or not believe in a GOD that tells us to do good?

Could it be that they don't want to be good?

Could it be that to many people love the dark side and will give their lives for it?

Its a battle that has been going on since the beginning of time... a battle that many have fought and won, through Christ... why Christ? Because Jesus came to us in our own form... and told us that its all about the LOVE man! The LOVE OF MAN... among men.

Where's the LOVE?

You must look around to see it... LOVE is reflected in the eyes of the PEOPLE who love you!

Who do you love??? What do you love? Do you LOVE your clothes and shoes and jewelry more than you love your family? GOD forbid!

Would you choose your job over GOD?

Its all about self reflection...

Don't worry about what someone else is doing... that will only enable you to make excuses for yourself... just worry about your own self... you can't control other people... but one thing GOD says for us to do is 'control ourselves'... it IS a big deal. No need for weakness. But be strong and know that there are things in the world that we should stay away from.

One thing that worries me is that we are a nation of to many obese people... gluttony is my worst sin... so I know first hand what sort of problems can happen if you eat to much, more than your body needs. I don't have to go into all that, because you can do a Google search and ask, 'why is being overweight bad for you?

GOD is trying to warn us of things that will hurt us!

Hate is a big hurt... not only do you hate others... you end up hating yourself! I hate to see this happen to people... but it does... you be filled with such hate, no one wants to have anything to do with you!

Because most of THE PEOPLE have found the LOVE... it is not obsolete! I see so much love out there... and that's the love behind the fake love... you see some people acting like they love someone and behind their backs they are hating them... I try not to hate anyone that much! The only people I am hating on these days are liars and the believers of those liars... I fight the desire to hate them everyday, because at one point they hated me first... and stabbed me in the back or believed the lies... they just don't care... and I am hurting inside because of it.

I am not depressed... anymore... I have Jesus... leading and guiding me into the way that is good and right! I have put all else in GODS hands... I believe I have to go through all this pain, because it is a part of my story! And that way, I am able to understand things that hurt other people... as I have always fought for other people and their rights!

The people who are running things in Texas should know me pretty well by now! And I hope and pray that The Lord can use me until the day that I die! I want to be like Marvin Zindler and go out still working for THE PEOPLE! GOD bless the Zindlers... they are some awesome people! Even the day Marvin died... he was working right there in the hospital bed, right up till the end! We are a more blessed state because of men like Marvin Zindler!

Thinking about our own nation... well now... we are up to 69 countries reading, so I should say it like this... think about the USA... a great and mighty nation that has been going down hill for some time now... but remember the American forefathers set up a nation based on the 10 commandments. You can look at the US laws and see the Christian base... Jesus was the cornerstone that we are to build on. He knew we would be here... just like I know in 4000 AD there will be PEOPLE looking back at us... and they will be amazed by our story... and they are going to be freaking out because of how long it took for us to get things right, according to GOD!

I can see it happening all around the world... PEOPLE standing together... LOVING each other... doing good to each other... why is it that a man can take off his shirt and give it to a poor man and someone captures it and it goes viral???  ... are we so amazed at people who care about other people??? Well, we shouldn't be! Honestly, I stomped my foot and was a little upset when I saw this on the news... and then there was a story about a woman who sold firewood on the side of the road... she worked together with other people to get that wood to the road... and she has a baby with her which tells us that she needs the money, many people give her money to help her along. You see that is on the news... and we are amazed at the strength and kindness of people... but this should really be the norm... and it will be, one day! More and more people will rise up and figure out the TRUTH of GOD is to simply LOVE and HELP other people... if we would all do that... and do whats best for others... wow...

Now that's not to say you must abandon your own self... you're up there in the important people too... because remember when you are praying for others? They are also praying for you! You are never forgotten! You are never alone!

What is amazing to me is how much time has been wasted following evil... how many more stories there are out there, that maybe even you can tell, of someone you loved, stabbing you in the back.

How can they do that?

They have no sense of GOD... they don't even have the slightest clue about who GOD is... they don't want to help you... they want to see what they can get out of you and then toss you into a hole and kill you dead. I can tell you, the ones who do this DO NOT have GOD living in their hearts and minds telling them what NOT to do!

I read on Facebook a story, I cannot tell you if it was truth or something made up... I don't know... but it goes something like this... A young couple decided they didn't want to live anymore and they made a suicide pact... they decided they would jump off a tall building... when the day came that they were to jump, he didn't and she did, but she had a parachute!

And the question was... who betrayed who?

Oh wow... this has to be a made up scenario... I cant image two people with thinking brains going to such lengths... but anyway... I am guessing the answer is, they both betrayed each other.

And I got to thinking... neither one of them wanted to die. They were just so unhappy together... and I thank GOD that we have the divorce... as I have been there, done that... bought the t-shirt kinda gal... because so many people are confused about what LOVE really is... they think its something that benefits them... but its not something they can see with the human eye.

Well, you can only see... through the eyes of GOD... bring HIM into your heart and mind and HE will show you! I see so much more clearly in the spirit today, than I used to years ago. Its something that grows on ya... and it grew in my heart ever since I was a teen aged girl and wrote a letter to GOD and buried it in my grandparents backyard... I knew HE would get it, I just knew.

The world is a big place... there is so much going on in the world... some good and some bad... it is important that we are guided away from the bad things that will hurt us and our families...

Its hard to believe that EVERYONE IN THE WORLD doesn't understand this!

It's never to late... I know...

Sometimes it feels horrible when someone says that the Bible is full of fairy tales and fables... you know... I always knew that these stories were based on some kind of truth. This is why I was very careful to go into great detail about the difference between the tooth fairy and Santa Claus... and Jesus and David and Moses... there are so many I cannot even list them all... real live people who lived and created a story... and this is what we read in the Bible... their story...

How can man see himself as GOD and think these stories are BS???

I will never know for sure... but my best bet would be that Satan seduces them... just like he seduced Eve... just like he seduced many other people to do many other things that are wrong and will be bad for them in the end. People need to be aware... of the slightest pull of seduction. Don't listen to the evil one... he will be whispering in your ear... and will use other people to bring you down to hell.

If you can just step out on faith and believe that GOD knows best... follow the rules... don't steal... don't lie... don't cheat... don't kill... (except in self defense) ... Respect your parents... remember the Sabbath... and the most important thing... never put anything above GOD! Always read about Jesus... start with Matthew Mark Luke and John... and go...

Keep to the way that is good... LOVE each other and help each other out when needed...

And you will be blessed too...


Sunday, January 03, 2016

Facebook Post

This post is something from Facebook, one of my friends had asked an elder if 'certain words' were in the Koran. It was like he had just discovered them... it went heavy on my heart... and so I had to go and respond to his question... Does the Koran really contain all these violent words?

And here is my heart felt response...

 I woke up in the middle of the night and looked at my phone. I saw a post you had posted about some scriptures from the Koran. Someone had responded, to let the younger people sort it all out. You have been on my heart ever since. And I looked for that post, but Facebook is so crazy, its hard to figure it all out. I mean for me it is. But I knew that I could find you if I posted your name! I even had to close out my phone and come in to the big computer so I could use all my fingers and not just one.
You were asking in your post 'are these scriptures really in the Koran?'
It brought me into remembrance when GOD told me that most Muslims are like most Christians... they don't read their holy book, they depend on some 'top dog' to preach to them, a preacher or an Imam to tell them what's up. But honestly... The Koran is like the Torrah and the old Testament in the Bible. It is very violent... and the reason why I am not a Muslim. I read the Koran years ago and it was those scriptures that turned me off. There are many good things about Islam, but somewhere along the way some evil men discovered a way to 'control the people' ... which really I don't blame them because some people do need to be controlled. But it isn't the ones who teach us about Jesus. Because before Jesus, yes people were struck down dead with their heads lopped off. But GOD saw that it was not good. Because back then when they would sacrifice for sin, they gave sacrifice for sin with a bird or a lamb... different sins would bring the priests different animals. But then GOD saw that men would simply sin and then sacrifice an animal and they would think themselves clean, it was no skin off their nose. So GOD thought on it and figured out a way to put HIS SPIRIT back into the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE... HE wanted us to be personally responsible. So HE sent Jesus... (which tells us our existence matters... its important to GOD that HE lives inside our own hearts and minds.) So when Jesus was murdered, He left us the comforter. He knew what was coming so He gave us The SPIRIT of GOD HIMSELF to live inside us as humans... that gives us a choice whom we will serve. GOD doesn't want a PEOPLE to serve HIM out of fear and hatred of others... GOD wants us to serve HIM because we want to... because we LOVE our families and friends... because we have a common belief that GOD is LOVE and so we care for others... not lopping off their heads if they disagree. Henry the eighth did that too... so its not exclusive to Muslims... however, Muslims are the only ones still doing this today. Because when you have THE SPIRIT of GOD living and breathing inside your very own soul... you would never do that to anyone. You would just shake the dust off your feet and go your merry way, on down the road to be with people who do treat others the way they want to be treated. PEOPLE who live with LOVE leading and guiding them in all their ways. You do see PEOPLE like this... a lot! But you also see people who follow blindly those who kill you if you speak any word against them. You see Saudi Arabia did that recently... and they are proud of it... its weird tho... because I thought that Saudi Arabia was different than that... and still maybe there are some who don't believe in this ages old barbaric practice. I see it all the time... women in these Muslim places pizzes off their husbands and they are dragged into the square and have their head lopped off and its allrighty under Sharia Law. And I can see some other women... friends of the woman murdered in the square, who really know the truth and hate the men, almost to the point of hating a god who would prescribe this action. NO... GOD doesn't want us to be like that... anymore... because we all have a common beginning and so many have gone and created a new and improved common ground. Here lately I have seen Muslims standing up for Christians in Muslims places... which... I have seen many many Christians standing up for Muslims... but to see the Muslims standing up for Christians... WOW... and to hear Sisi in Egypt speaking to many Imams about respecting other PEOPLE of other religions and the FREEDOM to choose our own way... I believe that if we are given a chance to choose... we will choose LOVE. And where did the message of LOVE come from? Jesus! ...Jesus taught THE PEOPLE how to LOVE ONE ANOTHER! And I know that you see that! I just wanted to answer your question... yes... those words are really in the Koran. If it were not so, the PEOPLE wouldn't speak of it! But look, see what THE PEOPLE have been speaking of... about how we can save ourselves if we just pay attention to the fact that its not Muslim against Jew or Christian against Atheists... bla bla bla... its about GOOD verses evil, in every culture and every creed... and most importantly... what we are teaching the children. What I would love to see... is for ALL PEOPLE to stand up and celebrate the message of Jesus... you know it's been said, that when the message of Jesus reaches around the world... so the end will come... now, I believe its not going to be the end of the world... but the end of a battle between what is of this world and what is not. The battle will be over when we all agree that Jesus holds the keys to heaven... and that is the message of LOVE... not hate. When Muslims disregard the message of Jesus... they learn to hate anyone other than themselves... but then... they even murder their own. When the Sunni and the Shia fight... its Muslim against Muslim... and this is NOT the way it should be... the message of Yahweh is LOVE... and PEACE and JOY... like its Christmas everyday! And I've seen places like this already... where GOD has taken root and has created a few PPPs... (practically perfect people)... Our struggle to be good... goes way back... and we should of learned by now... which we will... because after Jesus gets the word out... that is when we will see the second coming of Jesus... He won't be floating down to us on a cloud like Hollywood has depicted... we will see HIM reflected in the eyes of HIS PEOPLE... GODS PEOPLE... the PEOPLE who care more about each other than themselves... where the PEOPLE care more about LIFE than money,,, it's all in the game, Brother... we just got to put the pieces together! So as you ponder all this... please remember... there is not hate or death in heaven... only PEOPLE loving one another... doing good to one another...
Please feel free to share all this info... because we do need to get the word out! Praise GOD... Thank You Jesus! IJCNA
HUGS4U smile emoticon

Saturday, January 02, 2016

My New Year

With a new year comes some new thoughts. Isn't it wonderful that we can always get a new beginning? But really every Sunday is a new beginning, so is every morning!

Praise GOD for New beginnings!

Some people believe that what you do on New Years day is what you will do all year. HAHAHA I don't know but, I sure hope it follow's suit!

My New Years day started out crazy... my daughter and her man went to a club on the eve of the New Year... I did stay up to watch the new year come in but I fell asleep around that time...

My daughter didn't want to go to the club but her man made her go. She's like that. Me, I would of laughed and said, "You are NOT getting me out this late to go to a place where everyone is drinking." No thanks... but my daughter went.

At about 3 AM, I heard a loud boom... much louder than the garage door falling... so I got up to check it out as it caused me to have an anxiety attack. I checked with the guy on the couch in the garage... he didn't know anything, he just pointed to somewhere in the house and said the noise came from that away. For those of you interested, the kid on the couch is 31 and left his home state to get away from really bad drugs (meth) and the people who use them. Well he came down and stayed with my son and went through some hard times... and last night... New Years Day, my son put him on a bus home. We had done all we could do and the rest is up to him, he had been here for about 8 months. He is leaving a new man! Praise GOD!

Anyway I was directed back into the house where I saw my daughters man walking around in his underwear complaining about life. I walked to my daughters room and she said he was drunk and when they were at the bar he had all these women hanging all over him. She was upset, trying to ignore him. But he got mad later when he couldn't get sex and punched a hole in the wall.

Now he can say he will fix it all he wants... but that is not my concern. My concern is that he has anger issues that he needs to learn to control. I have lived with the violence most all my life, but not the past few years. And when people do act violent, they don't get to come back. I know I cant control them so they can go all crazy 'outside' my house. I love the peace and quiet!

And today he knows that its 'him' that I care about. Because my daughter loves him. Personally I believe that GOD gives us our young love and we should hang onto that love. We should fight with that love to keep the family together. Jesus is the key. The believing family knows that GOD doesn't want us to be all crazy and violent. GOD wants us to be loving and help each other!

I went back to bed but was unable to go back to sleep... so, I read until I could.

I slept late... forgetting that I told Pamela that I would come for lunch!

So when I did get up, I realized the dog needed food, and we needed bread and milk... I completely forgot... and made plans to go to the store. Then I realized I had forgotten about going for lunch, until that moment! So I let Pamela know I had just woke up and I needed to get dog food.

I got dressed and ready and then the dog got out...

We live in poverty and there are things that need to be fixed and one thing is the back yard needs a fence for the opening that happened when the shed fell apart and the city made us remove it. So I can't let him in the back yard. And the mailman complains about him being in the front yard. And even the back door is broke and we have boards and blocks blocking that door. So its easy for the puppy to run off. Most neighbors understand and make friends with the puppy, but you do have the people who complain.

So just as I was going to leave, the dog escaped... I was just going to let him go out for a minute but he ran off... so I had to get in the car and chase him down the street until he decides to jump up in the car with me... so finally he did... I brought him back home and got him in the garage and he gets away again... so for the second time I had to get in the car and go down the street to get him.

I just held his collar until I could get him to his kennel... which is in the house.

I got to the store and got dog food and came back home as quickly as I could. And was soon on my way to Pamela's place! I felt so happy! I praised GOD...  I knew that even tho' the day started out like crazy... I was on my way to another destination! I always love going to Pamela's... she makes the best chicken tacos ever! And she made turkey tacos yesterday! They were awesome!

Yesterday she also had her man there. That was a first. Usually its just she and I. But he was there and he is a very nice Mexican man! Usually I am a hermit... because I have been hurt so much in my life I stay away from people, as I have discovered that even my good friends can turn on me. Rita, she was my good friend over 24 years... ripped me off about 30 grand... another whose name I wont mention, broke my heart with her betrayal. So I am very reclusive. Its hard for me to make friends in real life anymore because they have so often ended up hurting me in some way. Its sad that its like that, but it is. But it was a nice time... we were able to talk!

Pamela is a lot like me... she loves GOD and we give thanks for Jesus! We even pray together! I am blessed to have her in my life... we had a great conversation. We, all three. Pamela has come a long way... she and her man used to go out drinking together. But she quit! She doesn't drink anymore and is holistic with her food... she eats clean! She is troubled by her man still drinking, he is such a cool dude. I hope she chooses to forgive him and work with him until he decides to quit himself. I don't believe in throwing people away! I believe in loving them and helping them to be better people. Now if they don't want to... ya just gotta let em go. I learned from other peoples mistakes when it came to drinking because I loved to drink, but I never took it so far as to make it into my god.

I loved it when Pamela pointed out that in the Christmas Carol... her heart was with Bob Cratchett... because of how he was so poor and had a child that was ill... and yet he was still strong... still had 'the love' in his heart!

We talked about how it isn't between Muslim and Jew and Christian... its about good verses evil in every culture or creed. In the New Testament it tells us its not about 'doctrine or tradition'... its about the LOVE man... its about LIFE and loving those who love you... helping others out when they need a hand... it's not about color or creed... for in every culture... there is LOVE.

Did you know that Moses married an Ethiopian woman? What is being racist??? It wasn't because he came to possess or own her... he genuinely loved her. You see? even then, it was all about the LOVE!

I know that we will get it figured out one of these days!

One of the greatest things I learned yesterday... is that... even when it starts out bad... you can just be patient and get through the hard parts and then it gets better!

With all the downs there is an up... just got to keep to the ways of old.

Praise GOD Thank You Jesus...

Don't worry children... we're gonna leave the light on for ya...