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Tuesday, July 10, 2018


It's been so long since I have been in here. I did post 7 Spirits on Facebook a couple days ago... and for so many days now the Lord has been pressing on my heart... this issue.

I spend so much time taking care of people I love... and trying to keep up, I have a mental list a mile long... and as someone needs this or that... I am adding to the list. I have learned real good about prioritizing... and I was telling GOD I wanted to prioritize this issue.

And lo and behold... I actually have time alone! Can you believe that! And I have so much in my heart and soul today. I had to get some time to get in here... and GOD made a way... part of the family is out to dinner and part of the family is playing VR at another relative's house.

You know, I can sometimes find my peace!

If you find it easy to find your peace... well GOD Bless You! Because I have not known much peace. Someone today told me I have a lot of things going on... and I know it because it's hard to find my peace... but I can at least find it these days! But then again... I have to be fighting demons to much of the time. It does keep me busy... to say the least!

I remember when I was in my early 20's and was being checked out to be a foster mom. Legally, like on paper... and there was this psych lady who came out to talk to us about our life. I was newly married and it was my husbands little half brother who we fostered.

The lady talked to my X first. It took about 15-20 minutes of intense questions... and then the next day she came to get my history... let me tell ya... the more I talked the more questions they had! It went on for 3 days! And at the end... she said; "I don't know how you survived all that!" I just smiled that I did survive!

It was during my 19th year when I was baptized in the name of Jesus! It was one of those Churches they had in the preacher's house. They were good PEOPLE... not perfect like some people pretend to be... they were real people struggling with real problems seeking help from a higher power! And I fit right in! It was the beginning of my spirit... I was a babe in Christ! It's taken me 40 years to get to where I am today... and I have learned many lessons.

Earlier today, my 11 year old grandson was playing some John Denver! OH WOW... WHA???

Oh yes! And I just had to go in there to sing along! We enjoyed the moment and I told him to look for more John Denver songs... and my grandson asked if he was still alive... and I said he died... and my grandson said why do so many people die like that... I had to tell him that sometimes it happens like that... (and I only mean sometimes... because some people acknowledge GOD)... but when some people see themselves as a god... that's usually when they are suddenly taken away... now its all ambiguous... because in the same vein... someone might be just to beautiful for this world and they don't deserve the pain of what live gives us... sometimes... people are so wonderfully perfect, as in practically perfect people... and remember that there IS a GOD and they are just one small light in the glory of the universe... when inside their heart ... they know their not perfect... and they allow Jesus to guide them... that is Jesus coming into your heart and mind and so you learn to emulate HIM!

Anyways I digress... I do that sometimes... but its ok... just thinking outside the box here...

So I did use the example of the dark side, beings that the world is so much there... and I told him about people who think they are their own GOD... and you and I both know that there are many people out there like that. And that is one major problem in this world today! That is the 1 thing that people need to focus on... realizing there is a higher power... a higher purpose that if you follow it... it will guide you into the way that is good! It overwhelms your heart and mind and if you follow that path, you and your children can have the very best life possible!

I was thinking today... oh yes, I was in deep thought... and I realised that as much as there are people growing old and wize and learning all there is to know... or ALMOST all there is to know in a special subject... perfecting their game... there are also so many being born into uneducated homes and places... even on the street... no one there knows how to teach the children to do better because they never learned to do better... so there are just as many coming into the world, not knowing or understanding the law... either because they've been beaten and lost brain function... or they were led into the drugs and alcohol to cure their boredom.

And even some people are being raised to... oh yeah... to be spoilt brats! And golly... they're never taught to be humble... and those are the ones who see themselves as a god... and ya know...

Sometimes when people get like that... the REAL GOD... is going to find a way to knock them back down to earth, to understand... they are only human... I guess these are the lucky ones... they didn't die and have no chance to make things right... thinking of J. Baker... J Swaggart... and there are others... and not just religious or famous people... would't that be horrifying to be caught in your sin in front of the whole world???

GOD says there's nothing hidden that shall not be revealed... so stop thinking your gonna get away with sin... when I think about how these people must feel... whew... sucks to be them... right?

But you see they have overcome their sin... I hope to one day over come mine...

What is mine???

Mine is gluttony... food calls to me... I can be full as a tick, smell food, it doesn't make me sick like it does to other people... it makes me want to go order up some yummy bites. So everyday I am fighting this sin. I know that some people have eaten themselves to death and I don't want to do that, see GOD knew a long time ago that eating to much would be bad for you... that's why HE said gluttony was a sin... gluttony does not PROMOTE LIFE... and GOD is a god of the LIVING... and some things do cause you to lose life. I mean this has so many threads of thought... there are so many things to consider... just remember... if it promotes LIFE and LOVE and PEACE, its good for you!

There are many ways of mankind... and I guess that's why GOD wanted me to repost 7 Spirits... We must realise that in all walks of life the one thing that binds us together is  JESUS... remember, the message of Jesus? It came to replace all the rules and regulations of old... and made it so simple... believe in the PERFECT man named Jesus... Remember HIS message... LOVE ONE ANOTHER... DO GOOD TO ONE ANOTHER... HELP EACH OTHER OUT!

Would you cheat someone if you really loved and cared about them, more than you loved and cared about yourself???

Would you steal, kill or lie to someone you LOVED?

NO! You wouldn't!!!

When you think about yourself as more important than others... you will do these bad things. It's been proven many times over throughout time.

I was folding clothes today... my mind, like a robot... and its sorta like washing your hair... you don't need your whole brain to think about those things, so you find your mind floating about things that would really make a difference!

So as I was watching the way I was folding the towels... I realised that I have folded them several different ways in my life... oh, and I was a FREAK about it! OH MY... don't fold my towels... they had to be exactly precise... fold to fold, corner to corner.

Now... I still get a little nervous when my grand daughters 'don't get it right"... but I know its more important just having them in there with me... folding towels... and nowdays, I don't even care if they are not folded in order... or arranged just so.

And I thought about how very much folding clothes was like PEOPLE...

Everyone does it different...

And that, I guess is the message of the day...

That's why GOD tells us not to judge... because one may fold this way... and another will fold that way... and still more... some people just leave the clothes in piles... they don't even fold and they are happy that way! They throw them in the dryer to unwrinkle!

The thing is to get the towles to the shower to dry off!

Or the clothes ready to wear!

And so is the message of Jesus... some do it this way and some do it that way... but LOVE is the motive and caring and helping others is the key...

You got it made!

We are not all on the same path...

We are different... and that's OK...

Just remember... you are merely a light... a small burst of light/energy that keeps your heart beating... and... try to LOVE other people enough that you care about their light/energy too!

Emulate Jesus... we are all saved through the grace of Jesus!

Doesn't matter your style or label...


And for what you can become in this life...

Care enough to leave a good legacy!

I read at night to help me slow down my mind enough to go to sleep... I read bio's of PEOPLE... people who did this or that... and had to deal with the consequences...

Its all up to you... that is the one thing that drives me the most crazy... LOVE does not judge or make demands... GOD gives us the FREEDOM to choose our way.

And know... that if you LIVE as GOD wants you too... you will have a GREAT life and you can pass that great life down to your kids and grandkids...

And after all... is't that the way we want to be?