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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Zimmerman and Trayvon

Seems this story has been in the media everyday this week. And my heart is hurting for all the pain it has caused so many people. I cry with Trayvons family and I cry with Mr Zimmerman.

I want to put this message out there. The culprit here is not Mr Zimmerman or Trayvon . What I am feeling inside of both of these men is FEAR... yeah... fear... FEAR is what killed Trayvon.

Fear is running rampant in the world, we always have to worry about the person who is smiling to our face and stabbing us in the back. This has been such a popular theme... that people have written songs and poetry about it for centuries. We are wise to not trust so easily.

Fear leads people to do some seriously stupid things... things that they would never do had they not been 'in fear' ... I feel the desperation... the struggle... the FEAR.

Two men have a chance encounter where they FEARED each other... so they engaged in warfare. And we have a winner and we have a loser... RIGHT? No. I don't think so. Because this is NOT WAR people... we are neighbors. Killing each other out of FEAR not war!

I dream of a day when people respect each other and all the people will know to NOT get into other peoples personal space... when you back an animal into a corner... your gonna get hurt. Well, unless your a professional and you know to NOT back the animal in to far (respecting their personal space)... and shoot a dart to sedate them. Yeah. We are humane.

But the fear in mankind surpasses these 2 men and their story...  in Florida.

Men have feared men since the beginning of time. So many evil people have used lies and manipulation to abuse and take over someones else's 'thing'. I say thing cause the variables are endless.

It is really sad to me... to know that we have fear driving men crazy... crazy enough to kill.

A sad..... Sad... accident caused by... FEAR :(

RIP Trayvon :(

God Save you Mr Zimmerman :(