Blessed by GOD, to be loud and proud of what is good and right and true! GOD bless us, Everyone! IJCNA

Friday, February 19, 2016

GOD -V- Satan

Or... I could say, Good -V- Evil... but not all bad people are evil... some are just following blindly what has been told to them. So wake up and see the TRUTH! Praise GOD!

Sometimes I see GOD and the devil as two great men playing a game of chess... and we are their pawns and have no control over where they put us, its all about how we respond to the placement!

It's like they are playing for our souls... and they are amused by our human choices.

At any rate... there is a Force... and we are smack dab in the middle of it! Oh well some are not... some are practically perfect people who have their lives together simply because its the 'family tradition'! I love these people and I always wish that GOD would of placed me there in one of those great families... Like 'who' you ask??? Well like, Donny Osmond and/or  Mitt Romney... these are just 2 of the greatest all time men who LOVE GOD and follow HIS ways! And rest assured there are many many men of GOD out there! Many many women of GOD also out there!

And that is all fine and good for them! Praise GOD that some are still paying attention!

I must say that one of the things I LOVE about GOD is that HE is NOT at all arrogant... GOD doesn't say... "I am AWESOME" ... HE lets HIS PEOPLE say how awesome HE IS!

And that is what we do, because remember Jesus said that we should strive to be perfect just like GOD is perfect... and I do believe in PPP's... (practically perfect people) I know a lot of them... My GrandParents were PPP's!!! And I am grateful to GOD that I had them in my life!

Praise GOD they were humble Christian people... and they were good people!

I think arrogance is so unattractive!

But a healthy 'ego' is GREAT!  When you are doing the best you can and are following the ways that are good... you can see yourself as a great person! So many of y'all out there! I celebrate with the PPP's... I sure wish I was one of them!

But I am struggling... to be like GOD wants me to be!

And we all know the one thing we need to attend to...

LOVE your neighbor just like you love yourself!

Yeah! That's the ticket!

One of the keys to heaven that Jesus holds!

Because we must stop looking to 'somewhere else' for GOD... remember GOD said if someone says... "Hey, come with me, I will show you GOD..."  We don't GO... Because when we find GOD it will be when HE comes and lives inside our own hearts and minds and creates within us the ability to be PPP's!

A huuuuuge part of finding GOD is knowing WHO HE IS!

And so I repeat... (because I can) :)

GOD is the culmination of all the Saints and all the sinners who have ever lived and breathed the breath of LIFE!!! And GOD is THE GOD of the Living! HE LIVES WITHIN HIS PEOPLE!

Praise GOD!

That is why sin is bad for you... :Because sin stops you from reaching your fullest potential with GOD! Please don't let some peoples confusion, stop you from reaching your own  PPP self!

We are in the winners seat! Why? Because we have the technology to be there!

For starters, we cannot forsake the TRUTH and be the person that GOD wants us to be! HE wants us to connect with HIM in the SPIRIT... because HE IS a SPIRIT... And that is the SPIRIT of GOODNESS and Justice and... just... righteousness, which is the act of being right!

Some people are wrong and they just don't care... they are not really paying attention to the players as much as the game... and games can be entertaining... fighting the great battle of  'wrong -v- right'... But we know in order for us to succeed we need to know the players and what they stand for... is what they are doing good for the children??? Because if its not good for the children it is probably just feeding the fleshly desires that one gets if they are selfish humans.

So now I see the young people taking the reigns... learning from their elders how to get along in this world. And we sorta do make our own way... and if we are smart we will know GOD and you also get along with that... the knowledge of  GOOD -V- evil... and we can act on it!

Because you do not have to wait until you die to have good things... you can choose the side that is good! I feel so sad for those who are following the wrong side and are not even questioning it... just accepting to travel the wrong path... and so they follow an ancient barbaric religion that teaches hate and violence... when you know that GOD is all about 'peace and love' and helping one another out. But you see... Satan is in the mix... causing people to believe a lie... or get distracted... or just not give a hoot about the TRUTH... and LOVE, we cant forget that 'GOD IS LOVE'... for one another...

The wonderful thing I see, is the old men who have followed this 'ancient barbaric religion' are finally realizing that they have been blinded for to long... You see we finally have the technology to spread the word, worldwide! Even this blog is now up to 72 countries reading! Praise GOD! Thank You Jesus! The wisdom of GOD is out there... easy or hard, your gonna learn your lessons of TRUTH!

Remembering the 7 SPIRITS of GOD... I can see these 7 Spirits agreeing that 'Jesus is the way'... as all religions can acknowledge Jesus and learning the way, can surely be easy and light...

Where the PEOPLE do not have to worry about destruction and death... A few days ago... one of my friends on Facebook... sent a message... I guess using an app... that tells his friends that he is safe from some bomb going off, he is in Syria... and WOW... it hit me like a ton of bricks... I do have friends who live in Muslim nations... some living in the worst of all places... and my heart hurts with the pain of it all :(

Which by the way... Thank you Russia for stepping up and fighting for what is right... and what is right is to keep Assad in power in Syria and then have a democratic VOTE of the people... but the evil one just wants to get in the territory so they can take over that space. Assad stands for the FREEDOM to choose your way... He is not one of those who will lop off your head just because you LOVE Jesus! Any religious person can LOVE Jesus! Anyone can love his message of PEACE and LOVE...

And what happens when you LOVE one another??? And you choose to let go of the words of hate and death... and you stop the pillage and plundering and robing and stealing and lying for what you can get out of it...

Oh yeah??? How would you like it if others would steal and lie to you??? Would you respect that??? the exact thing that you are putting out??? You know... the message of love... the Golden Rule that was was quoted by Jesus in a positive way... "Do to others just like you would want them to do to you!" And... lets not forget that, that same message was spoken by Confucius just a few hundred years before Jesus... Confucius said... "Don't do something to someone that you wouldn't want done to you!" See? Same message!

Not to long ago I saw a conversation between a young Muslim and an old Muslim... You see the young one was not all into the religiousness of Islam and heard some things about it that caused him to question an elder... and of course the young man was right...  But what about today??? What will become of these things today? As in... the young man asking the elder... "Is this info for real???" And the old man responds with a heavy sigh... and said, he was going to "let the 'young people' figure it all out"... which told me that the old man was tired of hearing the same thing and not being able to talk about it for fear of his own death. Yes, there are people who really live like that... in fear of losing their life... and who can blame them???

GOD is the GOD of the LIVING breathing soul of mankind... and we are IT... we are all we got... and we must go with it! And young people are coming up, seeing and hearing the truth...

And loving the message of Jesus...

You see the message of Jesus transcends all colors and creeds, doctrines and traditions! Doesn't matter... there are 7 spirits of GOD who cause THE PEOPLE where ever they are, TO BE GOOD PEOPLE!

7 Spirits???  you ask??? Yes... think about it... see it... KNOW IT...

1. Jew
2. Christian
3. Muslim
4. Hindu
5. Buddhist
6. Confucius
7. Native American Great Spirit

And the Promise of GOD is there... for ALL OF US!

Let go of the arrogance... humbly see that the 'truth' has been around for millions of years... we are not the first... and we wont be the last... so what will our legacy be?

It will not be a good one if we are stealing and lying and hurting each other...

Where's the LOVE, Man?

We should know by now that LOVE is the way to live... Loving and caring and helping each other... I remember when I was a young child, going to the Baptist church... I was taught 'GOD is 1st, my friends and family are 2nd and I am 3rd'...    I love that saying... it really puts things in the RIGHT perspective...

Did ya hear about THE PEOPLE whose arms were to short and their spoons were to long to eat their food?? And they certainly had trouble... until they LEARNED HOW TO FEED EACH OTHER... You see it was only when they learned to care about each other... that is when the real feast began.

So which is it?? A feast, or a chess game???

Its which ever you need it to be!

The message is clear...

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA :)

Monday, February 15, 2016

The HO -V- The Home Maker

That's not to say that a Ho cannot be a Home Maker... or that a Home Maker cannot be a Ho...

These days ya never know...

Now long ago, before we 'let GOD go'... PEOPLE heard the 10 commandments, they were used and talked about. But now that we have kicked GOD out of our system, where is the message?

Oh sure its somewhere... but whose talking about the SPIRIT??

Most of all... these days... its all about the desires of the flesh... a Ho wants people to love her, so she seeks how many she can take down as a lover... but she has never known the guidelines and her 'seeking' is never really fulfilled because when its all about the flesh... ahhhh... after a while..... it gets 'old'.

And then a Ho becomes a 'has been'... an 'anybodies'... and most have all moved on. Unless she finds someone who has that real genuine love for her and loves her more than they love themselves... but that is really very rare. Most likely, a Ho better make lots of money in her life, because she's going to need it when she gets old and has to buy her fleshly attention.

Now, I speak from experience, because my mother was a Ho... my sisters were Ho's, I even learned to be a Ho... yes, sadly I followed my mothers footsteps... she was a Ho so I became a Ho...

I did find my true love... but that was before I became a Ho... I did give him my virginity, 3 years later, I stupidly thought it was all I had to give him. I was wrong... if I would of done it the right way, I would of not been a Ho. Oh, I think I would of still given him my virginity, but I would of waited for him to get out of high school. I probably would of become his wife! But I done wrong...

That's why I can warn you girls now... Don't do what I did.

What makes a Home Maker special? So much so, that most every girl wants to be one? She has much more than her sex appeal going on for her... she has RESPECT... she not only respects herself she has the respect of others... and others admire her as she seems to be the answer to all their prayers. She is blessed to have a home and family and she hangs onto the ability to keep it stable. She has a never ending supply of LOVE... and actually loves what GOD gave her... and taking care of it is her top priority! I can see them everywhere... good women who are loyal to 'home and family'... women who know themselves and their families so well, they can anticipate the families every need!

Now when these ladies grow old... home and family will always be there for them! To give love and support throughout all eternity! YES, We can find immortality through our children!

But also know that we live in an age where women don't have to choose home and family anymore... they can be what ever they want to be!

GOD always gives us the freedom to choose, because HE loves it when we freely CHOOSE to serve HIM! Not like in some places, that still sacrifice for sin and if you are caught being a Ho they can legally murder you... they hang you... or stone you... or lop off your head.

But Jesus came with a new testament... a new covenant... a new agreement!

Love the Ho... rehabilitate her... because she is not perfect... all she has to do is recognize her misstep and be given the chance to change and give others a great testimony of survival. Because very often.. far to often, Ho's do not survive. Even tho the USA does not allow murdering for sin... some of those girls get themselves into situations that they have no power or control over. Your gonna suffer... GOD might or might not send in an angel to help you.. Depends on your heart. If your praying to cover your ass... your body... nope... GODS not gonna be there for that. But if your praying to save your soul... GOD will be there for you, even tho you might get severely hurt, your body will be saved for the sake of your soul.

Its to easy to fall into this type of sin... it feeds the flesh... the loose lady gets a real good 'ego stroke' that feeds her starving self esteem, she also gets a few other strokes that leaves her body in orgasmic pulses. Sure seems like a sin win situation, doesn't it?

But GOD has told us since the beginning of time, sin leads to corruption and corruption leads to death. We need to pay attention, to save our own souls from a hell-acious reality!

For starters... We should never lie. But society promotes lies. You see it in politics... you see it in the movies... you see it in your neighborhood... I hope you don't see it in yourself.

It is better to remain quiet than to speak a lie.

Now... what does GOD want for us?

Its all about self control. Sometimes we want to do things that would hurt us... but sometimes we don't know that it will hurt us. If we are taught by the SPIRIT we learn to be modest... have some self respect... don't give yourself away so easily... pick someone special that you love and want to have a family with... don't go having sex just for fun.

Well, now a days... people who live in the world know to use prophylactics.

PEOPLE always find ways to carry on.

We have so many people in the world, some choose to not have a home and family. In fact the Bible says we can serve GOD better, when we are alone because there is nothing to hold us back... Like you could be talking to someone about GOD and get a phone call... "come home, your wife or child is sick"... and naturally you get your butt home.

Its your choice... have a home and family or not... we live in a 'do your own thing' time... so a woman can choose to pursue a career if she wants to. She is not limited to growing up and working so hard raising kids... lots of smart people out there... choosing the right way for themselves!

Whats good for one may not satisfy another...

We are not all pre-programmed drones/robots/sheeple...

Most free spirits are unique individuals who have personal desires of their own!

Most people get that fulfillment in their jobs... and when they are not on the job, they are doing something to help others... loving those who GOD has given them. Caring about their welfare.

Life is certainly not fair. If life were fair I would of had a dad who protected me from the world. But from what I understand, both my mother and dad were serving their flesh at that time.

When people are selfish and think only of themselves, they fight and cant get along because no one can come before themselves, in their eyes. I am sure that neither one was thinking about the future of the children. In fact, that's probably why I am who I am... because in my reality... when no one cared... I never learned to care. Until I found Jesus. You see, Jesus taught me to care. Its just to bad no one was there to tell me not to be a Ho. My mother was a Ho way before she married my dad. She started having sex with the neighbor boy down the street, at 12 years old.

In the end.... no one was there for her.

When you find your love... stay true to that love... that is the LOVE that GOD gave you to keep your own love alive... your parents loved you... now its your turn to continue on with LOVES legacy! Sure there may be some problems... but when you see a problem... back up and take a look at the larger picture... some things just don't matter... sometimes we overlook sin because in one way or the other, we're all going to learn our lessons.

I'm just saying, learn from my mistakes... hold onto your virtue... give it to your love... and never let that go... in the end... love always wins.,.

We should know this by now...

Ladies, you are not alone...

The struggle has been around for a long time. You are not the first and you will not be the last. But we are in this together... we have a Sisterhood that brings us together as a PEOPLE... We older ladies know how you feel... that handsome hunka hunka would sure feel nice in your arms...

But... here is what will happen. If you are not careful... you will have fun when your young... knocking them down one by one... by one... but when you get old... there will be no fun because what you think of as fun will no longer be an option. But... if you stop and think... save that step... stay safe... keep your honor... and look for a real man who can not only turn you on in the flesh... let him be the one who also takes care of your spirit... and for sure you can do that if you find a man who possesses the SPIRIT of GOD.

I know its not as fun as the excitement of another conquest... but that is only for a time. In the end... you will be much more happy if you choose to be a Home Maker, because creating a home will crate a place where LOVE LIVES... and when you are old and cannot fulfill the lusts of the flesh anymore... well... it would be uncertain if you can find something that makes you happy.

When you lose your life... there will be something that goes on... that is your legacy... what you left behind... will they forget about you knowing that you probably have somewhere else to go? Or will they remember the LOVE you taught them, you know the good stuff you gave them.

Leave a legacy of LOVE and you will be remembered with LOVE, Like Jesus did... like Jesus wants us to do... He wants us to be LIKE HIM...

And ya know... Jesus had a good life... He had many people who loved him because He loved them... because before Jesus there was no definition for that magical LOVE... it was more of a system. And if you interfered with the system, you would be legally murdered.

Now we >>>DO<<<  know that SPIRIT... oh, there have been some who have known since the beginning of time and now we are apart of all that. We are the ones who Jesus spoke about. See?? He loved us before we even learned to LOVE HIM.

One of the things that breaks my heart more than anything... is when people do not know the truth of LIFE... when they do not acknowledge the SPIRIT... they are bound to fall.

When you LOVE and respect yourself and others... you don't do the things that hurt us.

Be strong... Be wise... Be faithful... Tell no lies.

We are promised a better tomorrow...

If we learn about LOVE today!


Tuesday, February 09, 2016

The Mess We're In

I guess I've been arguing with GOD again... but you see who won!

HE always does!

I just have to do what I do. I don't have any degree, but I LOVE GOD and HE has helped me to be the strong person that I am today... this MotherPope persona!

I feel like I am everyone's mother... no matter who you are, I feel like your mother. And what does a mother do? Well, if she's a good mother she loves the children that GOD has given her.

Some mothers are not so good. They think about themselves, before they think about their kids. This is not the way that GOD wants it to be. So, for me... I want to be a good who you know loves you and only gets onto you because that love seeks PERFECTION in our hearts and minds!

My heart goes out to the Muslim population in a place where they have no voice. If they say anything they get their heads lopped off!

I want to fix it. Its like brothers and sisters fighting...

I have learned a lot about people lately. Well, I've learned a lot about people my whole life! But I've reached more people lately, more than I could of ever known before the internet. And I still cant see the whole of it, but I know there are some out there crying, that I cannot see... but I can feel them... and they are lost.

Why are they lost? Because they have been blinded for so long.

We have lost touch with the REAL GOD who lives and breaths inside of us. People keep waiting for something magical to happen, because Jesus is going to come back and fix things... and we keep waiting on him... not even realizing that the SPIRIT of Jesus is fighting for survival right here right now! Remember what Jesus said when they were all freaking out, about the things that he did??? He said, "This and more, YOU will do!"  Hey... that's US... WE THE PEOPLE... we are not looking for a real life body Jesus to come drifting out of the clouds... we are looking for HIS SPIRIT... that will be seen in the eyes of HIS PEOPLE...

The problem that we're having is compounded. The first problem is that some people are still hung up on that ancient barbaric violent religion that exists only to feed itself... did you not learn that we no longer follow that covenant.

And the religious leaders are not going to talk about it because so much about GOD has been held a secret since the beginning. Some highly devout people still not understanding...

We no longer follow that ancient barbaric spirit of old.

When I meet someone who doesn't know zilch about GOD... I always tell them to start with the New Testament, that is the one that we are under today. It's the covenant that GOD gave us through Jesus... because HE was the final sacrifice for sin. You see, GOD saw that men became haughty and could just make a sacrifice and be covered for sin. We don't do that... like that... anymore!

Its not about controlling others... its about controlling ourselves!

The sacrifice that we make comes from within...  Like for me... with the sin of gluttony... I have to sacrifice all the yummy foods.. as in give them up, if I want to please GOD... its a personal thing with GOD... it always is... and its different things for different people.

When Jesus told us that 'narrow is the way' to find GOD... He meant that there was so much stuff in the world to entice us... not just food, but drugs and sex and booze and vanity of things. And we should never fall for the lusts of the flesh... for me again... my flesh wants pasta and ice cream and candy and pork and hamburgers... so for me... I have to fight every day to not over eat. That's not to say I am starving... I have a limited amount of calories to burn... so I can't have all I want. But am allowed all I need!

Praise GOD, Thank You Jesus!

Its like that with other sins too... you can't have all you want... unless you LOVE GOD MORE!

Remember the first commandment... GOD is always first... so Jesus as a man... came and taught us by the spirit, what we need to know in this limited life that we are blessed with.

But, I am not here to tell that story... as it has already been told, read it, in the New Testament, the books of  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John... these are the men who knew him best! They are the ones to tell us the story of Jesus.

I feel like I am here to tell you that the second coming of Jesus will happen when we ask GOD to come into our hearts and minds, after we learn the story of Jesus... you know... what comes after??? Well, aside for Acts... Its how are YOU going to act after knowing Jesus???

The message of Jesus is to LOVE ONE ANOTHER... DO GOOD TO ONE ANOTHER... HELP EACH OTHER OUT... there's more on that later... but you can boil it down to one commandment... and that is to 'love GOD more than anything else'. You must love GOD more than your shoes... more than your jewelry... more than your car... because truth be told... if you get to cocky... GOD will take away your stuff. You can fail in the world... but if you follow Jesus you will never fail!

Now, know this... when you lop off someones head just because they don't agree with you... your wrong... when you lop off someones head in the name of some god... your showing that god to be violent and hateful... and your wrong. Your denying the truth of Jesus... and what he stood for... and what he died for. We must never forget His purpose!

And still to this day... here we are... a people... the promise is also to us... the promise of the comforter... the SPIRIT OF GOD that Jesus left us, when he left us. :)

Praise GOD, Thank You Jesus!

You will never find heaven if you continue to murder for sin and you're following an ancient barbaric law that says 'kill the ones who don't agree with your doctrine'...  nope, you will never win!

Because GOD says to LOVE and HELP... going into a city and lopping off peoples heads to cause them to fear you is NOT the way to overcome... your just continuing the hate and violence and we all know it... can see it!

IF your following the same god as you say is our GOD... then, I know what HE says... there is a new covenant... with Jesus... GOD is the GOD of the LIVING... HE does not delight in your ancient barbaric practices... LOVE is above and about the law... when you love someone, you don't steal from them or kill them... you celebrate LIFE and LOVE and you have PEACE and JOY among THE PEOPLE...

We will never find peace, until all Muslims agree that to be different is OK...

Please ask me about the 7 SPIRITS OF GOD!!!

When we all... all of us... of different doctrine... around the world agree in the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE... we will see the good in all THE PEOPLE...

Again... there is a second issue for today... our own, right here in the United States.

By now, we must know... GOD said already... that if we turn our backs on HIM ... we will lose... and HE will not be there for us... so... when we took GOD out of our system... that is when things went downhill... that is when we stopped teaching our children to LOVE ONE ANOTHER... DO GOOD TO ONE ANOTHER... they no longer get that message.

To our strength... not all of THE PEOPLE have turned their backs on GOD... there are so many believers out there because GOD will show us a lot of things if we are curious enough...  remember? 'Seek and you will find'... now I am telling you... its easier to simply have faith and believe... and just do things the right way... and you will have a great life... and I love the fact that some families have GODS LOVE so ingrained in their hearts and minds that they follow GOD without even trying!

Its so easy to LOVE EACH OTHER!!!

But some people just don't want to get into 'religion'... because its old... and somewhat mysterious... and some people are simply afraid... but I am telling you... finding GOD was a struggle for me... I grew up in hell and fought many demons in my life... and I win every time with GOD on my side!

HE put me in a place where I am strong and free to be the strange person that I am... the mother of the people... the one who loves you enough to come in here and tell you how important you are and how important WE as a PEOPLE are!

Ohhh yes... The Lord wants me to remind us... that cell phones can even be your god... when you put more of your life into that phone... or that football game... yes... even sports can be your god... so just remember that sin is anything that takes your eyes off of GOD... because GOD is a BIG DEAL... that doesn't mean you must give up your cell phone or sports... it just means you keep them in the right perspective...

And it's when we acknowledge HIM and give Jesus the credit he deserves... that is when we will find our way out of this mess... To many people think that GOD and JESUS are the same as a fairy tale... they think its untrue... so they don't have time for all that... but let me say... the stories of Jesus as a living man are very true... if is wasn't... His story wouldn't be still hanging around after 2000+ years!

Basically I'm saying that the spirit world is real... and if we turn our backs on them... we are shutting off the knowledge of the SPIRIT... a great loss for humankind... :(

First off... Jesus is never really dead as long as we keep HIM ALIVE within our hearts and minds... Please... lets give Him the right to survive in our HEARTS AND MINDS... and for forever... kind... be helpful...

We sorta got lost in the self love thing... if we love ourselves more than others... we will never have the joy of life with others that GOD intended, we will only know one love... but if we love others more than we love ourselves... they will love us... and we will have many, many loves in this life!

Its so simple even a child can understand!

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA

Monday, February 01, 2016

The Laundry Debate

I can understand fighting and arguing about principals and morality...

But this???

It's hard to bring me to silence... but this debate did. It wasn't that I was all hyped up about it... I see it like 'each to their own'. But this... it wasn't even worth me arguing with them about it... I could of chosen either side of the debate and wasted a lot of energy, so I chose to stay silent and let them have at it... and it was pretty interesting, to say the least!

And here is the jest of it... 'Is it better to be super clean and wash towels after one use? Or is it better to be conservative with the water and wait a few uses???

Hmmm... like I said I could take either side of this debate... it was that crazy to me...

Personally I do not wash my towels after one use. But the small wash clothes... I use only once and put them in the dirty clothes. I do believe in washing every day... but different loads. That way your not stuck one whole day doing laundry! I like to spread it out because folding them is tedious and irritates me after a while... but if I do one or two loads a day its much easier! Some days I don't do any! Did you know the consensus was you should wash your sheets once a week?

But the issue was towels... Is a towel dirty after drying off from 1 bath/shower???

WOW... I have never seen people get all hateful over the subject before in my life! Seems like to me, they would be laughing at the diversity of the PEOPLE and to allow what works for one to be happy... and also what works for others...  let each do their own thing!

I love, Love, LOVE the diversity of the PEOPLE!

I could fit in anywhere in the world... well, I cannot change the color of my skin... but I believe I could go anywhere and fit in. All the way from Africa to China, and Russia and all the countries around them! In my heart I feel like I could go and find PEOPLE who would love me for who I am!

Praise Be To GOD for HIS unconditional SPIRIT of LOVE!


That ole devil... he... or she... ya never know in today's world... demons can 'get into' both male and female humans. Which means we have to be aware that demons can inhabit both male and female souls... IF we allow them in!

I have been saying for a long time, our lives are so, that we have both demons and angels that seek to come and get us to do what they want! Its like they are sitting on our shoulders, each telling us to do their idea/plan. And demons tell you to do bad things and angels tell you to do good things!

You wonder where GOD has time to get with EVERYONE IN THE WORLD??? HE has angels that help HIM... they are like HIS personal assistants... to lend their strength when needed! You have heard of 'guardian angels'... yes they are out there in the world... they will help you because there are many PEOPLE out there who LOVE GOD and they love the message of Jesus and that is to do what is good and right to others!

I must admit the hardest thing about life is every 15 years or so, we send out a whole new set of people... and these days... some are not listening to good parents or teachers or religious personnel. They are however, listening to the demons... whether you believe in them or not... they are out there and we need to acknowledge them, or we cannot fight them!

They are little seeds of hate and violence that get planted in our heads!

The good thing is... with GOD we know to repeal/repel/rebuke them! GOD knows there is evil in the world and it is planted by the demons going around seeking who they can overpower! If you don't have GOD to help you see the way... you could be brought down too!

Please don't listen to the ones who say this is a fairy tale...

That is a lie of the devil too... for GOD is a common SPIRIT among men and women who lives within the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE! Our USA laws are based on religious laws. There is no getting around it! And here's something bizarre... How can perfectly good people NOT believe in GOD when the evidence is so clear??? How can someone be against the LOVE and JOY of life?

Who would turn that down???

Who would say that LOVE and JOY are not the best things to have in our lives?

Naturally... when you LOVE someone, you respect and care about them!

Well... when I see people arguing over how often we should wash our towels... well I am just flabbergasted! And let me tell you... I am not looking at names when I am reading on Facebook... I am not all that freaked out about who you are... I couldn't even tell you the names of the people doing this... and I wouldn't want to. Its not about pointing fingers... its about the idea that we can all have our own opinion on how we do our towels! (live our life)...

We could end the war if we would just respect other peoples opinions and cultures!

Now, I don't know about you... but my Bible has told me not to get all caught up in different doctrines and traditions... so to me... it doesn't matter how you do your towels (live your life). They are not that big of a deal that we should force our beliefs and opinions on others through anger and hatred!

Hey... if my neighbor wants to have a pig in his house as a pet... who am I to say that is wrong?

Personally, my opinion is... I wouldn't do it... they are stinky and messy... but some people LOVE stinky messes... they don't care about the mess or smell, they just love their piggy!

We ALL have the right to the FREEDOM of CHOICE!

Here's the bottom line... that ole devil... yeah... he is a problem... He is the instigator of trouble... he really wants us to hate each other and fight about petty things... he wants us to be mean... he wants us to hurt each other... and make war or a feud... because every time he can bring another person down with hate and violence... that's just one more he can stop from having a good happy GODLY life!

What does Jesus tell us to do???

"Resist the devil and he will flee from you!"

With GOD and HIS many Mighty Angels... they got our back!

Trust... Believe... and you will also see!