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Sunday, April 26, 2015


This blog popped into my head the other day when I was talking to other Christians about Genesis. It went a little crazy and when one went to reach for the Bible to pull up a scripture, I quoted the scripture to her before she even found it. It was sorta strange that these people would freak out on me about this... I am not changing anything. Well, I might like to change our way of thinking... not so much Hollywood stories, which are beyond belief.

Its funny when you start to speak the truth everyone freaks out. Its new... Uh, no... it isn't!

But I am not going to get into Genesis here in this blog because its gonna need its own blog.

Well, I have been going through some really hard times. I emotionally broke down... 3 times the last 24 hours. But my Lord and Savior Jesus kept me from falling to far away. Because it was a sense of self and I wanted to be as far away as possible... and its hard not to do because I know there are several people who would come get me in a heart beat... but... I must stick with it and fight the demons.

I was so upset I wanted to just quit. And that upset me even more.

I really don't want to quit.

This may not be the life I had planned for me... but it is the one GOD gave me and I have to do what I have to do when I have to do it... because it does me no good to argue with GOD... I always end up feeling bad and doing things HIS way in the end. After all, I did choose HIM.

And I am always daily grateful for the safe home and the family who loves me!

So anyways... I wanted to talk about the gods...

We know there are many...

Remember GOD said, "I am the Lord thy GOD you shall have no other gods before me!"

Well, HE is admitting right there that there are other gods... and I mean beyond the ancient Greek gods that we hear so much about. Although they were... god like... :)

I am active on yahoo news boards... and someone said something today that really cut to the core... and that was the Bible was fairy tales. And I got to thinking how many people really believe that? Well, if I was to believe Hollywood, well... I wouldn't believe. In fact I think I blogged about when I saw a TBN movie that had the prophet Samuel kissing David on the mouth... oh wow... just the thought of it burns me up. So we cant always believe the Hollywood version of the Bible.

I love the King James version I was brought up on it... but when I was early 30's I asked my Grandmother... well actually I didn't ask her, she asked me what I wanted for my birthday... and I told her a Bible I saw... it is a Hebrew Greek Key Study Bible that opened up my eyes to more than I could imagine... for example... I do not believe that Lots wife turned into a statue of salt... I believe a huge salt pillar came crashing down and squashed her like a bug.
So you see I have a whole different vision now.

I am trying to make sense out of nonsense... and it is very hard to do when you been hearing nonsense for so long it tumbles around in your head like dice. Ya never know where your gonna land.

So in thinking about all the gods...

HA, there are so many...

I think the most popular god is ourselves... oh yeah... some people actually think of themselves as gods... its crazy to watch the real GOD knock them down... you know, GOD hands out the good and the bad depending on what you need to learn your lesson.

So its better to learn quickly.

We are not gods... we are mere humans... I think we can become icons or idols... but gods... never... gods are invincible... and humans bleed and die. We are not to see the world only as far as our own noses... and we make a huge mistake if we do... you know... limit our interest to our own selves and screw everyone else....  that is not what GOD wants for us.

Food is another god... some people make food the most important thing in their life... I did at one time, yup I did that... but we need to daily fight all the wrong in our lives and struggle hard to keep things right. Food rots... and to much of it is a bad thing. With GOD... to much GOD is a good thing!

Some people make music their god... oh yeah... they live and breath music... gotta have the radio going... or the music on the phone.... and you know, there is a lot of music that is very good... but we have the good and the bad there... we enjoy the music but it is not what we live for.

For some... Violence is their god... demons come in when we allow them to and they make us do horrible things... seeing the blood and smelling the blood is a ritual of satanic proportions.

To others, the human body is their god... they are obsessed with the trend of the day... and must have their body altered to fit some standard set by someone who thought it would be a good idea to convince people they are not good enough and must have the operation to make them look younger, thinner, stronger...

To others the games and technology are their gods... they cant live if they lose their phone... their world completely stops when their phone or lap top dies.

To others porn is their god... and no more words need be said on that one...

To others magic is their god... they love to trick people with lies and confusion... and they are so obsessed they get every detail right, down to the last tack!

To others, the sun is their god.. they love to baste in the sun all the hours of the day and they may live to regret it... a little bit of sun is good for you... but a lot can cause a lot of damage!

To others their job is their god... nothing is more important than work and making money... HA, money... another god of so many... Lord lets not forget the love of money... that is so awful... for we do not live for personal profit... but for the profit of all... we all matter. Let go of your job, go home and live for your family, because they will be there for you when your job is gone!

To others drugs are their god... oh we must put alcohol and cigarettes... all those things that are addicting... have you ever seen a crack head when they need a hit of crack? They are down on their knees with their arse in the air desperately searching the strands of carpet for a rock. But all of these things can be a god to lots of different people... if you let them... we know it is OK to drink as long as we can control it.

To others their home or car is their god... they worship it like there is nothing else better.

To others clothes and jewelry and shoes are their god...

You get what I mean???

All these things can be gods... and they are not the only gods out there... I am just naming a few to get my point across... they are all serving the flesh... we can pick and choose anything to be more important than GOD... the Father of Jesus... who taught us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER... do good to one another... help each other out, but it is best to pick GOD! Thank you Jesus!

About 15 years ago I was questioning the real Billy Jack about the need for separation of church and state... poor Tom... he didn't know what he was going to do with me... lol... but now I know the reason why we have separation of church and state...

We have church people and we have non church people and we all need to be orderly and organized and helpful one to another. So now today I do see the need for separation of church and state... I finally understand Billy! I get it! There are so many gods out there we must not let any of them come in and take over... not in our law and not in our heart.

We always must know that GOD is the god of LOVE... GOD is the god of THE LIVING... GOD sent Jesus to create a way to get filled with the spirit without anything more than your very own faith.

Its so easy a child could even figure it out!

The god of Jesus Christ... His god is GOD!

Praise GOD! Thank You Jesus! :)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

CPS Update

If I was to blow my brains out, CPS would be the motivation for me to pull that trigger!

I find it hard to sleep at nights knowing what is going on.

And as usual... no one is there for me. I thought we had finally gotten a good worker, they change the people all the time. And I think that lady was a good person... its the ones hiding in the office that pull her strings that is the problem. So I don't hold anything against the city as a whole... we have a great city! Its just that some of the people are corrupt! And are we not supposed to stand up against the corruption of people in high places?


I feel in my heart that my hero will be here soon. I just must hold the course...

Sing my songs... and Jesus will come to help me along.

So my daughter has passed 3 drug tests... all negative. But it seems the problem they are having is with me! I am supposing they think that my god, is the weed!

Now, all who know me, know exactly what and who my god is... and today I am feeling a little like Job... The stress is terrible, its killing me... and yes, at night when I cant sleep I do want to put an end to it all, but that's not me. I believe that GOD will come and fix it all through the angels... and who knows... maybe GOD wants to use this problem to fix a host of serious problems within the system.

Like the fact that CPS has totally destroyed my daughters life... and mine too since I am apart of my daughters life... and I am having a serious problem with it, because it affects the whole family. I wrestle with the thought of calling a lawyer and suing CPS and the people who are lying to them! But I am not the suing type... but if the spirit moves someone to sue them then I will go along with it. Because this is the most absurd situation ever and everyone agrees... and I know it is so, especially after what I witnessed yesterday!

I am an advocate for legalizing the weed that grows from a seed and fulfills a need!

Because, in the beginning... the very first chapter of Genesis... tells me that everything that comes from a seed is a gift from GOD and it is for our good use! Gen 1. v. 29

I have done a lot in my years... and have even been on meds from the Dr for the depression and anxiety... because I grew up in hell, I still have some problems with anxiety and panic attacks. And really, I don't like the meds they put me on after I was found with a gun in my mouth back in 87' ... I want to hold onto my natural mind... I want to always be able to handle a situation... not laying up in the bed or the couch all medicated by mens chemicals... no... the thing that helps me the most is to go into my bathroom with my box... and I can be so much better within minutes! ... Short minutes! Like 2 minutes!

And, GOD is my Dr... nature helps me in ways that nothing else can! I choose not to drink alcohol.. I choose not to smoke cigarettes...

I choose HOME and FAMILY over anything else in my life...

So, CPS wont let the kids come here because I refuse to take a drug test, even tho the mother has passed 3 drug tests...  OMG... those people have been in my life since 1988... the first time someone said my son was outside spraying himself with bug spray... and as a matter of fact, a couple days previous to that, a neighbor lady got me drunk and tried to molest me... thank GOD she didn't do it... but my rejection insulted her... I believe that was the beginning of my CPS horrors... and the very few times over the years, I have always told the women "yes, I am a pot smoker, but it isn't here in the house... I never make it apart of the kids life"... and I never had a problem, they could see the children were all good and safe and loved... so no problems.

I hid it from the children as long as I could. And when they were old enough to understand, I asked them if I was a bad mother because of it and they said NO... If they would of said yes, I would of stopped for them there and then.   I have always put my kids above everything... pot... men... I would even give up my food for them when they asked for it! I slept on the floor for over a month so my daughter could have a bed... PLEASE... these people have no clue what sort of person I am.

And yet they want to judge...

For the last 12 years the 2 things that I have argued with my daughter the most about is... going to school... and not smoking when she was pregnant. We fought and fought... I would hear rumors and she would lie to me about it. I guess she never knew the depth of her ignorance until they found THC in the babies poop and came and ripped her crying children out of her arms... and even today, I remind her that if she had listened to her mother, this would of never happened.

I have stopped telling her this, it just seems to add to the pain.

But, I am a bit angry and disturbed that my daughter was weak and smoked when she shouldn't of... but this is NO REASON to take all her kids away from her, or kick her out of her home!

The laws are changing all across the USA...

I could understand if she had more drugs in her system... which by the way when the woman came here to the door last month wanting to settle things... she found a paper in my daughters file that had the results of another persons test on it and there was more drugs on that one... I am wondering HOW that paper got put in my daughters file... and WHY... but the worker quickly tore it up and put it in her pocket.

And now the boys are with their dad, who IS an actual 2 time drug felon... and...

I have never been in trouble... but I can't be around the children... and the boys dad is corrupt and is using evil means to betray us... you see, he used to bring the weed into the house when he was living here... and he knew I would share it with my old lady friends... and so he twisted that into me being a drug dealer... and now CPS is calling around to neighbors asking about that...this is embarrassing.

And here's news... no one wants to get in the middle of this mess... of all the people I know... and my daughter knows... there is none who want her moving in with them... not because they hate her... we all really do feel sorry for her, because if she would of just quit while she was pregnant... this wouldn't of happened. Why should I coddle her when she defied me? She is almost 24 years old!

The thing that confuses me the most... is I have lived here for over 20 years... I have smoked pot since 1972... I have never been in trouble and I raised up decent kids, who have never gotten in trouble... well, my daughter was with a thief once and stole some underwear valued $15.00, from a big chain of department stores...  but she was a minor and got it wiped clean by a judge who understood her and gave her another chance. And she has not done anything like that again.

There has never ever been abuse or neglect ever... but I guess they think I am a pot head sitting around with a big tray of weed and a never ending supply of munchies... that might happen with the rich kids, but I have to much to do in my life. And I would certainly not leave it laying around for the kids to get into! See? They think I am stupid!

My life consists of taking care of all the ones who need it... I do about 10 loads of laundry a week and only 1 load is mine... I do dishes and wake up kids and get them to school... I am involved daily with the children... uhhh... except my daughters kids... cause I am not good enough to be around them... according to CPS.

Another of their concerns... is who lives here and everyone must take drug tests. Now WHY should I take a drug test when my children are all grown and all I provide is a home and love to them?

I have for the past few years dreamed of creating a MotherPopes Place that works with the police and social services... where women and children can come when needed... but no drugs or alcohol and all must chip in to clean... and then I realized... that is what I have now... and I maintain control these days of things that go on. I don't mind helping people who want to help themselves. And I am not going to let CPS come in and dictate to me who can be here and who cannot, when there has been no charges or incident!

And here is the worst of the worst... and the BIG reason why I am posting this here today... and the reason I will fight to the death for this issue... and I am crying everyday about it... and I hope you people help me spread my story!

When CPS came and took my daughters kids... she was simply, a slightly lazy, pot smoker... who did her stuff and took care of school and her kids... but... now... she is NOT a pot smoker... but the Doctors now have her on Prozac, Klonipin... and Ambian... and something with codeine for pain... and that is A-OK with CPS... now if she can just find a place that wants to take her in... since she's not allowed to stay in her safe secure home and have her children.

But yet... as a mother I feel like she needs to stay here where I can watch out for her because she is now in such a doped up stooper.  I am worried about her... on her meds, she doesn't care about anything... and she talks about how much better things would be if she would die. And this is alarming to me. She is not eating and losing weight everyday... and if she decides to take her life... you can bet the whole world will know it was the fault of CPS in the city of Houston, Texas! I declare here and now today this is my true and right statement.

I would give anything for my regular pot smoking daughter back.

Monday, April 20, 2015

3 Houston Angels

It all started with hurricane Ike... and Insurance was re-roofing the house... and the men doing the job asked me if I wanted to do the roof on the shed... because 'it would be extra'... well I thought I was going to tear it down and build another one later... so I told him nawww... don't worry about the shed.

And then of course over time, I guess I cared more for other people than I did myself... so... I never did get around to rebuilding the shed... because I lost over a hundred grand of inherited money by family and friends who were 'gonna pay me back'.

So eventually the roof caved in. And we live in poverty, can't afford to fix things, was going to wait till tax time next year, but about a month ago I got a citation from the city... they stuck a yellow poster board in the front of my house facing the street by the curb and I didn't even realize what it was... I thought it was a garage sale sign that people are always putting on my corner. But then my daughter was driving by and saw it and brought it to me... I called the number and talked to a very nice man who said lots of people in that area got them, if we don't keep up on home repairs, it drops the home values in the area... yeah I get it... so, I explained to him how people had ripped me off so bad and I never got a chance to change the shed. Looking back, I should of just allowed those workers to charge me 'extra' at the time, but honestly I was going to replace it!

Sometimes I have the worst luck...

So I told the man on the phone that I thought they should't post it like a garage sale sign out front facing the street, they should mail me something or put a paper on my door. And sure enough, within a week I received a letter in the mail and a red tag on my door. HA!

My neighbor got one of those yellow posters tacked on his tree at the edge of his curb, he didn't even know it was there, until we stopped and talked to him about it!

So I started talking to different people about what to do? And first I called to see how much one of those big containers would cost... it was about $500.00! I couldn't afford that! And then we talked about one of those bags that you can buy at the home improvement store and you fill it up and the truck comes and picks it up, it was about $150.00~ wow.

So I tell my son the problem and he hired a friend and they came and tore the building down. We were a little confused about the heavy trash pick up schedule... and couldn't put it out for a few more days, And there were no programs to help people who live in poverty... you have to be 65 or older for them to even help at all.

So we made plans with friends to load up a couple trucks and take it to the dump, you know with the water bill? We had taken 2 loads, until the rain came. And we had to stop.... and heavy trash was coming in less than 2 weeks so we made plans to move it to the curb the Sunday before it was scheduled. But when the time came to do it, no one showed up. Some were out of town and others working. and the last 3 days that we had, I was told by a few that it would be done... and I went to bed believing them. I went to sleep with them all out there drinking. (I don't drink) so I wasn't out there with them.

When I got up... expecting to see all that debris on the edge of the street like we're supposed to do... OMG... nothing was done! And I heard the trucks coming! Oh let me tell you about the panic attack I was having... I felt like my heart was going to explode as I quickly started pulling stuff out to the side of the street, by myself and I have medical issues, I couldn't possibly do it alone... I called my daughter and was complaining... so she showed up... and her dad, he was so grumpy and cussing and complaining. Well I was mad at him because he was apart of the drinking crew that didn't get it done.

One of my daughters friends had pulled 3 mattresses off of a neighbors pile of heavy trash cause she was going to 'take them'... but she never did... so I had those out to the curb and told the guy in the truck how my daughters friend had pulled them over... and asked if we should put them back on the neighbors pile...  but he said no, they would get them. In the meantime we are making another pile... so they did pick up the mattresses and the small pile we had made... and they went on down the road.

I was very upset... I had read the cities website and knew the rules... one pile about the size of a mini van... but I also knew they would have to come out of the hood at some point and I was praying hard they would pick up another pile.

We were busy making a 3rd pile... when a neighbor was walking his dog and saw our problem... he walked his dog home and came back to help us... I was using a shovel and I found something I wanted to take into the house when I came back out, this man was shoveling! He laid down the shovel and helped with the heavy stuff... he never left us until the job was all finished!

Now I am very reclusive and haven't met all my neighbors, not even after 21 years! But I discovered that he had moved in about the same time as we did... but he had rented his house out... and had recently moved back in... wow... I was so intrigued... by a stranger who would stop his leisurely day and help us get the debris to the curb like that! I asked him his name... and he said... Angel... WOW... how spot on that was... he was really an angel! Praise GOD...

Another friend who said they would help showed up after it was all taken to the curb... well, I am thankful he came even if it was just in time to pray... and boy did we pray...

And when the men came back out... they stopped... and they picked up the last pile... Praise GOD... Thank You Jesus!  These 2 men from the city of Houston Waste Department were angels that day when they stopped and picked up that last load... because if they didn't, I am sure I would of gotten more than a citation. I would of gotten a huge ticket. We were already talking about how we would have to load up a few more truck loads and take it to the dump if they had not stopped.

I was so happy I was Praising GOD for sending me angels to help me when I needed it!

I even went out there and Thanked him myself... I told him I knew they didn't have to stop and we were praying they would... so GOD sent me 3 angels that day... when I needed them... these men... Angel and Dale Foster and his co worker... felt GOD move in their spirits for goodness sake... and helped out a poor woman who really needed it!

And then here comes Angel running over with a bunch of Gateraid or Poweraid for the workers... what a great world we live in when people come together to help each other when they are needed...

Sometimes miracles do happen!

Praise GOD! Thank You Jesus!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Jews, Christians and Muslims

Hatred and violence in the name of a god is something that our GOD (the real god) doesn't want. GOD never confuses anger with hate.

In fact, GOD says its OK to be angry, but don't sin because of your anger.

And today if you pay close attention you will see that it is only 'some' who espouse hate. We are not seeing all the ones who are expressing shock and outrage, and yet they remain non confrontational. But I think GOD wants us to confront the evil when we see it! Its not like being a tattletale... its like being a whistle blower! And GOD wants us to expose all evil when we see it. (well, there are sometimes you must remain quiet, like if you are looking for evidence or if you are in imminent danger).

I am not a big fan of secrets. GOD tells us there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed. So when you try to hide your violent hatred... know that it will not last. In all the ways GOD always finds a way, to expose you for the violent person you are. (if you are violent)

I am trying to focus on all the love in the world... Oh yes... its there... if you cant see it then you need to be a seeker of GOD because GOD is truly the author of LOVE and CARE... and I do see it all over the place... the world is a big place.

But then if you look and see the details... like GOD does... (you see GOD has a GODS eye view... something like a birds eye view, but much much greater!)

So we know that GOD sees everything...

And the most amazing thing about GOD, is that HE can spot a ounce of hate in a pound of love any day! And GOD says... "don't be a hater... be a helper"!

GOD is really great at teaching me things... and that's because I am a seeker... so GOD is more than obliged to show me the truth of life.

And when HE showed me the extent of the hate in the world... wow... I couldn't believe it! But of course I do believe it... because GOD gives me the time that I need to absorb these types of things.

I still don't think that GOD made a mistake for giving us a free will. HE did that on purpose... for a reason. And as an x restaurant manager, I can appreciate the difference between an employee who comes to work with a smile on their face and a happy heart in their soul... rather than someone who is being forced to work... who really doesn't want to be there and does a half ass job.

Its the same with GOD, HE wants a HAPPY HELPER!

Now... this whole blog idea came when GOD showed me the hate that is all over...

To much needless hate... and it is still there...

And it started a very long time ago... and GOD has tried over and over and over to tell us that it is better to LOVE ONE ANOTHER... rather than hate one another.

And boy can some people hate... I see it.

But the real problem is lack of respect... now who is not respecting whom?

Ok, GOD is showing me a people who were not labelled... they lived in a time when they didn't know much about differences... they were just people.

And then Moses gave us The Law.

And people started following the law, because it was good and it kept order and let everyone know there was a standard set about the actions that are good and bad. You see GOD tried to raise us without sin... but we wouldn't have it... the lusts of the flesh always get in the way.

And men became rulers of themselves and started labeling themselves... As Jews they did pretty good... the old ways were ancient barbaric torture and death for sin.

But it was the rich who could sin all they wanted and then go to a priest and give them a goat or a bird etc... and they would be absolved of their sin. It didn't matter to them, they had many birds and many goats and sheep. It was a sacrifice for sin that most of the sinners could care less about. It was the law and when they would sin, they would always just give up another animal... they had plenty. Sometimes some places, if you did not have a sacrifice for sin... you were the sacrifice.

Now that's not to be confused with the 'other' people who actually did sacrifice unblemished children on the alter :(

Soon GOD became dis heartened...

GOD saw that men loved the sin more than they loved the animal.

So GOD thought and thought and finally figured out the perfect plan...

HE HIMSELF would live and die on the earth. No longer would HIS blessing be only for a chosen few... for HE would go beyond the Jews and spread HIS love to ALL who seek after it! And so HE chose the beautiful and practically perfect Mary and Joseph and HE swooshed down and impregnated Mary with HIS SPIRIT... and the spirit became a living soul! (wow, it was so powerful I am getting goose bumps!) This is a mystery that not many will truly understand, I have my ideas, but GOD is telling me not to go there right now... that is not the issue today.

So Jesus came... GOD in the flesh! Oh he was perfect from the get go! Even at the age of 12 he was studying with the elders in the temple... learning as much as he could!

Now I don't know about you, but 12 is when my daughter went off the deep end and started lying to me about what she was doing and where she was going... and had adults telling her to lie to me so she could stay and party with her friends. Well that too is another story...

But I was so impressed by Jesus who chose to do the right thing and educate his brain with mens laws and such... I believe he even studied Confucius... because he interpreted Confucius's old saying... 'Don't do something to someone that you wouldn't want done to you."  (great advice eh?)

But it was in the negative and we know that it is better to be positive so Jesus took that great advice and said in the positive... 'Do to others as you wish they would do to you!"

Jesus was a great man who lived and died as a real man... he suffered like we all do... he was tempted like we all are... and he triumphed when he won the keys to hell! And he replaced it with the key to heaven... and its there for all of us... even when the Jews rejected him... oh wait... God is saying... SOME of the Jews... the majority of the Jews... and most importantly the Jews who were in charge of the church... they were in bed with the politicians of the day. (could that be why we separated the 2?) and of course the people were going to side with the ones in power... to favor them hoping they would be favored... and not be murdered for their opinion... so they just followed along with the religious men who hated Jesus because they were afraid to confront them... for fear of their own death. It was a crazy world... but GOD saw the corruption among the religious men way before we did... but everyone who knew Jesus stood up for him... but it just wasn't enough... the good news of Jesus wasn't even enough to save him... because the people of that day were haters... and corrupt... Jesus did his very best to change all that... but they hated him for wanting to take the power of men's souls out of their hands.

When Jesus died, the word was already out... had been made flesh and the people who lived in the flesh took it to heart. LOVE ONE ANOTHER... LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF!

Lord its so easy a child could understand!

And the people became Christians... the ones who defied the worldliness of sin... the ones who took the law and said, "If you love each other you wont lie and cheat with each other! Much less murder rape or steal from them!!!

So the word spread and the world accepted the GOD of LOVE... and the PEOPLE learned and spread Christianity as far as the mouth could take them! And people were so HAPPY to hear it! It was so simple and it was what they wanted to do anyway... LOVE each other! And peace was the norm! Living life with happiness was the norm!

But still... there were those who hated the fact that they had lost control of their people... they lost their power to control them... And so they defied the word of Christ... oh, I think it was about 600 years later... the evil again came into the earth... and controlled the hearts and minds of the ones who let the evil control them... urging them on with the promise of power... ohhh the lies that were told from the evil one...

And we remember that we were told after the Gospels of Jesus Christ... that if anyone come with any other doctrine... do not believe. For love is the key to a happy successful life! We should know by now there is nothing better!

And then came Islam... they called themselves Muslims... they say they worship the same god as the old testament. My thought is, if your worshiping the same god as the old testament why didn't you hear the call of the new covenant? And why did you change with the distribution of the Koran that teaches hate? Oh yes... it teaches to hate, so deeply that a man can easily lop off another mans head for not agreeing with them... now isn't that what they did to Jesus???

Didn't the people murder Jesus because they didn't like what he had to say???

Now I know that Muslims love their religion as much as the Christians and Jews love theirs... but come on up with the times Muslims... we no longer sacrifice for sin. Jesus was the final sacrifice for sin and we don't do that anymore!

Yes we have the law... but the law also recognizes the importance of LIFE, we do still have the death penalty, but not for sin... but for crime! And this is a good thing!

And how can anyone serve any other GOD other than the GOD OF LOVE???

The truth is... it is the same as it was in the old testament, the people follow out of fear.

Oh sure, some of the arrogant haughty ones really want the control of the PEOPLE!

But the thing we are waiting on is for the ones who still espouse hate to realize that LOVE is where we need to be... and loving LOVE is something that we could all benefit from.

And its not just those people... you know the ones I am talking about... the ones who are against us... the ones who espouse hatred in their religion... there are others also who have no religion... and those are the ones who don't have Jesus... the ones who do what they want to do when they want to do it and how they want to do it. They defy Jesus and they hate anyone who gets in their way.

This happened when we took GOD out of our school system. And all that was, was a bunch of lies put out by a bunch of arrogant people who couldn't and wouldn't acknowledge the GOD of LOVE! We see people going on murder sprees... some are Muslim Jihadists who are doing it to kill off all the people who do not agree with their Islam... and then there are those who do not have Jesus in their heart to guide them... and so they lose control.

You know its all about maintaining control when we don't want to.

My example is always the sin of gluttony... if I don't control what I eat... ugh... I will get fat and ill and die young! And GOD doesn't want that for me!

For the sin of adultery... its all about controlling those super strong desires to have sex with random people that you meet on the street... or in keeping up with our times, on the internet!

For murder... its all about controlling your raging anger...

You get what I mean?

So in the end...

Doesn't matter what label you put on yourself...

As long as you follow the word of GOD and follow what Jesus said...

We won't lose!

Because LOVE lives on... and on and on...

And a 100 years down the road it will all be different for THE PEOPLE.

Because we will conquer hate with the loving actions of LOVE and CARE and HELP!

And everyday I am seeing more and more loving actions...

If you are carrying hate in your heart... I can tell you now it is not the way of LIFE... it creates a hell for so many innocent people... and this is the greatest of all sin... harboring hate... holding on to something that murders and destroys all things that are good and lovely.

Some people live large in the world... they have great power... and they don't want to lose control... but who needs control where there is the LOVE of GOD???

Well, I feel like I could go on and on, on this subject. But I am needed somewhere in just a few minutes! And I am not one to let other PEOPLE down, because I LOVE THEM!

GOD Bless us... Everyone!


Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Ho's, Harlots and Homos

This is another blog that I would rather not write... but GOD says to do it, so I will, because I want to please my Lord, HE is... who gives me strength and power to absolve the tests and trials in life!

These 3 types of people have a lot in common. But the big thing they have in common is that they serve the flesh... they serve 'self' and they live in a world where they are accepted as normal.

And they are normal,  because we are all sinners... in one form or the other.

I have very much experience with all of these types of people. In fact... there was a time I was a 'ho' myself! Oh yeah... and I loved it! It was a lot of fun and very self gratifying!Those years which were 5, I think, were some fun years! And not only was I a 'ho' I was also very selective on who I would be a ho with! I had just come off of my last divorce, so I didn't want a relationship, but I also didn't want to waste my youth... I was early 40ish, and not getting any younger... and the internet made it so easy to find friends who wanted the same thing. So to solve my problem I only dated married men, I knew they had a wife that they would go home to. I didn't want anyone to love me at that time. And I justified it by saying I was getting old and just having fun while I could.

But... GOD always has a way to make me understand HIS ways and to understand why I needed to follow them. So, one of the guys I was seeing on a regular basis was the 'toe sucker'... he loved to suck on my toes... we were hot and heavy for a couple years. And then one day he called me and said he was in the hospital because he had run over his toes with a lawnmower and the Drs didn't know if they were gonna be able to save the toes. Oh wow... now GOD wasn't talking to me back then like HE does now... and of course it was because HE cannot be in the midst of sin. But I got the message real quick and prayed hard to GOD and told HIM that if HE would save the mans toes I would never sleep with another married man again. So, when my friend called and said they saved his toes I knew GOD kept HIS side of our deal. So when I explained to him that I felt like it was a warning from GOD and I had to stop. He... and his other friend, tried so hard for days, months to tell me no, and said 'it was just a coincidence'... but I know better. It was an action brought on by GOD for punishment for the sin of man... and it reflected on me too because I was allowing and helping him to sin.

I am happy to say... that I have not slept with a married man since.

Being a 'ho' puts you in a lower class, that no one who has any self worth wants a part of. Well, except the other ho's and pleasure seekers. They are arrogant in their ways and think only of pleasing themselves.

Sleeping with different men fed my ego, made me feel wanted... and I must admit I did feel a certain power when I refused a serious relationship and only played on my terms. Wow, did I have some sexual power! I could seduce, reuse and then throw away the men who came to see me.

But, it was a sin... and GOD dealt with me about it.

My sin was not a secret. I told a close friend and she understood and just made me promise I would never have sex with her husband (I never have). And I respect that, because I didn't like knowing the wives and this was one of my closest friends! And she also told me her sin... we shared and talked about it, to try to understand... and still we walked away not knowing the motive of the sin.

Well now I know... it was all about serving the flesh!

And I think that's what ho's do... they are serving their flesh to feel good!

(that is what I do when I over eat)

Now a harlot is a bit different than a ho... and the word 'harlot' is a very old label. These people have been around a very long time. And what makes them different than a ho is... the ho has sex for fun... to satisfy the flesh... the harlot charges money to satisfy her needs, other than sexual gratification. We have a lot of these people today and these days they are called, 'prostitutes'. Most of these women don't even get off sexually. Their only concern is to get the person off who is paying them to. And some pay a very high price.

We always have to remember here... we should never judge, because we are each going through our own ordeals... following our own path... making our own decisions and the reasoning of others we cannot know. We must never judge, because we are not like them... we don't walk in their shoes.

Now homos... HAHAHA... I hope your not offended of the word, but it is a word... a label put on those who choose to have same sex relationships. I want everyone to know... I love my homosexual friends... they are so good to me... they are sweet and funny and I always love to see them when they come to visit! They don't all come at the same time... but I have known all of them for several years... one since she was 5 and she is now 26 and like a daughter to me!

I believe there are several reasons why people turn to same sex sex... right off the top of my head I think a lot of it has to do with hormones. We all have different levels of hormones and some may be a little off balance. So a man who has feminine gestures doesn't mean their gay and a woman who has more manly features doesn't mean their lesbians. I think its just the hormone levels of each individual.

Also there is bullying among the more level hormoneded people. I think some people become gay simply because they are told over and over that they are, by some mean person or people.

And also society accepts homosexuals now... and that is good... because there are a lot of good people who are homosexuals.

But think with me a minute about an experiment... now we only have to go into our minds to do this experiment because the truth will be known here and now by the ones who seek after truth.

OK... first of all... before I get started on that... here's a question I ask...  lets say homosexuality is the 'right' thing to do... now come on... just go with me here for a minute... ok... now... homosexuality is the 'right thing to do among men' and so we all do it... think hard... what would happen?
OK now think on that for a minute...

Now... here is the experiment... lets 'separate the people' ... lets go along the secular lines and say we are different... and lets say we put all gays on an island of their own design... and we put all lesbians on an island, and then lets say we put all straight people on an island... I know... these are some BIG islands...  HAHAHA

OK... a 100 years go by... lets check back and see what happened... well on both the homosexual islands there is just a handful of very old people, and they are waiting to see who it will be... who will be the one to bury the rest... the last one sitting in the chair... or laying in the bed. And then... the islands would go back to nature without THE PEOPLE there.

Now, lets go see what is going on at the island of the straight...

OMG... do you see it?


Life is going on... there are CHILDREN there who learn from the adults how to carry on and LIVE and care and help and LOVE each other! Serving the GOD of the LIVING!

Remember when the children were coming up to Jesus and their parents shushed them and said leave him alone... let him relax... do you remember what Jesus said????

He smiled and said "Hey... its OK... please allow the children to be close to me, because this is what heaven is all about, brethren"...

... and so it was, that the children loved Jesus... why? because HE LOVED THEM!

And we all know that was the message of Jesus...

He told us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER...

And as far as sin goes... we all got em'... and what we do with it, is our own personal thing between us and GOD... it is not good that men judge men for sin.

And that is the commonality of these 3 types of people.


And its OK... the world is full of sin... and sinful things...

But the wonderment of GOD is that HE can take us away from our sin... and bring us closer to HIM, because believe me, I know... our closeness to GOD depends on our closeness to sin.

Do we serve our flesh?

Or do we serve the spirit among men?

Do we care more for what we're gonna wear or what we're gonna eat.. rather than caring about what legacy we are leaving behind for THE PEOPLE?

GOD is telling me now that the thing to appreciate the most today is that HIS people outnumber the other people... and remember GODS PEOPLE does include sinners... who are on their way to learning and growing... and knowing GOD, because HE is the ONE who tells us in our hearts and minds what is good and what is bad... and we live and learn as we grow.

We must learn these things at one time or the other... its better to learn from other peoples mistakes... if you can look beyond your own noses... and see there are other people out there who have made many mistakes... lets not keep doing that!

Lets get on with it. Because the only thing that matters here and now is the example we are setting for the children... we are showing more hate than ever in the world today. It is terrible!

Lets get away from the judging and hatred. Lets let go of other peoples sins and allow them to work them out with GOD... we are not GOD, we are not the ones who have power over life and death.

Let all men agree that no one is without sin... there are many many sins and different people have different sins...

And with these 3 types... that is their commonality... simply sin...

Being free with your body... or charging for the use of your flesh... and even having same sex sex... they are all sins... just like other sins... we all got em... and our job with Jesus at our side is to get over them and become PPP's... (practically perfect people)

I once was lost, but now am found...

... was blind but now I see!

GOD bless us all... IJCNA

Thursday, April 02, 2015

The 7 Spirits of GOD

Never in my life have I ever heard a preacher talk about the 7 spirits of GOD that is talked about in Revelations... and I never really gave it a thought when I was a kid and a teenager because I never read Revelations until after I was baptized. After that event, I read my Bible 7 times over before I actually read Revelations. I think... because it scared me. So it wasn't until I was much older in the Lord that I read Revelations. And when I did some things popped out at me and some didn't... and it wasn't until very recently I have re read Revelations... just to see what I could get out of it. And I again, read about the 7 spirits of GOD. And I started to wonder about the root of that statement... and I was certainly old enough in the Lord to understand... I did a Google search... and there was nothing about it, except one guy who wrote a book and said the 7 spirits of GOD can be found described in the whole of the Bible.

Well... hmmmm... I just wasn't to clear on what that meant... I mean I thought he could create whatever out of anything that he could of read and picked an event to describe... what... I don't know... and when I don't know something, I always go to GOD. And so I did. And HE gave me a vision... of 7 different men standing side by side... and I thought... huh? It was sorta fuzzy... or in the distance at first.

I thought on it a couple months and and examined the vision... and kept asking HIM questions about the vision... (and that was for my own mind... just to make sure I wasn't making anything up out of my own thoughts and dreams). I always want to get it right so I did spend a lot of time with GOD on this vision... and it helped me to understand a little better what is meant by the 7 spirits of GOD and what that means to us now... in these times... and over time I saw more clearly the whole of the vision and soon it became clear... the whole thing...

And this is what I saw...

I saw 7 men standing side by side... they were all smiling... at me, and among themselves... they are pleased that we are talking about them... they were all friendly and there would be times they would create a circle among themselves and they would laugh and chat like they were old friends getting together after a very long time... and then GOD allowed me a closer look... and I saw them backing up in line again... watching me watch them... for this was their time to shine and show the true meaning of the 7 spirits of GOD...

The first man was a Jewish man... he had a long beard and was dressed like Jesus and had that circle cap and robes... the 2nd man was a Christian and dressed in a suit and a tie... like a lot of our preachers today... and the 3rd man was a Muslim... dressed in Muslim garb... and the 4th was a Hindu man... and the 5th was a Buddhist, and he was NOT fat! And The 6th was a Native American... dressed in his loincloth... and feathers... oh and he was not fat either... I could tell by his 6 pack and all those muscles... and the 7th man was a man dressed like Confucius... and as I was shown down the side and over the top, I could see that all of these men...  had men, (and women) standing behind them all dressed in different attire... the lines were so long I couldn't see the end of it... and GOD told me there was no ending to them... for they are THE PEOPLE... in line standing behind the 7 different men in the front... but what I could definitely see was that the many different people were standing in straight lines... and at times they relaxed and chatted and laughed, waiting for me to examine the vision... some even talking about me! That sorta freaked me out! HAHAHA

And then, the thing that GOD asked me next, sorta floored me... HE asked me what was the most important thing to notice... HAHAHA... (nervous laughter) WHAT? How do I know... ??? And HE said... LOOK! And I did look... and I saw the most obvious thing of all... There was no hate! They were not fighting! They were not killing each other...  they were all humans getting along!

And then GOD said... "when all THE PEOPLE in the earth come together and agree with the message of Jesus, my son... so that LOVE is KEY in our life... and serving that LOVE is the most important thing we could ever do for each other. Then PEACE will come"... when we all realize that with GOD, color and creed doesn't matter... to GOD the only thing that matters is that we 'love and care about each other'... and live and love and marry and have children to share this beautiful life of love with! And always do right by others... because they are human too... just like you. And each of us deserves respect as a human being.

And I did try to forget... I knew if it was my own thought I would forget... but I couldn't forget... and GOD kept telling me... 'write the vision'...

And so I did...

GOD Bless us... Everyone! IJCNA