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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Ho's, Harlots and Homos

This is another blog that I would rather not write... but GOD says to do it, so I will, because I want to please my Lord, HE is... who gives me strength and power to absolve the tests and trials in life!

These 3 types of people have a lot in common. But the big thing they have in common is that they serve the flesh... they serve 'self' and they live in a world where they are accepted as normal.

And they are normal,  because we are all sinners... in one form or the other.

I have very much experience with all of these types of people. In fact... there was a time I was a 'ho' myself! Oh yeah... and I loved it! It was a lot of fun and very self gratifying!Those years which were 5, I think, were some fun years! And not only was I a 'ho' I was also very selective on who I would be a ho with! I had just come off of my last divorce, so I didn't want a relationship, but I also didn't want to waste my youth... I was early 40ish, and not getting any younger... and the internet made it so easy to find friends who wanted the same thing. So to solve my problem I only dated married men, I knew they had a wife that they would go home to. I didn't want anyone to love me at that time. And I justified it by saying I was getting old and just having fun while I could.

But... GOD always has a way to make me understand HIS ways and to understand why I needed to follow them. So, one of the guys I was seeing on a regular basis was the 'toe sucker'... he loved to suck on my toes... we were hot and heavy for a couple years. And then one day he called me and said he was in the hospital because he had run over his toes with a lawnmower and the Drs didn't know if they were gonna be able to save the toes. Oh wow... now GOD wasn't talking to me back then like HE does now... and of course it was because HE cannot be in the midst of sin. But I got the message real quick and prayed hard to GOD and told HIM that if HE would save the mans toes I would never sleep with another married man again. So, when my friend called and said they saved his toes I knew GOD kept HIS side of our deal. So when I explained to him that I felt like it was a warning from GOD and I had to stop. He... and his other friend, tried so hard for days, months to tell me no, and said 'it was just a coincidence'... but I know better. It was an action brought on by GOD for punishment for the sin of man... and it reflected on me too because I was allowing and helping him to sin.

I am happy to say... that I have not slept with a married man since.

Being a 'ho' puts you in a lower class, that no one who has any self worth wants a part of. Well, except the other ho's and pleasure seekers. They are arrogant in their ways and think only of pleasing themselves.

Sleeping with different men fed my ego, made me feel wanted... and I must admit I did feel a certain power when I refused a serious relationship and only played on my terms. Wow, did I have some sexual power! I could seduce, reuse and then throw away the men who came to see me.

But, it was a sin... and GOD dealt with me about it.

My sin was not a secret. I told a close friend and she understood and just made me promise I would never have sex with her husband (I never have). And I respect that, because I didn't like knowing the wives and this was one of my closest friends! And she also told me her sin... we shared and talked about it, to try to understand... and still we walked away not knowing the motive of the sin.

Well now I know... it was all about serving the flesh!

And I think that's what ho's do... they are serving their flesh to feel good!

(that is what I do when I over eat)

Now a harlot is a bit different than a ho... and the word 'harlot' is a very old label. These people have been around a very long time. And what makes them different than a ho is... the ho has sex for fun... to satisfy the flesh... the harlot charges money to satisfy her needs, other than sexual gratification. We have a lot of these people today and these days they are called, 'prostitutes'. Most of these women don't even get off sexually. Their only concern is to get the person off who is paying them to. And some pay a very high price.

We always have to remember here... we should never judge, because we are each going through our own ordeals... following our own path... making our own decisions and the reasoning of others we cannot know. We must never judge, because we are not like them... we don't walk in their shoes.

Now homos... HAHAHA... I hope your not offended of the word, but it is a word... a label put on those who choose to have same sex relationships. I want everyone to know... I love my homosexual friends... they are so good to me... they are sweet and funny and I always love to see them when they come to visit! They don't all come at the same time... but I have known all of them for several years... one since she was 5 and she is now 26 and like a daughter to me!

I believe there are several reasons why people turn to same sex sex... right off the top of my head I think a lot of it has to do with hormones. We all have different levels of hormones and some may be a little off balance. So a man who has feminine gestures doesn't mean their gay and a woman who has more manly features doesn't mean their lesbians. I think its just the hormone levels of each individual.

Also there is bullying among the more level hormoneded people. I think some people become gay simply because they are told over and over that they are, by some mean person or people.

And also society accepts homosexuals now... and that is good... because there are a lot of good people who are homosexuals.

But think with me a minute about an experiment... now we only have to go into our minds to do this experiment because the truth will be known here and now by the ones who seek after truth.

OK... first of all... before I get started on that... here's a question I ask...  lets say homosexuality is the 'right' thing to do... now come on... just go with me here for a minute... ok... now... homosexuality is the 'right thing to do among men' and so we all do it... think hard... what would happen?
OK now think on that for a minute...

Now... here is the experiment... lets 'separate the people' ... lets go along the secular lines and say we are different... and lets say we put all gays on an island of their own design... and we put all lesbians on an island, and then lets say we put all straight people on an island... I know... these are some BIG islands...  HAHAHA

OK... a 100 years go by... lets check back and see what happened... well on both the homosexual islands there is just a handful of very old people, and they are waiting to see who it will be... who will be the one to bury the rest... the last one sitting in the chair... or laying in the bed. And then... the islands would go back to nature without THE PEOPLE there.

Now, lets go see what is going on at the island of the straight...

OMG... do you see it?


Life is going on... there are CHILDREN there who learn from the adults how to carry on and LIVE and care and help and LOVE each other! Serving the GOD of the LIVING!

Remember when the children were coming up to Jesus and their parents shushed them and said leave him alone... let him relax... do you remember what Jesus said????

He smiled and said "Hey... its OK... please allow the children to be close to me, because this is what heaven is all about, brethren"...

... and so it was, that the children loved Jesus... why? because HE LOVED THEM!

And we all know that was the message of Jesus...

He told us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER...

And as far as sin goes... we all got em'... and what we do with it, is our own personal thing between us and GOD... it is not good that men judge men for sin.

And that is the commonality of these 3 types of people.


And its OK... the world is full of sin... and sinful things...

But the wonderment of GOD is that HE can take us away from our sin... and bring us closer to HIM, because believe me, I know... our closeness to GOD depends on our closeness to sin.

Do we serve our flesh?

Or do we serve the spirit among men?

Do we care more for what we're gonna wear or what we're gonna eat.. rather than caring about what legacy we are leaving behind for THE PEOPLE?

GOD is telling me now that the thing to appreciate the most today is that HIS people outnumber the other people... and remember GODS PEOPLE does include sinners... who are on their way to learning and growing... and knowing GOD, because HE is the ONE who tells us in our hearts and minds what is good and what is bad... and we live and learn as we grow.

We must learn these things at one time or the other... its better to learn from other peoples mistakes... if you can look beyond your own noses... and see there are other people out there who have made many mistakes... lets not keep doing that!

Lets get on with it. Because the only thing that matters here and now is the example we are setting for the children... we are showing more hate than ever in the world today. It is terrible!

Lets get away from the judging and hatred. Lets let go of other peoples sins and allow them to work them out with GOD... we are not GOD, we are not the ones who have power over life and death.

Let all men agree that no one is without sin... there are many many sins and different people have different sins...

And with these 3 types... that is their commonality... simply sin...

Being free with your body... or charging for the use of your flesh... and even having same sex sex... they are all sins... just like other sins... we all got em... and our job with Jesus at our side is to get over them and become PPP's... (practically perfect people)

I once was lost, but now am found...

... was blind but now I see!

GOD bless us all... IJCNA


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