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Friday, January 15, 2010


Have we become so complacent that we can ignore what is going on right under our noses?

Have we been happier burying our heads in the sand so as not to have to deal with the issues of the world? It just can't be that we have become lazy. I don't believe it.

Are we to busy?

We have been such a strong independent nation that maybe we have just taken for granted the way things have been... believing that they will stay that way. The way our forefathers meant for it to be. But things are changing. We were promised change and change it is!

But for the worse.

I would love to simplify it all and say, "Well, we wanted GOD out of our way and that's just what we got, HE allowed us to be alone... go our own way." But it isn't that simple.

The truth is... that the powers that be, here in America have placed not only us, but our children and our children's children and probably even their children as collateral for all the bailouts that have been given out so freely, so that big business would not fold. But maybe, that's what needs to happen. When big business's fail, they should do what everyone else does in that situation. File for bankruptcy and start over. If government keeps giving them money, it's just going down the same hole that they lost their other moneys in.

I had read somewhere something like this... instead of giving all the trillions and trillions of dollars to big corps who throw it around in places that are unfit. The president should give everyone who is over 50 and has been working all their lives and is an American citizen 1 million dollars. With the stipulation that they buy a new house and buy a new car. And of course pay off all their debt. I think this would be an excellent idea. Put the money back in the hands of the people who will spend it and put it back into the economy.

Until we make a change like that... we really have to pay attention to what is real. What is going on now. Why things are getting so bad while we are so distracted with work and all the other things that need to be done.

What is going on and what are the top brass doing that will change life as we know it?

You know, the 28th Amendment to our constitution says they are not suppose to impose regulations that they themselves don't take on. And it is plain to see this is not happening.

OK, now I want to get to my main point. Why we need GOD...

People have been around for a long time. But so many of us have forgotten our History. Have forgotten the lessons learned from our forefathers. Do you remember how they fought for our freedom? How so many people before us, gave their lives so that we as a people could live in freedom and make our own lives the way we choose? And do you realise with all the bailouts that our future children have been placed in hock for... will only cause us to become slaves?

We no longer have the freedom to say and do what we will. So many have been silenced because someone was offended. Errrr, got their toes stepped on, in my point of view.

But I still have the freedom to post here what I am thinking and feeling inside as an independent. And I am wanting to speak for others, who have no clue.

And that is precisely what I am worried about. People who have no clue.

Say what you will about Christianity, but the truth is... if you follow the rules that GOD has written in stone, in books and in some peoples hearts... if you simply follow these laws of humanity... you will have a perfect life! If your confused and don't know what to do. GOD has laid down these laws to keep us from trouble.

If you don't lie or cheat others... you wont be in trouble for it. If you don't commit adultery... no more broken hearts and children created from people other than the husband or wife. No more reason for jealous rages, or motives for revenge. If you don't fornicate... no more children having children!

If people would simply LOVE ONE ANOTHER... they would always do what's best for others and there would be less arguments, murders... and back logging of our court systems.

If people would simply listen and follow the Golden rule, that I learned when I was 5;

We would be living in a much better society.