Blessed by GOD, to be loud and proud of what is good and right and true! GOD bless us, Everyone! IJCNA

Sunday, July 04, 2010


I was reading in the Yahoo news, there is a billboard in North Carolina. It says... on top, "ONE NATION" and on the bottom "INDIVSIBLE". Of course I have to have my say. I first come out with...



We were only indivisible when we all stood for 'ONE THING'>>> GOD!

But thats all in the past! So sad... :(


People are so quick to jump on the band wagon, I almost hate to post my thoughts there for the verbal attacks that occur. But you know, the more I read these posts, the sadder I become. Some people dont even know anything about GOD. And I know that some people dont really care to. But the fact is, I grew up in hell so I had to discover pretty quick what was right and wrong. It is simple. If someone is doing something they dont want people to know about, its probably wrong. There were some people wondering, 'where were the signs of GOD, where was HE? I got off the computer for a little while and was praying for a way to help. The only way I know how to help, is to share what I have learned. I didn't know how I was going to do that... then I had a crazy idea! So then I posted...


Looking for GOD? Cant seem to find HIM? I can help... and then I posted my cell phone number. I know that most people, believers and non believers are gonna think I am crazy posting my cell phone number... and maybe I am. But this is how much I love and believe in GOD.
Just leave a message with a # and I will call you back. Please do not call if you are going to name call and argue.
If you are sincere, I am here and I have a hotline to GOD!


I know, pretty bold, huh? Yes many thought I was ignorant. But you know what? I didnt care! GOD knows how I am and HE knows I put it all out there... and surprisingly I got 3 messages from people who had sorta lost touch with GOD. I did respond and hope they write again.

Of course, so many people post comments on the news, but this one generated almost 20 thousand posts!

As the day went on... people kept up their rediculous childish behavior. I sware, some people dont even know how to argue constructively. Whew... it was almost to much!

But then one came round asking about what is the deal anyway... Why are we here and what does it all mean??? So of course I had the answer... hahaha... I replied...


Why do we exist? Why does GOD exist? What is the meaning of life? It is simple, the answer is PEOPLE! People... the people who love you and the people who you love. And the reason there is so much misery and death in the world is because>>> People have stopped caring about people... and we can do that if we choose... People have done this because people are not perfect. That is where it's nice to have GOD, HE forgives us and loves us just the same.


On what authority do I state these things? Well... it is from an educated brain. I have read myself silly. Silly enough to post my cell phone on the internet for GOD. And things got a little hairy there, but basically it was how far I would go to do for GOD. And I felt, if it helped just one person, then it was worth it! Which it was!

In the end... the sad fact is... my phone never rang. Yes, people did contact me online. But not once, did the phone ring with anyone calling. So ironic in a way because I honestly thought I would be overwhelmed with calls. But it didnt happen. There were a few who believed it too... one person said I would soon have to change my phone number.
But no one called... not one call.

It really doesnt surprise me. We have grown so far away from GOD. So many people who don't understand, making up their own theories. But the good news is that there are still many who are good, who know how to be good. People who are loving and kind and helpful to the people around them. And for that, I am happy! I cant think about what the others are going through. I am just so glad to have something strong and good to believe in.

What I want to remind people here today is that GOD IS NOT DEAD! HE is alive and well and living in the hearts and minds of HIS children! HE is the GOD of the LIVING! Living within a PEOPLE with a common spirit of LOVE and RESPECT and having a devotion to what is good and right!

Think what you will of me. Maybe I am a little 'out there'... but at least I am not alone... I have GOD with me... and all of HIS children!