Blessed by GOD, to be loud and proud of what is good and right and true! GOD bless us, Everyone! IJCNA

Sunday, November 27, 2016

And GOD Gives Another...

Dream, that is... You know its supposed to happen... and boy does it happen!

So in this dream... was crazy but expected... I got kicked out of a Church!

I have always said when asked "why don't you go to Church?" I usually say, well these days I can watch more than one on TV... I enjoy several of them. But there is another reason I have known for years... I know that a lot of Churches would kick me out.

You see, some Churches are there for the great business... And this one was.... now I am not saying that all conglomerate churches are in it for the money... I do think that GOD does bless some with much riches and they do still build great and beautiful churches.

So this does NOT mean that every BIG Church is just in business for the money.

But this one was... and it was a big place... I had known many people in there and some were crying when I was leaving... some ignored me.

I didn't care. I knew their secret! I didn't want to be there anyway.

You see, this is why GOD sent Jesus!

Men used to have to go to the Temple and make a sacrifice for their sin...
 it was no skin off their nose, it was a fowl or a 4 legged animal they would sacrifice to the Priests... whew... don't you know those men had some great BBQ's!

HAHAHA, my point is... GOD did not dwell in all the hearts and minds of men back then... HE only dwelt where one devoted their life to HIM! My favorite of them all... Daniel... Daniel was a true man of GOD! And the reason was... because Daniel was GOOD and HOLY... and shared his wisdom to others who didn't really know what was going on... they just didn't want to be caught doing it for fear of having their head lopped off.

You see some are still to this day practicing this sort of terror. And GOD saw that it was not good!

So GOD begin to think about how HE could reach THE PEOPLES hearts and souls... telling them what is good and what is bad. You hear? The beginning of WISDOM is knowledge... and many men and women have found it throughout the years... the millions of years we have been here as a PEOPLE... GOD was their GOD back then... and HE is our GOD today... and HE will be with them in the future... GOD IS THE GOD OF THE LIVING...

God wants us to know the pitfalls in this life.

HE tells us through Jesus how to LIVE and how to LOVE and then continues with the many many Saints that have lived on this earth! GOD has been with US Always!

This is why GOD works so well... because GOD teaches us to LOVE and CARE for each other... there are some who teach to only care about what they say.

I wouldn't even say that... because I want you to FEEL THE LOVE in your own heart, enough to seek GOD and HIS wisdom. And that is why it is said, Jesus is the way... because Jesus... well, let me tell you... Jesus was a very bright young boy... and when he came up missing that day... where was he??? In the Temple learning all he could! HA! Yes... at 12 years old... the time that most young people go off to the other side... Jesus went for the wisdom of old! And that is how he got started, being interested in the ancient religions... I believe that Jesus even read about Confucius... simply because Jesus updated what Confucius said. Confucius say... 'Don't do something to someone that you wouldn't want done to you!' Jesus said, 'Do unto others as you would want them to do to you!' Same thing... just worded different!

Treat others KINDLY...

I saw a video of a Christian who drank from the water from a mosque and got beat for it! This is not showing the kind LOVE that Jesus was talking about. And these are the people who follow the ancient laws of old that GOD did get rid of, through Jesus the Christ... the final sacrifice.

We now LOVE and rehab those who need help.

I can see the PEOPLE are pretty dang smart in the world! We know the difference these days.

We can... well, most of us can know that beating a man for drinking your water is not something that GOD wants us to do to show others HIS spirit! Is just wrong.

You know... no matter what label you wear... what doctrine you follow... what creed you need... or what tradition you love... none of that matters to GOD... what matters to GOD is... Are you a good person who LOVES OTHERS and does all you can to HELP THE PEOPLE to survive and live a good and healthy life? Child or spouse or parent or any relative or friends who are close like blood. Doesn't matter because what you do to any of them is like your doing it for GOD.

I do so admire the men who are strong enough to care about a woman... and yet smart enough to know when to give her space... and give her a place where she is happy and safe. I love that about some men. Sadly these days there is a war of the sexes going on... but all we have to do is just respect each other for who we are! Its so simple even a child could do it!

LOVE is helping others instead of hurting them!

I have a blog in my head... more on that later... but what I am thinking is how grateful I am that I am seeing so many GOOD people HELPING other people in various ways.

Oh screw the ones who fake it for a video... no... when you truly HELP someone, it doesn't matter if your friends know about it... you know... I hear... the best way is to just do it in secret... and GOD will see and give you rewards beyond your fleshly sight!

I think lists are good... we can learn by repetitive input. What I mean by that is like on Facebook, you see things go round a few times over... I always re-read some that are my favorite, or re-watch a video a few times just because it is so amazing!

I am so happy that there are so many GOOD creative PEOPLE sharing what they have!

Lets be inspired by them...

Lets get off the pity potty and change the way we think... there have been many bad habits that some people have fallen into. We can fix it! We have the knowledge!

There was once long long ago... a list that GOD gave us... but Satan did his best to sway THE PEOPLE away. Well its in the old testament...  doesn't matter anymore... the devil can no longer use them against us.

GOD sent Jesus... the final sacrifice for sin... and now we have only one law...


It hurts my heart when I see someone, see someone... and be nice to their face and then behind their backs they whisper mean things about them. Do they think that GOD does not hear them?

That is why we need to learn about 'back biters'...

It's in the book...

Just skip the Old Testament... we are not under 'the law' anymore.

We have the knowledge and the capability to really do some good things these days... its so much better when we can do them for others so that they can have a better life!

We can never know their story.

We can only use GODS SPIRIT ... because GODS SPIRIT is the ALL KNOWING entity of all the beautiful souls that has ever lived and breathed the breath of life...

And that even goes back farther then YHWH!

I mean really folks... We are not alone...

There were 'them'... and there will be 'them' long after we are gone.

I would bet my last nickle that we can get it together and find our way to HEAVEN!

And live with GOD in our hearts, leading and guiding us into the way that is good!

The only problem is... PEOPLE have fallen away from the spirit... DEATH OF THE SPIRIT... check it out... and when people fall away from the spirit, they lose site of the spiritual knowledge. They only care for what they will eat or drink or wear or where the next party is, to seek the desires of the flesh.

Trouble comes when we listen to our flesh and ignore the SPIRIT...

Because THE SPIRIT IS THERE... whether you want to admit it or not.

GOD Bless and keep us... In The Spirit!

Oh... before I go... I want to give a testimony... Most of you know I live in poverty... and now... my babies daddy has lost his job because he lost his eyesight due to cataracts.,. well... GOD is AMAZING... food poured in... these people had no idea what they were doing... they just did what GOD put in their heart to do... one neighbor, brought us turkey dinner... was almost 20 lb turkey! Another friend... who likes to stop by and eat on occasion... brought in 4 bags of meat and veggies! And another friend brought 2 bags of chicken and salmon! HA... and we were doing him a favor! HAHAHA if only he could know...

And I had changed electric companies... and they gave me a bonus... so I didn't even have an electric bill this month and I still have some credit for next month!

No matter what... GOD always supplies our needs!

Praise GOD, Thank You Jesus!

For all Blessings that flow! :)

GOD Bless Us... Everyone! IJCNA

Thursday, November 17, 2016

I Dream Of A Neighbor

I had this crazy dream. It was scary. I woke up and it took me some time to pray about it and ask GOD for the meaning... there is always a meaning to these dreams. You know the ones that are surreal. The ones where you are alive in them and doing something. Hopefully productive!

So it was in my Grandparents neighborhood. Which is the same as where I am now. If they were still there and had kids, my kids would go to school with their kids. And in a way... this is fact... their great great grand children will also go to these schools, which are the same schools that I went to when I was living with my Grandparents.

So I and... someone else... I am not sure who it was... but I do know it was a male figure... we were walking down my Grandparents old street... and on the corner I saw stuff... paperwork and money... all over the yard! I picked up a lot of it and went to the door of the house to ask about it? A woman came to the door... I immediately sensed something was wrong... a man came up behind her and I told them I had found all this paperwork and money and such all over the yard... they took it and said "Thanks" and went back in the house. As I was walking away, I saw some more stuff... money and blue stuff in a baggie... there was a lot of it... I picked it up and went back to the house. Knocked hard... the woman came out... but it was like she was pushed out... she looked terrible! Her makeup all down her face from tears... and bruises and small cuts here and there... her hair was tangled around the mans fist... as he came out behind her with a huge knife...

Now, I have had dreams of knifes and running from my stepfather in the past, even after they divorced I still would have those terrible dreams of him coming after me to kill me, specifically... and they kept coming until I killed him in the last dream of it!

But this current dream was not like that... I wasn't running for my life... I was standing up for others lives... I pushed the woman behind me and I grabbed the man... only GOD could of given me the strength to do it! Remember David and Goliath? There are more stories like that... where we fight against all odds... but when GOD is on our side... We always WIN!

So the man came at me as I went for him... I grabbed him around the neck and grabbed the knife away from him and threw it aside... someone picked it up... I told the people who gathered to call 911. As I was holding him, I never felt like I had lost the power! GOD was with me constantly to help me... help them.

Because in today's society, we have a terrible problem with drugs. And drugs are very bad for you. I notice that a pill is illegal and can get CPS to take away the children... but the same pill given by a Dr s perscription is OK. No problem. Well I do have a problem with it.

And I think I will fight forever until we get some sort of grasp of the situation.

I do understand that some people are just addicted. There are many reasons why... one, maybe they got into a car accident and got started on pain pills and now can't live without them. Dr's know this. We also know that the more you take the more your body begins to build a resistance to it.

Someone else might of gone to the wrong party where they hand out drugs like candy. Now I am not talking about the legal natural stuff they cook into candy these days and sell it to adults. Its just the same as selling lovely flavored booze. Parents must keep their stuff locked away from the children. No, I am talking about the stuff laying out in the yard, (so to speak) for all the world to see and the children to pick up.

And then also... peer pressure... is a bad thing. No one likes to feel jeered and laughed at because they won't do what the others are doing. But all in all... they get what they want.

Legally or illegally.

My first thought is... 'why do they want it?'

I used to be a cutter. And I know that when you are in pain, internally... mentally... when you cut yourself it makes you distracted from the other pain.

So, I am thinking these people who get caught up in the drugs are the same... the drugs distract them from their problems in life. They want to take a pill or a shot of something to knock them out. No pain. No life.  A lot of people die from it. What a shame :(

I always think about how they don't know Jesus. They don't know His story. They don't know what He stands for. And most likely, their family doesn't either. I can see in the world, how people who do not know the old stories, make the mistakes they do.

When you are not in touch with the spirit... you really don't have much to ponder on, other than what your gonna eat or what your gonna wear. Or what movie you will watch.

I love to see the ones who love to read and learn the lessons in life that is there to learn,

Its so important to know these things before we get caught up in them.

Its best to be natural and aware of things...

Its strange to the ones who are not on the drugs. They look and think... "Wow... I don't want to be like that!" "How could they let themselves get to that point?" Sorta like how can a 500 lb person allow themselves to get to that point, when we already have the knowledge to not become obese. Some people look down on folks who don't live in sin... they live in sin and they want everyone to indulge. But I love the ones who are always careful of their diet... and they always get in some workout time... because its good for them. Good for their heart!

I will be so happy when we get to a point to where all the info is out there for the ones coming up to see so they can avoid the mistakes of others who have already passed and ruined it.

I love to read about bios. I love to focus on a person and learn about their life and their life choices. I love the ones who have a great story and then I hurt for the ones who have died of drugs and overdoses of drugs and alcohol. There are so many... and it goes way back. Many have had pills given to them by Drs... and they die. Its not a good thing.

I wonder how many people take to many the first part of the month and then have none for the last part of the month? I wonder how many will run out of legal Dr given drugs and then go buy some on the street to fill their bottle up again?

The only thing good that comes out of this is there is a 50/50 chance the children will learn NOT to do it. I say 50/50 because there will be those children who will see it and laugh and think its funny and will want to try it. They think, 'hey if mom and dad do it I can do it too'. So sad....

Here's my point of view... when you have GOD in your life... telling you to LOVE one another... do good to one another... and you feel the LOVE and the care... and know the feeling of a fulfilled life... with PEOPLE who are there for you and you are there for them... Like parents who choose their children over anything else... and everyone has a someone they can hang out with... even if you love to go home to a quiet place after being around other PEOPLE... its all good! So many different folks accustomed to so many different things.

I believe with all my heart... when you can FEEL the SPIRIT... you have no desire to change the feeling... because it feels so good to be in the SPIRIT... with not only GOD... but with other PEOPLE who love GOD! I think the best thing you can do is find a Church where you can feel the wonderful SPIRIT OF GOD... The PEOPLE there wanting the same thing that you do... to LOVE and to be loved... and to feel the happiness that overflows in your heart!

We must remember that only GOD can make you feel that way. You must have the SPIRIT to discern the SPIRIT. I was driving someone somewhere today and happened to drive by a Church I had known years ago... the Preacher was a 'perv' and his wife wanted to have sex with me! It was the worst feeling ever! And I was so happy to get them out of my life.

Now... I love to watch my favorites on the TV. Or not... whatever I need to do, I do it... I am not so religious that I have all these rules and regulations to steer me...  because we know that the only rule we have is to 'LOVE OTHERS as we love ourselves... there is a lot of work to do... but we can make it happen. I can already see it happening. PEOPLE taking care of other people... not because they are paid to... but because they want to.

Because being with others and sharing LIFE is what LIFE is all about! We are like those old people with short arms and long spoons who cant feed themselves, but they learn that they can feed each other! Its a beautiful thing! I can sure tell ya! :)

I do worry about my children and my grand children. I know what peer pressure can do to a kid. I am so blessed to be apart of their lives. And I feel like its my job to protect them from the world. I talk very open to them. I see them almost every day! I take advantage of my time with them to tell them all that I know. I want them to know what I know now! You know, like when you hear someone say, 'I wish I could go back and do it over, knowing what I know now."  I do say that. But... what I can do is help the children have a chance at a perfect life! Look and see what different people do... and learn from other peoples mistakes! Be smart... be in the know!

There is no reason for anyone to have a sad/bad life... filled with mistakes and regrets... if you do it right the first time... well GOD Bless You!

I feel like I am still struggling... because I am still fighting demons... the ones who attack me and the ones who are with other people around me.

Its a good thing... not to allow the evil to be a part of our life. GOD tells us through Jesus... what we need to know... and its as simple as these words... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

I see to many people who are not loving each other.

We have been conditioned of late to ignore SPIRITUALITY... think only of y/ourself... and not giving a thought to anything else, much less anyone.

But We know that GOD says... we all matter to HIM... no one is better or greater than the other. I see how important it is for us to be helpful to each other. Because without each other... we wouldn't know all there is to know in the world. Look and see... and care... to believe...

GOD is LOVE... GOD is LIGHT in the darkness... GOD is US... and we are HE...

Live and learn... to LOVE and CARE...

For it is there...

that we will discover, Heaven!

Praise GOD... Thank You Jesus!


Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Trump Triumphs

Praise GOD Thank You Jesus!

I should of never doubted! But, I am only human...

And when I first got wind of Trump running, GOD said 'Trump would win'. As I watched so many try to win the nomination... I started thinking that Trump may not win because there were so many good people up there... and still GOD said 'Trump will win'... as the accusations and the name calling started... I started thinking... if the world is evil Trump may not win...
and still GOD said 'Trump will win'...

Last night as we were watching the results... at first, I cried tears of joy when I saw the first electoral numbers coming in... and then when Clinton started winning more than I thought she would... I started to think Trump won't win... (it was my fear)... and GOD said... "Where is your faith? I have told you all along Trump will win"... I was a bit ashamed to be a doubting Thomas.

And you know... when Trump did win... or actually when GOD showed me truly that he would... GOD never got mad at me for not having perfect faith. GOD just smiled as I realized that HE was right all along and my fears were wrong!

I could feel the anger of Clinton... I could see that she had nothing to say... she didn't even want to face THE PEOPLE and I praised GOD that we wouldn't have to see her or hear her voice anymore... my tears were overflowing with JOY! God never chastised me... for HE knows that I am human.

I did always try to have faith in THE PEOPLE... but sometimes I feared that we had allowed some peoples to go backwards from what is good and right. We have allowed people to change our beautiful world with their fleshly desires... whether for lust or greed.

I think I know a real good way to tell the difference between a Republican and a Democrat. A Republican LOVES their country... and they care about the welfare of THE PEOPLE... and they strive to create a place that works for the benefit of all. But a Democrat... cares only about gaining power over the people and gaining money in their own pockets... and forgets us ALL.

I sure don't like labels... and I don't care what your color or creed... doctrine or tradition is... as long as you know Jesus... he wasn't like the worldly men! And yes, some religions are only in it for the money... but remember that many are not! Many only live to serve OTHERS... and that's what Jesus was all about! GOD, through Jesus taught the people to LOVE one another... Jesus taught us to care about OTHERS... to help OTHERS out when we see that we are able to! It's so simple!

I surprise myself with this... I would think that I would of secluded myself... but GOD tells me to be apart of the LIVING... to be there for other PEOPLE... and already today I have helped 3 other people... and even killed a bad spider, it looked like a Brown Recluse!

When I was on my second run for another... I actually saw a young woman get out of her car and put some trash in a trash can! And I praised GOD... because it seems as though the world had changed overnight!

But, I know there is still so much work to do, because all along the street that we rode, there was trash everywhere! And I prayed to GOD to allow me to sell my books and go on speeches telling the young folks how much better the world would be if we respected the earth enough to ALL put the garbage in the garbage can and not on the ground. I tell my Grandkids... "Can you imagine what the world would look like if everyone threw their garbage on the ground?"

They can!

I went down to check on the 2 youngest grand children because my daughter in law called me from her job, concerned that no one at her house was answering the phone... and when I got down there... everyone was up and the kids were happy and fixing to be fed... My daughter has moved in with my son and his wife. And today... everything was good! Praise GOD!

It seems that Donald Trump winning the election has somehow straightened out things!

Lots of things, in my point of view!

You know... I was not much of a Donald Trump fan in the past... but when you put him up next to the Clintons.... The Donald is not so bad! And I am now praying for Justice to be revived! Knowing that we as a PEOPLE are a GOOD people! We are smart and determined and Trumps win shows me that most of the PEOPLE can tell the difference between good and bad!

I love that most people in the world still hold onto GOD!

I mean... some people who do not believe in GOD... how can they know for sure who is right and who is wrong? But the thought that we are still a GODLY people is very comforting to me!

Today we have the ability to bring THE PEOPLE back to GOD! We can say... GOD is GOOD... GOD is LOVE... GOD is Caring about others... no matter who those others are!

Its about  having the know how to fit others into your world! There are to many lonely crotchety people who would be a lot more happier if they could only be with PEOPLE who can help them realize that GOD surpasses all understanding...

We can never BE GOD... but we can emulate HIM... and when we do... all will be well.

There will be no more wars... no more murders... no more hungry children!

We as a PEOPLE have been dragged through the muck and mud... we have been beaten down a time or two... too... some have lost sight of what is good and right... but if we all stand together with LOVE leading and guiding us... its a whole 'nother story!

If we loved our space and place... we would not throw garbage on the ground! If we loved our homes and families... we would always do what is good for them. We would never dream of harming anyone! We would never harm anyone... we would only HELP!

You see, we can have a life without GOD... but life is SO MUCH BETTER with HIM!

We should know by now, that we should not live like animals... GOD set us ABOVE the animals... we have the knowledge of good and evil and we have the ability to live accordingly!!!

We CAN find PEACE if we just allow it in! To many people allow the evil to take over and they do things that hurt themselves or others in this life :(

We have just one life. If we do bad things we can never go back and change it once we're gone.

Make the change while we're here now! And that change is about to begin!

I can feel it in the air!

I can feel the PEACE, I can feel the LOVE...


Praise GOD... Thank You Jesus...

I am especially thankful for the last 4 words that Trump spoke last night after winning the election...  he said... "GOD Bless US, Everyone!"

And you know... I am always praying for Trump... I am always praying for US...

So again...

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Getting Out The Vote

It has been pressing on my brain for weeks... planning... determined to get there.

And I got there just fine after I dropped off the kids at school.

There was a line waiting... I had to wait just a few minutes... some came in behind me and they got to go ahead because it was 4 lines taking different parts of the alphabet. But I didn't care... I was there!

When I got up to the first table... I saw my next door neighbor sitting at the last book... he is always there every time I go... and I go every time I can! Starting with Reagan... I have felt it my civic duty to go vote. I used to go with my Grandparents... I remember being a little girl... standing in a hall, listening to the people talk. I always wondered what it must feel like to be an adult and have so much say in who will run our country! I remember how important I felt they were... them and all the other older people there waiting to vote.

Now... I don't know how important my one vote is... but I do know that all our votes together are very powerful! I know that our voices shouting together can be heard much farther than one voice alone... but... one voice can call other voices... and those voices will call other voices and so on and so on and so on... until we all can hear clearly, the TRUTH and the reality of life.

I see far to many people who lie... lying not only to other people... but also to themselves... is this delusional? Are they mentally challenged to not be able to know or see the truth?

Well, these are the 'worldly people' ... because the spiritual people can see with spiritual eyes and can see and know the truth... and without the spirit there is only blank walls.

Praise GOD Thank You Jesus for giving me the SPIRIT... and with that comes the knowledge of good and evil... you can surely tell them apart! You can look and see and know.

Sadly some people can't even do that. They fill their heads with media stuff... and that's all they can think about... what's going to happen in their favorite show... or what's on sale at the mall... whose wearing which dress to the dance... they don't even have a sense that anything is wrong at all. They cannot see beyond their own noses.

Only with GOD can you see and know TRUTH.

I am blessed like that... I can always tell when people are lying... its a gift from GOD... I know it is... sometimes I see them with black splotches... sometimes they are surrounded with a black aura.

I like the 'other' PEOPLE... and let me tell you... I see them everyday!
The ones who LOVE GOD and follow the golden rule...

The golden rule?

Well... Let  me tell you a little bit about that rule! It goes way back... even into other cultures... but it hasn't always been there... people had to see it and learn it and the only way to do that is with the knowledge of good and evil. Its out there! GOD can show us the way!

No matter what your way is... GOD will show you...

Now... back to that golden rule... about 500 years before Jesus said, "Do unto others as you would have them to unto you"... Confucius say... "Don't do something to someone that you wouldn't want done to you!"

I love Confucius... I hope one day to live like he did!

Now... lets get updated... now we say... "Treat others as you would want to be treated." At least that's how my Grandmother used to say it. And its pretty good. A little unclear with some people, they have never known kindness or love :(

What would you do if someone lied to you?

How would you feel if someone came out and smacked you in the face?

Do you like it when people are mean and ugly to you?

I sure don't and I live with it! You would think that I wouldn't have to suffer with it... for me its something I just have to bare... because I have this habit of fighting other peoples demons... its a struggle... I had started a book about it.. (but have been so busy working, its hard to find time to write anymore)... anyways, its called Dancing With The Devil... or Dancing With Demons... I feel like either would work as a good title... its where I help others who have demons... I don't throw them away... I don't succumb to their ways... I fight... day in and day out.

It bothers me a lot when some people tell me to dump them... throw them out... because... I fell like its my job while I am on this earth to help people fight their demons... to escape hell!

HAHAHA That's why I voted today!

Actually this is an ironic truth... I can see the evil in the world and I am trying to help other voters to pick that evil out... because you see I am not the only one in the world who knows GOD and knows the difference between right and wrong. There are many of us!

But that doesn't mean that everyone who says they know... really knows... some are just blowing smoke... twisting the spirit into a religion that makes money in their work. And this is a very delicate and ambiguous reality... because it might look like someone is corrupt getting all the money claiming to be a man of GOD... but they are just actually BLESSED with all that money... its very hard to tell the difference and that is why ONLY GOD can judge a mans heart!

We judge by their actions...

I connect with PEOPLE everyday... and I always find what I can do to help them... for FREE... it is in my heart to help and not think about myself... strange I know... hard to believe I know... but is true.

But... if I can ever find someone to publish my book for its own merit... yes... I wold love to be paid for it... that would make me able to follow my dream... and travel and sell my books... (I say books because I have more than one)... and travel and meet people... you know... how Confucius lived. Going here and there, helping out when needed and hitting the road when all became well!

And I LOVE a perfect exit! :)

I don't even know if I am going to turn on the TV to see who is winning in the American election today... I have seen that Trump is ahead... and if GOD has mercy on us... we won't be handed over to our enemies who seek world domination.

GOD LOVES diversity... GOD doesn't want the 'all of worldly power' to be in men's hands.

GOD wants us to be who we are... I too, also love all the different cultures in the world... and condemn any handful of people who seek absolute power over THE PEOPLE...

GOD gives us the FREEDOM to choose... and if we don't want to do it a certain way... there is always another... and another and another to choose from.

The POWER must always remain with 'THE PEOPLE'... for when a few take control and rule through fear of death... is when there is corruptness that needs to be eradicated.

What is the worst thing ever??? GOD says its 'Corruption in high places'... because always with corruption... the people do suffer.

I am praying... are you?

Lets vote out the evil and replace it with goodness and TRUTH!


I did get out and I voted... I made my choice clear...

Lets drain the swamp and crate a 'New Garden'!

Praise GOD! Thank You Jesus!

GOD Bless US... Everyone!