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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Getting Out The Vote

It has been pressing on my brain for weeks... planning... determined to get there.

And I got there just fine after I dropped off the kids at school.

There was a line waiting... I had to wait just a few minutes... some came in behind me and they got to go ahead because it was 4 lines taking different parts of the alphabet. But I didn't care... I was there!

When I got up to the first table... I saw my next door neighbor sitting at the last book... he is always there every time I go... and I go every time I can! Starting with Reagan... I have felt it my civic duty to go vote. I used to go with my Grandparents... I remember being a little girl... standing in a hall, listening to the people talk. I always wondered what it must feel like to be an adult and have so much say in who will run our country! I remember how important I felt they were... them and all the other older people there waiting to vote.

Now... I don't know how important my one vote is... but I do know that all our votes together are very powerful! I know that our voices shouting together can be heard much farther than one voice alone... but... one voice can call other voices... and those voices will call other voices and so on and so on and so on... until we all can hear clearly, the TRUTH and the reality of life.

I see far to many people who lie... lying not only to other people... but also to themselves... is this delusional? Are they mentally challenged to not be able to know or see the truth?

Well, these are the 'worldly people' ... because the spiritual people can see with spiritual eyes and can see and know the truth... and without the spirit there is only blank walls.

Praise GOD Thank You Jesus for giving me the SPIRIT... and with that comes the knowledge of good and evil... you can surely tell them apart! You can look and see and know.

Sadly some people can't even do that. They fill their heads with media stuff... and that's all they can think about... what's going to happen in their favorite show... or what's on sale at the mall... whose wearing which dress to the dance... they don't even have a sense that anything is wrong at all. They cannot see beyond their own noses.

Only with GOD can you see and know TRUTH.

I am blessed like that... I can always tell when people are lying... its a gift from GOD... I know it is... sometimes I see them with black splotches... sometimes they are surrounded with a black aura.

I like the 'other' PEOPLE... and let me tell you... I see them everyday!
The ones who LOVE GOD and follow the golden rule...

The golden rule?

Well... Let  me tell you a little bit about that rule! It goes way back... even into other cultures... but it hasn't always been there... people had to see it and learn it and the only way to do that is with the knowledge of good and evil. Its out there! GOD can show us the way!

No matter what your way is... GOD will show you...

Now... back to that golden rule... about 500 years before Jesus said, "Do unto others as you would have them to unto you"... Confucius say... "Don't do something to someone that you wouldn't want done to you!"

I love Confucius... I hope one day to live like he did!

Now... lets get updated... now we say... "Treat others as you would want to be treated." At least that's how my Grandmother used to say it. And its pretty good. A little unclear with some people, they have never known kindness or love :(

What would you do if someone lied to you?

How would you feel if someone came out and smacked you in the face?

Do you like it when people are mean and ugly to you?

I sure don't and I live with it! You would think that I wouldn't have to suffer with it... for me its something I just have to bare... because I have this habit of fighting other peoples demons... its a struggle... I had started a book about it.. (but have been so busy working, its hard to find time to write anymore)... anyways, its called Dancing With The Devil... or Dancing With Demons... I feel like either would work as a good title... its where I help others who have demons... I don't throw them away... I don't succumb to their ways... I fight... day in and day out.

It bothers me a lot when some people tell me to dump them... throw them out... because... I fell like its my job while I am on this earth to help people fight their demons... to escape hell!

HAHAHA That's why I voted today!

Actually this is an ironic truth... I can see the evil in the world and I am trying to help other voters to pick that evil out... because you see I am not the only one in the world who knows GOD and knows the difference between right and wrong. There are many of us!

But that doesn't mean that everyone who says they know... really knows... some are just blowing smoke... twisting the spirit into a religion that makes money in their work. And this is a very delicate and ambiguous reality... because it might look like someone is corrupt getting all the money claiming to be a man of GOD... but they are just actually BLESSED with all that money... its very hard to tell the difference and that is why ONLY GOD can judge a mans heart!

We judge by their actions...

I connect with PEOPLE everyday... and I always find what I can do to help them... for FREE... it is in my heart to help and not think about myself... strange I know... hard to believe I know... but is true.

But... if I can ever find someone to publish my book for its own merit... yes... I wold love to be paid for it... that would make me able to follow my dream... and travel and sell my books... (I say books because I have more than one)... and travel and meet people... you know... how Confucius lived. Going here and there, helping out when needed and hitting the road when all became well!

And I LOVE a perfect exit! :)

I don't even know if I am going to turn on the TV to see who is winning in the American election today... I have seen that Trump is ahead... and if GOD has mercy on us... we won't be handed over to our enemies who seek world domination.

GOD LOVES diversity... GOD doesn't want the 'all of worldly power' to be in men's hands.

GOD wants us to be who we are... I too, also love all the different cultures in the world... and condemn any handful of people who seek absolute power over THE PEOPLE...

GOD gives us the FREEDOM to choose... and if we don't want to do it a certain way... there is always another... and another and another to choose from.

The POWER must always remain with 'THE PEOPLE'... for when a few take control and rule through fear of death... is when there is corruptness that needs to be eradicated.

What is the worst thing ever??? GOD says its 'Corruption in high places'... because always with corruption... the people do suffer.

I am praying... are you?

Lets vote out the evil and replace it with goodness and TRUTH!


I did get out and I voted... I made my choice clear...

Lets drain the swamp and crate a 'New Garden'!

Praise GOD! Thank You Jesus!

GOD Bless US... Everyone!



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