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Thursday, September 15, 2016

The _________ People

Isn't it odd how many different people can put many different other people in the blank?

It sorta bombarded my head with all the different labels we put on people.

We make it about ourselves... "Those _____ people are sure getting on my nerves!" And that is putting it mildly! I can hear those who are not so mild... the ones who rage!

When in fact... it really is all about the 'Good verses Evil' war that has been going on since the beginning of time. And we know it! Satan has always been there to stomp on GODS plans for us. Its to bad... I mean, its terribly bad, because other family members suffer too, when one doesn't follow a good path. My mother did not follow Jesus. And my sisters and I suffered for it.

I know this wonderful lady... Meredith... I can say her name because she doesn't even know about this side of me! But this beautiful lady Meredith, she is both beautiful on the inside and the outside... she had a good, Godly mother... who raised her with loving care... and look see... she is now a beautiful Grandmother, still married to the same man for 38 years! Hers is a beautiful world and she shines in it! GOD loves her so much and it shows!

She chose to follow GOD, whom her mother taught her about! She was one of the lucky ones... to have parents who served GOD unconditionally, just because its the right thing to do!

The right thing to do...

Most people don't even know what the right thing to do is...

We have forgotten about GOD... and we have people... who, like Satan... wants to BE GOD!

But no one can BE GOD... except GOD... the best we can do is to be a part of HIM.

We choose the things that HE chose... we live like HIS SON Jesus tells us to... and why??? Because its the RIGHT THING TO DO... anything else will cause trouble for you.

I really don't think there is anything wrong with labeling people... I mean it is what we are... but when people start using those labels to hate and discriminate... that's where the trouble comes in.

All the different cultures are BEAUTIFUL unto GOD... until they become corrupted.

The thing to look for is THE LOVE!

GOD is LOVE and when you are LOVING the PEOPLE around you... no matter what or who they are... that is GOD IN ACTION!

We can see it all the time!

I go off and see different people all my life... and I have lived a long time... and I have met many cultures and creeds... all the way from... ______ to ______.

And I can tell that GOD is within many different sort of PEOPLE...

And that would be the ones who are the blue bloods... and I am not talking about royalty... unless we're talking about the royal ones of GOD... the saints... and you know... saints can be more than just a man in a ______... it is anyone whose heart is filled with LOVE and CARE and HELP for people other than themselves.

And they are out there! Praise GOD, thank you Jesus... these are the heart and soul of MANKIND... the ones who LOVE and appreciate and respect other people who are different, but the same.

Doesn't matter if your a _____ or a _____.

What matters is, what do you fill your soul with?

GOD gives us all a personal choice, what do you make of it?

Of course Satan that ole bastard he wants you to choose things that are hateful and mean to others... Satan wants you to think of yourself as the supreme being... Satan has many, many demons in the world hanging over your shoulder telling you to do wrongful things.

There is no grey area... as much as Satan wants you to believe that old lie.

Now that's not to say that people are exactly the same if they are ____ or ____.

No.... just because one carries the water in one bucket on their head and another carries the water over their shoulders in 2 buckets on the sides... they are both bringing water to the home.

To bad we cant all live in a grand house that has water running into the sink in the kitchen.

But you see... all are doing good... helping the family!

I am sad to be taking so long to write... we still haven't gotten an AC, its still so hot back here. My friend Dee had the room open and another shut off so it was cooling a little in here. But something has happened that has made us open the other room and shut this one back off.

My long estranged Sister called me! Oh YES! Praise GOD... you see... she is a _____ person and I am a _______ person. Its a long complicated story I will go into as I write, 'My Search For Normalcy'... But it has been many years since I had seen my older full blooded sister.

She called me out of the blue one day. Remember the guy who went from being a millionaire pimp daddy to being a poor working man of GOD? He wasn't a man of GOD 2 years ago... but right now... he is a man who has come so close to GOD in such a short time, that his is a miracle story! Praise GOD... well anyway... he is the one who told my sister to call me. You know me... I will not push myself on anyone... I had settled into life without her, only prayed for her. But that day she called me, gave me such JOY! I mean to tell you... the JOY in my heart and soul leaped so high I thought I would burst with happiness!

The down side is, she had called me from MD Anderson... the cancer hospital. Her cancer is back. She needs to make peace with herself as well as others. She told me about the place she was staying since her house burnt down. And I hurt inside for her... so I told her that if ever she feels like she needs to come here, my door is always open to her. She seemed surprised! I, in fact surprised myself! But I love her... regardless of our differences. Jesus has left us the ability to LOVE unconditionally!

And so when she left the hospital she came here. She is now in the room that was closed off... and Praise GOD there has only been peace and love and laughter, some serious talks... because we were both raised up in hell. She remembers too. But it was harder on her than it was on me because she was the oldest and had to be the strong one. Did I tell you that when she was 12 years old, I was 10 and I was sick... and she walked in a Minnesota blizzard to get my favorite cough drops! GOD knows my mother didn't care. But I will always remember these actions of love. And I love her for it, even though she hated me for so many years. yeah its a long story... but Praise GOD Thank You Jesus that she has made PEACE her priority and has let go and let GOD take care of the hard times.

It has been very good for me... I see that GOD is allowing me to help resolve the issues she has... I never thought that she would ever be listening to me about Jesus! But she is!

It has taken much of my time... but also... sometimes when I get overwhelmed I shut down... it is my sin to tend to be lazy and I have to fight it a lot here lately. When I get the grand kids to school in the mornings, I LOVE to come home and take a nice nap! I should be in here... working hard! Its what I want to do... is what GOD tells me to do... but like everyone else... I have to fight the sin! I love naps! But I also love to come in here and express my heart and soul! We are up to 102 countries now and I want to THANK YOU for sharing... I couldn't collect all these countries of readers without your help!

I don't care where your from... whether _______ or _______... I want to thank you for reading! I get filled with the HOLY GHOST and it is strong within me... and I come in here to release whatever it is that GOD tells me to. I want to share what I have learned growing up in hell and want to prevent you from living there and I want you to know...  how GOD through Jesus saved my life!

I keep thinking there is a purpose for Mother Pope and I am hoping that I can encourage young folk to take the right paths in this life and be aware that the devil is always going to try to drag you down. Its the way of life... we are born and some don't have a choice, they have to live like they are told. But here in the USA we are FREE to be what we want to be. And I see that most folks are PEOPLE of all walks of LIFE and they are LOVING OTHER PEOPLE!

When I was very young, The Baptist Church taught me... 'GOD is 1st, my Friends and Family are 2nd and I am 3rd, I know I have written about this before but it is my truth and a specific memory. It was all I needed to know, to set the priorities straight in my head. After all I was only about 6 or 7... and open to new ideas and this was a GOOD ONE! It shows us a nice order of things! GOD IS LOVE and all that goes with that!

But also, remembering that the GODLY SPIRITUAL LOVE is not a sexual love.

That's a whole different ball game!

I look into the world today and I can see a struggle that is about to end... because THE PEOPLE will stand up for what is GOOD AND RIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE!

This is not being done these days because of the corruption and hard hearts... there are to many who have put the LOVE of GOD aside and have claimed host to that self love... walk all over the people to serve self... and this is not proper LOVE. It is improper. Not GODLY... because GOD is an inclusive GOD... HE will include all who find HIM though the words and ways of Jesus... so you must learn about the words of Jesus... and these words have been around a lot longer than me...  please start with The New Testament as the Old has passed away and the NEW is inclusive with Jesus showing the way! Learn it... Live it... These are words of wisdom that THE PEOPLE knew long ago... its not that we are any different, except we are the NOW PEOPLE and they were the THEN PEOPLE... and the more we change the more we stay the same... and no matter what you label yourself... whatever... a _____ or a ______... LOVE is there for you to learn and share!

GOD brought it up to the Jews... but they rejected HIS WORD... they were to caught up in the system of things... like a lot of us are today... so then GOD said... then it is for the Gentiles... and any from afar off who LOVE GOD and want to serve HIM through serving HIS PEOPLE with LOVE!

It is a New way... a New Hope!

And the way of the Old Testament is the old way...

As you grow up... and you feel the LOVE in your heart... this is the way GOD wants us to feel... Its All about The LOVE, Man! But the problem is... some people don't get it,  because they refuse to look at anything farther than their own noses!

Its a terrible shame :(

But all the serious problems in life can be solved easily with GODS WORDS through Jesus who taught us a NEW WAY... the way of LOVING and SHARING... do you know... that I believe that when Jesus fed so many with so few loaves and fishes... that it wasn't magic that created the feeding of all... it was the introduction to the act of SHARING! When Jesus showed them how to share... ALL WERE FED!

Now, I know that that version is different than the Hollywood version that we were all raised up with... but it is the version that GOD has shown me. And yes I do feel weird about sharing these things... but I think I must. Just like when Hollywood showed Lots wife to turn into a beautiful statue of salt... why, that wasn't the way it was at all... you see as they were escaping a burning city,  an earth quake sent down a HHUUUUGE pillar of salt that came down and smashed her like a bug under a rock... but that is to violent for a peaceful happy filled PEOPLE... and I don't really blame them. It was more pleasant learning the lesson that her heart was still within the city... with all her stuff and friends and social obligations... she looked back... longing for the old ways. Her heart was not right with GOD. And GOD gives out the good and the bad accordingly.

The battle of good and evil is here and now... we are smack in the middle of the worst of it, because we have the technology to see around the world all at the same time... we can ALL know the truth if we seek it. We can all see that murder is wrong... lying is wrong... disrespecting _____ or ______ kind of people is wrong.

We can... as A PEOPLE see... and know... and SPEAK OUT!

Lets talk about what we need to do to get back on the right path...

I saw a recent news story, which is quite common, about a young boy who had committed suicide because some kids always bullied him... and the news PEOPLE asked... what is the answer? And I knew... The Answer is Jesus... its the LOVE that He shared with us... and left with us... as he said... "Love them like I love you!"

If everyone was LOVING and KIND we could stomp out Satan... I mean, that's the only way we're going to be able to do this... Stop the HATE... Stop the insanity... Stop the Injustice... stop the murdering... call out the corruption and stand your ground!

Be peaceful and sleep well at night!

Think about all the PEOPLE throughout history... they all had a choice.

GOD gives us the freedom to mess up if we want to follow the wrong ways...

But GOD can also save you a lifetime of pain if you choose to LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

I hope and pray that one day we can ALL learn this lesson of LOVE... I mean... I know we eventually will because GODS WORD says we will! And so I know we will!

We just must try harder to educate the children of the potential of sin. We must teach the Children to use their own noodle and see for themselves what is right and good. And know the difference between things that can harm them and things that can help them.

And we must get the old codgers to open their minds to a BETTER TOMORROW!

A Better World where PEOPLE LOVE EACH OTHER and DO GOOD things for each other!

I can see it already... many PEOPLE working together for the betterment of THE PEOPLE! Now just waiting for a few others to get on the band wagon of LOVE! :)

Praise GOD, Thank You Jesus!

GOD Bless US... Everyone... IJCNA


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