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Thursday, October 13, 2016

BLM .... ALM....

I was responding to a BLM post the other day.

About how I am white and I was having the same troubles that he was.


You should of seen his verbal attack on me! It was outrageous!

I am always a very respectful person so I never name called him. I was only trying to stick up for myself. Explaining how it was happening to me too... Everything he said... I could of said about me.

For example... he said he is afraid every time he goes out. Fearful for his life...

I too must be concerned as a woman... many women are targeted and raped and murdered when they simply step out to run an errand. It happens a lot!

Whew... you should of seen the way he went off on me. Calling me terrible names. Insulting me to the very core. I have thought about copying the posts here. But naw... I am not going to give him the privilege to do that to me all over again. Especially on here. But I am here to say, they were some horrible, hateful words.

Now, I have been raised to know that... 'Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.' So I suffered mildly. But what really stuck in my head tho, was 'surprise' that he would verbally attack me like that. I am a friend of a friend. And I was very surprised that she would allow him to talk that way to me.

She did post that she understands the 'Black struggle' ... well she is a white single mother of a 1/2 black child. And I surely know that there is a real struggle, as people tend to Judge.

But lets remember here... that not all PEOPLE judge... some people simply 'love the child' no matter what shape or size or color or creed.

But when you look and see how hate is spreading like wildfire in the world lately...

I am like FREAKING OUT at all the hate and meanness!

GOD doesn't like hate either... or PEOPLE who Judge.

So HE gave us Jesus to save us from ourselves!

With the simple words... LOVE ONE ANOTHER... DO GOOD TO ONE ANOTHER!

But look see!?! Who is doing that?

Are you?

Why was that BLM man so angry at me for not saying BLM when I as a white woman who has suffered most all my life... could only say... "hey, My life sucks too"... He was all about himself... selfish in the fact that he couldn't allow himself to think that I could be suffering too! I mean he told me... Demanded even... That I post that BLM... and what I did... I wrote... ALL lives matter!

Whooohooo, he got so mad at me!

Now why is it, that he is thinking only about himself and not accepting my reality? Why does he want me to understand 'his' suffering when, he didn't give a flying hoot about mine...

None of them did.

OK, so we are supposed to care about them, but they don't have to care about us?

Does anyone see whats wrong here?

You see... this is why it is so IMPORTANT to know and read about Jesus... The Man who lived and died... and made a difference.. so much so, that we are still talking about Him over 2000 years later!

I can see that a lot of people have been raised to LOVE ONE ANOTHER...

They have loving families who are always ready with the HUGS and KISSES!

But if you were not lucky enough to of been born into a loving family, you may not know... but I could tell, this man DID NOT know a thing about Jesus.

You see this is why GOD tells us there is only 1 way to heaven... and that is through Jesus!

Jesus teaches us to CARE about each other...

Yes, this angry man was suffering... he has a lot against him these days... and it is possible if he goes out in the night and steals and robs... he might get shot dead... but I can guarantee, if he would stay home and in school... and pray to GOD every night for PEACE... He would not be feeling scared... and he would certainly not be hating on me!

But, I am used to being hated... so its all GOOD... I know that Jesus loves me and that's all that matters to me... and when I look into the world... I am blessed to have many who really do love me!

So that isn't what matters...  What matters?

ALL Lives matter... even mine!

But he and his BLM crew don't think my life matters. Only theirs! Why?

Well, its because Satan has taken root in his heart and he can only be selfish and hateful... because that is how Satan destroys our lives... Through HATE...

Hate breeds anger and contempt and the ability to do violence.

And when BLM goes onto a freeway and stops cars and gets hit... who do they blame? The white people... they don't stop to consider they themselves chose to get out on the streets and stop the cars... and they can only blame themselves if they get hit, because honestly, they should of stayed on the sidewalks.

Here's the greatest part, there are so many Classy Black PEOPLE in the world who love GOD and who LOVE the children... and they do not support BLM because they feel the connection with PEOPLE... not just Black people. This is the way that GOD intended, no matter color or creed.

LOVE GOD... LOVE the Children!

HOME and FAMILY... that's what its all about!

And if these BLM could only stop their HATE and share the LOVE for one another... and go out and get a JOB already! Be constructive... not destructive!

I think we should all know the difference.

Satan wants to ruin our world... he wants us to be angry and hate each other... Satan is a spirit of evil... he wants us to do bad things to ruin it for us and our families.

PLEASE do not let him win!

Jesus is our SAVING Grace! If we follow Jesus, He leads us into the way that is good!

Loving and caring... only!

And the choice is still always ours... we must choose to do good!

Its not always easy, sometimes we so want something different.

Something that feeds only our flesh.

But, remember when you deny the spirit... that's just your limited opinion... it doesn't mean the spirit world does not exist! Only that you choose to ignore it. But it is still there to get you to lie and cheat and steal and murder... or... you can stand up for TRUTH and HONESTY and the gift of LIFE!

It's real...

Don't be self centered...


GOD Bless US, Everyone!



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