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Thursday, September 22, 2016


I saw in the sky this morning, the clouds forming into the shape of a baby holding up a rattle. And i thought how many people look to the sky for the coming of Jesus... and that led me to thinking about how the media... the world... and Satan in it, has always tried to confuse and misdirect THE PEOPLE.

I know... because GOD tells me... but what about those who have lost communion with GOD? Or those who have never had it and seek it. I was one of those PEOPLE growing up in the world of good and evil and seeking a higher power for wisdom and guidance.

And I feel like GOD wants me to help PEOPLE understand that The Holy Ghost of GOD... The LOVE that Jesus left us, is not all about the physical, you will not see Jesus coming out of the clouds. Its about the SPIRITUAL.

I am not so much religious as I am SPIRITUAL... with the SPIRIT of GOD!

And after all these years... I have learned so much, but also I know that I have so much still left to learn. I expect that I will be the same as anyone else close to GOD when I am older and ready to go to HIM.

And the thing that is again in my heart today is... we are always looking to the physical... its not about what we see in the sky... unless its symbolic for a personal reason and in that case, GOD will reveal it to you as you need... and of course, your ability to absorb it.

Jesus is not going to come floating down in the clouds for all the world to see... and just because we see something symbolizing something sacred in the sky, doesn't mean it is something that we live for. Its a pleasant thing when we see and understand... but... with Jesus... the real second coming is when HE COMES INTO YOUR HEART AND MIND! When you invite GOD into your own soul, you get blessed by Jesus and all He stood for! And we can see this within HUMANS... many humans... PEOPLE have the Spirit of Jesus within...

We emulate Him in the things we do for others!

You can see it all around the world! You see, GOD shows me through the eyes of the SPIRIT... The Spirit of GOD alive and well within the hearts and minds of GODS PEOPLE!

GOD is all about LOVE and HELP and LIFE... Satan is all about HATE and DESTRUCTION and DEATH. Its all out there for all to see. We can look and see the difference. Satan wants you to live in that grey area where you cannot see the difference between right and wrong... and there are to many people who do that. People are not focusing on the moral issues of LIFE.

One of the worst things I am seeing in the world today is the DISRESPECT... and this is actions of Satan... the evil bastard who is leading our children astray. Satan is making it acceptable to hate and disrespect others and their passions and possessions. When you see people in the streets causing violence and mayhem and destruction and pain... we know... or at least those who know GOD and HIS word know... these are actions that GOD specifically tells us NOT to do. Read it in the New Testament... and know that the death and destruction are not from GOD.

Again I must go back to the Muslims... and I can see that they really have a serious problem... on 2 levels... for the ones who don't know... and for the ones who do know... and we don't know how to tell them apart... we cant even trust their actions because they are allowed by Allah to lie to us.

So we must pray and ask GOD to reveal it to their hearts to change their ways according to Jesus and His worth. We value Jesus because He saved us all from the death and destruction... its just to bad that some PEOPLE do not give Him credit for his selfless loving actions. Jesus was a young man at 33 and he was murdered by the people who hated him... hated him for what reason? Jesus taught us to LOVE one another and if we don't love one another... well... all sorts of bad things can happen.

Without LOVE in our hearts we are able to murder and cheat and lie with no conscience.

GOD works in our hearts and minds... GOD will show us Jesus in our spiritual souls!

It makes me so mad when some people try to deceive others with their words... they do not speak the truth as we see and know it... yet, they actually expect us to believe it.

When I see that you don't care about me... it sorta makes me sad for you... because one day GOD will have to teach you the lesson about caring, when you see that no one cares about you and that will be such a sad day for you.

I think that's the worst feeling in the world.

Lonely. No one there for you.

I sure learned my lesson.

I want you to learn yours in a much gentler way!

Why? Because I CARE about you and I care about the state of mind of greedy men who seek power to control the world. Oh yeah... that's a BIG one there, Folks... People who seek power and control above all else... including GOD.

When we think of ourselves more than we think of GOD we limit our broad thinking.

We must learn to be inclusive of all thoughts and ideas... and over 2000 years ago, GOD had a GREAT thought... and that was, putting HIS SPIRIT into ALL of US... at least all who want HIM. You see, GOD saw the corruption long ago... and you know... corruption comes from sin.

I can see the lies and corruption of the day... today. And not only me... but ALL of my Brothers and Sisters in Christ do too! We need to ask GOD to come into our hearts and minds and show all of the people who need to know, the GOOD NEWS....

There is a BETTER WAY!

When men use violence and murder to control THE PEOPLE... it is not wrought out of LOVE and CARE... when men throw other men off tall buildings while handcuffed because of homosexuality... it forces these homosexual men to die in their sin. Whereas, all men need is Jesus to show them the way of LIFE... with LOVE and JOY and the KNOWLEDGE of GOOD and EVIL!

See, you young folks get to fight the ultimate battle in the world... would you ever think that the games you play could teach morals and principals?

As you seek out new LIFE with GOOD INTENTIONS...

Teaching the children everyday to fight the good fight of FAITH!

Knowing that what we are doing is above and beyond the simple truth. For example... It is a truth that people are starving to death in the world... and it is a GODLY PEOPLE who can see that and will choose to go out and help the ones who need to eat! You see, The Lord Is With You!

You see, I see you too! And GOD Bless YOU for it!

Your children will grow up and say all sorts of GOOD things about you! And you can die in peace knowing you did the best with what you had. And that is our goal.

Well, other than to make the world a better place while your in it!

Praise GOD!

Something good has happened in my life!

Do you remember the 2 friends who stabbed me in the back I wrote about a year or so ago? Well... we know that GOD gives out the good and the bad. One friend died last month... we will never be able to fix what was wrong. GOD will have to be the Judge of that one. And it will probably always haunt me till the day that I die and can go and am able to talk to this old friend again in the SPIRIT... but maybe we wont. I did talk to her daughter and her sisters... they all tell me that she had felt so bad. But you know what? She died in her pain and can now never change the fact that she hurt me and my family so much, you remember the day she gave all the money she had gotten from the sale of her house to her son... after I had paid off her house with my inheritance, thinking she would pay me back when she sold her house... and she had said that for about 15 years... and when she did sell, she never paid me back... gave the money to her son... and then, even her sons wife threw her out after they got the money and she had to go out of the city to live with her daughter.

Well, shes no longer in pain.

And on the Bright side... my other friend who hurt me so badly... whom I never thought I would see again... contacted me! And the thing with her is... she's alive to fix the problem. With her, we had been good friends about 23 years... I mean close friends... we saw each other often and would, on occasion go out and have a 2 hour lunch and chat like sisters! A cool thing is... she did this without knowing that my other friend had died. She contacted me saying she was just mad at something I said... thinking I was directing the homosexual law at her daughter... and her daughter isn't even homosexual! It was a HUGE misunderstanding... I was never pointing my finger at her daughter... I LOVED her daughter... and she knows that I have to teach GODS WORD... and GOD says, its an abomination unto GOD to be homosexual... I can't change those words. Those words are in the OLD and the NEW Testament. And they will never be changed... simply because 'GOD is about LIFE' and homosexuality does not promote LIFE. You know... its supposed to be only between the homosexual and GOD... we need to pray that THE PEOPLE understand and leave the judging to GOD!

So, I did say that "If your going to stand up for the homosexual... you need to stand up also for the ones who love incest and bestiality. Hey... they have rights too... Eh? And you would be so surprised at how many homosexuals would FREAK OUT over someone who likes to have sex with their dog... or horse... or parent or sibling... I mean... they are all found in the same place. They are all lumped together under 'sexual sins'... it is clear to see that these sexual ways do not promote LIFE.

I mean... if you put all the male homosexuals on one island and all the female homosexuals on another... and the straight people on another... after 100 years... what will you find???... Me thinks that the straight island will still have PEOPLE on it to go and bury the last body on both of the homosexual islands... do you get what I mean about how important it is for us to support LIFE?

I want to PRAISE GOD, that HE put the 'LOVE' in my friends heart to contact me and work on fixing our friendship! I want to THANK GOD for the fact that she is still alive and willing to let go of the hate... that was created by a simple misunderstanding of a ambiguous situation.

We really have to pay attention... Of course you have the FREEDOM to be homosexual... and I give you that... and love you anyway... and I also know that your sin is between you and GOD...

My sin... gluttony is so common people stopped caring about it anymore.

HA! My Sister who was estranged for so many years... whom GOD has brought back into my life because she too... needed the LOVE and CARE of someone to validate her self worth...

You know that is so important... we need to know that WE LOVE... beyond measure!

For as long as it takes!

We glorify GOD for THE LOVE for one another!

We make today... better than yesterday!

And we do that with LOVE!

When I look into the world today... and I see all the chaos... I also see the ones who do not educate themselves and cause themselves to be equal to the animals... Awww now wait a sec... some animals are even better than that! Some animals live in total peace and harmony with each other!

You know that bit about 'the lion laying down with the lamb'...  We have that now! Its all about what you have been taught to believe!

Some people are taught to believe a lie.

We gotta work on that!

Here's to me and here's to you... and here's to the TRUTH of LOVE and LIFE!

May LOVE LIVE LONG, within the hearts and minds of THE PEOPLE...

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA


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