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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Trump Triumphs

Praise GOD Thank You Jesus!

I should of never doubted! But, I am only human...

And when I first got wind of Trump running, GOD said 'Trump would win'. As I watched so many try to win the nomination... I started thinking that Trump may not win because there were so many good people up there... and still GOD said 'Trump will win'... as the accusations and the name calling started... I started thinking... if the world is evil Trump may not win...
and still GOD said 'Trump will win'...

Last night as we were watching the results... at first, I cried tears of joy when I saw the first electoral numbers coming in... and then when Clinton started winning more than I thought she would... I started to think Trump won't win... (it was my fear)... and GOD said... "Where is your faith? I have told you all along Trump will win"... I was a bit ashamed to be a doubting Thomas.

And you know... when Trump did win... or actually when GOD showed me truly that he would... GOD never got mad at me for not having perfect faith. GOD just smiled as I realized that HE was right all along and my fears were wrong!

I could feel the anger of Clinton... I could see that she had nothing to say... she didn't even want to face THE PEOPLE and I praised GOD that we wouldn't have to see her or hear her voice anymore... my tears were overflowing with JOY! God never chastised me... for HE knows that I am human.

I did always try to have faith in THE PEOPLE... but sometimes I feared that we had allowed some peoples to go backwards from what is good and right. We have allowed people to change our beautiful world with their fleshly desires... whether for lust or greed.

I think I know a real good way to tell the difference between a Republican and a Democrat. A Republican LOVES their country... and they care about the welfare of THE PEOPLE... and they strive to create a place that works for the benefit of all. But a Democrat... cares only about gaining power over the people and gaining money in their own pockets... and forgets us ALL.

I sure don't like labels... and I don't care what your color or creed... doctrine or tradition is... as long as you know Jesus... he wasn't like the worldly men! And yes, some religions are only in it for the money... but remember that many are not! Many only live to serve OTHERS... and that's what Jesus was all about! GOD, through Jesus taught the people to LOVE one another... Jesus taught us to care about OTHERS... to help OTHERS out when we see that we are able to! It's so simple!

I surprise myself with this... I would think that I would of secluded myself... but GOD tells me to be apart of the LIVING... to be there for other PEOPLE... and already today I have helped 3 other people... and even killed a bad spider, it looked like a Brown Recluse!

When I was on my second run for another... I actually saw a young woman get out of her car and put some trash in a trash can! And I praised GOD... because it seems as though the world had changed overnight!

But, I know there is still so much work to do, because all along the street that we rode, there was trash everywhere! And I prayed to GOD to allow me to sell my books and go on speeches telling the young folks how much better the world would be if we respected the earth enough to ALL put the garbage in the garbage can and not on the ground. I tell my Grandkids... "Can you imagine what the world would look like if everyone threw their garbage on the ground?"

They can!

I went down to check on the 2 youngest grand children because my daughter in law called me from her job, concerned that no one at her house was answering the phone... and when I got down there... everyone was up and the kids were happy and fixing to be fed... My daughter has moved in with my son and his wife. And today... everything was good! Praise GOD!

It seems that Donald Trump winning the election has somehow straightened out things!

Lots of things, in my point of view!

You know... I was not much of a Donald Trump fan in the past... but when you put him up next to the Clintons.... The Donald is not so bad! And I am now praying for Justice to be revived! Knowing that we as a PEOPLE are a GOOD people! We are smart and determined and Trumps win shows me that most of the PEOPLE can tell the difference between good and bad!

I love that most people in the world still hold onto GOD!

I mean... some people who do not believe in GOD... how can they know for sure who is right and who is wrong? But the thought that we are still a GODLY people is very comforting to me!

Today we have the ability to bring THE PEOPLE back to GOD! We can say... GOD is GOOD... GOD is LOVE... GOD is Caring about others... no matter who those others are!

Its about  having the know how to fit others into your world! There are to many lonely crotchety people who would be a lot more happier if they could only be with PEOPLE who can help them realize that GOD surpasses all understanding...

We can never BE GOD... but we can emulate HIM... and when we do... all will be well.

There will be no more wars... no more murders... no more hungry children!

We as a PEOPLE have been dragged through the muck and mud... we have been beaten down a time or two... too... some have lost sight of what is good and right... but if we all stand together with LOVE leading and guiding us... its a whole 'nother story!

If we loved our space and place... we would not throw garbage on the ground! If we loved our homes and families... we would always do what is good for them. We would never dream of harming anyone! We would never harm anyone... we would only HELP!

You see, we can have a life without GOD... but life is SO MUCH BETTER with HIM!

We should know by now, that we should not live like animals... GOD set us ABOVE the animals... we have the knowledge of good and evil and we have the ability to live accordingly!!!

We CAN find PEACE if we just allow it in! To many people allow the evil to take over and they do things that hurt themselves or others in this life :(

We have just one life. If we do bad things we can never go back and change it once we're gone.

Make the change while we're here now! And that change is about to begin!

I can feel it in the air!

I can feel the PEACE, I can feel the LOVE...


Praise GOD... Thank You Jesus...

I am especially thankful for the last 4 words that Trump spoke last night after winning the election...  he said... "GOD Bless US, Everyone!"

And you know... I am always praying for Trump... I am always praying for US...

So again...

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA


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