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Thursday, November 17, 2016

I Dream Of A Neighbor

I had this crazy dream. It was scary. I woke up and it took me some time to pray about it and ask GOD for the meaning... there is always a meaning to these dreams. You know the ones that are surreal. The ones where you are alive in them and doing something. Hopefully productive!

So it was in my Grandparents neighborhood. Which is the same as where I am now. If they were still there and had kids, my kids would go to school with their kids. And in a way... this is fact... their great great grand children will also go to these schools, which are the same schools that I went to when I was living with my Grandparents.

So I and... someone else... I am not sure who it was... but I do know it was a male figure... we were walking down my Grandparents old street... and on the corner I saw stuff... paperwork and money... all over the yard! I picked up a lot of it and went to the door of the house to ask about it? A woman came to the door... I immediately sensed something was wrong... a man came up behind her and I told them I had found all this paperwork and money and such all over the yard... they took it and said "Thanks" and went back in the house. As I was walking away, I saw some more stuff... money and blue stuff in a baggie... there was a lot of it... I picked it up and went back to the house. Knocked hard... the woman came out... but it was like she was pushed out... she looked terrible! Her makeup all down her face from tears... and bruises and small cuts here and there... her hair was tangled around the mans fist... as he came out behind her with a huge knife...

Now, I have had dreams of knifes and running from my stepfather in the past, even after they divorced I still would have those terrible dreams of him coming after me to kill me, specifically... and they kept coming until I killed him in the last dream of it!

But this current dream was not like that... I wasn't running for my life... I was standing up for others lives... I pushed the woman behind me and I grabbed the man... only GOD could of given me the strength to do it! Remember David and Goliath? There are more stories like that... where we fight against all odds... but when GOD is on our side... We always WIN!

So the man came at me as I went for him... I grabbed him around the neck and grabbed the knife away from him and threw it aside... someone picked it up... I told the people who gathered to call 911. As I was holding him, I never felt like I had lost the power! GOD was with me constantly to help me... help them.

Because in today's society, we have a terrible problem with drugs. And drugs are very bad for you. I notice that a pill is illegal and can get CPS to take away the children... but the same pill given by a Dr s perscription is OK. No problem. Well I do have a problem with it.

And I think I will fight forever until we get some sort of grasp of the situation.

I do understand that some people are just addicted. There are many reasons why... one, maybe they got into a car accident and got started on pain pills and now can't live without them. Dr's know this. We also know that the more you take the more your body begins to build a resistance to it.

Someone else might of gone to the wrong party where they hand out drugs like candy. Now I am not talking about the legal natural stuff they cook into candy these days and sell it to adults. Its just the same as selling lovely flavored booze. Parents must keep their stuff locked away from the children. No, I am talking about the stuff laying out in the yard, (so to speak) for all the world to see and the children to pick up.

And then also... peer pressure... is a bad thing. No one likes to feel jeered and laughed at because they won't do what the others are doing. But all in all... they get what they want.

Legally or illegally.

My first thought is... 'why do they want it?'

I used to be a cutter. And I know that when you are in pain, internally... mentally... when you cut yourself it makes you distracted from the other pain.

So, I am thinking these people who get caught up in the drugs are the same... the drugs distract them from their problems in life. They want to take a pill or a shot of something to knock them out. No pain. No life.  A lot of people die from it. What a shame :(

I always think about how they don't know Jesus. They don't know His story. They don't know what He stands for. And most likely, their family doesn't either. I can see in the world, how people who do not know the old stories, make the mistakes they do.

When you are not in touch with the spirit... you really don't have much to ponder on, other than what your gonna eat or what your gonna wear. Or what movie you will watch.

I love to see the ones who love to read and learn the lessons in life that is there to learn,

Its so important to know these things before we get caught up in them.

Its best to be natural and aware of things...

Its strange to the ones who are not on the drugs. They look and think... "Wow... I don't want to be like that!" "How could they let themselves get to that point?" Sorta like how can a 500 lb person allow themselves to get to that point, when we already have the knowledge to not become obese. Some people look down on folks who don't live in sin... they live in sin and they want everyone to indulge. But I love the ones who are always careful of their diet... and they always get in some workout time... because its good for them. Good for their heart!

I will be so happy when we get to a point to where all the info is out there for the ones coming up to see so they can avoid the mistakes of others who have already passed and ruined it.

I love to read about bios. I love to focus on a person and learn about their life and their life choices. I love the ones who have a great story and then I hurt for the ones who have died of drugs and overdoses of drugs and alcohol. There are so many... and it goes way back. Many have had pills given to them by Drs... and they die. Its not a good thing.

I wonder how many people take to many the first part of the month and then have none for the last part of the month? I wonder how many will run out of legal Dr given drugs and then go buy some on the street to fill their bottle up again?

The only thing good that comes out of this is there is a 50/50 chance the children will learn NOT to do it. I say 50/50 because there will be those children who will see it and laugh and think its funny and will want to try it. They think, 'hey if mom and dad do it I can do it too'. So sad....

Here's my point of view... when you have GOD in your life... telling you to LOVE one another... do good to one another... and you feel the LOVE and the care... and know the feeling of a fulfilled life... with PEOPLE who are there for you and you are there for them... Like parents who choose their children over anything else... and everyone has a someone they can hang out with... even if you love to go home to a quiet place after being around other PEOPLE... its all good! So many different folks accustomed to so many different things.

I believe with all my heart... when you can FEEL the SPIRIT... you have no desire to change the feeling... because it feels so good to be in the SPIRIT... with not only GOD... but with other PEOPLE who love GOD! I think the best thing you can do is find a Church where you can feel the wonderful SPIRIT OF GOD... The PEOPLE there wanting the same thing that you do... to LOVE and to be loved... and to feel the happiness that overflows in your heart!

We must remember that only GOD can make you feel that way. You must have the SPIRIT to discern the SPIRIT. I was driving someone somewhere today and happened to drive by a Church I had known years ago... the Preacher was a 'perv' and his wife wanted to have sex with me! It was the worst feeling ever! And I was so happy to get them out of my life.

Now... I love to watch my favorites on the TV. Or not... whatever I need to do, I do it... I am not so religious that I have all these rules and regulations to steer me...  because we know that the only rule we have is to 'LOVE OTHERS as we love ourselves... there is a lot of work to do... but we can make it happen. I can already see it happening. PEOPLE taking care of other people... not because they are paid to... but because they want to.

Because being with others and sharing LIFE is what LIFE is all about! We are like those old people with short arms and long spoons who cant feed themselves, but they learn that they can feed each other! Its a beautiful thing! I can sure tell ya! :)

I do worry about my children and my grand children. I know what peer pressure can do to a kid. I am so blessed to be apart of their lives. And I feel like its my job to protect them from the world. I talk very open to them. I see them almost every day! I take advantage of my time with them to tell them all that I know. I want them to know what I know now! You know, like when you hear someone say, 'I wish I could go back and do it over, knowing what I know now."  I do say that. But... what I can do is help the children have a chance at a perfect life! Look and see what different people do... and learn from other peoples mistakes! Be smart... be in the know!

There is no reason for anyone to have a sad/bad life... filled with mistakes and regrets... if you do it right the first time... well GOD Bless You!

I feel like I am still struggling... because I am still fighting demons... the ones who attack me and the ones who are with other people around me.

Its a good thing... not to allow the evil to be a part of our life. GOD tells us through Jesus... what we need to know... and its as simple as these words... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

I see to many people who are not loving each other.

We have been conditioned of late to ignore SPIRITUALITY... think only of y/ourself... and not giving a thought to anything else, much less anyone.

But We know that GOD says... we all matter to HIM... no one is better or greater than the other. I see how important it is for us to be helpful to each other. Because without each other... we wouldn't know all there is to know in the world. Look and see... and care... to believe...

GOD is LOVE... GOD is LIGHT in the darkness... GOD is US... and we are HE...

Live and learn... to LOVE and CARE...

For it is there...

that we will discover, Heaven!

Praise GOD... Thank You Jesus!



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