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Sunday, November 27, 2016

And GOD Gives Another...

Dream, that is... You know its supposed to happen... and boy does it happen!

So in this dream... was crazy but expected... I got kicked out of a Church!

I have always said when asked "why don't you go to Church?" I usually say, well these days I can watch more than one on TV... I enjoy several of them. But there is another reason I have known for years... I know that a lot of Churches would kick me out.

You see, some Churches are there for the great business... And this one was.... now I am not saying that all conglomerate churches are in it for the money... I do think that GOD does bless some with much riches and they do still build great and beautiful churches.

So this does NOT mean that every BIG Church is just in business for the money.

But this one was... and it was a big place... I had known many people in there and some were crying when I was leaving... some ignored me.

I didn't care. I knew their secret! I didn't want to be there anyway.

You see, this is why GOD sent Jesus!

Men used to have to go to the Temple and make a sacrifice for their sin...
 it was no skin off their nose, it was a fowl or a 4 legged animal they would sacrifice to the Priests... whew... don't you know those men had some great BBQ's!

HAHAHA, my point is... GOD did not dwell in all the hearts and minds of men back then... HE only dwelt where one devoted their life to HIM! My favorite of them all... Daniel... Daniel was a true man of GOD! And the reason was... because Daniel was GOOD and HOLY... and shared his wisdom to others who didn't really know what was going on... they just didn't want to be caught doing it for fear of having their head lopped off.

You see some are still to this day practicing this sort of terror. And GOD saw that it was not good!

So GOD begin to think about how HE could reach THE PEOPLES hearts and souls... telling them what is good and what is bad. You hear? The beginning of WISDOM is knowledge... and many men and women have found it throughout the years... the millions of years we have been here as a PEOPLE... GOD was their GOD back then... and HE is our GOD today... and HE will be with them in the future... GOD IS THE GOD OF THE LIVING...

God wants us to know the pitfalls in this life.

HE tells us through Jesus how to LIVE and how to LOVE and then continues with the many many Saints that have lived on this earth! GOD has been with US Always!

This is why GOD works so well... because GOD teaches us to LOVE and CARE for each other... there are some who teach to only care about what they say.

I wouldn't even say that... because I want you to FEEL THE LOVE in your own heart, enough to seek GOD and HIS wisdom. And that is why it is said, Jesus is the way... because Jesus... well, let me tell you... Jesus was a very bright young boy... and when he came up missing that day... where was he??? In the Temple learning all he could! HA! Yes... at 12 years old... the time that most young people go off to the other side... Jesus went for the wisdom of old! And that is how he got started, being interested in the ancient religions... I believe that Jesus even read about Confucius... simply because Jesus updated what Confucius said. Confucius say... 'Don't do something to someone that you wouldn't want done to you!' Jesus said, 'Do unto others as you would want them to do to you!' Same thing... just worded different!

Treat others KINDLY...

I saw a video of a Christian who drank from the water from a mosque and got beat for it! This is not showing the kind LOVE that Jesus was talking about. And these are the people who follow the ancient laws of old that GOD did get rid of, through Jesus the Christ... the final sacrifice.

We now LOVE and rehab those who need help.

I can see the PEOPLE are pretty dang smart in the world! We know the difference these days.

We can... well, most of us can know that beating a man for drinking your water is not something that GOD wants us to do to show others HIS spirit! Is just wrong.

You know... no matter what label you wear... what doctrine you follow... what creed you need... or what tradition you love... none of that matters to GOD... what matters to GOD is... Are you a good person who LOVES OTHERS and does all you can to HELP THE PEOPLE to survive and live a good and healthy life? Child or spouse or parent or any relative or friends who are close like blood. Doesn't matter because what you do to any of them is like your doing it for GOD.

I do so admire the men who are strong enough to care about a woman... and yet smart enough to know when to give her space... and give her a place where she is happy and safe. I love that about some men. Sadly these days there is a war of the sexes going on... but all we have to do is just respect each other for who we are! Its so simple even a child could do it!

LOVE is helping others instead of hurting them!

I have a blog in my head... more on that later... but what I am thinking is how grateful I am that I am seeing so many GOOD people HELPING other people in various ways.

Oh screw the ones who fake it for a video... no... when you truly HELP someone, it doesn't matter if your friends know about it... you know... I hear... the best way is to just do it in secret... and GOD will see and give you rewards beyond your fleshly sight!

I think lists are good... we can learn by repetitive input. What I mean by that is like on Facebook, you see things go round a few times over... I always re-read some that are my favorite, or re-watch a video a few times just because it is so amazing!

I am so happy that there are so many GOOD creative PEOPLE sharing what they have!

Lets be inspired by them...

Lets get off the pity potty and change the way we think... there have been many bad habits that some people have fallen into. We can fix it! We have the knowledge!

There was once long long ago... a list that GOD gave us... but Satan did his best to sway THE PEOPLE away. Well its in the old testament...  doesn't matter anymore... the devil can no longer use them against us.

GOD sent Jesus... the final sacrifice for sin... and now we have only one law...


It hurts my heart when I see someone, see someone... and be nice to their face and then behind their backs they whisper mean things about them. Do they think that GOD does not hear them?

That is why we need to learn about 'back biters'...

It's in the book...

Just skip the Old Testament... we are not under 'the law' anymore.

We have the knowledge and the capability to really do some good things these days... its so much better when we can do them for others so that they can have a better life!

We can never know their story.

We can only use GODS SPIRIT ... because GODS SPIRIT is the ALL KNOWING entity of all the beautiful souls that has ever lived and breathed the breath of life...

And that even goes back farther then YHWH!

I mean really folks... We are not alone...

There were 'them'... and there will be 'them' long after we are gone.

I would bet my last nickle that we can get it together and find our way to HEAVEN!

And live with GOD in our hearts, leading and guiding us into the way that is good!

The only problem is... PEOPLE have fallen away from the spirit... DEATH OF THE SPIRIT... check it out... and when people fall away from the spirit, they lose site of the spiritual knowledge. They only care for what they will eat or drink or wear or where the next party is, to seek the desires of the flesh.

Trouble comes when we listen to our flesh and ignore the SPIRIT...

Because THE SPIRIT IS THERE... whether you want to admit it or not.

GOD Bless and keep us... In The Spirit!

Oh... before I go... I want to give a testimony... Most of you know I live in poverty... and now... my babies daddy has lost his job because he lost his eyesight due to cataracts.,. well... GOD is AMAZING... food poured in... these people had no idea what they were doing... they just did what GOD put in their heart to do... one neighbor, brought us turkey dinner... was almost 20 lb turkey! Another friend... who likes to stop by and eat on occasion... brought in 4 bags of meat and veggies! And another friend brought 2 bags of chicken and salmon! HA... and we were doing him a favor! HAHAHA if only he could know...

And I had changed electric companies... and they gave me a bonus... so I didn't even have an electric bill this month and I still have some credit for next month!

No matter what... GOD always supplies our needs!

Praise GOD, Thank You Jesus!

For all Blessings that flow! :)

GOD Bless Us... Everyone! IJCNA


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