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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Walking With Jesus

Its been a long time, I know. I have been filled with things I want to say here. I am up to 56 working hours a week so its hard to get in here. My daughter has moved back home so I have to share this room with her. She and her children are gone today. So here I am.

I am seeing in the world a great deal of lies for the benefit of manipulation of human minds. Why do some people want to deceive so many?

It has been that way since the beginning. And you probably know that it is greed... selfish greed. Because even the greediest will turn their back on the ones who help them get to where they want to be. And then they kill them so they alone can know what and why they are doing.. what they are doing. This type of thing does NOT come from GOD. As you know GOD is very adamant about people not lying. I am grateful that the SPIRIT of GOD is alive and well in the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE. Its good to see... And I can not only see but so can many of the others who LOVE GOD! We know that in the end Satan will not win. For we will know the TRUTH and the truth will set us free! And free indeed will we be, when the one calling for LOVE fulfills HIS plan.

You see, since the beginning there has been selfish, self centered, self gratifying people who don't care about others. It was common to think only of 'self'. And that caused things to not be as they should be. There was no heart or soul... no care or concern about others.

GOD has tried many times to heal HIS PEOPLE... who should and will be WE THE PEOPLE! For ALL will now the words of Jesus. The one who made our way feasible to the feet of GOD. It will be good for us to know what GOD had intended for us.

Remember when Jesus was murdered? Oh yeah I guess the politically correct word would be crucified, but that is a word that was created to explain the course of legal murder. But when Jesus died, GOD gave us the Holy Ghost which is the 'comforter' whom GOD sent to live within us... the veil was ripped apart so that anyone could receive GODS SPIRIT... still don't get it? Well, before Jesus, it was known that GOD lived in the Temple, behind a veil... and the only way to get to GOD was through a Priest who lived there and could pass beyond the veil. People would go and make sacrifices... (this was all symbolic) and be forgiven for sin. But it was a sort of messed up deal because a man could sin and just go give up a bird or a four footed animal for various sins. And GOD knew that men were not taking responsibility for their sin, the animal was. And also the men behind the veil, some became corrupt. I can't say they all became corrupt because you can see even now that even tho some have become corrupt, there are still many of us who still walk and talk with Jesus and know and keep his words of LOVE and HELP and HOPE and prayer! We no longer have to go through any one person... or 2 or 3 or 8 or 10. I say that because some have become corrupt in groups... could even be a group of 100 or a thousand.... ya know?

So now that we can LIVE with GOD in our hearts and minds... do you see? It sheds LIGHT on reality. People don't have to be misled or misguided or manipulated when they have GOD right there inside themselves. Its no longer a group thing... its a one on one relationship with the one and only true GOD... who is the LOVE of and in ALL of US. So when someone says you have to go here or there to find GOD, do not believe them. Now, with that said... there are many places who have NOT been corrupted. And they go to Church or Temple or anywhere they create, for the community of the Saints. That is when a bunch of GOOD PEOPLE who LOVE GOD and EACH OTHER, create a place to gather together in the name of JESUS! GOD said, "where so ever 2 or more are gathered in MY NAME... There I will be in the midst!" So you have to have GOD in your heart to know which is which. Which place is truly serving the Lord and which place is in it for the money and status.

I was driving down the freeway this morning... and there was traffic backed up for miles... because of construction, part of the freeway was closed down. It took us 30 minutes to go as far as it would normally take 5 minutes. I looked to the right and saw one of those Hummer Limousines... which made me realise... the worlds problems are there for the rich and the poor. Didn't matter if you were driving a Cadillac or a Lincoln... or an old beat up, worn out car... we all had to wait our turn, waiting for the space to get on our way.

How very much like the Spirit, I thought, GOD doesn't care how we get there... what matters to HIM is that we 'get there'! And the jokes on them who are arrogant and egotistical... or narcissistic. Those who think they are so much better than others. It would make GOD very happy if the rich ones could acknowledge that they are just blessed by GOD... as we have seen many of them take a great fall and end up with nothing... they lose their homes their families and their jobs.

But ya know... there are those people of GOD who would gladly take them in and show them the error of their ways. Because we know that if you follow Jesus and do what is right, you wont be put in the way of failure. GOD does this to people to bring em down a notch, when they think to highly of themselves... when they think they are their own god.

We know the way to be is to become HUMBLE knowing the POWER that GOD has over us to give out the good or the bad accordingly.

We sure do have a lot of BS going on today with all the fake news... its amazing how some people love to manipulate with words, to make something sound so different than it really is. And ya know why they do it? They get a real kick out of it. Some people love to stir up trouble or confusion and they laugh at those who don't get it, or the ones who pretend like they get it and they carry on the fake news. And the Devil is laughing at them... or should I say, with them.

You see... there has been a spiritual battle since the beginning, when GOD tried to sort it all out for us. Its the battle... you know it... of good against evil... truth against lies... GOD against the Devil.

And here we are... some of us not even knowing about this spiritual battle because they don't have the SPIRIT of GOD in them... the spirit that tells them to be GOOD! And there are those who have the devil leading and guiding them to do bad thing and they don't even know their being bad cause they are laughing at their ability to manipulate your mind!

This is why we use labels.. GOD is all things that are beautiful and honest and pure of heart... and the devil is all about death and destruction and ruining peoples lives and leading you into the world of lies and doing all sorts of things that are bad for you, like gluttony... adultery... homosexuality... and I could go on and on... but you can easily find this list in the Word of GOD... the Bible... which has always been a Best Seller since it was written. I would suggest starting with the New Testament. The old testament talks about the way things used to be. But the New Testament talks about the way Jesus said it should be. As in LOVE one another... Do Good to one another... Help each other out!

Not to many people doing the right thing in the world today. And we're not stupid people. We are for the most part educated, with the Spirit of GOD within us that tells us when someone is lying for their own purpose. They just don't care that they lie to us. We are insignificant to them.

It is very important that we share the word of GOD with everyone so that we ALL can know the power of LOVE and we can all feel good about our lives. I think that when we get our lives together... rich people will start helping out the poor. Like, I am a poor person... I am in debt 60 grand.. that would be a drop in the bucket for a rich person to get me out of debt. You know, I fit the criteria... I am not going to waste my money on cigs or booze... I don't waste anything... I just would like to pay off my creditors. And wouldn't it be nice to have a program that does this for people? It would not only help the poor, it would be a great economy boost! I am struggling... I make 8.$ an hour. I pay my bills on time. I have never filed bankruptcy... I have never blown money for the fun of it. I have often thought that I could be a writer and sell my books, but that isn't happening. But... of course I am here writing this blog for nothing... you don't have to pay me to read the things that goes through my head. GOD says 'do this' and so I am doing it. I love all of you... I think I can see you... as When I close my eyes GOD puts faces in my mind... they flash by and I can only think its the ones who love me. And I thank GOD for that. Sometimes I get depressed and think I'm not doing good... and I think that's why GOD shows me the faces of the people whose hearts I touch. I praise GOD and I thank HIM for we are at 112 countries now. And just today 21 people logged on at the same time. I always wonder about that. The only thing I can think of is somewhere teachers are having classes log on to read. Or maybe a government entity is grouped together. I don't know and I am OK with not knowing as long as GOD knows. So as long as I hear GOD telling me to get in here and write... I will.  And the wonder of it all is that even when I don't know what I am going to write about... GOD takes over my hands and guides me as I go!

So even though I am not in here as often as I used to be... know that as long as GOD gives me breath I am here for YOU... For HIM... and all those who will someday hear about me and come to see what I'm all about. And that is... HOME and FAMILY and ALL of GODS people who are just starting out on their path of life! I am not here to judge anyone... because I am fighting my own fleshly battles. But I thank GOD that I have HIM who gives me the strength and the wisdom to carry on.

Carry on... carry on...

As we all must do. Don't let the Devil tell you that your not worth it... Don't let the demons take you to a place that will blind your spirit to the evil in the world. Because... its not all about us... its about all the ones who have come before us and all the ones who will come after us.

Sure an evil man can do his evil deeds... but GOD knows... and one day that evil man will die and others will come up knowing GODS LOVE and will right all the wrongs that the evil ones had done. We will naturally have and live with the LOVE and CARE that GOD intended.

I see such horrible people doing such horrible things. And I pray... That GOD gives them their just due... for they will have their reward in the pits of hell, knowing they can never come back and do a do over. And for those who believe that we can make a deal with GOD to let us come back and try again... are also the ones who know in the first place that they don't want to screw up... for the wages of sin is death. And that includes death of the spirit. The second death.

Don't lose your soul for something that can only serve your flesh... save your soul for to serve GOD and the things that Jesus taught us when he walked and talked with GODS PEOPLE here on earth. Yes there are many Saints alive out there.. but they are smart enough to stay away from things that could corrupt them.

Live as GOD intended us to live...

And that is to have LIFE and have it more abundantly... doesn't matter your label or your social status to GOD... GOD is only concerned with your HEART and MIND... and that you see and know TRUTH and most of all... set a good example for the CHILDREN... for such IS the kingdom of HEAVEN!

GOD has not abandoned us... some PEOPLE have abandoned HIM.

All we have to do is acknowledge HIM and give Jesus his just due.

Lets go to bed tonight and ask GOD to come into our hearts and minds... and lets wake up to a new day and a new attitude... doing our best even when we feel we're doing our worst... just do what you know GOD wants you to do. And leave the details to HIM...

HE WILL sort it all out!

GOD Bless Us... Everyone!