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Friday, October 19, 2012


I haven't had much time for the news today... but I did see where Putin say that the muslim veils are to be banned and are saying that Russia will go back to school uniforms like the old Soviet Union... WOW!

This is GREAT NEWS! I am so HAPPY to see France and Russia stand against the intention of the muslims. I am so happy that people are seeing what is going on with Islam... seeing the TRUTH!

I see in Mali... the muslims have closed 9 churches and 6 buddist temples.

I am quite aware of their intentions... and am so glad to see the savages will not prevail... so many lies told. Who do we believe? I can tell you right now, we choose the civilized man over the savages any day!

I watched an interesting movie tonight... it was about a Countess Bathory. My, how we humans can act. It sorta freaks me out to know that things are not always what they seem to be. How we can pretend to be good when our souls are evil and sinful.

For me, I cannot comprehend these things. I will never understand how someone can eat someones face off. Or slice their heads off. I will never be able to understand the craziness of all that.

But we live in a different time now. The new age... we are all pretty much able to be educated... to learn to read and write. And learn from history.  It is hard to know that there are still people in the world who cannot learn these simple skills. Well, mostly the muslim men want to keep the muslim women uneducated. This I truly know!

I do feel like we will see the time when the lion WILL lay down with the lamb.

I can see it happening... as I live and breathe... regardless of the attempts to control people with barbaric threats. Its hard to believe they believe their own sayings...

We are an intelligent species... We will find a way to make PEACE possible...

After all is said and done... it IS all about our FREEDOM to CHOOSE!

Lets choose PEACE... Lets CHOOSE LOVE!   Not hate or war...

And lets also choose the FREEDOM to be able to know the difference!


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