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Friday, October 12, 2012

VP Debate

I thought things were going well until Biden started his fake laughing... and interrupting Ryan. I was thinking Biden had a chance to win the debate, until that ridiculous laughing and rude 'over talking' Ryan. And Ryan was so polite and let Biden show his bully self. So even tho I thought Biden made a couple good points,  his rude bully boy attitude turned me off completely.

Congressman Ryan... He came off as a cool intelligent eager to serve gentleman. There is only one thing I would want to tell him. And that is, there is a HUGE misunderstanding within the White house...  that is  Assad of Syria. I do NOT believe that Assad is killing his own people... I believe the muslim brotherhood is doing it and blaming it on Assad... A lot of people tend to believe the lies that are told in all earnest... oh yeah... the muslims are ALLOWED to lie to us... so that is why they are so convincing. They see their own lies as truth. And I don't know if people are just really gullible or they really want to believe them... or they just don't care  :(

As far as Abortions... I had one and I almost died. Oh yeah...  I have... given a baby up for adoption, had two of my own... and 3 miscarriages. I have never had a child pass away, I don't think I could handle that. I think that GOD knew that I wouldn't of been able to handle that. God never puts us through anything we cannot handle. Only God knows the strengths and weaknesses of an individual. But altho I think abortion is a very bad thing... I do support a woman's right to have one if she deems it best for her own life. I see so many pro lifers... but then they go home to their fancy houses and forget about the real facts of life. Babies being born unwanted... forced to live in poverty and usually have abusive parents with drug and alcohol problems... I think every pro lifer ought to take in at least 3 orphans at a time and when they grow up, they need to take in more. Some of these unwanted children are so broken...  they are beyond fixing.

But all is possible with Jesus! And maybe if the pro lifers would stop forcing people to accept their views, we could save some of these children from being born into this messy world. Because I guarantee its not the rich folk who are having to put up with the consequences of 2 horny people drinking and on drugs that create a child without even realizing it is being done. Or doing it on purpose because they KNOW the government will give them all that they need.

WARNING; this video is explicit...

Economy... whew.... well, I sorta agree with Romney and should let bankruptcy happen for those who mismanage their money. I mean, I don't see any bailouts for THE PEOPLE... only corporations? I think what would of been a better idea... would of been to get a list of the people who owed them and then go to them, one by one and take a personal interest and pay off their debt for them. That way, GM gets the money OWED to them and the PEOPLE get to free up their money so they can spend it elsewhere! Now THAT would of been an ideal stimulus!

Why bail out big business??? Bail out the PEOPLE! Now, that would of gotten ya re-elected Obama!

So sad for the people who don't see the truth in this life. But you know what the Bible says... "There is NOTHING hidden that shall not be revealed!"

Thank GOD for the people who actually TELL THE TRUTH!


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