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Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Mothers Advice To Mitt Romney

Your success is as easy as one, two, three...

1. Know that the respect of women has been longer and stronger than the disrespect of women. I suppose it was the arrogance of man that had and has created the disrespect... but I KNOW it is the LOVE of women... the LOVE of mothers... that has been the backbone of society! Sure there are some bad mothers... but it has to do with breeding and upbringing... In general, women deserve respect! After all we give birth to men!  Right now I think the most important thing to remember is, in this day and time, women have the strength and independence that has brought us to a place where women in general have the intelligence to know what they need for themselves. So please, in your running, the way to win will be to give the women the freedom to choose for themselves what is good for them, only a woman and her private Dr knows what is best for her. Government shouldn't be meddling into the private intimate details of a woman's life. Women should have the power to choose what they do with their own bodies... and therefore, suffer any consequences from their actions and deal with  life on their own terms without being dictated to about their choice to have or not have babies. Its a good life for those women like your lovely wife Ann, who can have a man take care of them... but even you must know, this is just how it works best for some people... not all people. If there is one thing I learned in this life is that there is much diversity... we cannot categorize women. We cant categorize PEOPLE! There is such a difference... and that's GOOD because here in America, just like in Genesis, we have the freedom to CHOOSE! Give the women what they want... and that is the FREEDOM to make their own choices regarding their own bodies.

2. Always remember that in America we have freedom of religion... and freedom 'from' religion. As you can probably know, there is a movement going on with Islam... now its a nice idea for them to have their freedom to worship allah... BUT... also know that WE as Americans have the freedom NOT to worship allah... someone posted to me yesterday that Allah, Jehovah, God... are all the same thing. But they forgot one thing.   JESUS! Jesus is what makes a world of difference! Jesus teaches us to LOVE and CARE about each other... to FORGIVE when we are wronged. But... Islam doesn't have the same freedom. PLEASE beware... Islams goal is to spread Sharia Law world wide! In my deep thinking, this may make sense to a lot of people since Islam is a uh... 'peaceful' religion... I happen to disagree, knowing the world events of muslims working for worldwide Sharia Law going on today. Innocents die every day under Sharia Law! Now I have talked to a lot of people about this subject for over 2 years now. Ever since Obama had that 'special dinner' for the muslims... NO AMOUNT OF MONEY IS WORTH SELLING OURSELVES OUT! Many people say that they will never take over in America... because we have the constitution... but know this... when they get the majority in the house... they will vote it in! I have read their book... and they wont stop... unless we make them! The muslim brotherhood will lie to your face and stab you in the back, they are trained like robots to do this. They are allowed to lie to us, to advance Islam. Never trust them! Keep your eye on the sidelines... because they will have a brother or a cousin there to stab you in the back or cut your throat if you disagree! I cannot stress how important this is for the freedom of Americans. It is a real threat... and we need to be on guard! Personally, I believe we need to bring all of our people out of Islamland and stop funding to any muslim nation. Because they are going to be against us, no matter what their mouth says... in their heart, they hate us and want to kill all the infidels. I know there is some good in Islam, but that is a FRONT! This is why so many Imams don't want women to be educated... because women know this is a CROCK of SLOP! On my facebook, there was a male muslim who attached himself to me and swore loyalty of a dog to me and said he would deny Allah and Islam... altho he said it in a much cruder way. I was taken aback... some of my friends believe he is just trying to get close to me... somehow in my heart, I feel he is telling the truth... he knows Islam stinks. I believe he just wants to live free! After all... why do muslims want to move away from Islamland? Could it be for the FREEDOM? Perhaps for some... but for others its about world wide Sharia Law. Always remember and never forget... the ONE TRUE LIVING GOD, which lives in the hearts and minds of HIS people... says... if someone doesn't want to be a Christian, wipe the dust off your feet and go on with your life... NOT cut their throat if they don't agree. We must have the freedom to choose!

3. Stand up for GOD! We are a nation based on the principals of LOVE... and FREEDOM... and HAPPINESS... there IS a Holy War going on right now! I have recently gotten into Revelations .. and even in the Thessalonians it speaks of this... and we are warned of this time. All the signs are there! It goes way back to 2 half brothers who split and have made war ever since. Bring the hammer down on that one! Will ya? Because this is not a war of flesh and blood, but a war of principals... morals... good against evil. If you know the Bible, you know I speak the truth! We are all in this together... we must fight the good fight of faith!

Now I am just a no body... expressing my opinion. But according to the word of GOD, I am a somebody... and we all have to be in one accord... thinking the same thoughts... wondering the same things...

I believe with all my heart and soul that Obama is a closet muslim, but this is currently being known by THE PEOPLE... in the documentary 2016... and also the new movie on Obama on Netflix. More and more people are becoming aware that Obama has placed many muslims in the house... and they are challenging our constitution. So odd to me that in France the muslims are fighting for the freedom of speech and yet in America, they are fighting for the restriction of speech!

Please Mitt Romney... give us what we need! :)


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