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Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Freedom Of Speech

Well, Yahoo has cut my throat 2 times... some of my friends believe that money can make that happen... someone getting in there and deleting my profile. Yes... that is what happened! Now all those years of comments... just says, 'yahoo user' now. And if you search for my profile... used to pop right up first thing... and now... it is gone. Where did it go? I don't know. But I do know, that I did not delete it.

Well, of course we live in America... so I am free to create a new ID. HAHAHA... what a joke. Now they are doing the same thing to the 2nd MotherPope ID. And just about 5 minutes ago... my new profile cannot be found... even tho I have a direct link to it.

I have been writing for years... online... lol... I told my daughter that my audience reading my blog covered 20 countries... she says... "But your not getting any money."   HAHAHA... ahhh the innocence of a child! I feel like what GOD has given to me... I pass on for free... GODs LOVE cannot be bought... it is freely given. Yes I have studied the Bible over and over and over again... have read many different religious and non religious books and bios... and I can know a lie from the truth... and so I share with people world wide what I have learned.

And when I learned I was being read in 20 countries... I think I sat for several minutes with my mouth hanging open!  lol... and I WISH I could give everyone reading this blog a HUG... and its OK that I only have 1 follower... there are actually many more... but that one person is a personal close friend who has been there with me since day one! She is not in good health these days... I Pray to GOD for a healing for her, in Jesus name... Amen... we are still close... she just doesn't spend much time here anymore.

So if you are reading this blog... consider yourself HUGGED! I LOVE with a GODLY LOVE... people all over the world... all the way from USA to Puru... I want you to know, I love you! And you matter to me. And I DO respond to personal emails. And I THANK GOD for all the people!

My life is so far from this part of me. And what is even funnier to me... very few people in my real life know about this side of me. They see me as a mother, a grandmother... a neighbor... taking care of her family. But they have no clue about the strength that is actually within. Most people who know me in real life don't know this side of me. But here I am. A nobody really... but actually a somebody! :)

I was babysitting a couple of the grand kids and someone asked me... "How can you stand to watch SpongeBob SquarePants?"... they said for them it was like hearing nails on a chalk board. lol... well its because in my head I am not listening... in my head I am thinking and planning... at night when I am laying down to sleep... I pray to GOD for hours... my mind constantly going like a hamster in a wheel. This is a blessing and a curse. I am a thinker... a planner... I LOVE a 'steady as she goes' attitude... but don't think for a second I am not on top of things when things go off course... its then when I get a 'go with the flow' attitude... and I don't know how I do it... but it always happens... with GOD... I always land on top!

THANK YOU GOD for that! :)

Sometimes when life goes bad... as it usually always does for each of us in our own way... we the people with a common sense brain, work within reality to find a rock solid conclusion.

I am so blessed... yet...  I am so hated... sometimes I pray for death to take me out of this crazy world... give me a break... but every day... GOD keeps waking me up with the voice singing "GOOD MORNING! Its a beautiful day!" attitude filling my soul! WHY??? I asked GOD! WHY??? And I keep getting the same answer...

"Cause theres HOPE with MotherPope... no one can teach the world about LOVE better than MotherPope can!"

HAHAHA! WHAT!?! I ask???

And then I look at the people who know me and love me... and I see the people who dont know me but  hate me... and even the people who hate to love me.... HAHAHA... oh yes... they are out there... and I am so happy to make a difference...

When I get emails and responses from people who are hurting and scared inside... and I can talk to them, no matter where they may be... it makes a difference... WITH LOVE... and loving one another... we can all make a difference.

For in LOVING ONE ANOTHER and DOING GOOD TO ONE ANOTHER... we fulfill the law of promise for a new tomorrow... a new beginning where we all agree that 'we are WE'!

We all matter... no matter bound or free... we ALL matter! I matter, you matter... my kids matter, your kids matter... we are all 'WE'... and we are all in this world together... and STILL... we have the freedom to choose each day to live a life full of LOVE. Or, we can choose to hate and be angry and seek revenge and be selfish and self centered and not think about our brethren... in that case... we will fail.

Lets NOT fail... lets support each other like real family... the... 'WE THE PEOPLE' family!


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