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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Second Presidential Debate

Looked like things were going pretty good, until I saw the rudeness of Obama. He literally made me mad simply by being RUDE. I didn't like how the moderator kept stopping the men. I say GO FOR IT! Let them battle it out with words. Don't stop them and don't let them interrupt the other. That's the way it should of been. But of course the gentleman of the 2 gave way to being stopped.

There was at one point, I am sure others saw it. You could see the evil in the face of Obama. The darkness overshadowed his charm. He didn't sparkle like he did in '08.

And about the statement Obama made that the rich make rules for themselves... well doesn't congress do that too? I mean, they don't have to follow the same rules and ways that us peons do.

I don't think that's fair at all.

I know how to cut the deficit! The greatest change of all would be to make all congress and all political jobs voluntary and limited to 2 years!  I know it sounds crazy! Imagine the Prez donating his time to his country!

I don't like the way Obama is spending the taxpayers money.

I don't like the way Obama looked at Romney. Boy, if looks could kill Romney would be dead!

I don't like the way Obama apologies for America or plays the blame game.

I did not vote for him either, I vote for the man... not the color of the man. And Obama got the vote cause he  was black. Well, he is 'sorta' black. But its not a 'race' race for me.

Its about ethics... and loyalty... and standing firm against our enemies. Not allowing them to come in and take over. Not allowing them to make our home theirs... unless of course they legally come in and follow our laws and stop allowing them to create their own. Trying to change our constitution to fit their agenda. Bah!

November 6th is coming soon... it will be our chance to show who really works for whom!


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