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Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Struggle in Another Universe...

Ohhh and I do struggle... don't we all? Well most of us do, I suppose. I cant think of anyone who doesn't struggle in one way or the other, at some time or another.

So I was walking along the other day feeling very low... things were not going so well in life, due to OTHER PEOPLE who cause me stress... I cant help what others do, I can only help myself in how I deal with it... and I wasnt dealing with it very well... and then suddenly... I saw 'ME' in an alternate universe. I was shocked to see me laying there, I HAD to take a pic! Just to show everyone!

I could barely breath and I imagine people were wondering what I was taking a pic of. I wonder if some actually went over there and looked after I had gone.

And then I immediately THANKED GOD that I didn't have to live in that other universe. I so THANK GOD that I am FREE and able to be who I want to be. Say what I want to say... do what I want to do. Live how I want to live...  And of course... I do what I need to do. So grateful to GOD that I am in actuality... I am living a pretty good life.

I must give the credit to GOD... because my friends tell me they don't know how I hold it together.
As they would be going crazy. NUTS even...

Well... with a little perseverance... and patience... life will somehow turn around... is what I was always told... but I had been feeling so low I just didn't know anymore.


One of my friends sent me a surprise!

These flowers were a TOTAL surprise! I haven't had flowers delivered in years! lol... I answered the door, "Do I know you?" I asked him... Thinking it was maybe the neighbor kid wanting to show me what he got his mom for her birthday... "Uh, no" he said, "I am just delivering the flowers."  HAHAHA... OK, now I was puzzled. My daughter in law was here, she also wanted to know who was sending me flowers. I think she was late to work so she could stay and see who they were from!

Annie! OMG! One of my online special friends had been knowing I was having a rough time, she got the pic of me in the alternate universe too. lol... She had had a good payday and wanted to help me feel better! They came with CHOCOLATE TOO!!!  Oh MY... where is that chocolate, anyway! :)

And the same day... today... GOD must of felt I needed a double blessing... so I became NEEDED... Oh brother... here we go again... we found a tiny orphan running the street... the perfect little blessing...

Noodles... lol...  my Grand son named her Noodles... look at that tail just a waggin' lol...

Well of course I did the proper thing and put a notice out on the corner where we saw him coming from. LITTLE DOG FOUND it says... and has my phone number on it. I DID the right thing... and I will let a few local friends know about her tomorrow. ISN'T SHE PRECIOUS?  HAHAHAHA a little baby girl!

My daughter in law said, "Watch, no one is going to call and your gonna have a new baby." WHAT?? I don't need a new baby! I don't have time to watch her... so anyway, my daughter in laws mother has loaned me a little kennel... OK, that's nice.. its only going to be temporary... RIGHT?

So funny... a couple weeks ago... part of my sadness was that I had rescued another homeless dog, I LOVED him... I wanted to keep him so bad... here is his picture;
We had named him Eddie, he was starving on the streets of my friends house... he is a French greyhound... but my heart was broken when he ran off. He has not come back! :(

lol... when I first started thinking about writing about that pic of me in an alternate universe... this post was going to be SO DIFFERENT!          HAHAHA... Jokes on ME! :)

Because as you would know it... GOD always has HIS wonderful ways to give us JOY!

I am so happy to know that with some prayer and patience... things all come together for good :)

Update; 10-22-12
CoCo was her real name... and the sign did what I meant it to do. There was a message on my phone early this morning. It was a happy/sad day. We loved the little pup... but I knew that I didn't want to have to deal with another baby! But I would of taken good care of her if no one had called. And besides, I could tell by how happy the pup was, she had to of come from a happy home. I knew she was missed. I took the whole day letting her know how sweet she was... taking the opportunity to help potty train her with positive reinforcement! I had all day until the little girl got out of school and she came for her 'baby'!

Of course I could of kept the pup... some people would of, she is worth a lot of money as a pure bred. But, I have never been like that. And I knew that someone had lost their love.

So, I felt good. And I learned that I really am not ready to take this sort of thing on, even tho I want a pup.
And in the end... the look on that little girls face when she saw her little dog... was very much worth it!


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