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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Home State of Texas Does WHAT? pt 2.

I am sad to say... I made 2 appeals to Gov Perry and the 2nd one... there was no answer to.

We only want to be legal... but the state has not helped us at all.

I have posted on this before...

It started when I found my BD (BD stands for 'babies daddy', our daughter is 21 now) after him being gone for 14 years... the last 10 years we were told he was dead. He had a couple traffic tickets that he didn't go to court for... yeah he was an idiot not to go face the music... it would  of been better had he gone and taken care of business, but because he was not working and didn't have the money to pay 2 traffic tickets... he didn't go. Yeah he was wrong and he made the wrong choice... and it was years ago...

He will now admit he was stupid not to go.

So as soon as he gets here, we decided he would turn himself in to straighten out all the mess. So we take him down to Dallas, we live in Houston, but his/our daughter drove him to the police station that had warrants on him for not showing up for TRAFFIC COURT. So our daughter drives all that way... we go in and they take him... we knew they would... what we didn't know was, HOW UNPRODUCTIVE IT WOULD BE... when he called a couple days later we thought we were home free! :)


We go to change his address on his ID again... the state says... NO!

We get online and pay thousands of dollars worth of stuff I don't even know all what it was... I have never been in trouble like that in my life and have NO CLUE how to work the system. We went back... well the details are in the past...

Well, I wrote the GOV the first time and was promised help. We called a number and talked to a woman who said if you want to appeal to fax the appeal to a certain number... in the meantime... he got pulled over in my daughters car when he took it to the car wash for her... her temporary tags were out... which was the car dealers fault... we were having a hard time getting them... GOD only knows why... so... there was proof that he was driving with a suspended licence... but COME ON! The charges were dropped when my daughter took the plates to court to prove them real... the case was thrown out... but now... the state said.. NO you cant have your licence cause you were driving with a suspended licence...

OMG... helping his daughter... taking her car to the car wash was his offence against the law!

So I appealed a second time to Gov Perry... PLEASE... you have the power to take a murderer off death row... please wont you forgive my BD and help us?


Now his birthday has come and gone... and now his drivers licence shows that it is expired...

He cannot drive to go to work... we are now on unemployment... and NOW... it is even worse... HE could of had a JOB last week... but he didn't have a valid drivers licence! This is TRUE!


How stupid of me to think that anyone in our GOV would CARE about us!

I honestly thought we would hear the Governor take an interest in our unusual story. And give us some help!

HA! I guess in order to get any help you have to be an illegal...

We went again to the DMV to see if maybe the state had made it possible to get his licence... we got more info than we ever got before... the woman told us there was 8 things he had not paid!

The REGULATIONS and fees are almost 3 GRAND! We have already paid so much... we are in debt...  We have already paid thousands...

OVER TRAFFIC TICKETS! That prob would of only been $500.00 has turned into 5 GRAND!

So... I can now say... my home state that I have loved and been so proud of all these years... has not only STUCK US OUT... they have made my BD into a criminal... AND unable to find a job!

How am I supposed to feel about that?   "Beat me down and kick me when I'm down!"

Is there no justice in the world? Anywhere???


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