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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kiss The Free World Goodbye...

I suppose it is a fact that even when you try to do good... live a good life... the harder the evil one makes it. Oh its not for myself... my life is actually OK. For me... being alone like I am.

But for my daughter and her dad... here is the rundown...

First of all Houston Child Protective services... came into my house, on a LIE... and I let them in because I had nothing to hide... yeah yeah yeah, you've heard that before... but for us, the facts are all truth. People... ANYONE... even people who get mad and have a vengeful spirit can call CPS and lie just to make someones life hell. Oh yes... the days of people calling in all concerned for the child... have passed. Now, people do it to get revenge. In this case... they were mad at my daughter... so they themselves being the horrible people they are... doing the drugs they claim was going on here... hypocrites... In other words... if CPS would of drug tested the ones making the call... that person would of come up more dirty than anyone in my house ever in my lifetime.

I cannot lie... I will admit, I have been smoking pot since 1972... not constantly like a freak... but socially. If someone brings me a doobage to smoke, I will sit and smoke it with them as we talk. I don't wrap my life around it and it is not my highest priority in life... in fact, there have been times I have quit, for various reasons... the last time was for my Grandson, when CPS was called in and my daughter was a minor. I quit. Its not a big deal to me. But the people came in like gestapo throwing their weight around! And ruined our home life even tho there was a clean home with good food and good clothes... not to mention family LOVE!

And I will ALWAYS think that it is wrong to judge a person by their human pee. In fact, we are NOT judged by our clean house and ability to care for and feed and love a child... not because of any child abuse... but for our urine. There was 'NO CHILD ABUSE' claimed... just all sorts of drugs. And the child was placed with his father. A FELON... but they didn't have to drug test him because he didn't have a CPS history and his felony was past 7 years. But if they would of known the truth... he was still doing those activities... he just hadn't gotten caught... and if they would of drug tested him, he would of been positive. And if they were to drug test him today... he would be positive. BUT... that's where the state of Texas PLACED him. To be babysat by some unknown, unrelated woman in a trailer park... among pit bull dogs and cigarettes and booze! Not in the loving arms of a blood grandmother... who has a safe and quiet and CLEAN home... who doesn't smoke cigarettes or drink booze... what is my crime? Smoking a doobage on a Friday night in the back yard with my friend... When NO KIDS are even here! That is what makes me unfit... yeah. I guess it would be so much better if I was a drunkard or on HAPPY prescription pills.

My daughter is clean... and cant get any help from CPS... when she is being verbally and mentally abused by this 'man' the state has placed her son with. She did stop smoking. That was the only thing she was doing... not the crack and meth that was reported. She did smoke cigarettes. But she has never been a drinker. So she is living there, suffering... with CLEAN URINE and CPS wont even respond to her calls. But if she were to take the babe and leave... she would have charges of kidnapping on her. The state has FORCED my daughter to live in poverty as a fugitive with an abusive drunk! These ARE THE FACTS!

Now her dad. We have tried for 2 years to get things straight with the state regarding his licence. I know, I just posted the story yesterday. And today things seem very bleak. A man who could be working... but cannot... because the state is refusing to help us get a legal licence. I have already gone into debt to help him pay thousands of dollars already... and there are thousands left to pay... something from 'TRAFFIC COURT' has ruined our lives like this! SO I guess he is going to have to go down and file for his own EBT card. We were already FORCED to draw unemployment! I am legally disabled (high blood pressure and diabetes and an enlarged heart)... but I have not filed... I do not collect any gov money... but it looks like I am going to have to go file for disability to help pay the bills! I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't have my nails or hair done... I buy my clothes at the Goodwill. I don't have cable and I don't sit around watching TV all day. I don't go out and party all night and sleep all day. If I am not cleaning or cooking or taking care of kids... I am on here... reading... and writing. Actually I do have anxiety problems and don't sleep to well without medication.

So now... I can say in all truth... THE STATE OF TEXAS has destroyed my home... made my daughter a fugitive... and stuck her dad out with trying to find a job with no legal licence.

What happened to our country?

I think I know... we have CREATED the BEAST... our SYSTEM... It is NOT run by human beings... its run by computers that are programmed to make money at all costs! Computers are not programmed to CARE about the people they control! And the sheeple just continue to let the SYSTEM lead them blindly. The BEAST has NO CARE whatsoever for we 'the LEGAL people'... they are to busy trying to enslave the people and make them into criminals!

What has MY HOME state done for me? Made my family into fugitives... criminals... outlaws...

Someone... ANYONE... PLEASE...  prove me wrong!!! ??? !!!


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