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Sunday, December 04, 2016

The Ultimate War To Find The Ultimate PEACE

The ultimate war is the war that wont go away until we step up to fight our part.  Its the war that sticks with us throughout the days, the years... until we reach heaven, or hell depending on your spirit! It is the war inside of us that is GOOD against evil. Its been around a long time.

Someone said the other day that the Devil is in charge of the world... and I am thinking 'not in my book'! The world belongs to THE PEOPLE... and THE PEOPLE make it what it is...  and there is good and bad in everyone of US... so everyone chooses whom they will serve. So thus, the ones who choose 'self' are usually against the Spirit... against the law GOD gives us and that is to... LOVE ONE ANOTHER... they choose 'self' because they can only love themselves... they can't see beyond their own noses. They care not for others.

Some religions make it about them... they say you must come to their temple, mosque or church and do this or that and pray this way or that way, this many times a day and say this many prayers in a row... But GOD tells US to "Pray without ceasing." That is because GOD lives in your heart and mind, so your every thought and idea entertains Our Lord. This can either make you or break you.

And your SPIRIT shows us your agenda.

Lets check out the one who has rolling tobacco but has no papers. They can either get upset and whine and cry and complain about it... or pull out their trusty ole pipe and be grateful to have something to put in it. You see its all about your point of view.

I am always getting onto people for being negative. I am very careful not to throw insults around... but to stick with the issue of a negative attitude. A negative attitude not only brings you down... it also brings down the people around you. And that's not what GOD wants us to do for each other.

We are to LIFT each other UP... if you see someone, somewhere and you see with your spiritual eyes that you can help them... you are honored by GOD to help them, NO MATTER WHAT THEIR LABEL!

I can look and see so many PEOPLE helping PEOPLE... this is a new thing... yet an old thing. GOD has been telling people for a very long time... LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

GOD is LOVE... LOVING ONE ANOTHER... spreads the LOVE of GOD!

There is a difference between LOVE and HATE and Building and destroying...

One is good and the other is bad...

Now, one of the parables is that in the last days... that 'bad will be good and good will be bad'. We have seen that. Now we are in the days of CHOICE... we have the technology to maintain the LOVE! We can see into the world and know what helps and what hurts.

And with GOD, we are taught to love and respect one another... but the devil wants to stir up the hate and the anger... the demons take delight in destroying what GOD has built.

Its all about your perspective now...

Remember that big bag of food you were blessed with... one way would be to cook and share with all who are hungry that GOD sends to you... this is thinking of others and caring about their hunger pains. And then you have those who would take those bags of groceries and horde them... thinking only of themselves... and you know... being selfish is one of the things that GOD doesn't want you to be. And what happens? The food gets old and goes rotten and you must throw it away. Now this is only an example, there are many variables in this world. So nothing is ever 100% this way or that. It truly depends on your own spirit... your own perspective!

I do believe that there is the potential of good and bad in every human. And the levels vary.

I heard someone wants to change the words to 'Baby It's Cold Outside'... now this is one of my favorite songs. And I know it well. It's so sweet and romantic. It would be a shame to change it. So weird to me because of all the dirty rap songs... dirty books... porn and such that is tolerated... but yet someone is trying to change this beautiful song. It seems strange to me... almost like they are trying to do it just to see how much control they have over our system of things. See how far they can push.

In actuality no one should have total control like that. GOD IS the one in control and I can see this generation coming up to know that GOD is LOVE and LOVE IS to care and help others... and it feels good... and they know in their hearts and minds, that is the way to be... Its a good way of life... and GOD knows it... and we know GOD... and so on it goes!

There are so many religions and doctrines and traditions... and its a source of... behavior control... or management... or manipulation... whichever comes into play in the/your game of LIFE. But it really doesn't matter if your Baptist or Jew or Methodist or Catholic or whatever label you put on... go to whichever church turns you on... just make sure you have THE SPIRIT to lead and guide you into the way that is good...  and to know when something or someone is corrupt and knows not the ways of the SPIRIT. And then GOD tells you to get the hell away from those people!

I can see that there are so many wonderful, beautiful PEOPLE in the world making it a better place for ALL. But ever so often we will discover that there is a wolf in sheeps clothing. We have to know the difference, but sometimes its hard to know the difference when you want to believe in them and their story. Thats when you need GODS SPIRIT!

Truth be told, there is both good and evil and GOD loves the fact that we must choose... HE rejoices when we choose HIM and HE then shows us that its 'WE' that matters... and then again... on the other hand... HE lets us be stupid when we choose to make it about ourselves... I mean... how arrogant and selfish. Lots of times when that happens, GOD just gives us over to a reprobate mind. Lets us wallow in ourselves until we make ourselves sick and we die and can never go back and change things.

But those of US who love Jesus and remember how he taught us to love one another and then gave his life for us so that he is the final sacrifice for sin... GOD says... its time for HIS justice!

I have seen little justice in our system because 'people' can be bought off to lean one way or the other. And so GOD take's things into HIS OWN hands... for example... and this is a hard one... when you do not follow GODS laws... and say... you go out and get drunk... and you drive... well... GOD says its OK to drink... but it is a sin to love the drink so much you allow it to consume you to the point where you are not in your right mind... GODS justice... you will most likely have a terrible car accident... and depending on your spirit... you might kill someone... some innocent ones... and you must live with that truth for the rest of your life... (some kill themselves after this sort of event) .... or... you die yourself and realize you can never go back and change things.

Or here's a good one... A great husband is having an affair with the maid... or a wife is having an affair with the pool boy... oh yes... it happens so often I cannot even put a number on the amount of people who have done this... and depending on their spirit... (only GOD knows), they will come up with an illegitimate child... (which can be seen as a good or bad thing, depending on your point of view) or maybe... like many others,,, have gone insane with passion and murdered the cheating spouse.

So... GOD says... Do this... LOVE ONE ANOTHER... remembering that is not a sexual love, although sex is natural for the procreation of GODS PEOPLE and sex between a man and a woman is  supposed to be a sacred thing... many have turned it into their favorite past time... and that as we know causes a lot of unwanted babies... and unwanted babies cause abortions. :(

GOD says there is only one way to heaven... and that is through Jesus... the one who taught us to love and share and help each other... to heal and not harm... Jesus taught us 'LOVE 101'... so in order to learn his teachings... start reading the New Testament... you don't even have to read the old... it does have some interesting stories back there, if your an interested reader... but we must know that its ALL ABOUT JESUS... no matter what label you wear.

I believe THE PEOPLE are good... that is why Donald Trump won... because he stands for the support of Jobs which is what is needed for to keep your home and family safe and sound. We need to get back to the simple things... stop making life so complicated. It really is simple.

You can feel it when you look into someones eyes and you can really see them... you see them as a good human... who shares the goodness of the LOVE of GOD! Praise GOD!

I think GOD has really blessed me with the ability to touch others in a good way... I praise GOD for that... I thank GOD that HE gives me the wisdom and the kindness to communicate with others... no matter what their label may be.

The majority of the PEOPLE are a GOOD PEOPLE... and now that we are in the age of technology we can see more and more of the habits of other people. We can know what is good and what is bad.

Someone was talking about how the serpent came to Eve and seduced her... well, I don't see it the way Hollywood has put it to us... the demon was a man... you know back then... and even now... but more so back long ago... people were labeled with animal labels... a man could be a rat or a dog or a wolf... or a pig or a horse or 'a snake'... among others... and still to this day we still label people like this... and that was the same as back then... of course the devil doesn't want you to figure this all out because then he wouldn't have you all confused and distracted. He loves to keep us mixed up so we won't notice his other goings on... because most HEROS fight against that sort of stuff.

It takes a righteous PERSON/PEOPLE to step up against the demons...

When you look into the world... you can see that we are faced with choices... everyday... what we will do that day. What are you going to do that will be helpful and beneficial to US as a PEOPLE?

Will you take your bags of groceries and help feed the hungry? Or will you choose to put them in your cupboard, where... before you know it they will rot...

Remember when Jesus fed a multitude with 5 loaves and 2 fishes... well, some would have you believe in that magic.. but magic should never be confused with miracles... and of course Hollywood would have you believe that the food was magically multiplied... it keeps you hanging on... waiting for the magic to happen again...

But I don't believe it happened that way... I believe that day, was when Jesus taught us to share... and all the people who had it... laid out their food stuff so that they all ate... as they learned to love and share and care about each other. And THAT my friends was the miracle... doing away with the hording... and learning to love and care enough to share with the ones who are hungry. GOD promises to supply our every need... and HE uses HIS PEOPLE to do it!

    Its a great big world out there...

Lets go explore and share...

GOD Bless US... everyone! IJCNA


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