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Monday, December 26, 2016

Dear President Donald Trump,

I just had to do something that I never thought I would have to do. I had to drop off my daughter at the local hospital emergency room because our poor folk health care turned her down because of, 'failure to comply' with child support. Here's the kicker... the dad is dead, but she kept getting the run around. They didn't care about her. My heart broke when she came out with nothing to help her. I told her "well comply and give the address to the cemetery!"

We do know that the local hospital can't turn her away. At least she will get the antibiotics that she needs. Our local hospital is a good one. But I can't afford it anymore. I was going to a Dr there, paying about $50.00 a visit lately... and then suddenly when the new health care took over, the hospital system itself started charging an extra $80.00! WHY?

I can no longer afford to go to the Dr that I have gone to since 1972 :(

There is to much red tape and to many pickpocketers along the way in the medical system.

I have also been upset over my sisters health care. She has had cancer for years, luckily its the sort of cancer that is slow growing and they can take it off when it comes back. She has been going to MD Anderson for years and years. But last month she got notice that her cancer is back and she can no longer go there. A cancer hospital turning away a long term cancer patient.

WHAT??? WHY??? Could it be Obamacare?

She is now only allowed to go to certain Dr's.

I recently had to take Sis to the hospital where she was treated for Sepsis and Diabetes and were also told the cancer was back (we knew that from MD Anderson). So we are sent to a specific cancer Dr. on their list. No one said it but I know it... these men Drs are Muslim and they don't believe in looking at a woman... so neither one would do anything for her... we must wait for them to find a woman Dr. Why cant we go to a different Dr?

She was even told her Medicaid was stopped and she has lost time on cancelled appointments. She has said she talked to someone who 'fixed it' but here we are still waiting to take the cancer out.

I think our health care for the poor people needs improvement! I wouldn't say it if I didn't have a solution. I can see a Health Care System that is caring about THE PEOPLE.

The problem is, the greed of people in high places in the medical system. Its crazy to think that I cannot take my daughter right up the street to a dentist and afford to get her help, but there are now restrictions. If someone doesn't have money they cannot walk into a nearby place and get help.

Our current county health service is excellent, but it takes 3 months to get an eye appointment. And there is a Dad who can't go to work until he can get eye surgery. It has been 2 months since he got laid off, add the 3 months to wait for surgery, it will be half a year of no income for his family.

One of the biggest rip offs is the Health 'Insurance'... why are we giving out money to people who sit in offices and dictate what can and cannot be done. This power should be in the hands of the Drs.

Can you imagine a place where all the hospitals work together, helping each other to best care for the poor? A place where our monies are given directly to the Hospital System of our choice? Cut out the middle men and women who sit in offices and enjoy millions of dollars in perks and placements and actually harm more than they heal.

We can do this. We can make our Hospital systems the greatest they have ever been. Imagine all the money we would have to help the poor if we gave our money directly to the Drs. Also, we must have open record books to THE PEOPLE. So that we can make sure the greedy people don't run things. This is a problem. When arrogant, greedy people get into high places the potential for corruption is quite high.

This is why it is so important to emulate and express the LIFE of Jesus...

When WE as a PEOPLE gather together and agree that Jesus is the answer... we can feel like we have the same values and morals. I don't think many arrogant greedy people are Christians. Because being a Christian is about being humble and thinking about something other than yourself and what pleases you. Its about loving and caring about the other PEOPLE around you! Its about not taking more than what you need. Its sad that some people find their satisfaction in things of the flesh... not thinking about the LOVE of the SPIRIT.  LOVE is about loving others... not just loving yourself... or your car or your jewels or your shoes or your favorite music or movie... its OK to love your stuff...
... but LOVE GOD MORE!

Its OK to love your country... but LOVE GOD MORE!

And what is the LOVE OF GOD?

GOD is the god of the LIVING... HE IS THE LIVING GOD... and HIS SPIRIT lives in those who allow HIM IN! HE is here for US, if we choose to let HIM be.

Some people don't allow HIM in because HE chastises us for our sin. HE tells us what is TRUTH... what is GOOD... HE shows us a new way to live...

And that is to... (you've heard it before)...

LOVE ONE ANOTHER! GOD says, LOVE your neighbor as you LOVE yourself. We all matter to GOD and HE wants us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Be there for each other... help each other out.

There are certain things you don't do when you love and care about someone... or at least GOD says we should not do these things to each other. Lie and steal and cheat...

Although I am thinking that some people are raised up to believe that anything goes when it comes to something they want. And that is when the MAJORITY stands up and says... NO... we agree that we all matter in this life.

If you don't want me to lie to you... don't lie to me.

If you don't want me cheating you out of money... don't do that crap to me.

I can see to many people who do not believe in GOD... loving only themselves and their stuff. People who go to work and rip other people off every day just to put the big bucks in their own pockets.

Did you know that it is a sin for a rich person or entity, to make profit off of poor people?

And doing this will always bring bad luck.

Poor people have it the worst.

If you cant afford to pay your taxes... then you must pay penalties and HIGH interest... giving more than you can afford to give. This is rich people getting richer off of the poor. In GODS eyes this is a crime.

Whereas a rich person can easily afford the payment. They don't have to pay the penalties and high taxes. We sure are backwards in this world today.

I know there is good and bad in every thing and every life. And we are told that in the end... (of the way we know things)... we will overcome evil with good. And we will ALL do it together!

I can see the young folk today, rising up to create a better tomorrow. And I LOVE their SPIRIT! They are smart and fearless... and they will get the job done. They haven't lived long enough to become corrupted and they know enough about corruption to spot it and get rid of it.

Its going to work because GOD is still here with US...

HE will show US the way... we will discover the good and the bad... and we will call out the bad and hold tight to the good... and be the PEOPLE that Jesus wants us to be.

I may not get there... but I can sure see it...

A beautiful world filled with Beautiful PEOPLE who have beautiful souls... spreading the LOVE around for whomever is in need. Whatever the need... we will resolve it!

Isn't it funny how some people know how to hide that horrible side of them? They know its not good to be that way... but they are that way because they want the latest fashion... or the trendiest car and home. And they don't care what they have to do, who they have to use or hurt, to get it.

I Thank GOD for those who have followed the PEOPLE, who have been following GOD for hundreds and thousands of years!

GOD will set you up with them, if you just let HIM.

Follow HIS words of TRUTH and JUSTICE!

One day soon we are going to overcome the evil with good because we are spreading the good as far as we can... and with modern technology we can surely spread it around the world!

Praise GOD, Thank You Jesus for giving us the choice!

And for me, I choose to follow Jesus!

Follow me... and all the others who have gone before us... teaching the world about the LOVE of GOD! The LOVE that spreads from person to person as we rejoice in the GOODNESS OF GOD!

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA 


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