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Thursday, February 09, 2017

1 LOVE, 2 Loves, 3 Loves... And More!

I remember it was 2010 when I first became aware of the Muslim plot to overthrow Americas government. I knew the plan because I have read the Koran for myself. It is not for the faint of heart... the problem is, they... or some of them... are still following the old ways... they do not give Jesus His just due... and that makes Jesus's death just like any other... but truth is... GOD proclaimed it as the death of the final sacrifice for sin. It was not good for men to play god and pretend they know what's going on. No one can know the inside of a person except GOD. And this is because some people do not believe in nor give credit to the demons, which are roaming the earth... where as, GOD knows how they can posses and manipulate :(

Therefore we no longer sacrifice for sin... we rehabilitate! :)

When I look into the world today I no longer fear the Muslim taker over of the USA...

That was their plan... and WE as a PEOPLE stopped this ongoing infestation of those who hate us and want to harm us. And it shouldn't have to be that way, but they know not the LOVE OF GOD! But, it is what it is... and most good Muslims know our situation and are also concerned... its hard to tell a good Muslim from a bad one.

And I am not picking on Muslims... sometimes in most populations... its hard to tell the bad guys from the good, when they do so well at hiding who they are. Which tells me that they know they are wrong, but they just don't care!

Could this be drug related?

There are some drugs out there... POPULAR drugs that are prescribed to many many people... the pills that make you not care! They are supposed to fight depression... but really they just take away your emotions... and this could be a real problem.

We should ALL CARE!

Why take pills that take away our feelings?

You know... GOD works within us... within our FEELINGS... and maybe... just maybe the devil created these pills to knock out GOD within us! For over 2000 years PEOPLE have lived with GOD within them... going around in their lives doing good for each other... feeling happy to see so many people happy! Men of GOD who stay men of GOD by personal choice!

Awwww But I do digress...

So, I am at a point where I am not worried about America anymore! We have elected a President who may not be the most perfect person in the world... but tell me... who is without sin?

If Donald Trump had any sin in him... GOD washed it away by the bloody death of Christ Jesus.

Donald Trump is a very smart man... and will straighten out our system for GODS sake!

So, no longer worried about the fate of America... we diverted an internal bomb by not electing Hillary. Do you know what some Muslims told me all those years ago? They told me that 911 was an inside job... and I knew they were telling me the truth... and the only way I could understand it was to know that Muslims had already infiltrated our government system. The more I looked the more I discovered the depth of the spread of the Muslim Brotherhood.

So, now that we are beyond that... now I see us working together for the good of us ALL. We are smart enough to know what is good and what is bad... I mean they learned that from the Garden of Eden many, many moons ago.

So the enemy now is within US...

We can now see what we do is either good or bad... there is not an 'I don't know' theme... we know to lie to someone is bad, because we wouldn't want someone to lie to us.

You can manipulate people with lies... we see this everyday.

This is the enemy within... and we must focus on the fact that we all have to work together to show the world this truth. If we all love Jesus and we ALL learn about who He was and what He did by dying for us that day... we will learn the same plan... the plan to LOVE each other!

It breaks my heart so see some people love themselves more than their children and more than their spouse. GOD says we sacrifice ourselves for the LOVE of OTHERS... what greater love has a person, that they would lay down their lives for their beloved... mother, dad, brother, sister or cousin or best friend... the list goes on and on.

I see the tendency of decency evolving in the world.

And I Thank GOD for it!

When the guy down the street brings us food because he knows we live in poverty... I Thank GOD... when my little grand children come and give me hugs and tell me they love me... I Thank GOD!

It's these PEOPLE who keep me going!

Sometimes I just want to go to bed and never get up... but every day that I wake up and have the breath of life... I Thank GOD! GOD is the god of the LIVING... and I am ALIVE!

So, I have been relaxing a little knowing that our Nation is in good hands with Donald Trump and his posse, who are running things for the good of the American PEOPLE! Praise GOD!

I want to focus on more important issues...

I can see a PEOPLE who take the best in life and make it better!

So many people taking the worst in life and struggling to make things better!

Knowing that we CAN as a PEOPLE  do better and get it right!

We are SMART!

We learn from the mistakes of others!

We stand our ground and demand that TRUTH be told!

We finally see the satisfaction of justice! The imprisonment of sin... and the strength of A PEOPLE who are on a path of righteousness... being able to make others understand TRUTH!

Its gonna happen... as I can see it... I've always been a few years ahead... Thanking GOD for the plan to make life BETTER for ALL!

Until this all changes... I feel sorry for the souls, caught up in addiction... they think they can control the drug... but the drug seeks to control you... where you no longer care about anything except getting that drug. You know... whether you get it from the pharmacy or you get it on the streets... those chemicals will harm you... in the end they will kill you! No matter what, we need to overcome our addictions... they are set to bring us down. They are from Satan and they can be rebuked and they will leave you!

That's how it happened for me when I quit smoking cigarettes... I loved cigarettes... loved everything about them... from the smell of a fresh opened pack... and the control of the smoke coming out of my mouth which I loved to control... like French inhaling.. all the way to neatly tucking the buts away in an ashtray of my choice. I told GOD I loved those things... but I loved HIM more and I know that my body is the temple, so I would quit for HIM... I did ask HIM for some help. I prayed as I smoked my last cigarette and I went to sleep for the night. When I woke up... OMG, I had NO DESIRE to smoke! Praise GOD Thank You Jesus that GOD had mercy on my soul and took away the desire!

Desire is hard to handle sometimes... not just for a cigarette, but for booze and sex too... the strong desire for mating when you are virginal... that is a hard one.

No matter what your desires are... we should always follow the word of GOD and understand that the things that GOD tells us to stay away from, is for our own good!

I know a man who is an Atheist... or he claims to be... he thinks that we are our own god... he says that whatever we do, we do for ourselves... I feel so sad for him... because when you have no guidelines and there is no line drawn... you fall into temptations that are not good for you. And he is only human... and succumbed to the addiction :(

It is so important to know the things that will bring us down.

When I grew up... I never had a Dad... I never even knew my dad till I was about 9 years old. And even then he came to visit us, with his 16 year old girlfriend... I don't know... but I felt like he loved her more than he did me and my sister. His was a weakness of the flesh. I very often have resentments that he was not there for me. Why didn't he give a care about me? And I find sometimes I get envious of those who do have good parents and have a good life guided by a family of LOVE for one another! This is something I deal with a lot, but I have learned to 'give it to GOD'!

What matters for me today is, I have a home that protects me... a family who loves me... I have had mostly good reports from the Dr. I wake up every day and I am needed...

Praise GOD that I have things that I need too...  people whom I LOVE more than myself who are there for me too... I have grandchildren who are spread out so much that I will have great grands to carry on the LOVE that I have taught my grandchildren! They are so awesome... human still... but they know that I LOVE them and they LOVE each other! There was a time when they started fighting with each other... especially the girls, but after many 'talks' from me... they are now each others best friend!

I Thank GOD for the info HE has given me throughout the years, that helps me to help them!

I remember over 40 years ago... my Grandmother would complain... "You worry about others, but you don't worry about yourself!"

I am happy to say... Nanny, in Heaven... I know you are with GOD and I know you can see that I have found a GODLY balance... I do care about me too... but still... just like the old Baptist church taught me in their wisdom... 'GOD is first... My Friends and Family are second... and I am third'...

You see, I am in there too... I care about me too... and you should care about you too... but PLEASE learn GODS word by reading the New Testament... don't worry about the old testament yet... read that later... and know that it doesn't really apply to us anymore... not since Jesus came and left us the HOLY GHOST... which is the SPIRIT OF GOD, who LIVES in our own hearts and minds and always reminds us to take care of others... for this is PERFECT LOVE!


GOD bless US, Everyone! :)


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