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Friday, April 08, 2016

The Moods Of Men

It's a crazy world out there...

Men go from one extreme to the other...

You have the very very good and you have the very very bad. And all the levels in between.

I think what matters is how much control you have over your own self.

And most importantly, your choices...

GOD gives us our own choices in the world...

Why? Because GOD wants us to LOVE HIM by choice... not by force! The ones who promote religion by 'violence and force by fear of death' are NOT of GOD... you see, GOD sent Jesus as the final sacrifice for sin... to reform us into being more like HIM! And we give HIM the highest honor when we CHOOSE of our own FREE WILL... to serve HIM in our daily lives! Praise GOD!

Long long ago, men served men who played GOD... and GOD saw this was not good.

Even now men want to be served... men love it when they have the upper hand... they love the power over other men's souls... and to some men... there is nothing better egotistically speaking, than to have another man on his knees in front of them. Thank GOD those are very few... but you know... we are attracted to the bizarre and unusual, so that's the stuff that makes the news.

We know our 'boring routine' to well...

Oh Lord, give me boring, any day! Give me stability and history and knowledge to know what NOT to do... Praise GOD! I thank GOD every day for the information I have packed my brain with... even tho sometimes, I don't want to say some things.

Like discussing homosexuality... I heard the Pope say in the news today, that we need to tolerate gay people... and i agree with him... we need to tolerate them because they are human beings suffering under bondage to the flesh. Personally, I feel sorry for them. In the end they will not have anyone... in the end they will be alone inside... not knowing that life could of been so much better!

In our American world of acceptance, we have no problem loving gay people... after all they are our sons and daughters... nieces and nephews... and we certainly love them... and we will never, in our moral hearts want to murder them like some other religion does. It is wrong to play GOD and take a mans life for his personal sin... WRONG by GOD... and these habits of men, were ended by the death of Jesus... the FINAL sacrifice for sin.

GOD is not within a person who is of the 'kill and destroy' ideology... GOD is of the LIVE and let LIVE mindset... (believe me... if we ignore them... they WILL go away!)

I liked it better when homosexuality was kept ones own personal business... as it will always be against GOD and LIFE... but then again... we have such extremes in the world... you can never judge their soul... only GOD can make that call... we as people need to put sex back in the bedroom and get it off the street! I think the kids would be a lot better off if we kept our sexuality to ourselves, privately... but, in real life we can't help but wonder.  I know because, I am sensitive and can feel when some people walk by and look at me and my Sister in Christ, and wonder about us too... I wish we could get it out of our heads... but some people are so preoccupied with their bodies, they forget about the spirit... and unfortunately the fleshly body is all that they think about!

Homosexuality is a sin... just like over eating... and over drinking... and lying and stealing... its something that some folks do to satisfy their flesh... and you do NOT do them a good service by murdering them for their sin and 'putting them out of their misery' as some folks contend... NO... what that action does is, forces them to die IN their sin... with never a chance to see the sin changed and rehabilitated, by GOD!

OK, now we cant argue with the fact... that homosexuality does NOT bring forth LIFE... and GOD is all about LIFE... and besides, where would we all be if we all would espouse homosexuality??? Praise GOD that some folk have got it all together and know that GOD intended for there to be LIFE... and to have LIFE, there must be man and woman, Father and Mother...

And those of you standing up for homosexual rights... need to also stand up for bestiality and incest... because they all come from the same place! For sure... now that ALL PEOPLE have human rights... right? So one sin is the same as another... one is not 'better' than the other!

But GOD and most people know that homosexuality is not the way that GOD intended for us to be and no matter what... most people will stand as male and female... agreeing to bond together for the future of the family... the future of the PEOPLE around us!

Or not... you see, we have the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE...

Either way we choose... we choose our own way.

So when men get into these moods of power and control... give them money and a place of honor and if they are evil... the downfall will come! As being in power can be a good or a bad thing. As the majority of the PEOPLE will get it right, but only if the majority of THE PEOPLE are doing right!

There are certain absolutes... absolute power absolutely corrupts because men become addicted to it because it feeds their arrogant fleshly attitude... and wrongly so... because arrogance is the root of all sin... remembering that, the love of money is the root of all evil... that's when you love money more than you love LOVE... when money means more to you than GOD does... you will fall... and arrogance loves itself more than GOD... and that is what causes men to sin.

When you love the body more than the spirit... you will fail... because one day, that body of yours will die... but your spirit will last an eternity... its better to know whats going on within your spirit if you want to have a good everlasting ending!  Believe me... its that serious.

One of the worst things I see in some people is negativity... when you are always in a negative mood, that negativity has power over you and can change you into an all day naturally negative person... and you will spread that negativity to others around you... and most folks don't like that... so that is why negative people usually end up alone... having to pay... or having the government system of the PEOPLE pay for your nursing home care.

I do not want to go out like that!

I want to go out living with people who love me and love having me around... PEOPLE who will smile back at me and make my life pure joy!

Yes, there's something to this 'JOY OF THE LORD'...

I can tell ya, it sure feels better to feel good and be joyful... rather than mad and mopey.

And, we choose our way, whichever it may be...

Or I should say, we should BE ALLOWED to choose our way... and allow others to choose their way! What makes one happy, may not make another happy. And the ones who choose satisfying the flesh over taking care of the spirit... will die and soon know it was just their own self that they worried and cared for... some not even caring about themselves at all, because they feel the sin within of not caring about others.

You see the key here, that GOD was trying to tell us is...

When we take care of others... then others will take care of us... it happens naturally in FAMILIES (people) as we grow older... and those who came before us die off... and then we see the new ones popping up... and we care about them as our old folks cared about us! Its a wonderful never ending circle of  loving service... one to another... on down the life-line... the long line of PEOPLE that GOD breathes the breath of life into... its meant to be a very beautiful thing! A place where we LOVE and cherish each other... young and old!

I have seen arrogant men who see themselves as their only god and its all about them... they have no care for others... and they race around in life thinking only of themselves... THAT my friends, pushes people away... well it pushes normal people away... others who worship and serve the vanity of arrogance will fall when their man-god falls... and men-gods always do fall from grace.

HA... my autobiography that I'm working on is called... 'My Search For Normalcy'... you see, I didn't have a normal life... but through GOD I found what is normal and I am am blessed by GOD to teach it to my Grand children! Praise GOD! Thank You Jesus!

And it seems to me that in the world... there are things and ways that are good and there are things and ways that are bad. I can tell you that arrogance and conceit are the wrong ways to follow... yes you have the choice and can choose to make life all about you... or you can open your heart to GOD and make life about THE PEOPLE... helping and caring about other people in this life who have personal problems... without prejudice and corrupted judgement!

Because I can see both the good and the evil within the hearts of men... only because GOD shows me for the purpose of exposure... I didn't ask GOD for this... I only asked GOD for HIS WISDOM... and all this other info floods my brain... sometimes its hard to do and say what HE wants me to... but I pray daily for GODS strength to serve HIM better!

Men have been doing it for years now... BEING KIND AND CARING ABOUT OTHERS... because over the years since Jesus walked this earth... we have naturally fallen in step with THE LOVE and JOY of HIS PEOPLE! It's a good thing!

Do you know how good it feels to meet a stranger who is of a different doctrine/tradition... and LOVE them and share LIFE with them... simply because the Bible tells us this is the ultimate life... where the lion lays down with the lamb... why? Because they are raised to LOVE each other!

The ways of old are in the past... the pillage and plundering... the hate and murder of men for sin... it will some day soon be only a bad memory! Yes we will overcome... and we will all win... because we ALL HAVE THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE... and to be the humble human being that we are...

Knowing that there are other PEOPLE in other places who LOVE each other just as much as WE DO! Respecting PEOPLE regardless of their color or creed... doctrine or tradition...

There is only one person we should worry about changing... and that is ourselves...

Praise GOD, Thank You Jesus! Because...



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