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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Motivated By Money

It seems to me that whenever we are motivated by money, there comes a fall.

GOD says we should have no other gods before HIM... and money can be a god if you let it. Some people say that money is the root of all evil... but maybe they are just talking about for themselves. Because money can be a very good tool when you want to do something good with it!

So, it is only when you make money your personal god... that is when it becomes a disaster in your life. If you keep Our Lord GOD at the top of the totem pole, as the top priority in your life... you just can NOT go wrong. Sure... you can be rich and still be close to GOD... its all about where your heart is. And sadly it is very uncommon for some rich people to be close to GOD, because they are to busy having fun with all of that money! Which, btw... should not be confused with having lots of money and enjoying using it for the good that you can find to do with it!

 There are many places where most people are motivated by money...

Like medically... there has been more than once, that I have overheard medical staff saying... 'just give them what they pay for.'  And OK...I see why they say that... and that is because they are motivated by the money (or ridiculous rules) and not really trying to help others in need.

I would like to live in a system where PEOPLE are valued over money...

Medically we need to put the money where we really need it! Not to people who just want the profit and they get it, by denials and other red tape. I believe we need to put our money directly into the hospital system of our choice.... or even the local hospital... if we would do this one simple thing it would solve all the serious problems.

We should not have 'insurance' for medical issues... that sort of insurance is just another place where people can take money from our system. We need to directly make our medical system rich so that when a Dr needs to do more tests, they can. Instead of just shrugging their shoulders when you don't have health insurance. This is what happened to me. I have had the same DR for over 44 years... I always pay for services... but can't afford more than basic blood work... and he needs to do more tests... but he tells me to go to the Obamacare place... but I'm not going to do it! I probably will seek help after Obamacare is history! But, if I die of something that could of been prevented or healed... it will be my own governments fault... their 'lack of care' for me is evident.

Yes, imagine with me, a place where... if we took the medical money that we give to insurance people and gave it directly to the medical system... it would be great! I know it would free up the Dr's to better take care of the patients. The current laws are so rigid and uncaring. I have heard many horror stories of insurance... even to the point where someone I love very dearly, who has insurance... can't afford to go... and so she gets help from someone who loves her, they go in under Obamacare and get medicine and give it to the one who works their but off, but the co pays are to high to pay.

Which brings me to the next example of people who are motivated by money... politicians... Oh yes... there's big bucks there buddy... and that does not just include salary. There is so much money moving under and around the table, that I cant even keep track of it all... but I would say it was most likely billions. And the murders done within politics... whew... its enough to blow our minds if we knew of all of the truth on just that one issue! It is the worst of things because all of the ones murdered were the ones who knew the truth of corruption. Myself, I think that all government offices... or at least most of them, their time should be donated and also limited. Sometimes, I think that WE THE PEOPLE have much better morals than the ones running the governmental show.

We could take out all of the corruption in politics if we make it a service of the ones who truly LOVE politics and would do it for free. Sorta like a 6 months to 2 years Cruise... where you get on board and all your needs are met without trouble! And when you get off, your in a better place because the money you did have is in the bank making money!

Well, we all have our ways of doing things... and some are rich and some are poor... some are starving and some are gluttonous... some are liars and cheaters... and some are honest and clean. It will be HEAVEN when we all have the common knowledge of TRUTH... when we find the PEACE and happiness that LIFE and LOVE allows in this world!

Another example for being motivated by money... and I am sure you can think of many more examples.... but the one I am thinking about now is personal... and that is the 'vanity publishing'. You see, my only dream is to sell my books and go on book tours and meet THE PEOPLE!  And publishers do call me on occasion and get me all worked up about selling my book... and then I discover I have to pay them. I live in poverty... I take care of my grand kids while the parents work, but I don't get paid for it... and that is my choice, I could make them pay me something, but to me they can do much more for the children if they don't have to pay me... and besides... one day they want me to move in with them... (they already do)... but I am not ready yet... I want to write and help others to know that they too, can escape hell... if they follow Jesus!

Some people don't want that though... because they are motivated by money. Like with the Medical Insurance people... they don't want me saying that we need to give our medical dollars directly to the hospital system... even though its the truth. They love and want their perks and privileged lifestyle that is created off the backs of sick people... isn't that sad?

Besides, I can't afford to pay them to publish my book :(  

I wonder where all the publishers are who would call me and say, they LOVE my writings and will back me... and I don't have to pay them... they will pay me! Ahhhh I pray for this every day!

If we follow GOD... money would not be the final goal in our doings.

Like the Cruise... and restaurants... and amusement parks... making money is not the top priority... making PEOPLE HAPPY is the goal in this life... making someone else's day... or LIFE better!

No matter where you are in life, you can look around and see how you can make someone else's life a little better... in this way... you make GOD very happy! Remember the words...

"Whatsoever you do unto the least of these... you do unto me."

Live, like your serving Jesus!

Laugh, like its the greatest job on earth!

GOD Bless US... Everyone! IJCNA


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