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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Sex Survey

What is the deal with the sex survey? I cant believe what has happened with that silly thing. I had no idea when I sent it to a few silly friends that it would come back like this. What actually happend was someone had sent it out to hundreds of people with my ID and info on it. How do I know?? Because I was in the list who recieved it. I figured I would post it here so people can know the whole story behind it.

Later on, I felt I had to send out the apology note because it seemed so many people freaked. But then I found out that they were just shocked for a short time. I have gotten so much feedback on this survey. I have even made new friends from it. I haven't gotten one bad email about it. Just goes to show ya that sex sells. Sex is controversial. Sexual thoughts are fun. For the most part, I don't think there is anything wrong with it. In fact I have laughed and learned a lot about my friends I didn't know before this survey was sent out.

LOL... Of all the goofy things I have done. Lets just laugh!

First I will post the apology note I sent and then I will post the survey.

Dear friends... I have received a few of the sex surveys back and have really laughed a lot with them. I hope that I didn't offend anyone with it. My intentions were never for you to feel uncomfortable. I didn't even send it to everyone, just a few of you I thought could take it. So if your getting this and you didn't get a survey, just delete this email and don't worry about it... Please. When I had the thought to make that survey... It came as a spur of the moment decision. Thought it would be something funny to add with all the other 'getting to know you questionnaires' that float around. I wasn't trying to ask the most serious questions... And I was not really thinking of myself... But people in general, when I created it. I sent it to male and female friends expecting my g/friends to send me back honest answers just for fun. As you could tell I am not wanting to expose any secrets you may not want to talk about. I just thought some light hearted questions mixed in with some pretty bizarre ones made for an interesting read or a deeper discovery of our friends. Adult humor... Is what it is. So, I am so very sorry if it offended you... I am not a perve and I didn't mean to make anyone feel distressed. If I sent it to you it was because I thought you had the sense of humor for it. If I was wrong... I am very sorry. Please forgive me?? Love always, Nancy


With all the questionnaires going around thought we would have fun with this one! Keep it honest! I am sending it to both male and female cause I think this could be fun to pass on. I tried to keep it simple and not ask anything to direct. If it makes you chuckle then that is my plan!
Remember it is easier to copy and paste this to a new email. Then remove my answers and then post your own.
don't forget to return it to me so we can get to know each other better! *smile*

1. Do you love sex? Yes
2. Are you bi or gay or straight? straight
3. Were ya scared the first time? yes
4. Would you sleep with the person who sent this? I created it so... ummm
5. Are you wanting it right now? Always wanting it.
6. Are your sex organs inside or out? Inside
7. Quickies ok? Oh yes
8. Ever had sex outside? Yes
9. Did u sleep with the person that sent you this? I sleep with me every night!
10. Like oral giving or receiving? Yes both!
11. Like anal giving or receiving? ohhh no, not necessary.
12. Do you still get hard/wet? Yes, very wet.
13. Do you love to watch porn? No, no need for it.
14. Nudist colony or cover up? Cover up
15. Do you sleep naked? Every night
17. Would you wake up for sex? Yes
18. How many sex partners have you had? Oh wow... I don't have that many fingers and toes.
19. Are you shaved? Not now, but would like to be.
20. Do you want your partner to be shaved? No... I love all that hairiness
21. What is your favorite position? Missionary
22. Ever had sex with a minor? Only when I was a minor
23. Ever had sex with a Major/General? Nope, never slept with military.
24. Ever licked/eaten food off of someone's naked body? Yes
25. Have you ever had sex in a public place? Where? Yes... Park, laundry mat
26. Ever have sex with a dog? Monkey? Or pony? No, no, no
27. Do you want me to come and sex you down? In case of intense frustration I will sex myself down.
28. Ever have phone sex? Yes
29. Are you a masturbator? Yes
30. Are you an ear licker or an earlobe sucker? sucker....
31. How old were you wnen you lost your virginity? 16
32. Are you an ass licker? Only if I love you.
33. Have you ever seen your momma naked? Yes
34. Ever seen your daddy naked? No
35. Ever bust them in the act? Yes, mom and step dad
36. Love or lust? Love
37. Ever kiss your cousin? Yes
38. Ever have sex with your sibling? No
39. Ever had a golden shower? No
40. Shower fresh? Or smelly funk? Shower fresh
41. Behind the bushes or in the closet? In the closet
42. What is your idea of the 'perfect sex'? Long time love or short term flings? ltl
43. How far would you travel for sex? For love? I will not travel for sex. I will travel as far as I have to for love.
44. How much would you pay for sex? Never paid for sex...
45. Do you believe that presidential sex with a whitehouse intern on work hours is ok? No
46. Do you believe that sex with the servant is ok? Yes if that's how they choose to serve
47. Do you participate in group sex/orgies? No way
48. How many people of the same sex as you, has tried to get your sex? 7
49. Have you ever had sex in the shower? Yes
50. Has the shower massager ever made you cum? Yes
51. Ever had bloody sex? Yes
52. Ever had mad sex? Yes
53. Has an older family member ever slipped you the tongue? No
54. Is it easy to cum and go? Yes
55. Ever had sex with a stranger? Yes
56. When was the last time you had sex? Wow... Several months
57. Are you ready for sex right now? Absolutely
58. Have you ever cum on someone's face? Yes
59. Ever had sex with a fatty? Yes
60. Did you like it? Yes
61. How bout skinny boney sex? Yes
62. Did you like it? Not to much, bones bang and bruise me.
63. Would you like to elaborate on any sexual experience? One night a friend of mine brought over a man from the bar. She passed out and he started with one finger on my forearm... Never kissed me... Just used the tips of his fingers all over my arms and stomach and neck and chest... And by the time he hit my button I exploded that very second.
64. Do you use sex toys? Yes
65. Are you visual or do you like to close your eyes? Close my eyes and focus on feeling touches.
66. Is kissing important during sex? No... To busy breathing hard
67. Do you like one long sex session or several a day? Several a day
68. Would you be mad or glad if you woke up with your partner performing oral sex on you? Glad
69. Ever had a sex change? No
70. Like rough sex? Yes
71. Ever called out the wrong name during sex? No
72. Do you squirt? I can..
73. Do you believe in lust at first site? Yes
74. Ever had sex with a teacher? No
75. Ever had sex with your friends parent? No
76. Are you aware of hard nipples? Yes
77. Sleazy and slutty or smoothly seductive? Smoothly seductive
78. Ever have sex in a pool/hot tub? Yes
79. Do you use sex to manipulate? No
80. Are you a moaner or a screamer? moaner
81. Ever had sex with your friend? Yes.
82. Have you ever laughed during sex? Yes
83. What is the longest time you have left sex juices on you? 2 days
84. Does your heart beat fast and your blood run hot when you are most sexually active?Yes
85. Is there someone wanting your sex right now? Yes
86. Do you 'go out' for sex or do you stay at home? Stay at home and pray
87. Perfume or no perfume? Yes perfume
88. What is the age of the oldest person you have ever had sex with? 55
89. Do you have plans to have sex in the near future? As near as possible
90. Are you touching it yet? LOL... No
91. Lights on or off? off
92. Do you believe that sex should be sacred or should be for sale? Sacred
93. Are you horny right now? Yes
94. Did you tell you momma when you had sex for the first time? No
95. Are you a licker, poker, or sucker? sucker
96. After this survey are you going to rush to have sex with the next person you see? No
97. Ever had sex and have it 'not work'? Yes
98. Who is going to be mad at you for sending them this survey? Ex bro in law Randy
99. Who is going to be laughing their asses off and sending this to all of their friends? Most of the rest
100. Do you wanna have sex with the person who sent this to you? I do have sex with myself. *smile*


  • At 5:36 AM, Blogger ryerson said…

    I'm having trouble with your seemingly open attitude toward sex clash with your views on homosexuality.

    People are gay. Who cares?

  • At 6:33 PM, Blogger MotherPope said…

    I don't care if people are gay... I have gay friends... but, its not the path that GOD tells us to take. Some people take the gay path to fulfill the lusts of their flesh... and its all good... I just had a bout of gluttony with that Peach cake in the kitchen... but hey... I survived and GOD still loves me... just like GOD still loves the gays even tho they sin... a sin is a sin is a sin... there is no difference between the two... I am not here to judge... just trying to make life a little simpler :)


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