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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Voiceless Victims

I watch a lot of Justice TV. I think everyone should!

I really don't like it but it part of the truth in life, as we know it. I say as we know it because we are always hearing, everyday someone was murdered. Some very horribly violently... which ends with me thinking Lord... how can this be? 

The sad truth of it all is that GOD gives us a free will. We can choose our way. People have different attitudes about different things and ideas and places. 

I'd like to say that taking GOD out of the works is THE PROBLEM. And I could... but many would just pppfffftttt me. So I will... I must... go one step farther.

In the beginning before there was an answer... people didn't ask the questions. They just accepted life as such and never thought anything different. But GOD... HE knew there was something different! And that 'something different' cherished LIFE... and WISDOM... and exhibited respect for all. GOD thought men could learn to live life at a higher level... a better quality, rather than mimic the beasts.

We are instructed to follow and emulate Jesus.

How many people do that???

Not many, IMO.

We speak of the second coming of Christ like he will drop a body out of the sky and everyone will listen to him and do what he says. We are looking to... not at, where HE will actually be coming... you know... within the hearts and minds of THE PEOPLE. For it is within a person, that dwells the SPIRIT.

Thing is... LOTS of PEOPLE already know this. There are lots and lots of GOOD PEOPLE out there in the world. And YOU should be one too, no matter your label! Look for Jesus within yourselves! Each and every one of us should be mindful of  our thoughts and deeds and serve our brethren as Jesus served us.

You know... Deeds... that is how we serve and help each other! Each other!

I was having a conversation last night with my sister... about how I still struggle with the anger of both my mother and father dissing us. I mean they didn't even love each other as much as they loved themselves. It was all, one for one... not all for one and one for all. 

I know in my heart that if either one of them loved their children more than they loved themselves we would of had a better life. And that is why Jesus said... "Suffer the little children to come unto me, for such is the kingdom of heaven!"

That tells us how important the children are to GOD!

So when a parent doesn't love a kid the most... well... sadly the children suffer. 

Some people know, instinctively that lies and murder and mayhem are not a good thing. we know that it is bad people choosing to do bad things... even if its to innocent people. Bad people making bad choices. Or living with people who don't know the difference between bad and good. They don't even give a thought about their actions being bad. Maybe they have low IQ ... or maybe someone taught them to be bad. But when your bad, your bad... for and to anyone for anything. You see people like this, all the time. People exploding with anger by their own thoughts... I mean... so you walk into a restaurant and the waitress doesn't get to you as fast as you want... now me... I used to be a waitress and I have had a whole dining room full... I made really good tips as good people do understand and appreciate your efforts. But then you have those who are gonna rage and make a scene and cause stress to those around. I mean we have even had people come off with killing all within their vicinity.  I think about all those people who lost their lives doing normal everyday activities... going to work or school or church or shopping. I even think about all the girls and women back in the 1800's... murdered by Jack The Ripper... I mean how awful is that. 

And how many times has this happened?

Millions... throughout history... GOD shows me many more who were never even documented. Is why GOD made the Ten Commandments back in the old days... before Jesus.

I believe the majority of PEOPLE would look at you like you're crazy if you wanted them to participate in lying or stealing or killing. Many peoples first thought would be... 'Oh my dad and mom wouldn't like that... they would be so mad!'  You see a good father will teach his good children to be good. Most of the time this works. After all, children who respect a good parent would never usurp them. Even as bad as my mother was... I never talked back. We were taught, "Children should be seen and not heard." Now, I'm not saying this is the best way to raise a kid... I encourage kids to talk about their feelings and thoughts. I love to be on top of things before they happen. So I do warn kids of things that could happen. 

One biggie is... Work hard at school... work hard at work... make a difference. Because if you put partying at the top of your 'To Do' list... when the party's over you have no life. So create a good life for yourself first! Sometimes you can find people who will help you. But also you may find people who don't care about you and won't help you. 

GOD wants us to care. Not make ourselves the most important thing... but to make others important too... after all... if it's all about you... you will end up alone in life. No one there for you. 

GOD had it all together when HE sent us Jesus. Because Jesus taught US how to LOVE. And He said... Love others as I have loved you!

But somewhere along the line people lost the love. I think they almost got it right in the 60's and 70's... but they confused sex with love and then corruption set in. 

And today corruption still abounds. 

But Thank GOD for THE PEOPLE who stand up for righteousness sake! Spreading the LOVE towards all mankind. We can put all the labels we want on people because people are different... different traditions... different cultures and creeds. But we all have the capacity to LOVE. And it feels really good to feel the love.

I am very sensitive... I can feel peoples spirits.

Seems like the meanest are the most prominent because of the manipulation of Satan. Satan can get into your head and make you think about all sorts of dad things. It's up to us to recognise the difference. Sometimes its very hard because the devil can come to you in a beautiful form. We've even wrote songs about it.

Another thing the devil likes to do is suppress the goodness of GOD. He will try to mock you and cajole you until you agree. Or you rebuke him away from you.

I believe that life is full of a series of ups and downs and GOD has found a way for us to survive the downs with limited anxiety.

Many people I know who are suffering are doing so because they themselves made a choice to do something that GOD has shown us not to do... Its called sin. Everything that GOD considers a sin will hurt you in one way or another. Like homosexuality... it is a sin because it does not promote life. Abortion is a sin because it does not promote life. Gluttony is a sin because people become ill and die young, not to mention have many sort of illnesses. There's many more I could go on and on... but I am sure you can too... in your own mind, complete the list.

You see GOD is the god of LIFE... HE is here for US... The LIVING PEOPLE... helps us to have a better life if you follow the goodness in life. Which many people still follow!


GOD is NOT the author of confusion... and some people in the world want us to believe untruth. You know... I am all about the freedom to be what you want to be. But if your a man who tells me your a woman... I'm not going to feed into your delusion.

Can I say I am a cat and have it be our government's job to take care of me?

When a woman says she's a man ... I can respect your right to say it... but I cannot accept the face that it is a lie.

I identify as a rich person... can I sue the rich people to make me what I feel like I should be?

The thing is, we 'can be' delusional if we choose to be.  But for me, I CHOOSE TRUTH!

GOD tells us not to lie and don't be fooled by the lies of others.

I must stand firm in my belief! I have a right to be a godly person and so do you! And it will be when we all agree that Jesus is the way and the life to live like. To follow his words of LOVE and HELP and PEACE. If we all did this, we would live like Jesus wants us to... and all will be good!

But as long as there are those who choose to be corrupt for whatever reason... usually it's because of greed or lust... well it is written that all sin falls under arrogance. And arrogance causes the greatest of falls. Sad to say but this is something we know to be truth.

It is a crazy waiting game for the evil to phase out and good to take over.

But it will happen.

I have faith in our young people. And I pray that they grow into adults who hang onto Jesus and the word of GOD. This is ancient wisdom of people who have been there, done that.

And me... I can't force these things on you. You have to choose the love... the sort of LOVE that Jesus gave us. As He has loved us... we should LOVE EACH OTHER!

Don't kill someone because they are gay. Let them work out their own salvation. For GOD has said... "there has been gay people since the beginning of time... but we as GODS people don't do that" because GOD is the GOD of THE PEOPLE and we LOVE OUR CHILDREN!

Praise GOD Thank You Jesus for getting this blog out. It has been a long time coming. And a serious issue to say the least!

And don't forget... "I'll be back!"

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA


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