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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Remembering 9-11

Today is a day of remembering that the enemy is within.

Some people who do not know Jesus love to get together for vanity and self... and they are ignorant to the truth of the powers that be.

Sad, isn't it?

I meditate on what the problem is.

And the truth is, the problem is hate.

Now I don't know where it started... did it ever? Or has it just been that way, since forever? You know... as far as we know?

Well I started to think about what was the basis of the problem... of the day. And you know... we ALL suffer through it. Separately, together. And that is a crying shame.

Just as some hated the US enough to crash two planes into our majestic Trade Center... 17 years ago... also some hated Jesus enough to have him crucified and set Barabbas free.

Is that what started the hate? Or was that when it just expanded to all human kind? People care not for what they choose as long as they are getting satisfied.

Do you remember Star Wars? How they said, "May the Force Be With You!"  it was the same as someone saying "GOD Be With You" ... you see it IS like a force... like the part of the ocean that presses against fresh water and the line is drawn in the middle. One side is filled with LOVE and PEACE and HAPPINESS... and the other is filled with Hate and Violence and Chaos .

It really is simple.

And very sad for me to see some of these things happening still... when it seems like the majority of PEOPLE are a GOD fearing PEOPLE... because they have read the old knowledge... we know there is a SPIRIT of GOOD that cares and helps others.

But to many have forgotten about GOD... Or they are afraid so they back up away. Some find it hard to believe in something they can't see. But GOD is not seen with the human eye. GOD is a SPIRIT of GOODNESS that reigns still... because WE THE PEOPLE know HE is A GOOD GOD!

HE, GOD... The Good Father... are just labels.

I'm not that fond of labels. But we need them to describe a thought or idea.

I'm not fond of demons... but until we recognise that they are real... and learn how to deal with them, we will continue to be harrassed by them.

I believe that the 2nd coming of Jesus will not be a body floating out of the sky down to earth... I believe that it will be the moment that 'every heart shall know and every knee bow to the One... that we know as Jesus... Who was the final sacrifice.

Now we have the knowledge! The knowledge of GOOD and EVIL..

Here's the thing, if you don't have the SPIRIT, you will never truly understand the Bible. You must have GOD in your own heart and mind to know the truth of the ancient words written in that book! You can sit alone in a quiet room all day long and read the Bible but without GODS SPIRIT within you to reveal the truth, you will never really get it! As the Bible is written by the SPIRIT, Of the SPIRIT... and able to confound the wise and prudent!

So, recognise who you are... and what you want in this earth.

When you look around the world, you can see there is a difference of skin color and speech and rituals and habits... but fact is, we're ALL HUMAN!

GOD loves ALL of US... because no matter what label you wear... GOD doesn't care as long as you have LOVE in your heart! LOVE expressed for other people in your life.

They say that, the fear of the lord is the beginning of all wisdom. I feel like that is mostly out of date, because the knowledge has grown so much and even the young ones are learning. Some people go their whole lives without learning things... and they live as animals. But you see... GOD has given us a whole new civility where we don't act like animals... one to another.

There is nothing more important to me than my FAMILY and FRIENDS and others who pass our way from time to time. Its the smiles and the happiness... sometimes happy tears! Sometimes I feel like a very ripe tomato that will burst with JOY! When I look at my grand children and my great grand children... I see a LOVE that is greater and sweeter than any cream pie or cheese cake, EVER! And I say that because my sin is gluttony and I still wrestle with it everyday.

But... Look... flesh of my flesh... we have a chance in this life to do some wonderful things for them!

And its not about showing off... you know when GOOD PEOPLE do good things... they do not do them to be seen of other people, so that they can stroke their own ego... they do it so that only GOD knows... cause really... that is all that really matters at the end of the day.

I am looking for GOD within the hearts and minds of the PEOPLE... but to may are haters... they are scathing and mean and murder whom they will. Who was that 'kid' who shot a man just for snoring?


Just as there are good spirits, there are bad ones...

Our mission is to choose to do good... and then good things will happen.

OK, I hear you... sometimes good people have bad things happen to them... and yes, its true... but there is always a lesson to be learned... even if its just to know that you don't want any part of the dark side. We know the difference. My Grandmother used to say... "Doers of evil love the darkness so they can hide in it!"  You know... if you have to hide ... if it must be secret... if ya don't want anyone to know... its probably something you should not be doing!

Who was it who said, "An unexamined life is not worth living." ???

We must examine ourselves. We must make the changes within...

It's not about the physical pleasures... so many people get lost on that one. Its not about who has what... Hey... some people have better, wizer spending habits. Isn't it strange that most poor folk smoke and drink above paying their bills or buying food?

I think about the ones who do mass shootings... you know that is the dark side calling them to do something horrific to control us through fear. We don't fear... because WE LOVE! If those people would have LOVE in their heart they wouldn't do those types of things.

I don't believe in bullying... but I also don't believe in throwing people away either. Bullies are just doing what they learned. Probably by a family member.

They need to know GOD...

GOD IS LOVE! One day... it will all be different. That will be because the GOOD PEOPLE will stand up for GOODNESS sake and soon all will LOVE LOVE... all will be helpful and generous... all will be happy and well... but until we conquer all greed and hate and arrogance and vanity... we will still be dealing with the same evils that have been around since people discovered their own ego.

Something I learned as a little girl... on of the first things I learned... is this...

GOD IS 1st...

My Friends and Family are 2nd...

And I am 3rd...

If we all had that mentality... it would be...

A Whole New World!

Blessed by GOD... guided by the words of Jesus...


Do GOOD to each other...

And, HELP each other out!




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