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Monday, January 01, 2018


I am not sure why GOD wants me to write like this. My life is so full of LOVE and LIFE... I am surely blessed these days! So much to do, I never get caught up!

But in all my ways...I acknowledge HIM and HE directs my path here... for you!

I remember the song, This Little Light of Mine... and I remember when someone in the church said it should be this BIG light of mine... and I think about how BIG the Spirit of GOD is... and yet we still  say 'its little' because we each have our own little part!

It is my belief that my little light will combine with the SPIRIT of GOD!

I am thinking about Russia! A beautiful GRAND place that has a history that is as rich as GOLD... actually more precious than gold. When GOD speaks to me about Russia... it is with great LOVE!

Here's truth... GOD LOVES Russia!

Now that doesn't mean GOD doesn't love China or Russia or Australia or Africa or Mexico, ect! Because GOD LOVES ALL OF US!

I just don't understand the hatred for a PLACE... any place. And if you say you hate Russia... than the problem is within you! Its not that the Russians are coming to take over. Truth is... NO OTHER place or religion will ever take over America! Not that they haven't tried...

America has always belongs to Her PEOPLE... and we are a GODLY PEOPLE!

Truth is... when you strip away the labels... PEOPLE are PEOPLE no matter what place, color or creed... or traditions or doctrines there are for people to follow and be labeled by.

I don't know why we always want to use labels, I guess they are there to tell us differences of state and mind. But for real... GOD has PEOPLE around the world who LOVE HIM and want to promote the TRUTH/facts of Jesus... of anyone who teaches LOVE and PEACE and KINDNESS and GOODNESS among the PEOPLE!

I'll never forget seeing a video... and even then, I didn't see the woman who spoke in the video, but she could of been any woman as far as I can see. What was going on was, the take over of Gaza by the people who promote death and destruction... she spoke out against them... "But we are a good people..." and you know I know when someone speaks truth... and this woman was speaking TRUTH... they were and still ARE a good people! They are just caught up in the front lines of the age old war of... GOOD against evil!

This is the war that we are fighting still today... its not a place that hates a place that has a different label! It is a war of PRINCIPALS... morals... ethics!

I will always remember our Beautiful Judge Milian explaining to the people that it might be ethically, morally wrong... but its not against the law. It hurts my heart to know this is true.

And its a problem!

But with GODS ways... if its morally or ethically wrong... its wrong against HIM!

And to be honest... Russia is not responsible for the Trump Presidential win... if anything the Russians were praying to GOD that Trump would win! And of course we know that Trump was sent by GOD to win! And we PRAYED... as in the Russians and Americans and also with others around the world who knew the consequences of the OTHER CHOICE!!! 

So many people were absolutely clueless of the moral/ethical facts!

I was like... WTH???

I am so surprised with all the fake news! Its just lying without being morally or ethically wrong!!! Or so they think... and so they do!

Here's more TRUTH... GOD tells us 'do not lie'... and everytime that someone posts fake news... they are lying according to GOD! And you know... 'There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed'! There will always be GODS PEOPLE to make right the wrongs done by men who entertain evil.

I know, that within my lifetime we will see the perfecting of the saints! It is already happening! You know... GOD sometimes works very slowly... but its because of the stubbornness of some people.

I love to know that even tho' some do not talk about it... they do always follow GODS laws simply  because of their ancestors who made the CHOICE to follow Jesus.

That is to live life, loving and respecting others.

Helping those who need help. I see where some go out and pick up street people and give them the chance to step up in life. They help them get a job and they in turn help society be strong enough to help anyone else out there. And that's what GOD is all about.


Recently a Church took in 2 lost souls off the street... (as many do)... but these two, stole from the church and disappeared. HA... to me... I would be glad they are gone... but hold on to the lesson... some want the help and do a good job becoming a good citizen,  others take advantage of the situation for their own selfish ways. But GOD tells us to just wipe the dirt off your feet and do not be bitter or judgemental... the next one might be one who was sent by GOD to get real help!

Ya win some... ya lose some!

But keep going in the way that is good because its GOOD for YOU, by GOD!

I believe we work out our own salvation... you can't save all... but that is only while we are still learning. Someday we will live in a world where there are none who are alone... helpless in the dark. We are the CHILDREN OF GOD... with the knowledge of the ages!

Some will be hard and hopeless... let GOD take care of them. HE will!

You know what they say... "Do the best you can and leave the rest to GOD!"

I love to see how GOD works and what GOD has planned for us... HEAVEN! And we can make it! We know that in the end LOVE always wins! Some will suffer but at the end of the day and the dust is settled... WE THE PEOPLE will win!

People everywhere around the world will let go of the hate... and cleave to LOVE...


There are places in the world where the crime rate is very very low... the PEOPLE have learned to be civil.. and LOVING and caring and helpful!

Its so funny to me... someone does something kind... and the news people are right on that! I mean... this should not be news... but it is, because we are still fighting the demons that are roaming the earth seeking innocent people to devour. But its getting smaller and smaller...

It seems like its an explosion of hate... but really its not... we're just figuring out the details. Looking for the day that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that the way to go is to follow the example of Jesus... the man who showed us GOD...

Sometimes it overwhelms me... the spiritual world... as in Genesis... I can see both the evil and the good... and I know that WE THE PEOPLE GOT THIS!

We can overcome evil with good!

If you could see how easy it is to stomp on that ole' devil... You would be having a dancing party stomping out the evil among us. But then...

 Ohhh, I am so HAPPY for THEM... THE CHILDREN OF GOD who always promote the good... and spit out the bad... we will all be tempted... you know... like to sell your children... or follow the whore... or drink yourself to death...

But... WE choose NOT TO!

GODS GOODNESS will happen... I can see it coming!

The world will not fall... the world will not fail...


And we are glad about it!

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA...

I LOVE you Russia! Not all people are haters... Thank You for always coming back to read these words... I am always a little excited when 13 to 23 people from Russia log on at the same time. I love it.. I always wonder if its some class. Whatever it is... whoever you are... I Praise GOD and Thank Jesus 4U!


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