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Saturday, January 13, 2018


I was reading Psalms 23 the other day... as I sometimes do and I was struck at how simple the opening words were...

The Lord is my Shepherd... I shall not want!

And I stopped and thought about it... if I were to simplify for the ones who have no clue, I would say this...

GOD is my guide... I have everything I need!


Really! I mean have you ever thought beyond the repetition of these words?

I was feeling them not just reading them!

Most of my prayers are these words... "Lord, Lead and guide me by your Spirit!"

This means that even tho GOD doesn't have any materialistic signs that point the way..  HE does have spiritual signs. And its like, you cant see them unless you are feeling HIS Spirit. If you're not feeling the Spirit it's because GOD is not LIVING within your own heart and mind. And all you have to do, is ASK HIM IN! HE is not going to barge HIS way in. He is not going to FORCE you to take HIM in... he isn't going to cut your head off or shoot you in the head for not serving HIM.

We all have our own choices.

That is the wonder of our Awesome GOD... HE gives us the freedom to choose our way!

I've been reading a lot lately about how many atheists and agnostics are in the world. And I laughed to myself... HAHAHA, if they only knew that if they are living with LOVE for each other.. and they are kind to each other and are being helpful to each other... they are ALREADY doing what GOD says for us to do! They work hard and they LOVE LIFE!

GOD is LOVE... GOD is the god of the LIVING... that's US... thats WE... but not limited to US... because someday it's going to be THEM... cause WE will become THEM...

The Unborn... the ones who will be coming after we're gone... no one can live forever!

It is fascinating to me that we can create something that will live on and go on forever! And that we ourselves are so limited. I've seen people come and go and the stuff they made/created is still around! I have these really cool shelves that I watched my Grandfather build, when I was a young child... they now sit in my back room... the room that I am in right now... and I look at them and I remember him building them... and I get all joyful inside my soul for giving me those moments in my life that I feel my roots running deep! I read somewhere that some people believe that as long as someone is remembered, they never really die!

I believe that is what keeps Jesus alive and well...

The second coming is not going to be his body floating out of the sky... it's going to be when HE comes into your heart and mind and shows YOU the difference between good and bad. No one has to tell you... you just KNOW... that is KNOWING GOD... that is GOD being in the very place HE wants to be! Inside your soul... left to US when Jesus was murdered.

The SPIRIT OF GOD will indeed LIVE forever!

Let's be apart of it!

It's what makes us KNOW someone personally, we watch what they do, we hear what they say... we know them by their actions. If they are trying to tell you that your better because your label is different than someone else's... they are wrong!

The enemy is ARROGANCE... thinking yourself better than others to the point where you can kill them and steal their stuff and you think it's good!

But, when Christian people meet Christian people... we know its not about labels... it's not about color or creed or culture or doctrine or tradition... it's about the LOVE man! It's about knowing that they are not going to turn on you with lies and deceptions... but now... that is not 100% ... there are some who hide behind religions... some who use religions as big business. I'm sorry I have to say this... but it's the truth. I wish it wasn't. But corruptions have run amok... and we are sure that there will be problems when someone with power becomes corrupt. We've seen it a billion times over!

And praise GOD we have HIS PEOPLE who come and stand up for TRUTH and for what is RIGHT and GOOD for ALL of US! I love it when I see people who make lots of money who go out and help others who don't! This is going to be what saves us as a PEOPLE! The rich will actually be grateful for their bountiful harvest, so to speak... and will use the extra to help others in need! We do see this... but it's not a popular thing... to many are selfish and do not care for others... but one day... the Spirit of Jesus will be in the hearts and minds of EVERYONE... EVERYWHERE!

Because we can all agree that LOVE is where it's at! LOVE is the best way to go... when PEOPLE spread the LOVE ... whether they know it or not... they LIVE with LOVE... they act with LOVE... they speak with LOVE.


Don't let anyone tell you that you have to do this or that to be accepted by GOD... it amazes me what some have done in the name of a god. You see it's not about if you are seen going to a church or a temple or a mosque... it's not about having the power of life and death over a people... it's about how much you cherish LIFE and LOVE! It's about how much you respect others... how much you help others to take the first few steps in the right direction, making them able to be a productive citizen!

We are faced with choices everyday! It's been that way since forever!

Some people know that it's natural, normal even... to have some who are good with their money... and some who squander their money! Some say that MONEY is the root of all evil.. don't believe that! In fact it's when you LOVE money more than you love GOD... that's when it becomes an evil habit. Its like, its OK to love your make up... as long as you LOVE GOD more!

Its OK to love your home... as long as you love GOD more!

GOD can make ya or break ya!

You can learn these things by me or someone like me who teaches the WORD... or GOD will have to teach you the lesson! And that usually includes consequences that your not gonna like!

I tell the children when they are little... you can avoid a lot of problems if you just do not have anything to do with their causes!

Its OK to love your job... or your position... but LOVE GOD more!

Its OK to love your car... but LOVE GOD more!

What is GOD???


Where do you find HIM?

Within the hearts and minds of HIS PEOPLE!

Where is the evidence?

Look at all the GOOD that PEOPLE have done for each other! My Grandparents did good by me... I do good by my Grandchildren, which teaches them to do good to their grandchildren. Now, I used the example of Grands because I didn't have a good mother... and I don't blame my dad for leaving her. But he wasn't there for me either! But truthfully it's the parents JOB... it's the parents responsibility to do right by their kids... and it's a good thing when kids take care of their ailing parents or grandparents!

You know poets have written about it... singers have sung songs about it... about LOVE with both its joys and pains. GOD doesn't want you to have pain with it! Only joy... is why HE has caused people to write about it and record the good words of LIFE and LOVE!

Can't find GOD?

It's because your not looking in the right place!

You can't find GOD 'out there' or 'over there' or 'in that building.' You can't follow someone to GOD, like don't believe anyone who says 'I will show you GOD'...  because the only place you can find GOD is within your own heart! When you follow the example of Jesus... you will find 'the love' that will save you! The power of LOVE that GOD gives to you freely when you open your mind to the truth... I don't want you to be confused. GOD is not the author of confusion!

I could talk about this issue all day...

But really it's simple...

The words are easy...


No hate... no anger... no death... no destruction of souls for sin...

Be good to each other...

HELP each other out...

Can't find GOD???

Look for LOVE because GOD is LOVE!

You want to be loved... you can find that, in the EYES of HIS PEOPLE!

GOD Bless US, Everyone!


We are now up to 109 countries!

I praise GOD and Thank HIM for that!


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