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Friday, January 26, 2018

Why? Why? WHY?

So many things we don't understand... and some things we won't understand until GOD tells us.

Like the parent who doesn't teach their kid to brush their teeth and then after the consequences of not taking care of their teeth... they complain about their kids teeth going rotten. I mean, this really happens.

I think my biggest complaint these days are parents who love themselves more than their kids. The parent who chooses things in life to serve themself at the sacrifice of their children.

I was talking to someone today... and they were saying that 'people will never figure it out'... and I abruptly knew that one day THE PEOPLE will figure it out... most already do.


It seems that to many people are not only selfish but also arrogant in their thinking that the world revolves around them. They are a product of their own world... not allowing others in. It hurts GOD to know there are people out there like that, after giving us such good advice that some refuse to acknowledge. If they would we would all 'get it!

I hear so much about equality... but as much as people want to believe in equality... sorry to say... we are not equal. I know that GOD created us all equal and we ARE equal in the eyes of GOD... but in the eyes of a society of people we are not. A big example of this is if you have money, you're gonna get the best health care... if you have no money... well, after a long wait you will discover that the medical system doesn't work as well for you. To many people have died because we don't have a 'correct' medical system in place.

I remember when I had first inherited money... I went to an upper class store... and I was wearing old  ragged clothes... the sales person totally ignored me, turned their back towards me and walked away. I knew then... that we are not equal. Going to a restaurant... if you have money, you get served... but only IF you have on shoes and a shirt... if you are homeless, without money and proper attire... you would be turned away. Or arrested if you went in and ordered up knowing you had no money to pay.

We are NOT equal.

You want to go to a movie or some sort of entertainment??? ... you better have some money... or you would get turned away... and then laughed at by people who think you are nuts.

I went with my sister, to take her to the store. I waited in the car. She didn't have enough money so my grand daughters who were with us came out to tell me she needed money. And when I went in... there was my sister way up front digging in her purse, she couldn't find her card to pay. There was a line all the way backed up to the door... and my sis holding things up. I quickly stepped up and paid the lady, but while that was happening... people in the line started complaining... now, my sister is disabled and she didn't lose her card on purpose... but these people in line were getting rowdy about it.. and GOD BLESS the Ladies behind the counter who were the clerks. I think my sister was oblivious to what was going on, while these ladies started shouting louder than the people saying ... "this is a convenience store and we serve everyone... you just got to wait your turn!"  Oh, I wanted to hug them! Believe me I heard and saw it all... and I couldn't even look those people in the eye as I walked out... I kept my eyes lowered... yes, I was embarrassed... It bothered me that my sis is disabled and has tremors so bad it affects the way she moves... but it hurt even worse when people were so impatient and not giving a care about my disabled sister. But, GOD blessed us to have those ladies who boldly stood up for my sister... I am so grateful to GOD that there are people out there like that! And... not that it makes a difference, but they were black ladies standing up for my white sister! Praise GOD!

I have lately been under the impression... with the new groups like BLM and other haters, who get all violent and destructive... who stand on the freeways and force the drivers to stop or run over them...   and I may be the originator of the 'reverse racism' thought... but, you know, a long time ago... for many years in the USA white men bought and sold black people... there were different public toilets and water fountains, one for whites and one for colored. And now, some people are so freaking out about racism this and racism that... when the whole time GOD just wants us to LOVE each other no matter what color or creed or custom or doctrine or tradition... none of that stuff has anything to do with LOVING one another. Those ladies were acting with LOVE for my sister... it's the way it should be!

We are all learning and growing... we all can know that LOVE is the way to go.

It's not easy! Even for me... I am still learning!

If there's something I learned real good this week was working through our challenges. Oh boy... was I challenged... and I think maybe GOD was testing me... to see if I would belly up or step out on faith... I decided to step out on faith. I remember the exact moment I made that decision. Was when I discovered that I had forgotten my glasses. I was on my way to pick up my check stubs that they keep at the office... which is way across town. So, I took a deep breath and started praying to GOD.. I was praying for mercy and guidance... I was praying constantly...

First of all... I can see without my glasses but I can't read small signs... I pretty much knew where I was going and decided I could do this!

So, my first ooop's was when I got on the toll road not meaning to... its this area of freeway that goes over the train tracks and you can get on the toll road or you can go about 100 ft and stay on the frontage road that takes you over the tracks... but I didn't see the sign... so I stopped at the toll booth... digging for change... I didn't have any money and only about 75 cents and I needed a dollar and seventy five cents... I asked the lady if they take a card... ohhhh, no cards accepted... so she handed me a paper card that was a toll violation stating they took a picture of my car licence and I had to go pay this fine at the toll booth store... I was grateful to have a way out! I took the card and got off the toll road! I did a couple of good turns and then missed a turn because I saw it was another toll... so I just turned right on the next available street and went all the way to the street that I turn left on. There were many lights and the car was shaking and I was still praying... Lord have mercy... lead and guide me by Your Spirit! And I remember exactly what HE said!

"Face your challenges... follow the plan even when it deviates... The Lord is with You!"

And praise GOD HE WAS! Even when I was lost, GOD made me calm and I found my way!

The ride home was just as crazy... I knew the major freeways and where to go... but to see the signs I had to get right on it... I was heading east to turn south... and at that point, I saw the freeway split, but I had no clue exactly what to do... I cried out to GOD... "Lord, what do I do?" and I heard 'go right', I looked and saw I had a small open space... and when I got up on it... I DID need to go right! Whew, I made it by the skin of my teeth... with the grace of GOD! When I turned back east (yes, I was zigzagging home) there was some construction going on that I didn't see... and I was clenching the wheel and clenching my teeth... and something else that was puckered up too... I was on the edge... and then there were 2 trucks that I didn't see... I soon saw the one in the back going slow with a whole long line of people behind the truck... and I was on a schedule, had a Drs appointment. But GOD said... get over... and so I did... and got up there only to discover another truck just like the other one... who was having mechanical problems and had a whole long line of cars behind him too... but there I went right on up to a free wide open space! Praising GOD with a smile on my face!

And this is the lesson... I may not know exactly where I am... but GOD will get me where I need to be! GOD shows me in my heart and soul! One day many people will have this knowledge because they will know that GOD will lead and guide them! Just like HE does for me! Now... I knew this to be true... but for to live it out... to just get through the motions of the moment... is a scary yet wonderful thing!

There was no freaking out or giving up.. oh, there was some moments that I wanted to turn around... but you know I had to get all this done! When I got home... I was so relieved... even telling my family about the day I could barely believe it... and if it was a test from GOD... I think I passed!

There will be some things we don't understand... and some things we know there are consequences to. There are reasons why GOD changed it to be about the LOVE and the patience and the joy and excitement of life!

Why do bad things happen to us? It can always fall back to sin.

GOD says to LOVE one another... if a parent LOVES themselves more than their children, the children will suffer in one form or another. It is important for a parent to always put the kids as first priority... as more important than themselves. It's the way of LOVE. And we could solve a world of problems if we would always do this.

Thinking about the parent complaining about the dentist having to fill cavities and capping bad teeth, yet it's their own fault for failing to teach their child to take care of their teeth.


When will these people figure it out?

It depends on them... are they choosing not to see?

Are they blinded to the truth?

Can they not face the truth?

GOD sent Jesus to teach us a simple lesson.

Love each other!

Teach your children to love... you show them LOVE and when you grow old they will have LOVE and care back for you! You can't be mean and ornery and rude to other people and expect them to love you. Sad they cannot know this simple thing, but you taught them different.

I wonder why some people choose to be atheists... do they know they are going against all that is GOOD and right within the hearts and minds of people?

Why are they denying perfect LOVE...

The devil wants you to be selfish and mean... he wants you to waste your money on booze and cigs and fake nails and fake hair, gold and fancy cars ...  it's sad when this happens because GOD usually has to teach a serious lesson about the difference between fleshly and spiritual desires. I guess when someone thinks something is bad about themselves... they don't really want the truth of it to be  plastered all over the news.

The demons roam around just looking for a sucker who can be fooled into believing in the dark side. Why? Because Satan himself laughs when he can tear down a soul and destroy a life that GOD has given. But it's really not that complicated. If you want to know more, beyond the message of Jesus, it's easy to learn more. If not and you want to keep it simple... just know that GOD is the god of the LIVING... GOD gives us LIFE... and even tho' we live on the earth where both GOD and Satan has their space... we must remember the message of Jesus...

LOVE each other... care about others, help others when you see that you can!

So simple. Too simple.

Why do people confuse things? Well, we know that GOD is not the author of confusion... we have the LIGHT to guide our way... and when the light seems dim for some reason... we go on faith!

Knowing that GOD will work a work that will be awesome and real and GOOD for you and other people in your life... and if you're close enough to GOD in the spirit... you will know why... even if you cant put it into words.

You just know...

Praise GOD for all blessings and all guidance!

GOD Bless US, Everyone! IJCNA


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