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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Chase Bank

I am so upset that it has taken a few days for me to calm down enough to come and post my experience. I can hardly believe what has happened.

First of all I have been with Chase since 1999. My Grandparents passed away and left me in charge of things. Which went well. I loved the people at Chase and things were good!

But fast forward to the year 2017.

My sister is disabled and came to live with me. She was able to get us a new shower... you know from the government programs. Well, she also found a government program that gave a 10,000.00 tax refund with the solar panel program. So a man came out and talked to me about it. I really wanted solar panels... and when he told me that they had many financial people they work with and I could get many of them with no interest for the first year. And said at the end of the year I could refinance with another for no interest for a year. This sounded awesome to me! But...

My house is paid for and I knew I could get a home improvement loan from the bank. So I went in and talked to a man who said I had 2 options... There was a homeowners line of credit where they give you so much for the house and it was flexible. The other was a home improvement loan.  He gave me the name of a person to call or see. (you know I never name names) And I called her and she said to send her some paperwork. Well... I did. And I never heard from her.

The time came to install the panels and I still had not heard from her.

In the meanwhile I have these window people come and convince me I needed new windows... which was true... many were broken. I figured I could do this with the home loan.

So the solar people had no other choice to let me finance. It was around 30 grand and with the tax  refund that would make it just 20 grand... and when I went in to file the refund with my taxes... they said I didn't make enough money to file the refund! I was heartbroken... so us poor people don't get the refund? You have to be rich to get the refund? It made no sense to me!

The whole time I am calling Chase and got no help at all!

So I had extra bills with a higher interest rate than I would of paid for a home improvement loan from the bank. I had to get automatic payment to qualify for the rate I got! So I am paying every payment like they said... for over a year. And... not to long ago I got an email that had a link to the solar panel bill. OMG... now it is OVER 40 grand! So the whole time I am faithfully making payments over a year... I now owe double what I had thought. And wasn't it strange that no one called me to get that year of free interest? Well the man came and said that signing up this way was better. So I think... I really don't know... but I think they charged me for all that back interest!

So at this point I am desperate to get hold of my favorite bank...

I decided to go park myself in the lobby until I can talk to someone and I did get to turn in all the paperwork they needed! But the loan officer was still unavailable.

The next 2 times (I say 2 times because I did go in once and they were just to busy for my schedule that day) but the 2nd time I went in... I did get into the ladies office to do the paperwork. Which was more than I had gotten before. And I did sit with her while she called the other person on the other newer computer system. For me I was expecting my nightmare to be over... but it had just begun!

When you think about it... if I am paying my bill... and the 40 grand grows... they will be able to take my house in a few short years. The home that was secure for my grandchildren is now at risk to be taken by the beast.

And waiting for the new computer to compute she... and he... (the guy on the phone) are making chit chat and then it was my turn to get on the phone. He asks me questions as we wait for the 'new computer program' to give me the answer...

My credit score was 40 points to low!

I have always had a good 700+ credit score... but the deal with the solar panels had knocked it down! Something that would of not happened if I had gotten there before the home improvements were made.

Now... what do I do?

I have had many letters and emails about another loan... but the interest rate is always higher. I can't tell you how I am feeling. I feel like I am at the edge going over into the beasts mouth!

Losing everything because of the beast.

What is the beast? Thank GOD this has been shown to me!

It is what is left when people put machines in charge. Someone made a computer program that only demands profit for the machine. There is no human understanding.

The last thing I said to them was... "I thought banks were supposed to HELP their people". Why is it that this machine who can only see in numbers cannot understand the human aspect of what has happened to me? I have struggled for so long for this?



I would of gone in and they would of looked at my situation and realised I am paying about 1000 a month in interest! And it would be GOOD FOR ME to consolidate my loans into one the bank can afford! Knowing that I would have that grand a month for a monthly payment! I could have this loan paid off in 60 months!

My stomach has gone into my throat and my stress level is so high and this is not good for me. I cant believe that the bank that I used to know... I would of gone in and saw 1 lady and she would of made it happen. But now she has passed away. I don't have a human to talk to anymore.

I have the machine.

The machine takes money from the poor to fund the rich...

GOD says to LOVE each other and CARE and HELP each other...


That doesn't mean 'me against the machine'.

I feel lost.

I can't believe this has happened to me by a bank that I loved and people I loved.

It's no longer about what's best for the people.

Its about whats best for the numbers that the machine creates!

This is truly the mark of the beast...

When the machines take over our lives!




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